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"As mayor, I hereby declare you unfit to live in this town."
Mayor Vine, writing to Mac in Part 1

This page concerns a subseries of Vinesauce streams that has taken on a life of its own — namely, Vinny's playthrough of Animal Crossing: New Leaf. He began streaming the game shortly after its release in June 2013, chronicling the exploits of Vineland Mayor Vine and the villagers who lived in his town. However, after a few months of regular play, he abandoned his town of Vineland for two years before streaming it once more in late 2015.

Things changed when he revisited it again in late 2016, after the Welcome amiibo update had launched. Vinny opts to sell his old town and start anew, his new town being named Da Burbs (after a Running Gag from an unrelated stream). The series then stuck to a relatively regular schedule akin to that of the Vinesauce Tomodachi Life streams, which primarily occurred between the last New Leaf stream of 2013 and the 2015 revisit stream for New Leaf.

In particular, Vinny's return to the game coincided with Captain Southbird (a Vinesauce affiliate who had previously condensed Vinesauce Tomodachi Life) began to edit down the streams, giving them the title Mayor Vine. This article is mostly based on his videos (which occasionally take liberties with the original streams). The series eventually wrapped up on Christmas day 2018, via a feature-length recap video by Southbird that acted as his parting gift for the Vinesauce community, having amicably resigned from his position as Vinny's chief editor.

A playlist of Southbird's condensations can be found here. Full streams can be found here (for the initial run) and here (for everything after).

Come the release of Animal Crossing: New Horizons in March 2020, Vinny would step back into the franchise via the Hoor Island series (named after Vinny's in-game island), with various offhanded comments confirming the New Horizons streams to be a continuation of the Mayor Vine lore. Due to Southbird's departure, whether or not Hoor Island will be condensed into a web series a-la Mayor Vine is unknown.

This series contains examples of:

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    Tropes A to M 
  • Adapted Out:
    • Since Southbird's abridged videos only feature Vineland in the first three videos, with everything afterward focusing on the post-Welcome amiibo streams, several of that town's residents do not appear in Southbird's videos. In Charlise's case, she appears in the background in one scene and isn't seen speaking in any of the videos.
    • The full stream of the crossover with the Vinesauce Tomodachi Life series contains a cameo from V-Dub, a Vinny-created character unrelated to both series. Southbird cut V-Dub's appearance from his abridged version due to his opinion that the character in question is largely irrelevant to both series.
  • After the End: In the first "Fucked Up Towns" stream (which features Mayor Vine visiting strange towns via the Dream Suite), Vinny figures that the town of New-York [sic] is a post-apocalyptic New York after seeing that it is heavily flooded, to the point where it's mostly inhabited by ducks living in partially submerged houses. In the same stream, Vine also visits the town of Promise, which was intentionally made to look like a nuclear wasteland, complete with radiation-warning signs, dead trees, and seemingly hopeless player characters.
  • All Love Is Unrequited: Vine stalks Scoot (and is heavily implied to be in love with him) to no avail, while he himself believes Cherry (a Sitcom Arch-Nemesis of his) is stalking him.
  • Animal Motifs: Vinny's duck obsession shows up with the residents of Da Burbs. In January 2017, the town ends up being home to home to four ducks: Scoot, Molly, Drake, and Ketchup. This is emphasized in Part 13, when Vine talks to Scoot while Drake is behind Scoot and Molly is in the background. A while after Ketchup moves away, Freckles begins to move in.
  • The Artifact: Vinny explains to Imakuni that the abundance of pirate-themed items in the front room of Vine's house is because of an abandoned attempt to make a pirate-themed room, with the room ending up with a "pirate plus barber shop and assholes" theme instead.
  • Audible Sharpness: A stock unsheathing sound effect is used for Vine's axe in Southbird's Part 2 cut, when he pulls it out after Curt asks him for an item to put on his kotatsu.
  • Becoming the Mask: Vinny's Scoot obsession starts out as a completely jocular Running Gag and not a genuine obsession, and his reaction to Scoot in the highlight videos for his City Folk streams is exaggerated more by Joel (who edited the videos) than Vinny himself. He states during a 2013 stream (but not Southbird's highlights) that he doesn't actually like Scoot that much, but by the time of Welcome amiibo's release, Scoot grows on Vinny, to the point of being added to streams of other games, while these streams' title character takes this further by stalking Scoot.
  • Bee Afraid: Bees have a tendency to attack Vine. In one instance, Vine intends to catch a bee to avoid getting stung but drops his net in the process.
  • Big Red Button: Mayor Vine's Unknown Machine causes things to explode upon activation according to Southbird's edits. Vinny ends up telling Imakuni about how he doesn't know what it does while Southbird figured it out, followed by wondering what it would do then... and it causes relationship problems, in this case Vinesauce and Cling On failing to propose in Tomodachi Life.
  • Big "WHAT?!": Vinny lets out a loud "WHAAAAAAT!?" after Ganon repeats the same line about iconic clothes three times in a row in Part 14, followed by declaring Ganon to be broken.
  • Black Comedy: Vinny comments that he's allergic to apples when referring to how Apple, a hamster villager in Imakuni's town, says "eat my ass" as a catchphrase, thus he couldn't comply with what she says even if he wanted to. Imakuni claims Apple's catchphrase was set to that with Vinny's allergy in mind.
  • Blatant Lies:
    • During the crossover with Imakuni's New Leaf streams, Imakuni tells Vinny that viewers ask about the tissues behind Isabelle's picture and her response is that they're simply there in case someone needs tissues when looking at the picture.
    • During the crossover with Imakuni's New Leaf streams, Vinny says the in-game message he sends "definitely wasn't going to be a filthy message" after the stream shows him deleting "cum in" before saying "hi" instead.
  • Bloody Hilarious: Several of the horror-themed dream towns Vine visits use custom patterns to add bloodstains to objects, but Vinny considers it to be overdone to the point of being difficult to take seriously.
  • Breathless Non Sequitur: After Vine repeatedly tries to talk to Sable in Part 6 and she ignores him, Southbird's edit shows Vinny saying he needs to talk to her multiple times to "smash some rocks" followed by commenting that he'll try to keep his bodily functions to a minimum, which is the result of Southbird splicing unrelated lines together.
  • Call-Back:
    • Vinny says he's "been ready for [Lolly] for years" when she appears in the dream Vineland in the Tomodachi Life crossover. This references when Vine tried to seduce Lolly in 2013, with Vinny saying "Lolly! I'm ready for you!" during that scene.
    • Vinny references the "It's hip to fuck bees" meme in early streams of the Welcome amiibo update. Risa (Imakuni's character) posts a direct quote of it on the bulletin board of Da Burbs during the crossover between her streams and Vinny's.
    • Vinny points out that Scoot "has some titties in his house" in Part 19, referring to the Beautiful Statue he had previously received as a birthday present.
  • The Cameo: In Part 4 of Southbird's cuts, Captain Jahn (and Tom Nook) peeks over the hills for a split second when Wisp mentions that he's worried about people staring at him.
  • Christmas Episode: Vinny plays during the Toy Day event on Christmas Eve 2016. Vine wears a Santa costume to deliver presents for Jingle and mostly botches his deliveries. In Southbird's edit, the real Santa Claus is shown getting burned to death by Vine's Unknown Machine.
  • Crossover:
    • Vine visits a dream town featuring characters from the Vinesauce Tomodachi Life streams.
    • These streams cross over with Imakuni's New Leaf streams, with Vinny and Imakuni's characters (Mayor Vine and Mayor Risa, respectively) visiting each other's towns.
  • Eldritch Location: Vine visits a hacked dream town called the void in one of the last few streams to feature the town of Vineland. It features land completely covered with a black pattern, as well as things that are blatantly not possible without hacking, such as trees and weeds in rivers, the aforementioned black pattern in water and even in midair, bridges that stop before reaching the other side of the river (walking off the other end causes the player to walk into the river), and multiple copies (as opposed to just one, as in a normal playthrough) of some of the more creepy-looking characters, like Coco. The town's player character also has no name, despite the game normally not allowing players to leave it blank, and the small text box that displays a character's name when talking to them doesn't even appear when talking to him.
  • Epic Fail: After one of the many times Vine angers a swarm of bees, he intends to catch them to avoid getting stung but ends up dropping his net before he has a chance to do so. Vinny is initially disappointed, but then he bursts into laughter because he finds it ridiculous that he dragged the net to the wrong part of touch screen menu.
  • Fanservice Cover: Teckworks' thumbnails for the series occasionally draw characters in a fanservice-y way instead of basing them directly on in-game graphics — see parts one, four, and nine.
  • Fantastic Racism: Vine, who's the sole human resident of the towns he's the mayor of, prefers ducks and despises pigs, to the point where he claims that any pigs who came to Vineland will be killed and eaten, primarily by being turned into bacon. However, his hatred of pigs isn't as strong with Ganon (whose inspiration is a pig-like demon and not an actual pig), who's more disliked because of his personality, while Drake takes a while to grow on him and he doesn't think of Freckles as highly as the other ducks, with Drake getting called "fake Scoot" when he's first seen and Freckles getting called "a mistake" after she spends a while in Da Burbs.
  • Faux Symbolism: In-universe, Vine includes a random seashell in a letter to Curly (detailing how Gala wants to eat him), figuring that he'll go mad trying to decipher how the two are connected.
  • Flashback Effects: The first part opens with Vine reading Lolly's farewell letter; a wavy transition leads into a flashback to his attempt to seduce her.
  • Get Out!: Vinny ends up loudly saying "Get out!" after finding out that Mayor Risa posted "It's hip to fuck bees" on the bulletin board when visiting Da Burbs.
  • Gray Rain of Depression: It starts to rain the day Lolly prepares to leave Vineland and Vinny talks about the time she spent in his town.
  • Homemade Sweater from Hell: Vine randomly changes into a Christmas sweater while fishing in Part 12 and Vinny comments on how ugly it is.
  • Joke and Receive:
    • Vinny says Vine is stupid-looking in Part 1 and wonders if he can get new eyes. After Vinny restarts the game with the Welcome amiibo update, Vine lacks his previously tired-looking eyes when he receives a changed appearance.
    • When Vinny refers to Da Burbs as "Duck Town" after multiple ducks have moved in, he notes a chat comment saying that Drake is probably a mallard. Drake's coloration is almost identical to that of real-life mallard drakes.
    • Vinny refers to Joey as "Karl" due to his resemblance to Karl Pilkington. In the German translation of the game, he's called Kalle, which is a variant of the name Karl in multiple mainland European languages.
  • In Medias Res: The first part opens with Lolly's departure and Vine's reaction to it before going back to when he first arrived.
  • Innocent Innuendo:
    • invoked Both Vinny and Southbird are prone to exploiting the game's Accidental Innuendo to this end — most noticeably a mention of "Bedspring[s]" when Lolly was playing charades with Vine while camping in Vineland.
    • Coco gives Vine a cherry in Part 11 and her reference to it as a "nice snack" is immediately interpreted as innuendo related to the dog whose name is shared with the fruit in question.
    • Vinny finds it questionable when Scoot says in a letter that his birthday present, a Beautiful Statue, opened up new possibilities in his exercise routine, because said statue is topless.
    • When Scoot tells Vine that he heard that Medli is either toying with the idea of moving or likes toys that move, Vinny thinks the latter sounds lewder than intended.
  • Interspecies Romance: Vinny briefly wonders whether a future Animal Crossing game will include romance, particularly among different species:
    "I'm just saying... Scoot + Elephant = Ele-duck... cat. You know what I mean?"
  • Joisey: Vinny jokes that a particularly ruinous dream town that he visits is actually New Jersey.
  • Lame Pun Reaction: Vinny reacts negatively to Cherry saying to "'Bee' more careful" to avoid getting stung and interprets her "what what" Verbal Tic as an attempt to make the joke funnier.
  • Made a Slave: Played for Black Comedy when Vinny suggests that the inhabitants of Vineland were sent to Nook's salt mines when he sold the town.
  • Manipulative Editing:
    • Southbird's editing for the sixth Welcome amiibo stream mashes up Vinny's commentary about talking to Sable to unlock the QR Code reader, the allergy problems he's dealing with during the stream, and the rock-smashing MEOW Coupon initiative into a nonsensical comment about talking to Sable to smash some rocks, followed by saying he'll keep his bodily functions to a minimum.
    • Southbird's edit for the 21st Welcome amiibo stream splices footage and audio from Vine visiting viewer and fan artist nasnumbers' town (which was mainly done to fulfill Katie's request to travel to another town) to make Vine look like he gets arrested for aggressively throwing beans at Whitney. Southbird's edit combines footage of Vine throwing beans at Whitney, audio of Vinny yelling "Here's the beans!" from when he threw beans at nas's character, fanart showing a newspaper article for Vine getting arrested for throwing beans at Whitney, and footage of Vine exiting a police station.
  • Mood Whiplash:
    • Part 2 has the emotional scene in Lolly's packed-up home followed up by the unveiling of the "Scoot Room" Stalker Shrine.
    • Part 3 opens with Vinny somewhat seriously remarking on how he'd been neglecting the town... and shortly thereafter cuts to him cracking wise about it over two years later.
    • In Part 5 Vinny goes from vowing to kill Bella to shaking a bee tree and repeating "fuck the bees" multiple times.
  • Mundane Made Awesome: Defied by Vine when he finishes installing a street lamp in Vineland. The announcement board makes it out to be an anticipated addition, but he bluntly says that "no one cares", which gets published in the town newspaper.

    Tropes N to Z 
  • Nepharious Pharaoh: In Part 18 Vinny finds and dons a Pharaoh outfit, resulting in villagers apparently paying him tribute to avoid curses and manual labor. He also gets attacked by a scorpion.
  • New Game Plus: The Welcome amiibo update of New Leaf includes the option to sell one's town in exchange for funds for building a new one. Vinny uses this feature to replace Vineland with Da Burbs without needing to make money from scratch (in contrast to how a lot of the money made in Vineland was from farming for beetles on Tortimer Island).
  • Nightmare Sequence:
    • The majority of Part 3 takes place in Vine's bizarre dreams when he collapses on his Scoot Room's bed. Much of it is created from Manipulative Editing courtesy of Southbird, splicing footage of hacked dream towns in a way that makes them connected (for example, Vine entering a house and exiting into a completely different town). Most dream towns' scenes are originally from the "Fucked Up Towns" streams from 2016, but Aika village was visited in 2013 as well as 2016.
    • The crossover with the Vinesauce Tomodachi Life streams, which depicts the weirdness of those streams in the context of New Leaf, happens via the Dream Suite.
  • "El Nińo" Is Spanish for "The Nińo": When Vine offers to get signatures for Scoot's petition in Part 10, Vinny says he has to get signatures "for mon Scoot" and adds that "mon Scoot" means "my Scoot" in French.
  • Noodle Implements:
    • After checking his bank account in Part 10, Vine turns out to be carrying some sparkling cider, a paper lantern, and some beans. Even Vinny isn't sure why he's carrying such a random assortment of items.
      Vinny: "Sparkling cider? Paper lantern? B-beans!?"
    • Vinny finds the random items in Mayor Risa's basement to be creepy, with said items including a portable toilet, bones, a sun, and propane tanks. Imakuni tells him that they're bomb parts.
  • Noodle Incident:
    • Mac comments that "the rumors are true" upon seeing Mayor Vine wearing a muscle shirt and a Slowpoke hat. Southbird's videos don't show exactly what he's talking about.
    • Ketchup tells Vine that she once saw Ganon drop a blowtorch, not saying why he had a blowtorch or what he was doing with it. Vinny can't help but wonder why Ganon had a blowtorch, given his origin.
  • Overdrawn at the Blood Bank: Vinny manages to find some humor in how several of the "creepy" dream towns that Vine visits have a ridiculous amount of blood details.
  • Perfectly Cromulent Word: Vinny uses "may" as a verb form of "mayor" when Vine sits at his desk in Part 1.
  • Portmantitle: Vinny uses the name "Animal Crossover" to refer to the crossover between these streams and Imakuni's New Leaf streams, though Southbird's highlight video uses a different title, which specifically refers to it as a crossover between Vinny and Imakuni's New Leaf streams.
  • Previously on…: Part 2 of Southbird's cuts uses several out-of-context quotes from the first part to make one of these.
  • Production Throwback:
    • Numerous references to Vinny's other Nintendo life sim series crop up in Southbird's edits.
      • In Part 2, the issue of Vineland News that pops up to show Vine's rejection of a street lamp also includes an article about the construction of Vineland Island's apartment, which is due to be finished in 2014 (a year after the original New Leaf streams and the year Vinny started Tomodachi Life). It also mentions strange lights in the sky overhead, referring to the Jahns.
      • In Part 4, Vinny responds to Isabelle's "Some fresh air and exercise would do you good" line by saying "A change of scenery is always nice" and Southbird accompanies this with a clip of Vinesauce (Vinny's Mii) saying that line.
      • In Part 4, Vinny finds two Zap Helmets in Labelle's section of the Able Sisters' shop and points out how similar they look to the ones that come with the Jahns' superhero costumes.
      • Ganon says he had a dream involving Jahn from the town of Music in Part 19. Vinny isn't happy to hear about a potential Jahn invasion in this game.
    • The Scoot Room in Vine's house in Vineland references the obsession with Scoot Vinny shows during his streams of Animal Crossing: City Folk and takes it up to eleven.
    • Da Burbs' name comes from Vinny's "Scoot the Burbs" song. In summary, Vinny was playing a subpar Game Boy Color game called Razor: Freestyle Scooter and entered the Suburbs level. He said that he was going to "scoot the burbs", mentioning that it sounds like the title of an album from Ben Folds Five. He proceeded to turn it into an actual song off-stream.
    • One recurring custom design in Da Burbs is Speed Luigi, a Stylistic Suck drawing of Luigi that Vinny would often use as a filler drawing in "Miiverse Sketch" from Game & Wario and added to New Leaf during a late-night stream of Welcome amiibo.
    • Vine's first bee encounter in Da Burbs is punctuated by Vinny yelling "It's not as hip as you think it is!" while fleeing; this calls back to the extremely infamous moment of Vinny's Super Mario Galaxy Repainted stream regarding the music swap of Honeyhive Galaxy, as seen here. Vinny generally loathes the meme, and he ends up reacting negatively when Risa (Imakuni's character) posts "It's hip to fuck bees" on the bulletin board in Da Burbs.
    • In Part 12, Vinny reacts negatively after seeing Bella at Club LOL and then says "You gotta come to my new club. It's called Plague Rat." This is referencing an anecdote he shared during a stream of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D, which recounted when one of Vinny's cousins randomly showed up at his house, with Vinny's cousin wanting Vinny to go a club his own cousin owns.
    • Imakuni says "Put the beans on it" while her character, Mayor Risa, throws beans at Vine. The quote is referencing something Vinny randomly said on the ride home from a convention, which he attributes to an older Sonic during a Pokémon Moon stream.
  • Prolonged Prologue: The first three episodes are set in Vinny's first town (Vineland), which is sold in order to start afresh at the end of Part 3. Da Burbs (the next town) is the setting for the remainder of the series.
  • Put on a Bus to Hell: In-game, Isabelle says Vineland is gone forever after it gets demolished. Vinny says afterward that Vineland's residents were sold into slavery to work in Tom Nook's salt mines and that this is where Nook is getting the daily payments he puts in Vine's account in Da Burbs. After Vine moves to Da Burbs, some of that town's former residents are said to be in the salt mines.
  • Record Needle Scratch: In Part 3's opening, a record-needle scratch sound effect accompanies an abrupt (and lengthy) Time Skip.
  • Revenge Is a Dish Best Served: Mayor Vine posts on Vineland's bulletin board that he wants to dismember Pudge, put his remains in stew, and feed him to the other villagers.
  • Running Gag:
    • Vine has a known obsession with Scoot, ranging from the Stalker Shrine he has in Vineland to actual stalking done after Scoot moves to Da Burbs.
    • Vine struggles with people surrounding his house in Da Burbs. He's continually bothered by Cherry moving in right in front of him; some time later, two others move in front of her, and once she gets kicked out two more make their place where her house once was.
    • Vine frequently gets stung by bees and bit by mosquitos. He also gets stung and knocked unconscious by a scorpion in Da Burbs.
    • Vinny frequently discusses building a highway through and/or demolishing the houses of villagers he hates.
    • Vinny gets irritated with villagers asking for fruit despite being right next to a fruit tree. Sometimes he makes exaggerated sarcastic comments about it (while still bringing them the fruit).
    • After Vinny denies that Bob moved away after he does, he asks Southbird to display a drawing of Bob onscreen. Further references to Bob prompt Southbird to display a drawing of Bob if Bob isn't actually onscreen.
    • After Ganon gives Vine an Unknown Machine, Vine often presses the button on the machine and Southbird's edits depict various events happening because of it. The machine usually, though not always, causes explosions, with said explosions often being from unrelated games Vinny has played.
    • After Inkwell told Vine he planned to move away but never did, streams following this feature Vinny making multiple references to the fact that he was supposed to have moved whenever he showed up, particularly on days when a different villager has moved out.
    • Part 18 saw multiple instances of Phineas appearing to eavesdrop on Vine and other residents' conversations while walking around after giving him a badge.
  • Sensory Abuse: When Vinny yells in Part 13 when saying that yelling would help Molly and Ketchup talk about things other than the weather, Southbird tilts the screen until Vinny calms down. When Vinny goes back to speaking in his normal voice, his microphone's sound is distorted slightly for a while, which he comments on.
  • Sequel Hook: After Vinny's interest in Welcome amiibo wanes, he announces that regular streams will resume after the release of a full-fledged sequel. After the confirmation of the release of a Nintendo Switch installment in 2019, Vinny further confirms continued streams while commentating on the Nintendo Direct stream that features its announcement.
  • Sexophone: Southbird inserts slow saxophone music into the video during a particularly lewd moment in Part 1.
  • Sexual Euphemism: In Part 14, Vinny wonders if Cherry was using the phrase "Bell-pincher" as a euphemism in the vein of the British slang "bell-end" after she says she heard Vine is one.
  • Shameless Self-Promoter: Vinny subtly advertises Red Vox's What Could Go Wrong album by saying "What could go wrong?" after putting the Unknown Machine in his house, followed by letting out a small chuckle and nudging Vine toward a Red Vox album hanging on the wall in the room the Unknown Machine was placed in.
  • Shared Universe:
    • Southbird's condensations of the streams tie them into the Vinesauce Tomodachi Life series. The first sign of this is in Part 2, where the front page of an added-in newspaper (dated June 23, 2013) includes an article about the construction of Vineland Island's apartment complex, setting the "Vineland arc" sometime before Tomodachi Life started. Other connecting details include Lolly being the same character in both series (so Lolly moved from Vineland town and arrived in Vineland Island, which was right after the first "dimensional split" halfway through that series) and the Mayor Vine crossover special taking place sometime in between Episodes 54 and 55 of Tomodachi Life.
    • Game mechanics end up tying these streams to Imakuni's New Leaf streams, as villagers Mayor Risa speaks to still remember her even after the crossover stream.
  • Shout-Out:
    • Vineland's Town Tune is the Song of Storms from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time and The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask.
    • In a Vineland-era stream, Vine wears a hat with the face of the Pokémon Slowpoke on it alongside a muscle shirt.
    • During one Vineland-era stream (though not in any of Southbird's edits), Vinny says "Thank God for beetles" when referring to how catching beetles on Tortimer Island is an easy way to make money in this game (he mentions doing so in between streams), adding that what he says applies to both the insects and the band.
    • When visiting a hacked dream town called "the void" in a 2016 Vineland-era stream, Vinny has "Those Chosen by the Planet", Sephiroth's theme from Final Fantasy VII, playing in the background while getting freaked out by the town having multiple Cocos and claiming the town is cursed.
    • invoked Da Burbs' town tune is a takeoff of "Lady Madonna" by The Beatles, inspired by Vinny's opinion that the first section of the default Town Tune sounds suspiciously similar to it. Vinny pointing out the songs' similarities and changing his town tune aren't shown in Southbird's edits, but the modified town tune is present in most of Southbird's post-Welcome amiibo videos.
    • Vine has a vinyl copy of David Bowie's "Heroes" album hanging on a wall in his house alongside an album from Vinny's own band, Red Vox.
    • After Vine sees Pudge and Lolly in the dream Vineland during the Tomodachi Life crossover and both fail to recognize him, Vinny compares their apparent amnesia to Westworld.
    • Upon seeing propane being sold at the campground, Vinny does a brief impression of Hank Hill from King of the Hill, referencing how the character in question works for a propane company.
    • At one point in Part 12, Vine is at his desk and Vinny randomly says "It's not nebulous" and "Get in the bag" in reference to Pokémon Sun and Moon, which contain multiple instances of Lillie telling Cosmog (AKA Nebby) to get back in her bag.
    • Vinny comments that the cow skull hat makes Vine look like a Cubone. Vinny streamed Pokémon Moon not long before the part in question was streamed.
    • Vinny claims that Inkwell was found in the ocean and became a normal dad before becoming who he is today.
    • Among Vinny's Accidental Misnamings for Hopkins are "Bunnelby" (a Pokémon introduced in Pokémon X and Y) and "Rabite" (the Mascot Mook of the World of Mana series).
    • Vinny calls himself a fruit ninja after Vine splits a watermelon in three after placing it in the pizza room and gets it to reform just by touching it.
    • After Freckles says something about something in her house looking like a bed while being used for something else, despite no bed being present, Vinny is audibly disgusted by what she says and Southbird's edit ends the scene with the level-ending transition from Super Mario World.
    • Part 19's thumbnail is a reference to the Animated Adaptation of The Ricky Gervais Show and features Cherry, Scoot, and Joey drawn in the style of Stephen Merchant, Ricky Gervais, and Karl Pilkington, respectively.
    • Vinny says Vine looks like "green Spock" after he receives a green bowl cut at Shampoodle, followed by making further references to Spock by rambling about how it isn't logical.
  • Species Surname: Vinny claims the town's ducks have Duck as their last name, such as Scoot Duck and Drake Duck.
  • Spiritual Successor: Vinesauce Tomodachi Life features another Nintendo life sim while still featuring eccentric characters and humorous commentary from Vinny. While the New Leaf streams started about a year before the Tomodachi Life streams, official YouTube uploads for the former (both for full streams and Southbird's highlights) came after ones for the latter because of a lack of YouTube archives in 2013.
  • Stalker Shrine: Vinny previously showed an obsession with Scoot during his streams of City Folk. This is taken further in New Leaf with the "Scoot Room" in Vine's house in Vineland. The door to the room is indicated by an LED sign with Scoot's face on it, while the room itself is completely plastered with pictures of Scoot, including on the bed, pillows, and stained-glass window, with an exception being a box of tissues lying near the bed. Vine doesn't make another "Scoot Room" after he moves to Da Burbs and instead has a "Scoot Control Tower" that features an array of monitors that display a picture of Scoot, with Vinny claiming the device tracks everything Scoot does.
  • Suddenly Shouting: After Drake comments that Molly and Ketchup rarely talk about anything other than the weather, Vinny yells when commenting that they should start yelling at each other to get past the small-talk phase.
  • Suspiciously Similar Song: In-universe, Vinny says that he thinks that the first half of the default Town Tune sounds like "Lady Madonna" by The Beatles after he hears it after restarting his file. His response is to change the Town Tune of Da Burbs to be directly based on the song in question.
  • Tempting Fate: Vinny says he wouldn't like it if Coco ends up moving in front of Vine's house after Cherry moves. Two houses end up in Cherry's house's place, with one of them being Coco's.
  • Time Skip:
    • A chunk of the Vineland-era streams were lost from time, so Part 2 of Southbird's cuts has a gap between July and September 2013. He justifies this as being a time that Mayor Vine "wanted to forget", as the infamous failed serenade with Lolly happened at this time.
    • Both in- and out-of-universe, Vinny stopped playing the game for a little over two years (October 2013 - December 2015).
    • Some of Southbird's edits combine footage from multiple streams, which can result in different parts of a single episode taking place days apart, such as how Part 8 depicts Da Burbs both before and after snow covers the ground in December 2016.
  • Tongue on the Flagpole: When Vine applies the Speed Luigi custom design to Da Burbs' flag, its Overly-Long Tongue coincidentally touches the pole.
  • Unsound Effect: When Vineland gets a cobblestone bridge built and Vine inadvertently pushes some villagers out of his way afterwards, "(shove)" captions show up accordingly.
  • Verbal Backspace: In Part 6, Vinny says the axe Vine bought from Leif will be used to murder his villagers, followed by "catching" himself and saying it'll be used to chop down trees.
  • Visual Innuendo: Inkwell asks for a sea cucumber in Part 11 and Vinny is grossed out by what it would look like if he ate it due the shape of both the sea cucumber and the octopus villagers' mouths. Fan art depicting this is shown after the stream.
  • What the Hell Is That Accent?: Vinny reads the train conductor's dialogue with a foreign-sounding accent and deep voice when he announces the train's arrival at Da Burbs' station.