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Want to make the Trope Overdosed challenge even harder? Try to find a page that doesn't reference one of these works as well as the Overdosed works.

Being Trope Kilowicked only really indicates how popular a work is among The Contributors, although Popcultural Osmosis and Long-Runners have a competitive advantage when it comes to that. The article has managed to collect over a thousand wicks, but hasn't yet achieved Overdosed status. Being on this list shouldn't indicate that these works are actually better than others, just that there's been a lot of troper activity (possibly one really, really dedicated troper) around the work in question.

The opposite of Trope Kilowicked is Pages Needing Wiki Magic. See also Trope Overdosed, for when a work has more than 2000 wicks; Trope Overdosed Franchises, which lists all works within a franchise combined; and Trope Kilowicked Franchises, the franchise counterpart to this page.

Works here are listed in alphabetical order:

Trope Kilowicked — 1000-1999 wicks

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Alternative Title(s): Kilo Wick