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Robot, Ninja, and Gay Guy (also styled RNGG) is a comedic Web Original series on YouTube about the eponymous trio sharing an apartment in southern Califonia. It opens with Gay Guy'snote  boyfriend breaking up with him and moving out of the flat they shared. No sooner than a minute after he posts an ad looking for a roommate, Gay Guy is visited by a mysterious ninja, and a Ridiculously Human Robot who's curious about humanity.

The series is a quirky comedy created by Travis Richey, who plays Gay Guy. It's about the trio's friendship, for all its ups, downs and occasional property/bodily damage. It has recently wrapped up its first season (including an unexpected guest star at the end) and a second one is in the works. It can be found here.


This Show Contains Examples Of:

  • Cloud Cuckoo Lander: Robot, though Ninja has his moments.
  • Deadpan Snarker: In the first episode Ninja and Gay Guy are speculating on whether or not Robot is actually a Robot. Robot announces that he's going to go to the bathroom.
    Gay Guy: I'm gonna go sneak a peak.
    Ninja: Nothing about that plan seems inappropriate.
  • Everyone Calls Him "Barkeep": The title trio. This annoys Gay Guy to all hell, though the others do it anyway.
    Gay Guy: I have a name.
    Ninja: I'm sure you do.
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  • Hard-Work Montage: In "Ninja Training," when Gay Guy and Ninja work on training Ninja not to throw things uncontrollably.
  • Kill All Humans: Robot's original motive for moving into the apartment was to kill Ninja and Gay Guy, but he has since developed a capacity for human emotion, along with an attachment to his roommates. He still retains a bit of his Kill All Humans attitude in general, though.
  • Kung-Fu Wizard: Ninja's Offscreen Teleportation is actual teleportation.
  • Left the Background Music On: The training montage music in "Ninja Training" was emitting from Robot. At the end of the montage he leaves it on until Gay Guy tells him to turn it off.
  • Limited Wardrobe: Ninja only wears the traditional outfit...even eating with his mask on. Robot seems to only wear solid-colored tshirts.
  • McNinja: Ninja appears to be Caucasian, but this is never confirmed except for when Gay Guy calls him "maybe-Asian".
  • Meme: Ninja likes to invoke these. In addition to the "I see what you did there" bit mentioned above, he goes apeshit when Gay Guy's date shows up at a Halloween party dressed as a Pirate. Obviously, this doesn't go over well with Gay Guy.
  • Mistaken for Gay: During a rift with Gay Guy, Robot finds himself a new Gay Best Friend, only he's not actually gay.
  • Offscreen Teleportation: Ninja, of course. Subverted, then lampshaded in the first episode while Gay Guy is explaining why he can believe Ninja is a ninja. The screen slowly focuses in on him, then pulls back and Ninja is still sitting there. Gay Guy then comments that he expected Ninja to be gone already.
  • Power Incontinence: Ninja has difficulties restraining himself from disappearing and throwing whatever he has in his hands. One episode is centered on Gay Guy helping Ninja to hold things without throwing them.
  • Ridiculously Human Robot: To the point that Gay Guy doesn't think his roommate is a robot (he's later convinced otherwise).
  • Sliding Scale of Robot Intelligence: Robot is somewhere between Average Joe Android and Nobel Bot.
  • Special Guest: Nicholas Brendon
  • Spock Speak: Robot and Ninja
  • Stealth Hi/Bye: Ninja does this alot. He is a ninja after all.
  • Straight Gay: Despite his nickname and those hideous buttondowns, Gay Guy's sexuality is incidental to his character and we're not beaten over the head with it. Actor Travis Richey's vlog indicates that this is his actual personality, as he is gay in real life.
  • Straight Man: Gay Guy, ironically enough.
  • Unlimited Wardrobe: Gay Guy, contrast to his roommates.
  • Weird Trade Union: Ninja belongs to one

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