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Our heroines, everyone.

"I was raised on the dice, mister!"

A bored scholarship student sees an older woman looking over a Pathfinder sourcebook and, after talking with her and her husband, jumps on the chance to sign herself and her dormmates up for a campaign... without actually consulting her dormmates first.

Her sister is eager for it, the Japanese exchange student is a little confused, and their other roommate denounces role-playing, only for the sisters to take offense and put her feet into a pair of hideous boots they claim will only come off when the wearer rolls a natural 20.

Meanwhile, four other students discuss the brand new campaign. They have various opinions regarding the new players, with one eager for their arrival, one worried about their impact on the group dynamic, one taking a moderate approach, and one just trying to eat breakfast.


So begins Record Wisdom Bonus Yield, a RWBY Campaign Comic with a narrative that reflects both a campaign and the players' lives in college.

Record Wisdom Bonus Yield provides examples of:

  • Cool and Unusual Punishment: For the crime of insulting role-playing, Weiss is made to wear hideous boots that will only come off after she rolls a natural twenty. She consistently refers to them as hellboots.
  • Expy: Yang apparently modeled her character after "Princess Panzer," a childhood character of hers.
  • Gadgeteer Genius: Ruby made a blueprint for Crescent Rose and claims she could recreate it in real life. She's also studying rocket science.
  • Guy-on-Guy Is Hot: Played for laughs. When explicitly told a monster is attacking Jaune and Cardin, Pyrrha uses everyone's low sense motive rolls to deliberately misinterpret what is going on and proclaim she wishes to congratulate the two on their new relationship. Ruby and Weiss hop in on the joke, declaring they'll protect Jaune during his makeout session. Jaune himself is not amused.
  • Schedule Slip: After 52 updates, the 53rd was a comic apologizing that the backlog had run out. It was posted in April 2019, and this note is being added in September 2019. Given the length of time and that this is past the announced planned return date, it seems likely this has become an Orphaned Series.


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