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Nature Is Boring

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Sister Bear: [bored] We've come all this way to walk down a trail?
Brother Bear: [also bored] We could've done that back at home!
The Berenstain Bears: "Car Trip"

Nature is everything that isn't created by people. In other words, before anything was invented, everything was nature. Even artificial things can be traced back to a natural source.

So nature is pretty darn important. Perhaps this is why a lot of people find nature beautiful and fascinating and want to look at it or "get in touch" with it, via things like camping, hiking, and bird watching.

Except, that is, for these people, who just find nature boring. Perhaps they are forced into a situation where they have to go to the countryside or somewhere else that's full of nature, due to a Camping Episode or something, or maybe they turn down an invitation to a hiking party because "who wants to look at boring old plants?" or something along those lines. Maybe a Horrible Camping Trip is only horrible from a character who believes Nature Is Boring's point of view. Likewise, characters with this belief will find all nature-related museums to be a Museum of Boredom and will zone out when hearing someone talk about nature.

Often comes with An Aesop about appreciating nature, and can go hand in hand with New Media Are Evil if a character who believes that Nature Is Boring prefers artificial stuff like TV and video games.

Compare and contrast Nature Is Not Nice, where nature is not boring, but is threatening.


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  • Bartholomew and the Oobleck: The story is set into motion because King finds weather boring — he's tired of only rain, sun, fog, and snow coming from the sky, and commands his magicians to invent something new.
  • Dirty Bertie: Bertie generally has this perspective, as evidenced in "Twitter!" when he goes bird watching with his friend Eugene and Eugene's dad and gets impatient waiting for the birds, which he is disinterested in except for the hawk, and in another story where he is unenthusiastic about a trip to the country.
  • Fifteen: The main character finds her friend George annoying at times because he loves geology and she thinks that studying rock types is boring.
  • Stanley Bagshaw And The Twenty Two Ton Whale: Stanley Bagshaw fakes this trope. While he does find his nature walk he goes on with his friend Edward fun, especially the part with the whale, when his father asks him how his day was, he says that he'd "just been on a bit of a nature walk" and that "nothing much happens to him".

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  • Arthur: In "Water and the Brain", Binky seems disinterested in marine biology.
    Binky: What's the point of the aquarium? It's just full of fish and dumb facts.
  • The Berenstain Bears had an episode "Too Much Car Trip" where the family goes on a car trip to a place where they hike. At first, the cubs find it boring, but when their parents point out some beautiful areas, they change their minds.
  • The Crumpets: In "Li'l One All Alone", the family except Li'l One and Granny explore the woods not too far from home. Pa leads a trip to seek an underground multi-tentacled mushroom known as Manolita volvariella. He makes mundane facts and appreciations of nature during the search. After finding Manolita's extensions above the ground, they have Triceps cut the trees in order to benefit the mushroom. The wait becomes unexciting to the children, and by Li'l One's arrival, they start to walk home before Triceps pulls it, revealing that Manolita is a mustachioed mushroom. They're still greatly unimpressed.
  • The Simpsons: In "Bart of Darkness", Bart is given a telescope to entertain himself while recovering from a broken leg. After looking at the stars with it, and despite seeing some amazing-looking things (including Kang and Kodos), Bart decides that the universe is boring and turns the telescope to "Springfield's seamy underbelly" instead.