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Sexy Spectacles

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She's got serious specs appeal.
"I could wear the glasses again..."
Lilah Morgan, Angel, "Habeas Corpses"

Think The Glasses Gotta Go? Not always.

What Sexy Secretary, Hot Librarian, Hot Scientist or Sexy Nerd would be complete without a pair of glasses? It seems like adding a pair of spectacles to an already good-looking man or woman can increase their hotness substantially. After all, without them a character couldn't coyly nibble at the end of the ear piece or give sultry looks over the top of the lens frames. Though possibly the best thing about them is what could happen when those glasses get taken off...

The belief that "Glasses Are Hot" is a common fetish of characters, possibly because it's pretty PG as far as fetishes go, and relatively widespread in Real Life. Due to the appeal of this trope, some spectacle wearers may be unwilling to correct their eyesight even when they are have the opportunity to do so.


Compare Meganekko, when the wearer is merely cute, rather than sexy, and Speech-Impeded Love Interest, when a speech defect also serves as a "turn-on". Tends to overlap with Stoic Spectacles, surprisingly enough. The Bespectacled Bastard Boyfriend also draws powers of sexiness from glasses. Contrast Nerd Glasses, when ugly glasses decrease sexiness.

Please restrict examples to those in which glasses are noted In-Universe as being part of the character's appeal, the glasses are an inherent part of their characterization, or that have Word of God confirmation. If it's primarly fans who think the glasses are sexy, chances are the character was simply meant to be a Meganekko or a Megane.



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    Anime & Manga 

    Comic Books 
  • Wallace Wells from Scott Pilgrim openly has a fetish for glasses; he even seduces Stacey's new boyfriend on their first date simply because he has glasses.
  • In Archie Comics' Josie and the Pussycats, Melody gets glasses, and for some reason, attracts even more guys (if that's even possible), Which prompts Josie and Valerie to pretend to be blind in order to get glasses themselves.
  • In Empowered, Emp's Hot Librarian costume includes a pair of glasses. Thug Boy finds them very hot.
  • In Mystique's solo series, she demonstrates how her shapeshifting extends to creating accessories like glasses. Her handler's response upon seeing her in glasses is to declare that if he was into evil women, he'd be in love with her.
  • The Atom apparently has a glasses fetish. His first impulse upon meeting Oracle in person is to make a pass at her. He later offers the explanation that living in a college town has conditioned him to hit on girls in glasses.

    Fan Works 

    Films — Animation 

    Films — Live-Action 

  • Fujoshi Kanojo: When Y-ko finds out that the protagonist wears reading glasses, she insists that he put them on and squees over them. In the manga adaptation, her character expounds at length on the appeal of guys in glasses.
  • Tokyo Demons' Sachi went without glasses in the first volume, but he was forced to start using them again when he was away from school due to one of his friends getting kidnapped by the Core organization. Protagonist Ayase clearly approves of the spectacled look, and from then on he openly wears them. They also become a point of attraction for him both In-Universe and out.

    Live-Action TV 
  • Angel. In "Apocalypse Nowish", jealous over Wesley's attraction to the geeky Winifred Burkle, Lilah Morgan waits for him in his office dressed in Girlish Pigtails and Nerd Glasses. As they're ripping off each others clothes to have sex, Wesley interrupts their passion to insist she keep the glasses on. He still breaks up with her in the next episode, despite Lilah's offer to wear the glasses again.
  • In an episode of The Big Bang Theory, Penny puts on glasses to see if Leonard will find it attractive. He does.
  • Bones: "The Jewel In The Crown" has a Unwanted Glasses Plot when Booth gets diagnosed with a temporary eye condition and needs glasses. But he ends up changing his opinion on them once Brennan confesses she finds him sexy with glasses on.
  • Doctor Who: Two Doctors, Five and Ten, don spectacles from time to time and look utterly adorable in them.
  • Dollhouse: Apparently, Topher finds Bennett's librarian-glasses-on-a-chain extra attractive.
  • NCIS: Jake Malloy, Ellie Bishop's ex-husband sports a pair of these. His portrayer, Jamie Bamber, doesn't wear glasses in Real Life, so presumably, either he or the show's producers suggested he wear them to make him more believable as an NSA attorney.
  • In The Office (US), Pam wears her glasses for one episode because she couldn't wear her contact lenses that day. Kevin immediately expresses that he loves women wearing glasses and lets Pam know, asking her if she can scold him for returning library books late.
  • One Life to Live: A certain assistant DA always wore glasses but eventually admitted that he had 20/20 vision. He had started wearing them in law school because he wanted to be taken seriously but kept wearing them because he found that women loved them.
  • In Saved by the Bell when the girls are asked to do modelling, Jessie's costume has her wearing a sexy pair of glasses.

  • Matt Osborne's "I Want a Girl with Glasses". See it on YouTube, here.

    Pro Wrestling 
  • In WCW, Stacy Keibler wore glasses as part of her secretary gimmick 'Ms Hancock'. Later in WWE, she started managing The Dudley Boys and donned her own version of their trademark glasses.
  • Brooke Tessmacher used this as part of her entrance. She was at first a Sexy Secretary but when she started wrestling she would remove her glasses and undo her hair.
  • Eve Torres was appointed Executive Administrator to John Laurinaitis and so got herself a nice pair to go with the job.
  • Summer Rae gave herself glasses when she became FCW General Manager, almost in an ironic way since she had a Dumb Blonde character.
  • Serena Deeb played Paige Webb in Wrestlicious, and the commentator sighed that it was a shame she couldn't wear her glasses while wrestling.

    Video Games 
  • Bayonetta: Invoked. To the point one can purchase her glasses. They're quite expensive.
  • Arthur from Rune Factory 4 has a real thing for glasses. He wears a pair himself, collects hundreds of pairs simply because he thinks they're cute, and often tries to get the player or another character to try on glasses.
  • Venus Lovelace, deity of space from Skullgirls, wears only these and lacy underwear.
  • Resident Ms. Fanservice of BlazBlue, Litchi Faye-Ling, is always seen with glasses and when left idle for awhile, she tends to re-adjust them.
  • Fate/Grand Order provides a male example. Dragonslayer Sigurd (yes, that Sigurd) is always seen with a pair of glasses which is said to be the crystalization of wisdom, making him a formidable and wise warrior king, and he also manages to score with the strongest and most beautiful Valkyrie Brynhild, to the point that her idea of making a Valentine Present is to make a chocolate formed like Sigurd's sexy glasses. And in her Summer outfit, she's wearing a similar pair which also adds up to her beauty.

    Visual Novels 
  • In almost every Romance Game produced by Voltage, Inc., there is at least one character who dons glasses at some point during their route:
    • In My Forged Wedding it's Saeki, who has some eye trouble during his route, but as a scriptwriter for romance dramas is also well aware of the trope.
    • In Seduced in the Sleepless City, there are two examples: Ryoichi, who wears glasses when he's writing, and Mirai, who uses them for Clark Kenting purposes.
    • In In Your Arms Tonight, Ebihara normally wears contacts but occasionally falls back on glasses when he's in a more casual mode outside of work.
    • In Be My Princess, Edward and Wilfred both don glasses at points during their main routes, and Keith wears them during his sequel at his younger sister's instigation.

  • Several characters in the Walkyverse have things for glasses, and it may be a personal Author Appeal as well.
  • Groovy, Kinda has two women who rock the specs: Anya Langerak, and Eleanor.
  • Allison Carter of Sunstone wears a pair of these. When in her Domme persona, they make her look absolutely hot, but when in her more dorky or insecure real persona, they just make her look adorable.

    Western Animation 


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