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"The clickbaitiest show on the internet, where I discuss movies like a huge insufferable nerd!"
Goofball: I thought this show was you talking about movies.
Max: This show is whatever I want it to be.
Goofball: Yeah, and apparently you want it to be you bending over backwards to make sure you never get a date again.
Brain Dump is an online animated series by HotDiggedyDemon, where the host, Max Gilardi, mainly talks about recent movies (usually specific elements of said film like the message) in a hilariously cynical and Self-Deprecation-filled fashion. Eventually, the show developed a story arc involving disagreements between its three main characters, and explored Max's fixation on his YouTube career as a whole, with episodes taking on a true Bait-and-Switch format. The first episode, discussing the message of Zootopia, aired on YouTube September 2, 2016.

In his reviews, Max is accompanied by his sentient computer/television hybrid, Burnbot, and his annoying cartoon ghost roommate, Goofball. These three characters have their own sheet here.

    List of works reviewed on Brain Dump 

The series provides and discusses examples and of:

I'm Max G, that was my Brain Dump of the week, and I hope you hated it!



Ruined lives 12/25
Bizarre framing 4/25
Mocked the president 23/25
Confusing stinger 9/25
Final Score: 48/100

Burnbot's automated insult of the week:
Go fuck a food processor you radioactive diarrhea smear