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Whether they're sailing the high seas, soaring the wild blue yonder, or charting the depths of outer space, whenever there are ships and commerce, there's Pirates.

Compare with Seaborne and Submersible Vehicles. Contrast with Ninja Tropes.


Types of pirates
  • Barbarous Barbary Bandits: Pirates from North Africa and the Middle East.
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  • Captain Colorbeard: A pirate has a name referring to the color/type of beard they have (e.g. a pirate with a black beard named Blackbeard).
  • Friendly Pirate: A pirate who is actually quite nice and lacking any villainous behavior.
  • Ghost Pirate: An undead pirate; includes both literal ghosts as well as reanimated corpses.
  • Horny Vikings: Vikings (essentially medieval Scandinavian pirates) are often depicted wearing helmets with horns.
  • Long John Shout-Out: A pirate's name references Long John Silver from Treasure Island.
  • A Pirate 400 Years Too Late: Anachronistic pirates from the distant past are somehow still around in modern times.
  • Pirate Girl: A female pirate out to plunder in the male-dominated field of sailing.
  • Privateer: A naval mercenary hired by governments to engage in state-sanctioned piracy against enemy nations.
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  • Ruthless Modern Pirates: Modern-day pirates whose crimes are not at all romanticized.
  • Salvage Pirates: Thieves who steal scrap and junk from abandoned ships.
  • Semiaquatic Species Sailor: Semiaquatic Funny Animals tend to be pirates.
  • Sky Pirate: Pirates who plunder aircraft.
  • Space Pirates: Pirates who plunder spacecraft.
  • Submarine Pirates: Pirates who plunder from a submersible ship.
  • Venturous Smuggler: Aside from hijacking and robbery of ships, pirates may also transport illegal contraband through the seas.

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