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"Gooby pls."

Dolan is an Internet meme starring poorly-drawn, overly violent and vulgar versions of Donald Duck and other cartoon characters. Originating in Finland, the comics have since spread worldwide. Most comics involve Dolan screwing over Gooby (a perversion of Goofy) in some way, sometimes even literally. Other stars include Bogs Binny, Dafty Duk, Spoderman and Pruto.

Read more about Dolan n frenz here. Has a developing character sheet here.

Only related to Planet Dolan in that that Danger Dolan's original avatar resembled Dolan Duck. Please do not confuse with Canadian director Xavier Dolan.

troeps raletted to teh komix:

troeps raletting to teh uncle dolan show

  • Cerebus Syndrome: The Uncle Dolan Show gets this a lot. Originally the show was just about Dolan screwing over Gooby, as normal. But then later on Spoderman is reborn as the devil, Desy gets abducted by Darth Pruto, and the world gets taken over by "Cumbies", rapist zombies. Oh course, all of this is stealth comedy.
  • Death by Childbirth: Bogs' mother in the opening of the Uncle Dolan Movie.
  • Rouge Angles of Satin: Just like the webcomics, all of the characters speak (subtitled and voiced) in incorrect grammar. Only a few characters (such as Uncle Screwj) use proper grammar when speaking.
  • Zombie Apocalypse: Season 2 of the Uncle Dolan Show deals with an outbreak of "Cumbies", who make more of themselves by raping people.

Regards, Dolan.