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This work covers the manga. For the anime, see Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's.

Yusei Fudo is a powerful duelist living in Satellite. After having a friendly duel with his friend Sect Injuin, a mysterious being called The Skeleton Knight appears and kidnaps Sect forcing Yusei to duel the knight to save his friend. While heading to the hospital to help Sect who was injured in the duel, Yusei is attacked by Jack Atlas who forces him into a duel. Despite his best efforts, Yusei loses the duel and becomes frustrated due to his loss. Yeager appears and offers Yusei a chance to face Jack Atlas again by entering the D1 Grand Prix. Yusei wasn't sure about entering the tournament at first but he changed his mind after meeting Aki Izayoi. Yusei enters the D1 Grand Prix in hopes of getting another chance to duel Jack Atlas once more. However sinister things are happening behind the scenes...


Published in Shueisha's V-Jump in Japan and Shonen Jump in US before its cancellation, the manga is based off of the anime and although it features the same cast, the storyline is completely different.

The manga is written by Masahiro Hikokubo and supervised by Kazuki Takahashi. It ran from August 21, 2009 to January 21, 2015, spanning a total of 66 chapters compiled into nine volumes.


  • Aborted Arc: The vs. Jack Rematch due to the tournament being interrupted. However the bonus chapters managed to fix that.
  • Adaptational Badass:
    • In the anime Sherry was a Badass Normal but here she was made into a Psychic Duelist like Aki.
    • The twins were made into Riding Duelists with their own D-Wheel and were able to defeat five duelists within the D1GP.
    • Yeager was made into a Riding Duelist as well and he defeated nearly everyone in the second round of the D1GP.
  • Adaptation Dye-Job:
    • On the cover of volume 3 as seen above, Kiryu's eyes are blue.
    • Sect and Godwin's eyes turn green under the influence of shadow miasma. The latter's hair turns black after absorbing the Ultimate God into himself.
  • Adaptation Personality Change:
    • While a calm person in the anime, Manga Yusei is a lot more emotional.
    • Aki, while still a Psychic Duelist, is a lot kinder.
    • Jack is more of a jerk as the King compared to the anime.
    • The twins are sadistic, Ruka being nearly emotionless.
    • Kiryu is The Stoic, though he becomes more twisted when using Shadow Miasma.
  • Adaptational Nice Guy: In the anime, Lotten was a selfish, sadistic, slave driver who would betray anyone for his own benefit. In the manga, he's simply a duelist from Satellite who eventually befriends Yusei.
  • Adaptation Relationship Overhaul: In the anime, Yusei, Jack, and Crow were childhood friends. In the manga, they meet each other for the first time.
  • Adaptional Superpower Change: In the anime, Psychic Duelists have the ability to inflict real damage during duels, leading to violent results and them being shunned. Here, they're duelists with literal psychic powers, being able to know cards that normally shouldn't be known (i.e. the cards in an opponent's hand, a card currently facedown, etc.)
  • Adaptational Villainy:
    • The twins Rua and Ruka first appeared as antagonists.
    • The Crimson Dragon as Ultimaya Tzolkin, the true form of the Ultimate God.
  • All Your Powers Combined: Through the spell card Gathering Light, Yusei special summons all of the Duel Dragons belonging to his friends and gains their Feel to attack the Ultimate God. The attack is even called "United Shooting Assault".
  • Alternate Continuity: Here are some notable details:
    • None of the main characters are Signers nor do they have the Dragon Birthmarks.
    • Yusei, Jack, and Crow aren't childhood friends.
    • While in the anime, Rua and Ruka are rich and have parents that are simply away on business trips all the time, here the twins are poor and have been abandoned by their parents.
    • Aki is a lot kinder from the start and her psychic power is different.
  • Balloon Belly: Rua and Crow in an omake, as a result of them having an Eating Contest.
  • Be Careful What You Wish For: During the Mirror Match between Crow and his dark copy, Crow, having had to withstand his dueling strategies and moves being used against him throughout their duel, gets fed up at one point and tells his dark copy to "make your own move". Cue his dark copy Synchro-Summoning a Duel Dragon, which Crow lacks at the moment.
  • BFS: Blackwing Tamer - Hawk Joe gets one through the effect of Delta Union.
  • Big Bad: While all the signs point out the Skeleton Knight as this, in actuality it's really Rex Goodwin.
  • Black Eyes of Crazy: Duelists that are possessed by their Duel Dragons have these.
  • Body Horror: Both Sect and Ruka's faces have cracks on them after using shadow miasma. Yusei even remarks that Sect looks like he's dying. Godwin has it worse when the Ultimate God possess him, turning his hands into claws, veins appearing all over his face, and a third eye grows on his forehead.
  • The Cake Is a Lie: So Yeager told you the tournament champion would be rewarded with lots of money, right? Too bad he'd rather seal your soul in a card instead.
  • Darker and Edgier: While the anime had its fair share of dark moments, the manga features monsters being decapitated or ripped in half, characters spewing out blood when receiving real damage and two characters on page being stabbed to death.
  • Demonic Possession: Duelists that use shadow miasma can be controlled by their Duel Dragons.
  • Department of Redundancy Department: The names of Red Demon's evolved forms in the English Manga:
    • Red Dragon Red Dragon Abyss (Hot Red Dragon Archfiend Abyss)
    • Red Dragon Red Dragon Burial (Hot Red Dragon Archfiend Bane)
    • Red Dragon King Red Dragon Calamity (Hot Red Dragon Archfiend King Calamity)
  • Designated Girl Fight: The duel between Aki and Sherry. Considering that this is set up by Rex, however, the arrangement is intentional.
  • The Dragon:
    • Sect under the Skeleton Knight's control.
    • Yeager serves under Rex.
  • Drives Like Crazy: Late in the turbo duel between Aki and Sherry, Aki closes her eyes while still riding on her D-Wheel. Aside from Yusei, who thinks she's truly enjoying her duel, everyone in-universe reacts with shock and horror (even Yeager looks worried). To be fair, however: 1.) She does this as a necessary measure to block Sherry's Hand Scan ability, 2.) she KNOWS how dangerous such a stunt is, which is why she hesitates about doing so, even at the brink of defeat, 3.) it takes some encouragement from her friends and fellow classmates (instigated by Ran Kobayakawa, no less) to get her to really let go of her inhibition, and 4.) when asked by Sherry about where Aki learned to ride her D-Wheel so safely despite closing her eyes after Aki wins the duel between them, Aki is so shocked by the realization of what she had done that she loses the strength in her legs momentarily, before admitting to Sherry that it's a desperate measure that she can't believe she managed to pull off and that she can't be counted on to pull off again.
  • Drunk on the Dark Side: Anyone infected with shadow miasma acts like this.
  • Dub Name Change: In the English version, all the main characters keep their English names but the characters that appear in the manga do not.
    • Certain names that appear in the manga have been changed in the English version:
    • Feel > Sense
    • Dark Feel > Shadow Sense
    • Purgatory > Void
    • Card of Darkness/Dark Card > Shadow Card
    • The Wizard of the Forest > The Black Magician of the Forest
      • Inconsistent Dub: Mostly regarding the monsters' names; not helped by the Duel Dragons having punny Japanese names.
  • Dying Declaration of Love: Rudger to Ish after Rex stabs them both.
  • Expy:
    • Six of the Duel Dragons look exactly like the Signer Dragons and play a similar role.
    • The Aerial Fortress Seibal is similar to the Ark Cradle.
    • The first D-Wheel that Godwin uses in his duel against Jack looks the same as Jack's D-Wheel only darker in color.
    • The Ultimate God's true form looks exactly like the Crimson Dragon.
    • Holy Spark Dragon God - Stardust Sifr looks like Shooting Star Dragon but with six wings and the way it is summoned is similar to Shooting Quasar Dragon.
    • The Priests of Light are the manga versions of the Signers.
  • Evil Counterpart: Underworld Dragon Dragonecro's monster effect allows it to create these.
  • Face Death with Dignity: Or Defeat with Dignity in this case. When the Skeleton Knight is about to lose his duel with Yusei he stops his horse and takes the attack head on.
  • Faux Affably Evil: Rex Goodwin, as usual. While it's clear from the beginning, and even more so during the first stage of the D1 Grand Prix, that he has some sort of plan, the true depths he's willing to sink to beat Skeleton Knight are made quite clear with his willingness to Mind Rape Ruka and use her as a pawn to bring out Yusei's full potential.
  • Foil: Sherry and Kiryu are both duelists Aki faces during the Grand Prix tournament, but they are different in some ways: Sherry and Aki used to be friends, which boils over during the tournament, making Sherry rather emotional towards Aki, whereas Kiryu has no history with Aki and is more emotionless towards her. As for their strategies and monsters, Sherry and Kiryu both rely on getting their monsters out at the right conditions to optimize their potentials, but Sherry's monsters do best when her opponent's hand is empty, while Kiryu's show their true worth when their own player's hand is empty, as mentioned in an omake.
  • Full-Name Basis:
    • Ran Kobayakawa refers to herself like this.
    • Kiryu addresses others this way as well, with Jack being the sole exception (their shared childhood history might be a factor).
  • Fun with Acronyms: V.S.F.L. (Virtual Solid Feel Lab). Changed to V.S.S.L. (Virtual Solid Sense Laboratory) in the English version.
  • God: The Ultimate God, as if it wasn't already obvious enough from the name. Godwin reveals that all Duel Monsters cards not just the Duel Dragons were created by the Ultimate God.
  • A God Am I: Rex Goodwin, just like in the anime.
  • Golden Super Mode: Stardust Chronicle Spark Dragon
  • Greater-Scope Villain: The Ultimate God.
  • Happily Adopted: The Godwin brothers to Ish.
  • Helmets Are Hardly Heroic: Only Sect and the Skeleton Knight wear helmets, a rather curious use of the trope considering the anime Averted this one.
  • Hoist by His Own Petard: The effect of Queen Angel of Roses, which destroys the monster with the lowest Attack points at the beginning of its turn, applies to itself as well. During the duel between Aki and Kiryu, it actually ends up destroying itself with said effect because of this, much to the shock and horror of Aki's classmates.
  • Ill Boy: Crow's younger brother Yoshi.
  • Inconsistent Dub: Hoo boy. Even after TCG names are revealed, this doesn't mean that a card will stick to the name.
  • Informed Attribute: Crow claims to be a Child Hater, but he cares deeply for his brother (in fact, a major motivation in his participation in the Grand Prix tournament is to make his brother proud), and the only other children he meets but doesn't get along with are Rua and Ruka (when they are Drunk on the Dark Side, that is).
  • In the Hood: Ruka and one of the Priests of Light.
  • Is That the Best You Can Do?: Jack makes this kind of statement when he believes he has won the duel against his opponent. This trope gets combined with Tempting Fate for him during his duel with Kiryu when he thinks he's won (to be fair, he just manages to wipe out Kiryu's Life Points to 0 at that point, which normally ends the duel... except, this time, Kiryu has a duel combo strategy that lets him continue to duel even with his Life Points reduced to 0).
  • It's All My Fault: Yeager's last appearance shows him blaming himself for failing to fulfill Rex's wish.
  • Jerkass:
    • Sect after becoming consumed by Shadow Miasma is this.
    • Due to how powerful he is Jack often mocks and belittles other duelists that are weaker than him.
    • Ruka as well as she often threatens to hurt Rua if he misuses her monsters.
    • Even Yusei himself was this prior to the story, initially only caring about facing strong opponents and ignoring others who he viewed as beneath him. He eventually changed his ways upon meeting Sect.
  • Killed Offscreen: Ish Kiq Godwin.
  • Lactose Over Liquor: In one episode, Yusei, the protagonist, goes into a seedy bar somewhere in Neo-Domino City and orders a glass of milk so he can show the bartender a card he has gotten from another character as a message.
  • Mirror Match: Crow fights a dark copy of himself, the only difference between the two being that his copy has a Duel Dragon.
  • Mythology Gag: Mainly to the anime.
    • Yeager's D-Wheel, the Destiny Clown is the same one from the video game Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's Wheelie Breakers.
    • Sherry's psychic ability, "Hand Scan" functions the same way as Pegasus's Millenium Eye.
    • Two cards that are used by Yusei and Jack respectively in the bonus chapters are named after the Mid-Season Upgrade they received in the anime, Accel Synchro and Burning Soul.
    • The five Priests of Light wear the same cloaks the Dark Signers wore but white in color. Three of the priests share the post Time Skip appearances of Rua, Ruka, and Aki.
    • In a flashback Rex Godwin and Ish Kiq Godwin are seen riding machines that look like the one Z-One is in.
    • Many cards used by Yusei and the others often display monsters that they used in the anime.
    • Burning Demon Dragon - Red Dragon has Jack's Signer mark on its chest.
    • Godwin gains the same facial markings as a Dark Signer when absorbing the Ultimate God into himself.
    • Kiryu while using Shadow Miasma acts a lot like his Dark Signer self.
    • In his Out-Shot Run with Ish, the monster Godwin uses: Celestial Dark Mage resembles Aporia.
    • When Yusei uses his Shining Armored Sense to fly, his D-Wheel gains wings. In the bonus chapters, Jack's D-Wheel is shown with wings of his own.
    • Godwin hosting a tournament to lure and awaken duelists with special abilities is just like what happened in the anime.
    • The complete Dragon Birthmark appears on blank Duel Dragon cards and in the Aerial Fortress Seibal as a wall carving.
  • Noblewoman's Laugh: Ran Kobayakawa laughs this way.
  • No Name Given: As children, the Godwin brothers didn't know their own names. When Ish found and adopted them, she was the one who gave them their names.
  • Offscreen Moment of Awesome: Crow defeating his dark copy. The second D1 Grand Prix as well which include such matches as Yusei vs. Kiryu and Aki vs Crow.
  • Oh, Crap!:
    • Aki and her classmates have this reaction more than once in Aki's duel against Kiryu:
      • When Kiryu reveals his Infernal Archer, summoned with 2,100 attack points when his hand is empty, can attack Aki directly (it certainly puts pressure on Aki, as this ability can result in a 2-turn KO).
      • When Queen Angel of Roses destroys itself with its own ability.
      • Finally, when Aki reveals her face-down trap card in a attempt to stop Kiryu's attack with his Void Ogre Dragon, only for Kiryu to reveal that his Void Ogre Dragon can negate Aki's trap card and gain a boost of 500 in attack points in so doing, which will ensure Aki's defeat. Aki's combines this with a Big "WHAT?!" in reaction.
    • Jack gets this combined with a Big "WHAT?!" when Kiryu reveals his Void Ogre Dragon which has 3000 attack points can attack him directly.
    • Rua and Yusei when Ruka jumps off their still moving D-Wheel to grab her book.
    • Everyone when Godwin special summons three Duel Dragons through Ultimaya Tzolkin's effect.
    • Yusei when Godwin is able to attack with all three said Duel Dragons.
  • One Turn Kill:
    • Crow to Bolt Tanner in the duel between them.
    • Subverted when Bommer/Greiger tries to pull this on Yusei in their own respective duel, as Yusei manages to fight back.
  • Parental Abandonment: According to Rua, he and Ruka are alone but it is left unclear if their parents have left them or are actually dead.
  • Pimped-Out Dress: Ran wears one when she joins her and Aki's classmates as spectators of the Grand Prix tournament. As an omake focusing on her explains, her reason for doing so instead of wearing her school uniform as her other classmates do is due to her continued rivalry (in her own mind, anyway) between herself and Aki:
    Ran: If Aki isn't wearing her uniform while dueling... I shan't wear mine to watch!
  • Planimal: The monsters in Ran's deck are Insect-type with "orchid" in both name and design (there's an orchid on the monster's body).
  • Playing with Fire: Bommer/Greiger duels with a Fire-type deck.
  • Psychic Power: Two of them.
  • Really 700 Years Old: Rex Godwin has lived for 5000 Years.
  • Rule of Cool: Presumably the only reason (and outright implied in Jack's case) that Riding Duelists wear ridiculously inappropriate riding gear and no helmets for the most part.
  • Red Baron:
    • King of Divine Punishment, Black Highlander. Save his Red Dragons, Jack's entire deck is a "King" deck. Jack himself is also called The King.
    • Kiryu is called the Handless Demon.
    • Aki is known as the Queen of Queens.
    • Sect Injuin after mastering his dark power calls himself Fly Lord.
  • Scarf of Asskicking: Yusei wears one in Rides 9-12 during his duel with Bomber. He is also seen wearing it during the flashbacks of his Training from Hell.
  • Sealed Evil in a Can: The Duel Dragons are the can in this case as Godwin states that they were being used in rituals to seal away darkness.
    • The Ultimate God was sealed away in a statue 5000 years ago by the Priests of Light.
  • Serious Business: The "Queen of Queens" title. Ran duels Aki with the intent of taking said title for herself. The fact that Aki didn't even ask for the title to be bestowed upon herself in the first place seemed to be of no concern for Ran.
  • Sinister Scythe: Black Highlander wields one.
  • Soul Jar: During the finals of the D1 Grand Prix, Yeager traps the souls of Duelists in cards.
  • Super Mode: Four of the Duel Dragons have them, they are:
    • Demon King Super Dragon - Beelzeus for Beelze.
    • Dragococytus the Impure Underworld Dragon for Dragonecro.
    • Holy Spark Dragon God - Stardust Sifr and Stardust Chronicle Spark Dragon for Stardust.
    • Burning Demon Dragon - Red Demon Abyss, Burning Demon Dragon - Red Demon Belial, and Burning Demon Dragon - Red Demon Calamity for Red Demon.
  • Take a Third Option: Before Yusei's duel against Hunter Pace, he messed with Yusei's duel runner to ensure that Yusei couldn't outpace him, and during said duel, he sets a monster that prevents Yusei's monsters from attacking it. How does Yusei win the duel? By making his monster attack Hunter Pace directly and boosting the Attack stat of his monster high enough to score a One-Hit KO.
  • The Cameo:
  • The Reveal:
    • The Skeleton Knight is actually Rudger Godwin.
    • The Ultimate God is the Crimson Dragon.
    • Stardust Spark Dragon is a Synchro Tuner monster.
  • Together in Death:
    • When The Skeleton Knight dies his spirit as Rudger Godwin reunites with Ish.
    • Rex joins them in the final chapter.
  • There Is No Kill Like Overkill: In the first round of the Grand Prix, victory is granted to the duelist fulfilling one of the following 3 conditions onto his/her opponent: 1) damaging the opponent's duel runner during the duel so that it can't function, 2) reducing the opponent's Life Points to 0, or 3) finishing the required laps first. In Yusei's duels against Bommer/Greiger and Hunter Pace, Yusei fulfills two of the above conditions onto his opponent (Bommer/Greiger for the first two and Hunter Pace for the last two).
  • Unexplained Recovery: How Rudger Godwin survived being stabbed and returning as the Skeleton Knight is never explained.
  • Urban Legend: The Skeleton Knight.
  • Victory Is Boring: When Kiryu considers his victory against his opponent imminent, he expresses utter disappointment.
    "You can't satisfy me."
  • Villain Override: The Ultimate God does this to Godwin once he starts losing.
  • We Used to Be Friends:
    • Aki and Sherry used to be schoolmates, until Aki left it due to being fed up by the mentality of other duelists in said school (where Sherry has remained right up to the time of the plot). Sherry took offense at it (she considers such an action "dereliction of her duty"), and the Grand Prix tournament marked the first time the two of them saw or spoke to one another again after Aki joined the school she's remained in as a student.
    • Jack and Kiryu were cordial when they were both residents in V.S.S.L. in their childhood days, but after Kiryu lost the duel between himself and Jack, he stole the Red Demon card, which was the prize for said duel. Jack had since then regarded Kiryu as a Sore Loser who betrayed his trust, until the two of them dueled again (this time during the Grand Prix tournament) and Jack found out at the end of their second duel why Kiryu committed the theft in the first place.
  • What Happened to the Mouse?: Yeager is not seen at all at in the bonus chapters.
  • Would Hurt a Child: Godwin does this twice. In the past Godwin sees the kids that train in his facility as nothing more than guinea pigs and isn't concerned if they get hurt or killed while developing his sense generation device. In the present, Godwin talks the twins into dueling Yusei convincing Rua that its the only way to return Ruka back to her normal self when in actuality he's just using them to test the power of Yusei's Duel Dragon not caring if they get hurt in the process.
  • You Are Not Alone: Yusei says this when facing Sect for the second time.
    Yusei Fudo: "All the duelists who fought beside me... They're the reason I've managed to keep dueling! I'm not alone now!!"


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