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Welcome. Welcome one and all. Welcome to the place of eternal love and joy.

All yee who were Lawful Good, Neutral Good, Chaotic Good or in some way helped promote happiness and propagated kindness and virtue among mankind are welcome here. I am the Greater-Scope Paragon, and I and the share-holders at Trope Co.® are happy to inform you that while you are now dead, you have earned yourself a place in the afterlife where all good-things flow.


Paradise. Paradiso. Jannah. Elysium. Valhalla. Takamagahara. The Good Place. Your Happy Place made real. The Crown-Jewel in the Entirety of Eternity and Infinity. Heaven, man! You're in Heaven! Every good thing about Heaven you heard of is true and every bad thing is false! Do I sound excited?! I'm excited!

We here at TV Tropes have ensured that everything you could ever want for the rest of eternity can be provided for you. Just list your name and list of requests down below and we will ensure it will be provided. If you have any questions, simply ask Janet and she'll take care of everything!


What would you like your own personal Heaven to be like?

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  • Money would no longer be required for any goods or services.
  • Warner Bros.' LEGO Movie franchise would continue to thrive and I'd finally get to see LEGO Superfriends and The Billion Brick Race.
  • Heaven would have its own version of YouTube with none of the problems it normally has.


  • Getting to play a copy of Spyro: Enter the Dragonfly from an alternate universe where it was not only given enough time to be finished properly, but it has everything good from the original PS1 Spyro trilogy and dials it up to eleven.
  • There are no STDs or unwanted pregnancies and there is an entire planet you can go to if you ever want to participate in all the free sex you could ever desire.
  • I can shapeshift into anyone or anything.
  • Getting to see Revenge of the Old Queen with the original cast of The Rocky Horror Picture Show playing their respective parts.
  • Pain does not exist. Anything that would translate as "painful" in any way - like an in-grown toe-nail or falling off of a cliff - is not only completely harmless to you, but it gives you an endorphin rush. The more severe the would-be pain, the more pleasurable it feels. Sometimes I would go to Fólkvangr and play-fight with the vikings there with this in-mind.
  • Getting to see a Golden Ending to Life Is Strange where Max was able to prevent the storm from destroying Arcadia Bay and still being able to live Happily Ever After with Chloe.
  • Having a threeway with Astrid and Wulfhild from A Thing of Vikings.
  • Having a devil's threeway with Hippie Jesus and Freyra.
  • All Coca-Cola is the Mexican kind that comes in glass bottles. All of the caps are twist-on caps and it never goes warm or flat.
  • Getting to listen to the lost recording of Tim Curry auditioning for the part of The Joker for Batman: The Animated Series.
  • There is an area in Heaven where every animal that ever existed live and they are all completely harmless. I would go to a place where I could lounge about with a pride of lions and cuddle with the cubs and then go play on a beach swarming with baby seals that want nothing more than to be petted.
  • All clowns are harmless Non-Ironic Clowns. Even the Monster Clowns are just Non-Ironic Clowns with a creative Goth design.
  • You can have all the alcohol (and it can be any kind) you want. You can get drunk but there are no hangovers and you can will yourself into sobriety if being drunk gets old.

  • I'd never have to sleep or go to the bathroom.
  • I'd be reunited with my Siamese Fighter Fish. R.I.P., Delta.
  • Everyone's really polite and nobody's kinky.
  • Moshi Monsters would be available again.
  • I'd be able to talk to fictional characters.
  • I'd be able to speak all languages.


Alternative Title(s): Welcome To Hell