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"...And again showing that half of Steven's job as the universal peacekeeper is just being a literal human shield that that can take the brunt of other's violence and anger, which makes part of this show's message... really hard to imitate."

WELCOME, ladies, gentlemen, and tropers, to Darth Wiki's Favorite Game Show...

WARP... THAT... AESOP!!!!!

[Catchy Theme Song plays]


Hello! Hello! How are you all doing today? How are the kids?

All right, you all know how to play the game! Contestants will take a piece of media... and, through a number of deliberate misunderstandings, a few Alternate Character Interpretations, taking some things out of context, assuming that everything presented was meant to be taken as instructional and serious, and reading in more than a little Fanon, make it seem like the creators were attempting to deliver a terrible, terrible message to the kids at home... no matter how utterly off-base it is!

But, before we begin, let's just go over the three rules of the game, shall we? Rule #1! Make sure to read the above paragraph before adding a example. Rule #2! This is not Headscratchers with a sarcastic tone, and if you think it is, Get Out!. And, last but not least, rule #3! This page is Just For Fun; serious attempts at finding a moral, and Real Life examples will be purged. Oh, and remember, folks, Whining costs twenty million points, so there's that.


...and whatever you do, don't change the channel to Sugar Wiki for Sweeten That Aesop or the Neutral Zone for Boil That Aesop. And don't mix this show up with Things We Have Learnt from Media — that's just facts, this show is about 'truths' and principles. Change to our sister channel, the TV Tropes Forum for That's an awful Hindsight shoehorn, where you can connect all sorts of coincidences and see how Life Imitates Art!

Ok, now that we've got all of that out of the way, first to 10,000 points gets an extra lifenote , a copy of our Home Game, and Rice-A-Roni, the San Francisco treat!

Round One! Ready.... GO!

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  • In General:
    • Ads for harmful things like cigarettes are a thing of the past. Surely these days ads tell nothing but the truth and wouldn’t dream of persuading one to consume something that is harmful to their body.
    • Only those who are rich enough to pay for premium accounts deserve to be free from the constant subliminal messaging that permeates all of society.
    • You are absolutely hideous. If you don’t look like a photoshopped supermodel you need to buy hundreds of beauty products so that people don’t vomit at the sight of you.
    • People who consume fast food, candy and soda look like healthy athletes and super models. If you are overweight and unhealthy, it must just be you.
  • The Burger King: Make sure your mascot dives right into the Uncanny Valley. That way, meme-culture can do all the advertising for you.
  • Chick-fil-A: Eating fried chicken means you hate the gays.
    • Chick-fil-A Cows: Meat is murder, but only if its beef. Screw the chickensnote .
      • Cows are super-racist against chickens and are plotting for genocide.
      • To prevent the slaughter of your own species, advocate for the slaughter of another species. Might as well apply this to things like race as well.
  • McDonald's: Your restaurant can make any kind of food regardless of your customer base as long as you give it a cute prefix; McDLT, McRib, McPizza, McNoodles, McFlurry, McLobster, McCurry Pan, McNürnburger, you get the Mcpicture.
    • There is nothing wrong with deliberately targeting children with extremely unhealthy food that will cause them a myriad of health issues later in life.
    • Obesity and diabetes are worth it if you get to play at an indoor playground and get a toy in your Happy Meal.
  • Messin' with Sasquatch:
  • M&M's: Rule 34 really can apply to anything.
  • Never Say No to Panda:
    • Pandas are abusive assholes.
    • Capitalist Egypt is one big Protection Racket and they will cut a bitch if you don't buy their products.
  • Pepsiman:
  • Progressive Insurance:
    • Sequin socks are a desired Christmas gift.
    • Muy Thai is a completely different skill set from Karate.
    • Sprinkles are for winners.
    • If you think a spokesperson is annoying, just wait until you meet their family.
  • The Real Cost: Don’t smoke or you’ll be left in a freakish labyrinth to die!
  • Trix Rabbit:



  • Abstract expressionism: Let's all make art a child could do, and say it's great.
  • Academic Art: People in the future will hate you for no reason, despite the quality of your work.
  • Art Deco: Nothing more creatively authentic than art that looks like it came off of an assembly-line
  • Art Nouveau: Any work of art that looks vaguely plant-like is therefor French.
  • Cubism: Screw you, anatomy!
  • Dadaism: Anything you pick up from the dump can be art if you sign your name on it. Screw you, intellectual property laws!
  • Expressionism: Screw you, coherency!
  • Fauvism: Screw you, color theory!
  • Fluxus: The results can suck monkey-fuck as long as the process of making it is interesting.
  • German Expressionism: Poverty can drive people crazy.
  • History Painting: You're being patronized by nobles and the Church, so make nothing but propaganda.
  • Impressionism: Screw you, proper technique!
  • Minimalism: True Art Is Incomprehensible and should exist in a vacuum. Relatability via representationalism is for uneducated pions.
  • Modern Art: Screw it, anything goes. Even if it has no redeeming qualities whatsoever.
  • Naive Art: Amateurs sure are stupid, huh? And even though we used to be no better, let's mock them by making bad art on purpose!
  • Neoclassicism: Only Ancient Grome is allowed.
  • Outsider Art: You're wasting your money going to art classes and learning a craft professionally. Just start making stuff blindly and you'll magically be amazing.
  • Pop Art: Being sarcastic about commercialism is brilliant and totally isn't hypocritical and doesn't get old after five minutes.
  • Post-Impressionism: Impressionism wasn't that great, but we're gonna continue everything silly about it anyway.
  • Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood: Paint the same woman over and over, just in different costumes.
  • Primitivism: Non-whites sure are stupid, huh?
  • Surrealism:



  • Banksy: Vandalism is legal if it makes you famous.
  • Zdzisław Beksiński: Inflicting Political Theory onto art is a waste of time and takes all the fun out of it.
  • William-Adolphe Bouguereau: Modern Art sucks.
  • Takashi Murakami: When sensory deprivation is the artistic status quo, the best way to get noticed is inflicting sensory overload.
  • Jackson Pollock: You can literally throw anything on a canvas and become a national and artistic icon in the process.

    Asian Animation 
  • Motu Patlu: Eating a ton of snack food will always solve all your problems.
  • Noonbory and the Super 7:
    • Weaponize your allergies.
    • If someone wants to join your clique, deny them every chance you get, because they're not worthy. Don't even help them to be more like you and your friends, because it takes a long time.
    • "Wangury and the Windbike": Assault via dragging someone around by their tongue is a justifiable retribution for stealing a bike.
  • Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf: Trying to feed your family is evil. Not only is it evil, it will also result in you failing and being injured.


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