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George Robert Lazenby (born 5 September 1939) is an Australian actor, former car salesman and model.

He is certainly best known for being the first and brief successor of Sean Connery as James Bond in a single film, On Her Majesty's Secret Service. He is also the only actor who didn't directly originate from the British Isles to have portrayed him, as well as the only professional martial artist in the role (he has a Black Belt in Shotokan-Ryu Karate). His contract was for an unprecedented seven movies, but he left because of the troubled filmingnote , the "slave contract" they wanted him to sign (which dictated how he was supposed to look and act even off camera for the entire duration of the deal) and because his manager thought spy movies were getting outdated, believing hippy movies were the way to go. After a couple of hippie movie flops, Lazenby finally decided he had enough and fired him.


He was a close personal friend of Bruce Lee, having met him in 1972. Lazenby studied Lee's personal martial arts and philosophical teaching of "Jeet Kune Do" until the time of Lee's death in 1973. He was going to have dinner with Bruce the night he died, actually.

In his post-James Bond career, Lazenby has played in TV movies, commercials, various recurring roles in TV series, several Bond movie spoofs and several Hong Kong action films, using his martial arts expertise. He also made TV guest appearances and James Bond-related documentary appearances, and provided voice for several animated movies and series.


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