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Just For Fun / Things We Have Learnt from Media

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TV, film, video games etc. are very educational. Even if they're inaccurate.

Compare Useless Notes.

Things we've learnt:

  • Reality television is more sadistic and satanic than all of the fictional Hollywood bloodbaths combined. It can never truly be socially conscious. There's absolutely no difference between a show like Jersey Shore and a show like Survivor despite the former being about drinking and partying and the latter being about working together to survive. The absolute worst fate that anyone can suffer is being told that his or her singing sucks on American Idol by Simon Cowell.
  • Men and women can never just be friends without falling in love. True love always happens on first sight. If the characters hate each other, it is written in the stars that they'll love each other in the end.
  • Television news programs are nothing but propaganda and trashy celebrity gossip. Except for comedian commentators who are never afraid to tell it like it is.
  • Petty rudeness is the absolute worst thing that anyone can do and fully justifies them being assaulted or killed. Unless they're somewhere where everyone's afraid to speak the truth.
  • All bad behavior is caused by either extreme emotional insecurity from not having a loving family or extreme arrogance and an unshakeable belief in one's godlike stature or abilities. The best and only way to teach someone a lesson is to either humiliate them or do the same thing to them.
  • All mainstream media is nothing but trash and propaganda. Unless you agree with its message. Then it should be shown and analyzed in a college classroom.
  • When the news media demonstrates bias in favor of your opinions, then it's the pure truth. When they demonstrate bias against your point of view, then it's nothing but corrupt political propaganda.
  • If a white man murders a woman or a minority in cold blood, then society throws him a parade, but if a woman or a minority walks on grass with a "Do Not Walk" sign, then they're automatically given the death penalty.
  • Attractive people are destroying our society with their vanity and superficiality. But boy, they sure are good at making products with their face on them fly off the shelves.
  • Being naked means being vulnerable, but being violent and depraved makes you invincible.
  • It's always very important to be an intelligent and virtuous person even if doing so will make you a social outcast. If you succeed it's due to nothing more than your own hard work and grit, but if you're a smart person and you still fail it's because other people are always discouraging you and trying to drag you down.
  • Victorian England was a utopia of refinement and civility. They never oppressed anyone, no one ever lived in poverty or squalor and the men were all effeminate, sensitive, and gay even though Alan Turing was chemically castrated for homosexuality and anti-gay laws were only officially repealed in 2003.
  • Promises made to small children are more obliging than any known form of contract law.