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Digis is a small invite-only virtual pet site. The community is based around Roleplaying and active discussion in the forums. It was originally a breedable/changeable forum on Gaia Online and Tofu, Myly and DFA eventually moved it for more freedom.


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     General Digis Tropes 

    RP Event Tropes 
  • The Plague: The 2012 RP event required your group to go searching for a cure for an unknown illness that was killing off Digiland's population.
  • Shades of Conflict: In the Winter's Fall RP event, you could be on either side going for two separate goals. The Winter team trying to bring about Eternal Winter for reasons of their own and the Fall Team trying to prevent it.
  • Star-Crossed Lovers: The 2013 RP event was based around the Gumdrop Festival, where two nibbles could meet at the top of the mountain only once a year.
  • Winter Royal Lady: Maya, from the Winter's Fall RP event.

     NPC Tropes 


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