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"Sike! They both get angrier."
bill wurtz basically summing this trope up, history of the entire world, i guess

Thanks to a lack of quality assurance, uploaders don't know what works and what doesn't until thousands, if not millions, of dissatisfied viewers tell them otherwise. Unfortunately, by that time, the damage has already been dealt, and all those potential subscribers have turned away for good. These are the scenes which creators wished a works-equivalent to G.I.F.T. would exist.


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     The Amazing Atheist 
  • Electrum Zephyr: The Amazing Atheist, from day one, has been a controversy magnet, if not an outright source thereof. I have been a fan of his for years, and even through the Don Exodus and Coughlan fiascoes, I stuck around for future videos, and ultimately, things more or less became water under the bridge for all parties involved. But cue February 8th, 2012, wherein his reddit page about "Men's Rights" had a feminist rape victim on it. Does TJ choose to pick his battles carefully? On the contrary; when she talks about her experience and how it triggers a PTSD episode, he just throws it right back in her face, and makes her relive the experience in graphic detail. After all's said and done, he made a video expressing his regret at what he did, regretting the fact that he argued with someone on the internet, rather than what he was saying to her. An open bit of advice for TJ: 1) Pick your fucking battles; 2) If you want your views on anti-female-supremacy to be taken seriously by non-fantards, this was the worst possible move you could have made. Peace the fuck out. Even Encyclopedia Dramatica was extremely disgusted.
  • InTheGallbladder: Ain't I glad I jumped ship early! In the opening of "A Feminist," the closer to "Hate Week," he stated that he'd planned out a Grand Finale for the series, but had scrapped in in favor of another "chew out a radical" video upon encountering the radical in question.
  • Maths Angelic Version: His disrespect for the woman makes me sick. PTSD is a debilitating disorder, and the episodes of reliving the event are very painful. Yet he deliberately invokes one, all while saying he doesn't believe her and that if she's indeed telling the truth, she deserved it (presumably as punishment for being someone he disagrees with). Basically, three of the last things a rape victim needs. It's not hard to Google and find out that and why these things shouldn't be done, and it's easy to find sources that confirm that rape victims' pain is very real! Because of this moment, and this moment alone, I won't ever watch another of his videos, and am now ashamed to say that I've done it in the past and liked it. Seriously, fuck this guy.

  • Sponge Bat 1: I think AnimatedJames is a fairly decent animator/writer, but what absolutely irks me is his Teen Titans No video. As one of the few people who like Teen Titans Go!, I had a feeling I might not like the video, but I can understand why some people don't like the show and decided I'd give James the benefit of the doubt. It starts off with James' idea of what the TTG writers are like, and surprise, surprise, they're all blithering jackasses. Great start so far. But what pushes it over the edge is when Robin throws a hand grenade into the room and gorily kills the writers. And this is treated as a good thing. So this video basically implies that the TTG writers deserve to die just because James doesn't think the show is funny. But wait, it gets better! Towards the end of the video, a random producer says that the writers were all mentally handicapped... What?
  • Bengson 26: I also think James is a very talented animator and writer, however, like I've said as ldelavina3, every web animator has its bad spots. "Sonic Generations Plot" is that bad spot. What really killed the short is Classic Sonic's treatment of Tails, telling him he's annoying and wishes that he never met him. Due to a time paradox, Tails then fades from existence while Classic talks to his Modern counterpart and completely ignoring Tails. You know, there's Character Derailment and then there's this.
  • Psychic Slayer Natrium: I'm sorry, but what was so funny about "Pokemon Capture" again? All it consists of is Red using a bunch of Pokeballs to capture Pikachu, and when he gets captured, he is stuck inside this blank dimension where each Pokeball is constantly brutally damaging Pikachu with traps as he tries to escape, and in the end, is reduced to gory limbs. That's the entire video, repeating the same basic joke over and over again. Its not even Bloody Hilarious either and its seems to be played for forced shock rather than any actual humor. Even for a Pokemon parody, the video goes way too far with its cruelty. This was the one thing, aside from his fart fetish, to make me never go anywhere near James' content ever again.
    • shonengirl: I actually liked James when I knew only his Sonic vs. MLP videos, but even then they made me roll my eyes at the crude jokes right out of a bad adult cartoon that popped up here and there, and this is the reason I disliked "Amy Rose vs. Pinky Pie". I mean, at least in "Sonic vs. Rainbow Dash" they were mostly quick and fast-paced, and it was action-packed enough to at least make it enjoyable. I would have put the Splatoon vs. de Blob video on here, as it was where I realized that this guy can put out pure crude, cringeworthy material made of nothing but crude, cringeworthy material. But then I found out/was reminded that he did a Pokemon video. You see, I heavily look down on fan parodies (the western ones anyway), especially shorts, because 99% of it is just bad attempts at shock humor attached to a well-loved family-friendly franchise, because, well, they're "edgy" or something; I.e. What I like to call "Racist Mario Syndrome", or otherwise echo whiny complaints, use "jokes" that have been done to death (though this is connected heavily to Racist Mario syndrome), and put everyone through the character grinder and back again multiple times and/or needlessly cruel torment because "comedy". Even if a short actually seems to be going fine, it will always have to end on an obligatory stupid gory/gross/"adult" meanspirited joke, I groan, Palm meets forehead. Again. Occasionally I'll see a genuinely funny or even heartwarming one with clearly much heart put into it, to my pleasant surprise, and I find that animations related to less "mainstream" franchises like My Little Pony or Undertale tend to have less of these; I may find more of the typical cloying fandom cringe, but even the most groan-worthy preteen yaoi shlock has way more thought and love for at least some aspect of the source material put into it than these abominations (only relatively speaking however... Smile HD and are still things that exist). Three common victims of "Were so edgey!1!!" I know of are Mario, Sonic, and Pokemon; and the more franchises a channel covers, the bigger chance it seems there is it will churn out a bad "parody" of the latter. And look, the guy who made a blob jizz over 14-year-olds did an animation on the it! Oh joy! And look, it features a cute little mouse being tortured painfully and nothing else! Fun! At least he actually uses Red instead of Ash, showing that he isn't yet another person who knows nothing about Pokemon that just made a "parody" anyway, though that might make it just worse. Since it shows he should actually give a shit about what he's doing. But nope, it's yet another video in the giant mass of "Durr hurr, look, we took an innocent thing and filled it with gore, sex, gross-out, and sexed-up gross-out gore! We're so edgy lol" taking up a good part of western parody videos. You know what, I haven't seen this video. I may have seen the thumbnail for it before, but I was wise enough not to click on it despite Red's cute, innocent-looking face. But the moment I hear "Pokemon parody" I know something has a good chance of being horrible, and the description above confirms my suspicions, if not being even worse than I expected. Well, I guess the idea is kind of original, but it makes no sense and at its core it's one of way too many cliche, uninspired "fan" animations/parodies. It's times like this I really appreciate what Robot Chicken did when they parodied Pokémon, showing the inside of a Pokeball as a paradise, despite the crude humor. I have a strong stomach, so most poorly-done "adult" gags just make me roll my eyes, and anything meant to be "shocking" is just tedious and boring to me. Guess what people, you're not doing anything new. It's not even shocking anymore, it's just annoying and irritating, it's not funny, and worst of all, it's cliche, overdone, lazy, and boring! Stop already! (Oh, and update; with the "Youtube kids cartoons" that are circulating around, these animations have lost even more of their relevance; these videos do pretty much exactly what they do, but yet being viewed by kids all over. I find it hilarious, thinking about this way.)
  • Wario Guy: The "Splatoon vs. de Blob" video bothers me a bit. The animation here seems to be a bit lazier. But the kicker here is the "joke". As the Inklings continue on their Turf Wars, a de Blob Slime comes out of nowhere and... takes out his slime wang and inks all over the Inklings. Keep in mind that the Inklings are 14. It's disturbing enough, made worse with a close up of a female inkling enjoying being splattering by the ink. Basically, the whole video is just a lame dick jerking joke made worse with the Inkings being underage. I felt really unclean after this.

    Animation Domination High-Def 
  • fluffything: For those unfamiliar, there is a Web Animation series called Scientifically Accurate that "parodies" (in the loosest sense of the word possible) classic cartoons, video games, and so forth using "science" (again, loosest sense of the word possible). It only took me one viewing of their Scientifically Accurate Sonic the Hedgehog video to realize just how terrible their attempts at humor are (And, considering they're associated with Fox's "Animation Domination", that should come as no surprise). The DMOS is basically how utterly lazy and juvenile it is. Rather than come up with something clever and witty, the short instead tells such great jokes such as "Hedgehogs eat poop!" and the classic "Echidnas have a four-headed penis!". Heck, they don't even try with the Toilet Humor. It's basically just the same "it's gross so it's instantly funny" mentality you'd expect from a twelve year-old boy than what I can only assume is a professional writer and/or animator.
  • FromtheWordsofBR: I used to really enjoy Scientifically Accurate, but I knew from the get-go that Scientifically Accurate My Little Pony was going to be a huge mess. Shockingly enough, though, the only brony-bashing there is is a mention of how Beijing considers horse privates a delicacy (then again, I didn't mind the brony-bashing line in "Today Was a Good Day on the Internet" because everything else in that one was well-executed and catchy). Unfortunately, the rest of the video is just dull; the accurate stuff isn't as hilariously sick and twisted as the other videos are, and overall the video is just...boring. Sure, other videos do that sort of thing, but IMO it's nowhere near as soul-suckingly humorless as it is in this installment.
  • Bengson 26: I am going to say this right now: I fucking hate this show. But the one that makes me want to strangle the writer is Scientifically Accurate Ninja Turtles. Right from the get-go, I knew this would be a colossal mess. And I was right. The "turtle dicks" part is pretty much the low point of this "parody". Hell, they don't even bring anything new to the table with the humor except for the "dicks are funny" mentality. This was just a soulless, humorless video from a soulless, humorless series. And people thought the 2014 film ruined childhoods.
  • CJ Croen 1393: Scientifically Accurate Barney, if for no other reason than the fact that the title is a complete and utter lie. They evidently got all their Tyrannosaurus rex facts from Jurassic Park (complete with a John Hammond expy), as they depict the titular dinosaur as a giant scaly monstrosity that's constantly stomping around and roaring, messily chewing up small children for shock value (yes, because a 9-ton T. rex is going to love eating scrawny little human children) and—to top it all off—they decide to give it a giant penis. Barring the fact that such a huge reproductive organ would kill a female T. rex if the male tried to mate with her, there is serious doubt cast on the idea that dinosaurs even had external genitalia at all (most modern dinosaurs—besides ducks and certain ratites—certainly don't). This video was about as scientifically accurate as The Flintstones.
  • Captain Tedium: I nominate Scientifically Accurate CatDog as the absolute worst of this shit. I was sick of the Scientifically Accurate series long ago because of all the works of fiction that were shamelessly defiled, but finding out that they did a "Scientifically Accurate" version of CatDog while doing a Google Images search on the Nickelodeon series made me just a little bit curious. I instantly regretted watching the video after seeing all the gross and disgusting jokes they made on what would happen in real life if a dog and a cat were surgically grafted together. For one, Cat and Dog were Conjoined Twins rather than a canine and a feline sewn together, so this abominable video kind of misses the point of why Cat and Dog shared a body. Second, it really adds nothing new to the table and is just another unwatchable mess of applying Reality Ensues and Deconstruction to works where the laws of physics and reality weren't very important to begin with. Third, it was a needlessly spiteful and petty Take That! to have Nickelodeon appear in the video as Nickelodious. Seeing this has made me swear off the Scientifically Accurate series for good. I shudder to think what they'd do with Mickey Mouse.
  • Maths Angelic Version: I don't like this series, and think "Scientifically Accurate DuckTales" (NSFW link) is the worst it has to offer. You are treated to "funny" images like Scrooge violating the corpse of a roadkilled Daisy, Dewey and Donald pooping all over the place, and Scrooge raping a living Daisy... and this is all in the first verse! It briefly gets better in the second verse before reverting to more gross "jokes" and culminating in a verse dedicated to duck genitalia. I can handle Black Comedy Rape and Toilet Humor when done well, but the creators of this animation didn't even try to do anything beyond the juvenile "poop, dicks and rape are automatically hilarious, right?" mentality. At best they tried to Cross the Line Twice, but they didn't even put in enough effort to make it so offensive it ended up being funny. The only halfway decent joke is "Scrooge tries to dive into his Money Bin, only to break his neck", but CollegeHumor's "DuckTales Theme Gone Horribly Wrong" (which also had the decency to leave the Black Comedy Rape implied) did that better anyway.

Hey everybody, it's TVTropes! Welcome back for more Dethroning Moments!
  • Rondomi: Tipping a Sacred Cow here. Chuggaaconroy is a good Let's player in my opinion, but from a critical perspective, when one takes into account what a Let's Play is, his Okami finale was horrible. I understand the prospect of silence during serious and/or awesome moments, but, with the exception of a subjectively narmy line, he was silent during the final phase of the final boss, ergo gameplay. No opinions on the design, no tips on how to beat him, just emptyness. The nail in the coffin, however, is that when one goes to YouTube and types in "Okami Final Boss and Ending", they are likely to get virtually the exact same video: a man recording footage of said final boss and ending and nothing more. For what is considered by many to be the definitive Let's Player, this kind of crap should not be the kind he can get away with.
  • TomPhanto: Chuggaaconroy is one of the most iconic Let's Players. I won't deny that, since he's the one who made me like the genre. But I hate when he pads out the episode with him trying to figure something out, or with multiple failed attempts at a boss or minigame. I especially didn't like Episode 29 of his Majora's Mask playthrough. Why? It's just 12 minutes of him doing the dog race minigame. He just shows all his failed attempts instead of showing his winning attempt and maybe one failed attempt. In my opinion, it just stalls the playthrough to the point where it's just boring. Nobody wants to see someone doing the same thing over and over for a whole video, unless it's relevant to the game.
  • ADrago: Chuggaaconroy is one of my favorite people to watch on YouTube, but Episode 19 of his EarthBound redux was just hard to sit through. It started off fine, but then Chugga gets screwed over by Paula's pray command which causes Paula and Jeff to die, Ness gets homesick, and Chugga procedes to have a negative, salty attitude for a good chunk of the remainder of the video. While it's understandable that he would get salty after something like that happened, that doesn't make it any less painful to listen to. It's especially jarring to hear someone as enthusiastic and positive like Chugga to act this salty for a good chunk of the video. To make things worse, he also blames the Let's Play curse for the bad situation he got in, even though it's partially his fault. He is fully aware of what a Scrappy Mechanic the pray command is, it screwed him over earlier in the LP (e.g. the Boogey Tent fight), yet he decided to keep using it anyway. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. While I otherwise really enjoy Chugga's content, this wasn't one of his better moments.

  • Senor Cornholio: I have recently warmed up to Racist Mario due to the voice clips being used in some of SMG4's videos (such as this one), but that doesn't change the fact that overall, this video is heavily flawed in more ways than one. I could go on about the unfunny jokes, the nonsensical plot, etc, but what I think makes the whole thing fall apart: the premise. Mario goes insane and starts killing everyone because of all the third-party characters in the current race. Why does this not work? Well firstly, because there has never been a third-party character in a main Mario Kart title. The DLC characters for Mario Kart 8 were all from other Nintendo franchises, and therefore first-party. Secondly, the characters themselves; Sonic may have been playable in several Sega-themed sports and racing titles, but the only time he crossed over with Nintendo itself was in Super Smash Bros., which would have actually been a better setting due to their own selection of third-party characters. And even then, Knuckles wasn't even playable so that's out. It's like some of these franchises were listed all because of their racing titles, with Anakin and Crash's head also being standout examples. Thirdly, speaking of Sony, was there an alternate universe I'm not aware of where Sony and Nintendo crossed over and Sackboy and Kratos were put into karts? I'll admit that Kratos driving a tiny kart is a funny sight, but what's the point? Ironically, there's one crossover that I doubt Flashgitz even knows he got right, and that's Pac-Man's head on a spear, since he was playable in the Arcade GP games developed by Namco-Bandai. Other than that, the rest of the references are shallow at best and make absolutely no sense at worst. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm gonna go watch the version where all the violence is replaced with The Nutshack. It's somehow way better.
  • Captain Tedium: The "TRANSformers" video had a lot of things about it that ticked me off, since it's basically about the Decepticons becoming social justice warriors to manipulate the Autobots into turning against and killing Optimus Prime, but the offending turd topping this excrement sundae was a very unfunny joke about Prowl being racist where he killed a black man on sight for no reason whatsoever.


Whether or not you find the grounded videos So Bad Their Funny or are turned off by their mean-spirited nature, here are moments where you'll wish that the creator's of these videos would get Grounded Forever.

GoAnimate: I'm gonna publish some Dethroning Moments of Suck while nobody is looking. Hahahahaha. (points ahead)

    Happy Tree Friends 
Happy Tree Friends is (in)famous for being so gory it's funny. Sometimes though, they put less emphasis on the latter, and the results are moments we wish Fliqpy would kill.
  • Melancholy Utopia: I'm a former fan of Happy Tree Friends, but even back when I liked it I couldn't stand the episode "Tongue in Cheek". The thing I often give HTF credit for is that most deaths are so absurd and logic-defying it's difficult to get offended; that most deaths are quick and painless, and if they're not, it's either not dragged on for too long or the characters aren't shown suffering too much. I can't say the same for this episode. Sniffles was never my favourite character, but this episode just took everything too far. To sum this abomination up, he invents a helmet that mind controls the holder, but surprise surprise, his arch enemies, the dreaded ants, get a hold of it and use it on him. What follows is truly brutal even for HTF standards; they force him to eat an apple with razor blades on it and use a propeller to pull his organs out of his snout. Did I mention that during all this time, he screams and cries in agony like it isn't acting? Then in the end, they use his corpse as their new home. This episode convinces me that there are lines that shouldn't ever be crossed, even for a show relying solely on gory humor. I only watched this episode once, and never plan to see it again.
  • Bobg- For me, it's the YouTube Copyright School video. It's an officially endorsed YouTube video featuring the HT Fs as YouTube tries to teach the viewers about copyright. The problem? The whole video! To start off, the video, created by YouTube officials to explain their copyright system, flat out LIES at certain points. For example, the narrator at one point claims that the website will only take down a video that has a copyright claim on it if the claim turns out to be legit. Bullshit! YouTube has an unfair guilty until proven innocent stance of taking down videos immediately after the claims are filed without even bothering to see if the claimant even actually has ownership of the alleged copyright, forcing the defendant to make a claim of innocence and than prove it, during which they will be forced to have a strike on their account. When YouTube made this video, they flat out lied about this to make themselves look better. When people in the comments section of the video called YouTube out on this lie, along with the many other flaws and lies featured in the video, YouTube officials blocked the comments to censor criticism. The video also ignores the fact that videos can be false flagged and taken down even if they are entirely original. It also paints Russel as a smarmy copyright thief. Russel in this video is meant to represent the viewer. Worst of all, despite everything wrong with the video's information and the hate it has generated, YouTube forces you to watch it if you get a copyright strike. It also forces you to take a copyright quiz, even though the video does not actually tell you anything that will help with the quiz. Pro tip; if you get a strike, ignore the video and look up the answers to the quiz online. There are videos that give out the answers.

    I Hate Everything 

  • Awesomekid 42: I loved I Hate Everything's video on "I Hate Minions" but there's a part of the video that bugs me way more than it should. At one point of the video, he says "Usually it's to be expected that the annoying side character who's used for nothing but comic relief is limited to some extent". While saying this he shows several characters as examples. One of the characters he shown was Lisa Simpson. It gave the feeling that he never even watched the show given that she's arguably the third most focused on member of the family, many episodes focusing on her relationship with her family or her insecurities providing far more than only comic relief. I admit that there are plenty of reasons to find Lisa annoying, and this is just a minor thing that bugged me, but it felt like he just slapped a character as an example without knowing anything about her.
  • Dr Zulu 2010 I recently watched I Hate Everything and I like his videos. But his "I Hate Aquaman" video rubbed me the wrong way. Not because he didn't like Aquaman but rather because he fell to the same problem that many people have seen Aquaman. Mainly that he's lame, can talk to fish and has a stupid costume. As someone who don't believe to the trope What Kind of Lame Power Is Heart, Anyway? and does as much search about Aquaman I could even as a non-fan, I can say that Aquaman can be quite badass if done right (See his comics stories or some of the times in the DCAU) whose only problem is that he never escaped the stigma that the subpar Super Friends cartoon gave him. I love you man, but I have to side with Linkara on that subject.
  • TT 454: His video "I Hate YouTube Drama" had an entire pointless section where he for no reason phones up some chatline and attempts to have a conversation, and it goes nowhere.
    • Tropers/Galaxithea: A minor example, but it kind of bothers me how he made a video about disliking drama on YouTube and yet gives some of his videos dramatic clickbait titles such as "DADDY DEREK SAID WHAT??" and "YOUTUBE IS A JOKE! (YOU WON'T BELIEVE THIS)" that wouldn't look out of place in a supermarket tabloid.
  • Butter: The "5 WORST fanbases" video. Due to the fact that there are so many terrible fanbases to choose from and so many things that need to be said, the video was basically guaranteed to be awesome, especially since IHE has a history of well-done rants on fans. And what does he do with this amazing concept, that was basically guaranteed to be awesome? He runs it in the ground.
    First, he makes up three rules to judge how bad these fanbases are. Isn't the whole point of IHE that all his videos are based on his opinions and are not ment to be taken as objectively true or false statements, him trying to back up his placement is going against that and renders his defence of everything just being his opinion null and void, especially since rule #1 and #3 themselves boil down to "it's muh 'pinion". The second rule isn't really legit either. It defines two criterias, how much results you find for the fanbase at r34 and how quickly you cringe when you look at fanart on deviantart. Both criteria are arbitrary; how much results you find at r34 is directly proportional to the franchises popularity (IHE even points that out in the very first entry) and thus irrelevant to the fanbases quality (For example, by that logic Real Life has the worst fanbase somehow), and 'how quickly you cringe' is an extremely trite statement that doesn't really have any meaning.
    His first entry are gamers, which is incredibly redundant because both Sonic the Hedgehog and Five Nights at Freddy's are video games and are also on the list. His reasons are also very hypocritical; he rants about how gamers will go out of their way to rant about things they know they won't like, just to belittle it, because that's the very thing his own channel is about. He also claims that they are 'entitled', which is a meaningless statement since this is one of those words that don't mean anything without context, context he never gives.
    Number four is anime, and the very first thing he says about it is that he doesn't know anything about it. Great. He doesn't even bring up a point against the anime fandom. He just cracks a contextless joke about some guy called James and how James ruined his live. That's it. He also doesn't bring up his second rule again, he doesn't even lampshade it this time, he just drops it.
    Number three is Sonic. Like the anime segment, it feels really rushed, but this time, instead of abandoning rule 2, the entire segment just consists of it. The segment goes like this: Here's the number of images Sonic has on r34, here the number on deviant art. These pictures are cringeworthy *shows pictures that are obvious jokes like a Shadow x Shrek pairing and a picture of a toilet looking like Sonic*
    Number two are bronies. This is probably the least bad entry on his list, but that doesn't mean it's not flawed. His first complaint is that bronies are 'obsessed', which is another context- and meaningless statement. Another complaint is that there are costumes for it. So all popular media in existance, including Real Life suck, because there are costumes of their characters? He also uses rule 2 again, but it goes against his placement of this fandom. MLP has less results than Sonic. If the only somewhat objective rule states that the Sonic fandom is worse than the MLP one, why is MLP higher on the list?
    Number one is FNaF. The first point of his is that people should shut up about it and there are too many videos one YouTube about it. IHE made multiple vidoes about it, talk about hypocrisy. His next point is that people are playing it's creepyness down and thus going against the point of it bring a horror game. This is a phenomenon that is present in every media of the horror genre ever. It's a huge double standard to act like the flaws of an entire genre are caused by one fandom; why is it something unusual that most of FNaF-fan-media are not scary on their own, when the exact same thing is the case for things like Silent Hill, etc., you name it.
  • Para Chomp: "Search for the Worst: Suicide Squad". I will not argue against negative criticism against Suicide Squad (2016), it's justified. What I will argue against is the constant questioning of the existence of various characters. One can see them as IHE pointing out them being unnecessary for the film but when he compared Killer Croc to Gorilla Grodd, you could tell that either wasn't the case or he's being too vague with the intentions of his words. There is nothing wrong with either of them as characters in terms of premise, same can be said about Captain Boomerang and Katana. All four of these characters have proven their worth in other pieces of media. There are so many characters who use trick weapons for combat and Katana was as relevant as ever due to Beware the Batman. One of the film's problems is its hacing many unnecessary characters, but these characters have been well written in other media and have relevance to the source material which is something IHE doesn't acknowledge. I do realize that I am an IDIOT trying to win such an argument. This is someone who doesn't care about the history of comics nor their characters, only wants a good movie, and uses Aquaman and Kite Man as their Butt Monkey. Once again, the wound that the The Comics Code has left shows its ugly face proving that even the Darker And Edgier adaptations can't hide it.
  • FromtheWordsofBR: I liked his Search for the Worst review of the Fred Movie Trilogy and even thought the bit with his friend Ralphthemoviemaker was good. However, around 30 minutes in, after snarking about a video where Lucas says he doesn't remember filming the "Fred vs. The Annoying Orange" video, he then says that's the result of blackouts and trying to repress memories. Then the video pauses for Ralph to make a really long and unnecessarily uncomfortable child molestation joke. The squickiness of the joke is not what bothered me—the length of it was. It goes on for an entire minute and overall just isn't funny, not even in a Black Comedy sort of sense. What makes this especially jarring is that Ralph doesn't normally do this sort of thing in his own videos. Still a damn good video either way, but good lord.
  • libertydude: For me, IHE’s review of Star Wars: The Last Jedi contained my DTOS. Initially, I thought the review had promise. Here was IHE, in a position of liking a film that had an extremely contentious reception, going against not only his own usual persona, but against a large portion of Star Wars fans. This had the opportunity to really examine a controversial movie in an intriguing and interesting way. However, by the halfway point, it became clear that IHE wasn’t interested in starting a dialogue, painting the critics of the movie as overly nitpicky and petty by using negative YouTube and Twitter comments. This was very manipulative, misrepresenting a good portion of the fans who had legitimate gripes with the film. There are literally dozens of videos and reviews with people making clear and concise arguments about why the film doesn’t work for them, but he practically ignores them and only lists his own vague reasons why the film was good (i.e. “the story was interesting” and “it looked wonderful”). He only gives a slight Handwave towards the end, saying that there is room for legitimate criticism, but it’s so quick and offhanded that it feels like it's just there as a half-hearted conciliatory gesture. But the moment the review completely falls apart is towards the end, where IHE self-reflects that he and other online Caustic Critics might be to blame for driving so many people to hate The Last Jedi through their negative personas. Had this been the balanced review I was expecting, this might’ve been a profound moment of self-reflection and a possibility for IHE to deconstruct his negative persona. Given the review that occurred, however, this was the moment I felt IHE jumped into pure hypocricy. Here is IHE, who’s spent years on the Internet tearing things apart and mocking those who grew angered about his criticisms (like Derek Savage). But the second a movie he likes gets trashed by a large group of people, suddenly such criticism is unfounded and overly negative to the point that he has to attack the critics to justify his enjoyment of the film. Instead of a Heel Realization about how his negativity might’ve had unintended consequences, it feels more like IHE got a taste of his own medicine and was unable to deal with the cognitive dissonance created by his normal critical attitude being applied to something he liked. That was the point the inadequacies of IHE as a reviewer were shown to me, and it’s definitely convinced me not to look at anymore of his videos in the near future.
  • cheedo: Even though I'm a My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic fan, I wanted to watch his "Trying to Watch... My Little Pony" video anyway, because generally I like hearing his views even if I don't agree because he's usually good at remaining objective and is articulate. But this, no. Perhaps it's due to some surgery he had just gone through but his video was nothing more than what most typical ~edgy reactors do: cuss, groan, complain and whinge about how stupid and embarrassing the show is without ever explaining why. He seemed like he was determined to hate it before even watching and in a rather OOC moment, refused to actually point out what the show was doing so badly. Chalking it up to "OMG everyone has a high voice!" isn't really a deep reason for hating and dismissing an entire franchise and looked like pandering to the hatedom. At a glance IHE can look like some anti-popularity hipster but until I watched this video I never thought he actually was.

    Matthew Santoro 
  • SWF Max: I respect Matthew Santoro and I like his videos, with the exception of 1 moment in his video "20 Haunting Halloween Facts": Matthew says, "Costumes were started by the ancient Celts that believed that spirits roamed the Earth on Halloween night, and began wearing them to avoid being recognized as a man or a woman. In fact, these people still exist today and are better known as Rocky Horror Picture Show fans." Then, a photo of a fan of that dressed androgynously shows up on the screen, with the word "Tranny" next to it. That's really disrespectful to transgenders, as it is a slur. I didn't mind him criticizing the way those fans dress, but making a transphobic comment is where Matthew crossed the line for me.
  • CJ Croen 1393: In Matthew's "Top 10 Weirdest Dinosaurs You Never Knew Existed", he gets to Jeholopterus, which he mistakenly refers to as a dinosaur (I gave that a pass, since it's a common mistake), but then he calls it a "prehistoric equivalent to the vampire bat" that bit into bigger dinosaurs to suck their blood. That's right, he cited David Peters and his so-called "research". Come on, Matt! All the other prehistoric animals there were relatively accurate! And there are plenty of weird underrated pterosaurs you could have picked for that! What about Nyctosaurus and its freaky head-crest and nigh-inability to walk? Or Hatzegopteryx, the largest animal to ever fly that ate small dinosaurs for breakfast, lunch and dinner? Or Tupandactylus which... well, just look at it!

     Media Man 

     Phantom Strider 
Alright, Strider. Now it's our turn to criticize you. *Black Boo chirps* It's time to look at the worst moments of Phantom Strider's videos; as pleasant and generally upbeat of a reviewer as he is, even he isn't immune to criticisms and can pull out a polarizing moment from time to time. These moments might have him get a piece of information wrong. Or maybe his usual bias goes from understandable to Bias Steamroller levels. As always, if you happen to like the entries on this page, that's great! It's just our silly, personal opinions, so take these with a pinch of salt. Anyway, onto the countdown:
  • Sugarp1e1: Unlike most Caustic Critics however, he does almost all of his reviews in the form of lists. He's also pretty humble, admitting to being biased at times and making it clear in all of the intros to his videos that he's not a Fan Hater (As you can see in the flavor text). But the former didn't become more blatantly obvious than in his Top 10 Worst Cartoon Remakes list. The DMoS for me is his #1 pick: every single Scooby-Doo remake in existence! Look, I don't care if he doesn't like Scooby-Doo; that's his opinion. But his reason behind his #1 pick shows just how biased he can be. Strider's criticisms about Scooby-Doo are legitimate, if debatable (he found the show formulaic, boring and "nothing special"), but his only criticism about all of the remakes that followed was basically "The original was never any good to begin with, so the franchise should have died years ago!" In his defense, if I remember correctly, I think he did mention at some point that he doesn't feel like any of the remakes added anything new or interesting to the series. But even if he did, it was completely overshadowed by his rant about how annoyed he is that the franchise is still going after 40 years despite the original's lack of appeal to him. I totally understand where he's coming from; I get pretty surprised myself when I find out something that came out when I was a kid is still going on to this day, especially if it's a show I don't like. But I wouldn't be so annoyed as to place the entire franchise at #1 on a Worst Remakes list and bash it simply because of it's lifespan and the quality of the original alone. Not to mention that he seems to think that Mystery Incorporated is, like the other remakes he mentions, exactly the same as the original. Oh, and Strider seemed to have taken a level in jerkass for this entry. Usually, he just expresses his distaste in a professional and witty manner like the classy Deadpan Snarker he is. Here it sounds more like he's trying to rally all of his viewers against the franchise, what with him having the gall to assume that nobody actively watches Scooby-Doo anyway, asking "Has any kid ever sat down and said, 'Oh, look! Scooby-Doo is on!'?", and claiming that kids only watch it when there's nothing better to watch. Excuse me Strider, but I watched both What's New, Scooby-Doo? and Mystery Incorporated regularly when I was a kid and loved them. Again, this is coming from a guy who claims to be fine with people liking something he doesn't. This assumption is not only hypocritical and insulting, it makes no sense. If a series has been remade over 19 times, then it must have some sort of fanbase otherwise it wouldn't have been remade even once! Even worse? In his Top 10 Best Disney Movies list, he references the angry comments he got from this in a gag where he calmly says "Scooby-Doo kinda... sucks?" before being pelted by tomatoes. As if he was being totally reasonable with his decision and the viewers were the ones being ridiculous! Can someone please remind him that he specifically described his #2 pick, Yo Yogi, as "the devil's anus of bad"? If he thinks the entire Scooby-Doo franchise is even worse than Yo Yogi, then "it kinda sucks" isn't even close to what he was saying. Not only that, but judging by Strider's comment about Scooby-Doo in his Top 10 Worst Cartoon Live Action Remakes list, he seems to think that the only people who are mad at him for this are the Scooby-Doo fans. Implying that he genuinely believes that all of those angry comments were from the Fan Dumb as opposed to some belonging to those who saw just how biased he was being. I was so disappointed with him, I couldn't bring myself to listen to him re-explain why he hates Scooby Doo in his Top 5 Cartoons I hate that Everyone Likes list and skipped over it. (But judging by his added comment of "Forever" in the entry title, he was trying to justify cramming the entire franchise on the top spot of his Worst Remakes list). I don't believe in Unsubscribing, so I'll continue to watch his videos. But you'd think somebody who claims to enjoy engaging in intelligent conversation would have a better reason for his #1 pick than "there's too many remakes".
    • Senor Cornholio: I second that, though I'm a little more critical on this video. I have more problems in mind, such as calling Extreme Ghostbusters a remake when it's a continuation of the original The Real Ghostbusters with clear ties to its predecessor, and Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog actually being considered a remake for this list despite being the first Sonic the Hedgehog cartoon ever aired (and though I do appreciate him not blindly bashing Sonic Underground like most tend to do, it sadly qualifies more than AoSTH for this list due to having similarities to Sonic Sat AM and the comics, the former of which was heavily anticipated for a comeback after its Sequel Hook). And apparently, I am not alone in thinking this. Aside from that, most of the other entries were understandable, then the Scooby-Doo entry comes up and my eyes light up in confusion for all the reasons listed above. Even as a person who also isn't the biggest fan of Scooby-Doo, I can say this was a dumb choice. RebelTaxi might have also put the entire franchise on his list of worst remakes because he also wanted it to just die already, but at least he didn't put it at numero freaking uno (Plus, it was Played for Laughs). Seriously, to put this over the likes of Teen Titans Go! and Yo Yogi is mind-boggling to say the least, since TTG at its worst actually goes out of its way to insult its own critics and Yo Yogi was one of the most 90's-pandering shows of all time. Not even the worst of Scooby-Doo is that bad; at worst it gets stale and repetitive like he says, which would be a good reason to put at least some entries in the franchise on this list, but nowhere near #1. What's more is that he barely mentions most of them aside from the infamous terror of Shaggy and Scooby-Doo Get a Clue and the divisive series that is Be Cool, Scooby-Doo as if he hardly saw any of the other shows. I'd have appreciated it if he said "not all of these are bad, mind you, but the majority tend to be mediocre at best", but he didn't; instead he goes through a long laundry list of "remakes" that aren't even listed in how bad they are. So now, we have to assume that he blindly hates the earlier direct to video movies and Scooby-Doo: Mystery Incorporated, which are considered silver linings in the franchise; also very easy to do as Mystery Incorporated was included in the rundown (quick update: as of his "Top 5 Cartoons I hate that Everyone Likes" list, he has watched Mystery Inc. and found it refreshing; strike off for that one). I do like PhantomStrider's videos most of the time, but this was quite the big stinker for him. And I sincerely pray it does not occur again.
    • shonengirl: Third. This is hands down, the worst thing in the history of his channel. Two things I absolutely hate are when reviewers seem to know little about what they're talking about, and when they lump things of varying quality into one mass and declare them all bad/judge them all solely on the quality of some of them or an unfortunate Dork Age. Basically, I despise Critical Research Failure... And him putting every single Scooby-Doo reboot on that list just screamed both of these things. Okay Strider, what about the Tom and Jerry, Ninja Turtles, anything Mickey Mouse related, and Looney Toons reboots, are they bad too because their franchises have been around for a long time and have truckloads of reboots? No? Actually, what about Tom and Jerry? It's also a Hanna-Barbera franchise that has been around forever, if not even longer than Scooby-Doo, but he conveniently forgets that, doesn't he? Oh, and Looney Toons? You know, that franchise you have praised to heaven and back? What about that, Strider? Why is it fine that Looney Toons gets rebooted a gajillion times, but not this particular show? There are many Long-Runners that continue to be loved to this day, so by this logic they're all bad simply because they've been around to see the civil rights movement... Sure, Strider, sure. Mystery Incorporated was actually pretty solid and had deviated quite a bit from the normal episodic format, not to mention the series fills in a western animation niche that doesn't get filled often in the modern day, the genre of mystery. The only other modern cartoon in this genre I can think of is Gravity Falls, which ended, while Scooby-Doo will continue filling this niche with a fresh new take every time. Oh yeah, what about counting movies as reboots? ... Huh?! I've disagreed with him before, sure, but respected his opinion because he seems like a genuinely nice person and is entertaining on top of it; this was the only time I ever cringed at this guy's content ever. I'm not even a huge fan of Scooby-Doo, but this was just bad! It just really reminds me of those people who think Pokémon is a series consisting of the same game released over and over again, or whining that Nintendo has no innovation despite many of their franchises evolving over the years. To make it worse, I criticized him for this, and if I didn't accidentally delete it, he apparently removed my comment. Come on, Strider, I expect more from you! Oh yeah, and how the hell is Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog a reboot?! Shouldn't video game adaptations have a list of their own?
  • Dr Zulu 2010: For me, it has to be his "top 10 spooky cartoon episodes", not because of his choices; I agree with many of his, with the exception being his number one spot: David Lynch's Dumblandnote  but because he keeps breaking his criteria starting with Watership Down. I give him some slack with Wierdmageddon since it's a three-parter of a bigger show, but movies?! Entire shows?! Even when he admits that the movies are't episodes, he still puts many of them in your honorable mentions. I mean, with so many cartoons, it's not like he's out of material to pick singular episodes. He should just call it "Top 10 spooky cartoons and/or cartoon episodes" because it feels like mild clickbait. Seriously, Strider, you may be jokingly called "The WatchMojo of cartoons" but you are much better than that... even if I disagree with your opinions about Scooby-Doo.

     Planet Dolan 
From entries that have about as much research in them as the Jimmy McPerson essay to jokes that would make Seth MacFarlane shake his head, we count down the worst Planet Dolan moments of all time.
  • Drbazooka: Normally I like Planet Dolan. I find his top lists to be among the better lists on YouTube. Except in one instance during his Top Ten worst video game cliches list. Now the list itself was mostly fine although it did contain many cliches not exclusive to gaming, but my DMoS comes not from the video itself, but the thumbnail. The thumbnail contained an image of Chica the Chicken from FiveNightsAtFreddys with white bold text saying "Jumpscares!" Not only was Fnaf not mentioned at all in the video, but jumpscares weren't either. Worse still this caused a flame war in the comments section and made the video feel like click bait to me. I felt conned after watching and it has somewhat soured my opinion of him, at least big LPers who are often accused of click bait actually show what's in the title of the video!
  • RolentosRightHandMan: For me, it's #15 on his 15 Most Embarrassing Moments in Gaming Ever list, where he compares the petition to change Mass Effect 3's ending to "an embarrassing tantrum". I don't really care much about ME3's ending controversy, but to say those who want better story are whiners is just uncalled for. I'm willing to move on and keep watching, but I didn't watch PD so Dolan could shove his opinion down my throat and insult others.
  • supernintendo128: Danger Dolan was always accused of luring in viewers with clickbait ever since he re-branded the channel as "Planet Dolan" but never has it been so blatant until his "10 Hidden Gaming Development Secrets" video when he put a picture of Princess Peach lifting up her skirt on the thumbnail which clearly has absolutely nothing to do with the video. Seriously Dolan, please don't throw away your integrity and dignity for a few extra clicks.

     Proto Mario 
  • supernintendo128: ProtoMario is a YouTube commentator who talks about current events in gaming and for a while I was a fan of him until I saw this rant of the Nintendo 2015 Digital Event where he reached Mysterious Mr. Enter levels of rage, only even more irrational. The video is full of Critical Research Failure (like not understanding why there are Muppet skits in between the announcements when the biggest announcement in the event is Star Fox Zero, a new game in a series inspired by Thunderbirds a british puppet TV show) and expecting too much out of the company (complaining about the fact that no new Donkey Kong Country or Kirby games were announced when Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze came out a year ago and Kirby and the Rainbow Curse came out a mere 5 months ago) but the stupidest part of the entire video is when he acts like Star Fox Zero was the only game announced for the Wii U, nevermind that like 6 other games are coming out for it soon, and claims that Wii U owners have nothing to play this year due to the apparent lack of new games announced, while treating replaying older games for the system as a bad thing and uses the tired "Wii U has no games" argument, when at this point, there are plenty of games for the system. The reason behind these stupid accusions is that he admits that he did not watch the entire Digial Event before making this video, only seeing bits and pieces of it. One of the biggest mistakes a commentator can make is see bits and pieces of the thing they are commentating on and assume that they know what they are talking about. After this video, I unsubscribed to him and never looked back.
    • Sammettik: The video alone disgusted me immensely, but the utter low point was his Ad Hominem responses to zedersteel's well written rebuttal, which boiled down to "There was a single flaw in your comment, therefore your entire argument is invalid" and "I have more subscribers than you, so that means I'm right".
  • FromtheWordsofBR: For me, it's when Proto told commentator Kayden Marx, who was stuck in a financial rut and started a GoFundMe to have fans donate money for his insurance, that he deserved to be in said rut. And then he had his fans raid youngbloodfantasy91's commentary on him and bring the video to an insane and undeserved amount of dislikes. All because Kayden made a commentary on him that actually makes decent points. What. Given that I'm barely familiar with Proto's work, talk about a good first impression.

  • Bengson 26: ScrewAttack's Top 5 Free-To-Play Games has this moment. Here, Nick says that in Team Fortress 2 (I'm really talking about TF2 a lot here, huh?), weapons with real advantages are locked behind a paywall. This just reeks with Critical Research Failure. First off, while admittedly there is a massive market for weapons in TF2, you could get weapons at random via a drop system. Second, none of the weapons have real advantages since they're sidegrades. Screwattack, there's a rule whenever you make Top 10 lists. It's called do your fucking research!
    • Superfield: Even worse, the TF2 meta holds that the default weapons (with some exceptions) are statistically the best in the game.
  • Sugarp1e1: I didn't appreciate the seventh entry of ScrewAttack's Top 10 Worst Cartoons Based on Video Games list; BlazBlue: Alter Memory. It's not the fact that Nervous Nick doesn't like BlazBlue that's the problem (I've never even played the game or watched the anime). As with my Phantom Strider entry above, my problem with this list is his reason for putting it on the list as well as his elitist attitude about the whole thing. He starts the entry off by making it clear that he doesn't like the game's world or story, having a very Play the Game, Skip the Story attitude about it. Okay, fine. But judging by the clips of the anime he used, Alter Memory is actually a pretty faithful adaptation. So why is it bad according to Nick? Because it's a faithful adaptation of a game he never liked to begin with. His bias behind this is clear, what with him spending the entire entry summarizing the story in way that makes it sound even more confusing than it really is (instead of just explaining why he finds it confusing) and ending the entry with him absolutely losing his shit over how much he hates BlazBlue's story (especially the whole Stable Time Loop plot point), claiming "I see BlazBlue for what it really is! It's a mess! I hate it! That's why it's #7." Um, Nick? Are you implying that the people who do like the story are idiotic sheep? To me, it sounds like he's genuinely proclaiming himself to be better than the fans because he can't get past the story. Don't get me wrong; I totally agree that the Stable Time Loop is confusing, especially at the end when the cycle is finally broken, but I wouldn't yell at my audience that "The story sucks!" in a way that suggests my subjective opinion is objective fact. And considering how he goes from screaming his lungs out to calmly moving on to #6, it was Played for Laughs. You probably also noticed that this DMOS sounds more like I'm talking about the game and not the anime. Nick's tirade was the same way. On top of all that, #7 was the only entry on the list that wasn't an adaptation of a game he liked. If he never liked BlazBlue to begin with, then he's in no position to tell us that Alter Memory is a bad adaptation just because it's faithful to the source material.
    • keybladeoverlord: In addition to the above statement about this list, I was displeased with how Nervous Nick put not one, but TWO of the Sonic the Hedgehog cartoons on the list. First off, while the two shows in question, Sonic Underground at #8 and The Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog at #3, may not be as great as Sonic SATAM, they still have their fanbases, but it was nothing but nitpicking to an absurd degree, especially when he mentioned the shows' giving Sonic a Trademark Favorite Food which eventually became canon to the games. While I admit both shows had flaws to them, they were still some fun little experiences to watch. I wouldn't be so mad about it if he had stuck to the rule that so many other countdown makers have taken to heart these days, which is the One Entry Per Franchise rule. I also really didn't like his bashing of the Donkey Kong Country cartoon, where any legitimate complaints about the show were drowned out by pointless bitching about things like the show having songs, many of which are liked by a LOT of people and gives the show some of its charm.

  • The Farmboy: Arin's Sequelitis video where he criticizes Ocarina of Time as he favoured A Link to the Past. Much of the points were pretty weak (the text's speed in Ocarina is "slow" despite you could press A to just display the full text for one.) The moment I wish to bring up is his rant against Skyward Sword. I like the game, but I could understand why people dislike it. However the reason I hate that moment is because it's irrelevant and unnecessary to what the video was about, as it went on a tangent for him to say why he hates the game so much. And on a side note, ironic since he claimed that everything is handed to you in Skyward Sword, however when he brought up A Link Between Worlds, he said it's alright even though you can purchase all of the dungeon items if you grind for rupees. If he wanted to make a video on why he hates Skyward Sword, he could've done so. Rather than having it seep through this one. To put it bluntly, the video was bloody weak.
    • shonengirl: Seconded. This was my first exposure to Egoraptor, and it wasn't a good one. What annoyed me throughout the whole video was that not only did he have to be an extreme Jerk Ass about his views, but had such a blatant Bias Steamroller it was infuriating, despite claiming at the start of the review that he was going to be "objective", making it seem like his opinion is objective fact. He talked as if the first Zelda was this perfect, flawless game fit for everyone, declaring that was what Zelda games "should" be. Yet he wasn't as harsh toward Link to the Past despite being arguably more linear than Skyward Sword would ever be. He blamed The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time fanboys for being nostalgia-blind when he is probably worse when it comes to the original, and refuses to accept that some people might actually like a more user-friendly style of gameplay and like, you know, an actual plot and character development. The aforementioned rant was where it all culminated, at the same time he was at his most obnoxious, meanspirited and most irrelevant, showing all his hypocrisy, It's All About Me mentality, and weak arguments before this point (which mostly boiled down to They Changed It, Now It Sucks!) building up in this giant mess of an Author Filibuster. I haven't played a Zelda game before and still he just ticked me off through the whole thing. The last comment at the end did nothing to negate how immature he had been in presenting his arguments, and I believe he is no better than that fanboy at the start of his video. He is just like those Genwunners who declare anything not Gen one of Pokemon bad. He is just as bad as those Sonic fanbrats who complain about the smallest detail. He is no better than any other raging nostalgia-blind fanboy who thinks everything should be done how he wants it. It's fine he is presenting his opinions, I get that. But he didn't have to be so darn obnoxious and hypocritical about it. It just makes me wonder how this manchild became so popular. (Then again, considering hardcore gamers, maybe I shouldn't be surprised)
    • Catmuto: Third one to agree. That was a horrible Sequelitis video and I had difficulty finishing it, simply because he kept getting off-track and ranting at Skyward Sword. Instead of focusing on what the video was supposed to be about - comparing A Link To The Past and Ocarina Of Time - he decided to stop and focus on ranting and raving about Skyward Sword which had absolutely no place in the video. It was not part of the topic of the video, nor was the title somehow indicative of it being a three of those three Zelda games. If Arin did not enjoy Skyward Sword, that's quite alright. And if he honestly wanted to voice all his disappointment or anger at what he conceived as the problems in that game, that would've had been alright, too - had he done so in a separate video, entirely devoted to said topic. I honestly thought that Arin was a decent person, able to focus on his work and to separate his personal opinion and a more objective view on matters. This video proved that he couldn't do that. Much of a fan I am of Skyward Sword, even if I was not a fan, his repeated insistence on stopping the topic of his actual video to ran about something that has no damn reason to be there, would have pissed me off nonetheless. And I personally felt like he didn't even compare A Link To The Past and Ocarina Of Time all that well, either.
    • Senor Cornholio: Fourthed. I'm honestly the first troper on this segment to have enjoyed this video for the most part, with things like bomb bowling and calling out the Gorons for being such picky eaters being highlights. However, I will admit it had some serious flaws: the points he made were more YMMV than actual bad game design, his jabs at Skyward Sword were unneeded and deviated from the rest of the video entirely, and he said twice that Impa was the one that gave you the letter instead of Zelda. However, those aren't my main gripes. See, I could understand talking about Skyward Sword and using Ocarina of Time as a way to show how the ideas adopted in that game ended up forming this "spoiled rich kid" in the series. That's fine... then along comes the part where he talks about A Link Between Worlds. He goes to countless lengths praising how greatly implemented its mechanics were, while taking extra shots at Skyward Sword and Twilight Princess. Hey guys, did you know!? Egoraptor doesn't like 3D Zeldas! I just thought he didn't hammer it into your heads enough! And what's more is that, just like his gripes with Skyward Sword, they were really not needed at all. Yes, the Spinner was hardly ever used, and the Magic Armor was a very situational item (until the HD release where you can get a much bigger wallet, anyway), but did he really need to mention any of this? It feels more like this segment existed to toot Arin's own horn and complain about more 3D mechanics, and it also felt shoehorned in due to Arin playing ABLW and liking it. I love most of Arin's work, I enjoy him as a creator, and I know he's a good person in real life, but this was just a pointless moment in an already polarizing review.
  • SampaCM: To me, it was from the first episode I saw, which was Mega Man (Classic) Vs. Mega Man X, in the first minutes Egoraptor was giving good points, but then, when he started talking about the infamous platforms in Guts Man's stage, a hand-drawn Roll appears, and exclaims "Watch Out Mega Man. There are holes ahead!", but then. the animated Egoraptor pops out of nowhere and... punches her in the face... What the heck was that!? Why was that necessary? As a fan of Roll that moment of unnecessary violence infuriated me and stopped the video immediately. This was the first video I saw from him, but probably the last one, too.
    • Dr Zulu 2010: To me, it's more of a DMOS in hindsight. In this video, he throws a rant regarding how modern games are over-tutorialized. Now, forced tutorials has been a constant complain about modern games, I get that (I'm so sick and tired to see the same unskippable tutorial about catching Pokemon when I've played this series since its inception to the point that I know more about the art of capture than any characters in the games) but, like I said, in hindsight, Arin may not be the one to speak against it considering that a common criticism about his Game Grumps videos (his recent ones, mostly) is that he skipped tutorials and acts like it's the game's fault for not explaining. It's one thing to complain about tutorials. It's another one to do this and not realizing that you're part of the problem.

    Super Mario Logan 
As well liked as SuperMarioLogan is, sometimes he produces moments we hate more than Jeffy hates green beans.
  • TomPhanto: I used to enjoy SuperMarioLogan, But I felt the series started to go downhill when Jeffy, a mentally handicapped kid who was dumped on Mario's doorstep in "Mario The Babysitter!" became one of the most recurring characters, second only to Bowser Jr. The real DMoS here is, "Jeffy's Bad Word!" I personally dislike Jeffy episodes because most of them are just making Mario miserable. The episode starts off with Mario driving to Walmart and he yells at a homeless guy that gets in his way, accidentally calling him a "faggot". Jeffy then starts saying it because he likes the word. And as expected, the episode is about Mario getting into trouble because Jeffy won't stop saying "faggot". What makes this a DMoS for me is what happens at the end. Mario gives Jeffy a spanking because he wouldn't stop saying "faggot". Mario is arrested, accused of child molestation, and is registered as a felon and sex offender, all just for trying to discipline Jeffy. I know Mario's supposed to be a Butt-Monkey in this show, but I felt the episode went way too far with the abuse.
  • Meta Master 54610: You'd think Logan would have learned his lesson from the fiasco Jeffy's Bad Word caused. He knew full well how loathed that video was, so you'd think he'd know better than to create Jeffy's Bad Word 2.0 in the form of 'Locked Out'. The plot of the video is that Mario is trying to get Jeffy to eat his peas, promising him chocolate cake if he eats his peas. Rather than eating his peas, Jeffy pours them onto his high chair seat and tries to lie to Mario about it. When Mario rightfully denies him chocolate cake for not actually eating his dinner, Jeffy throws a tantrum. Admittedly, it was a dick move to have Mario eat a piece of chocolate cake in front of Jeffy, but what happens next is disproportionate retribution at its finest. Jeffy tricks Mario into going outside, then locks him out so he can steal the cake. He locks all the doors and traps Mario outside. In this video, Jeffy clearly has malicious intent, and knows exactly what he's doing. Mario is locked outside in the cold, trying everything he can to get back inside. And then the Brooklyn Guy shows up, and when he shows up in a Jeffy video, you immediately know Mario is in for a bad time. The Brooklyn Officer thinks that Mario is trying to break into the house, and when he talks to Jeffy about it, the little bastard lies and says he's never seen Mario before in his life. Of course the Brooklyn Guy takes Jeffy's word over Mario's and threatens to arrest him if he ever goes near his own house again. Mario is rightfully pissed at this point, mumbling threats to assault and murder Jeffy, and honestly, after everything Jeffy's done to him, it's hard to blame him for wanting revenge. He tries to get inside through the air vents, and ends up crashing down on the floor, seemingly unconscious. Jeffy sees Mario lying on the floor, and, infuriatingly, grabs him and literally throws him back outside without a word. Eventually, Mario begs Jeffy to just let him inside, which Jeffy refuses to do unless Mario gets him more chocolate cake. So Mario does get another chocolate cake... Which Mario hides in so that he can get inside. When Mario pops out of the cake, he chases Jeffy in a rage... And gets locked out again. And of course it ends with him getting arrested and Jeffy getting off scott-free for his actions, because Logan refuses to freaking punish this kid for the awful things he does. This is honestly the video that cemented my absolute loathing of Jeffy as a character. He's nothing more than a braindead, unfunny little sociopath that exists for the sole purpose of making Mario's life a complete and utter nightmare, and he's well aware of that fact. I am very disappointed in Logan. I thought he would have known better after the last time he made a video where Mario was unfairly tormented because of Jeffy...
  • Red The Hedgehog: SML continues to piss me off in more ways than one. My original two dethroning moments were "Bowser Junior's Game Night 7" and "Jeffy's Paper Shredder", where the first was just mature for the sake of being mature, and the second just makes me hate Goodman more than usual, but a recent example that does both and then some is "Jeffy Plays Baseball". Now, judging from the thumbnail, you would think the episode is about Jeffy joining a baseball team and possibly winning a tournament so Mario has enough money to pay his house payment, but guess what happens? The namesake of the episode is only in the first 2 minutes. That's right, they dropped their main plot for something else, just like SpongeBob did with "Shuffleboarding". And it's just as bad, if not worse. What did they do instead of the plot we all expected? Jeffy breaks Goodman's Lambo window with his baseball, which leads to Goodman yelling at him to "Pay it with his house payment", but then Jeffy knocks Goodman out with a baseball bat. At first it seems like Goodman had gotten amnesia, which made me think in my head, Mario is gonna get back at him. So he does, but it's revealed that Goodman faked it just to personally mess with Mario and no other reason. Look Logan, I know post-2015 Goodman is a Jerk Ass, but this is starting to push it. But what pushes it further is that the rest of the video has Goodman pretend to be paralyzed, and makes Mario's life a living hell by forcing him to make Filet Mignon and Caviar, constantly move his body, and most commonly, change his pants cause he keeps crapping in them, only to reveal that he's actually faking it, and only did it cause Mario didn't pay his fucking house payment. Now I know that Lance loves to play the character, as seen in his "Meet The Cast" video, but it's just overly cruel, even for SML which loves to make unlikeable characters.
  • FlyingDuckManGenesis: As much as I like SuperMarioLogan, there is one character I can't stand in the least, and that is post-Flanderization Mr. Goodman. I hate him more than I hate Jeffy, and "Chef Pee Pee's Restaurant!", in my opinion, is the episode where he's at his absolute worst. While I admit there were some moments I liked in the episode, such as the menu that Junior drew in crayon and Junior accidentally spilling the drinks he meant to give to the customers, the episode was still very bad. The moment in the episode I disliked the most, however, was when Chef Pee Pee asked Mr. Goodman for a $50,000.00 loan from his bank so he could start his own restaurant, since he doesn't have enough money himself to do so. What does Goodman do about it? He brings out $50,000.00 and lights it on fire! That, in my opinion, was the moment where Goodman crossed the Moral Event Horizon, especially considering that money could have been used for many other useful things, like buying meals for starving families.
  • fanboy95: Originally, my DMOS was Cody's off-screen mass rape from "The Remote!", but SML managed to one-up Cody in the unethical behaviour department. In "Sicken", Bowser Junior is sick with the flu and Chef Pee Pee, hoping they'll die from the flu (since this was made at the time of the early 2018 flu epidemic), lets Junior invite Joseph and Cody to his house. Cody, as always, leaves Ken unguarded which gives Junior the idea to throw him out the window and break him. Naturally, Cody's distressed but suddenly, and I do mean suddenly, he goes on a murderous rampage and tries to kill Chef Pee Pee, Joseph and Bowser, reasoning that Cody now has to kill someone Junior loves and tries to make him choose. That's bad enough on its own, but what really seals it is the ending: Junior manages to stop Cody simply by saying he loves him as a friend and sappy music begins to play in the background and, even worse, all Cody gets for it is catching Junior's flu when he should've received worse consequences. Just... what? Not only did Cody acquire a willingness to commit murder out of nowhere despite warning Junior against doing anything that could kill someone in episodes like "Evil Chef Pee Pee!" and "The Magical Button!", but the episode seems to make you feel sorry for him despite the fact that he actively attempted murder over a doll that he genuinely believes Junior murdered. Needless to say, I've liked Cody even less than I did following "The Remote!" after this episode.
  • Cabbit Girl Emi: I think I found something just as bad, if not worse, than infanticide from Bowser Jr.'s Playtime 5. That would be Goodman's moments in "Jeffy's Driver's License". When Mario accidentally hits his Lambo while driving Jeffy somewhere (sound familiar?), Goodman demands to illegally take his license away, which he does by bribing Brooklyn Cop. This leads to a half-decent story where B.C. gets Jeffy to take a driver's exam despite being 14 years old, and he actually passes. Now it seems that Mario can finally get a break, right? Nope! The final test was the McDonald's Happy Meal test, and since Jeffy didn't get B.C. a toy, the latter revokes Jeffy's new license. If that wasn't bad enough, Goodman barges in to rub sending Mario's license into the Sun right in the plumber's face. Just when I thought I couldn't hate present-day Goodman any more, Logan and Lance seem to find ways to dig deeper. He would only be amusing if he gets consequences for his actions, but that unfortunately it seems it won't happen anytime soon. Nor would his apparent Irrational Hatred of Mario ever go away...

  • Jonn: anachronauts arc 3, fs03. The female elf Nel was rescued by and fell in love with space-girl Una, who is straight. Okay, plenty of healthy relationships have grown out of a Rescue Romance. She doesn't tell her. Okay, that's reasonable. Nel decides to devote her life to being Una's best friend. Um, what? Nel never gets any significant characterization, background, or personality traits other than being in love with Una. Hmm. Nel is tempted by a genie to kill one of the other Anachronauts in order to have Una. She refuses, saying that she'd rather have Una naturally. You go, girl. And then in fs03, Una gets her hands on the sense-recording earrings Nel has been wearing since the beginning of the arc, and is able to effectively be Nel as she talked to the Genie, including her declaration of love. She re-evaluates her interactions with Nel, and then instantly realizes she loves her. Please note that Una has been exclusively heterosexual up to this point, and realizing she likes girls in general and loves Nel in particular is portrayed as basically flipping a switch. Oh, and the author pretty clearly has a fetish for lesbians, as it popped up in his earlier Sailor Nothing, and in an aside in arc 2. Their friendship is written as exactly that; a friendship, with no romantic or sexual tension. Compared to the other romances in the series, which are written much more organically, it seems more like a Strangled by the Red String Romantic Plot Tumor than an actual romance. Nel and Una are given some "private time" at the end of that chapter, which would be ideal for showing their conversation before the inevitable sex and underlining the fact that they actually do have feelings for each other, except we never get to see it. Did I mention that there had been no other significant LGBT characters in the series up to that point? Yes, that's right, the only known homosexual is there for solely for the purpose of catering to fetishes. It's kinda creepy, and I couldn't read the series after that.
  • JHN: I'm not really speaking for myself, but for The Escapist. Game Dogs, a Work Com about 3 dogs who work in a gaming company, had a Tonight, Someone Dies event. In the episode, 2 side characters kill off the female lead, with jokes centered around where it was legal to kill her or not. The fanbase felt that playing death for laughs & the amount of gore featured felt unpleasant, even for those who enjoy Black Comedy. In The Stinger, Roger - The Smart Guy, kills himself because he felt unhappy being in company, no signs of it before, causing Fridge Logic. Note, that the characters were somewhat well liked, compared to the main character, Chet, who was condsidered The Scrappy (no pun intended). Saying it was not funny would be a understatement, even offending those who liked the Good Troi Episode, "Knives-R-Us".
  • Tropers/ilovedededeAGAIN: If one DMOS had to come out in Super Mario Bros. Z, then that would be definitely the scene in Episode 7 where Mario and Sonic are warped to the Minus World. It starts fine enough until Kolorado and Goombella appear out of nowhere and sass up the scene. The icing on the cake though is when Goombella becomes very sassy about fighting Mecha Sonic. Alvin Earthworm would have known to do better if his fans complained.
    • SenorCornholio: I have to agree, but for different reasons. Goombella acting sassy is perfectly fine; it was her character in her home game, after all, and I liked her there. My problem is that she contributes absolutely nothing narrative-wise; Kolorado, who's undoubtedly less of a fighter than Goombella, contributed more to the situation when his stopwatch accidentally reversed the Minus World's effects. Goombella, on the other hand, does little more than land one Headbonk on Mecha Sonic that might as well amount to a pebble being thrown at a titanium golem, and her Tattle ability only serves to repeat the "Over 9,000" joke from the last episode, complete with Lampshade Hanging. So in short, Goombella did nothing of worth that would benefit anyone, And That's Terrible.
  • MeerkatMario: If there was one SMG4's Mario Bloopers episode which had to be an entire DMoS for me, it has to be "The Idea Block". Mostly not because of the plot or story elements or whatsoever, but because of how bad the editing was. Brief graphical tint changes in the background and the characters, Sony Vegas text presets being overused, stretched Garry's Mod clips, that was how bad I considered the editing to be. And not just that, but the angry mob, too. Seriously, I consider this the worst SMG4 video I ever saw. At least "Castle Royale", which was the following video, was better. Because if it wasn't, then I would've unsubscribed SMG4.
  • The Tundra Terror: I used to have high regards for xRazorFistx's, a.k.a. The Rageaholic's, reviews, however, his retrospective of the Star Fox series let a bad taste in my mouth. About three-quarters into the review, he basically seems to drop everything to rage on about how all "furverts" are animal rapists, because that joke isn't old, and how they are all scum of the earth. Not only is the whole thing awkward to sit through, like one of your grandfather's racist rambling, it was completely unneeded, came out of nowhere, and had nothing funny to say.
    • GAP: I also like Razorfist's reviews but I notice that Razorfist really hates the Metal Gear franchise. In his "Metal Gear Flaccid" vlog video video where he explains his thoughts on the MGS games, he mentions how Metal Gear is singlehandlely responsible for some of the worst trends in gaming despite other games that do even worse things than MGS. I acknowledge that Razorfist is critical of Metal Gear and he does have very solid points but it seems as though that he makes Kojima out to be some blithering failure who couldn't make a good game if he tried. Kojima may not be the best of writers but the Metal Gear games are really good games and it isn't as though Metal Gear is the only offender of all the things that he lobbied against.
  • Mosquito Man: An example from Retsupurae, the poor quality Star Fox 64 video. Proteus starts bragging about how he's willing to pick on the player even though they're very young. The quality of their LP is bad, but it's still a bit harsh. slowbeef even considers that video an Old Shame of sorts.
  • cookieman: We have Nyan Cat as fanart, crossovers (with such series as Mario Kart, Robot Unicorn Attack, and shirts and such). However, when you start to crossover something with 9/11, then you know there's something wrong. (View at your own risk)
    • Bengson26: To put the icing on this vomit-inducing cake, the image was posted exactly on the 10th anniversary of 9/11. To think this was okay to post at the time is downright sickening. I know the purpose was to pay tribute to the victims of the attacks, but this is the wrong way to do it.
  • Lhipenwhe: Two incidents that soured me on the Whateley Universe; one incident where the rape of a villain was/could be seen by the protagonists and readers as 'just desserts', and the flat-out rape and forceful mutation by a story character. Rape can be a hard topic to cover, but in these instances it completely wrecked whatever enjoyment I took from the stories.
  • Catmuto: With Faulerro's DRAT, I overall enjoyed the few episodes he brought out to date. They made fun of the game and even pointed out things that always bothered me, and also gave the characters alterations or emphasis on their personalities. My DMoS, though, is in Episode 4 when the subject of Fujisaki Chihiro's gender is brought up. Monokuma holds up a sign that says that it will not be further discussed, as Tumblr would get angry at the creator. This could count as a DMoS to every person on Tumblr who would actually begin to rage at the topic mentioned in the spoiler, but the fact that Faulerro's videos have repeatedly put emphasis on this, bugs me. It never was much of a question to begin with (those who claim otherwise would mostly fall under the Misaimed Fandom side) and his emphasizing like he cares a lot what Tumblr people say comes across as him trying way too hard to be "politically correct" on this subject matter, including the insistence on referring to the character as 'they' instead of gender-pronouns post-revelation.
  • InTheGallbladder: I pretty much had a falling out with Your Dungeon, My Dragon which, up until then, had been a pretty good series, when they decided, right out of nowhere, that the last third of episode four was going to be a lengthy advert for the Toyota Yaris (their most outspoken sponsor).note  Up until that point, I had no issue with the Yaris ads, (bonus points for them being embedded in the videoss themselves and thus easy to skip) but this pretty much destroyed my respect for Adam de la Peña.
  • Robbie: Anime World Order, Episode 85. During Daryl's review of Violence Jack, Daryl mentions the explicit, grotesque rape sequences in the Evil Town OVA, and promptly suggests that these scenes are tailored to the Japanese libido. "Japanese men can't get it up unless you've got like a loaded pistol in the girl's mouth being like 'shut the fuck up and enjoy this bitch' as they plead for their life, and blood gushes forth from their crotch because it's more Moe when you get to bust the hymen..." He goes on to suggest that things like this is why Japanese women are supposedly more interested in foreigners than native Japanese. Even as a sarcastic joke, it is still horribly racist to paint the Japanese as a nation of rapists and freaks because of anime like Violence Jack, and it stains the reputation of the most prominent podcast on the subject of Japanese animation. Reviewing anime in a humorous fashion certainly works, but mocking Japanese culture because you don't like certain nasty anime slams the not funny button so hard it cracks in half.
    • Goji Biscuits: It's worth mentioning that the sexual scenes in Evil Town are not played for fan service at all, if you're familiar with the plot. These are monstrous humans viciously sexually assaulting a group of women, and it's no wonder Jack comes in to wreak havoc with his jackknife quite quickly.
  • Renelia: Ghost of True Capitalist's 10/13/2011 Radio Graffiti segment stuck out as the lowest point of the show. (Radio Graffiti is a segment where people can actually participate in the broadcast if they're phoned in) It started off promising, but it got much worse as it went on. Not one cans.wav, not one funny moment from the callers. The host was so disgusted that he played a random "fruitbowl" music that was never mentioned again for that episode. He ended up leaving early because of it and as a result, he didn't do another show for five days. It was that bad.
  • fluffything: Normally, I enjoy the Spill crew and their film reviews. Well, I decided to check out a spin-off series they had called "Happy Hour", which is basically an LP series. Fair enough. But, the DMOS came in when one of the commenters stated that Mario Party 9 was (paraphrased) "One of those games where you just have to push a button that you play while wearing a helmet that your mom makes you wear all the time so you don't get hurt". Let that sink in a moment. They were pretty much implying that only mentally challenged people enjoy ''Mario Party'' games. Not only is this an insult to people in general who like/play the Mario Party games (The Runaway Guys, anyone?), but it's also an insult to people of various mental disability as well.
  • King Cr Inu Yasha: Punk '77's view on rock history was too much of a Bias Steamroller for me, reeking of the tired arguments critics have been using since the late 1960s, but things went from biased to just plain stupid in the segment for the Beatles, specifically the last quarter. The writer, to borrow a quote from Linkara, "goes beyond the realm of good taste and into something that is just vile", where he basically concludes that the ultimate legacy of the Fab Four's psychedelic period was inspiring Charles Manson to mastermind the Tate-LaBianca murders and inspiring people to commit such crimes is all the music has going for it, even going as far as saying "That's reality and reality hurts!". To which I respond: "Punk '77, you are a fucking idiot!" There are people in this world who had no connection with the psychedelic movement and had no interest in fairy-tale flavored stuff at all, yet they still turned out to be as much of a murderous asshole as Manson. This is the kind of stunt Jack Thompson would have pulled whenever a person who liked video games went on a killing spree, and for the cherry on this shit sundae, the writer includes a brief epilogue about fan reactions, some of which included death threats. Granted, threatening to kill someone is the last thing you want to do in response to something you don't like, but I can't help but feel that the epilogue is the result of him knowing that the more idiotic section of the fanbase would respond to his article and using those responses to validate his claim that all Beatle fans are psychopaths; he even brings up the fuckhead who killed John Lennon just to nail the point home! To all the Punk '77s in the world, I say this: There's being a realist, and then there's being a self-righteous tight-ass, and if stuff like Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band really is the worst thing to happen in your life, then your life is probably much better than you're letting on.
  • Thetundraterror: I used to be a big fan of Alpha Omega Sin until one of his recent videos. In it, he calls someone greedy for selling a old NES game for $50k, which would be fine... if said game was not the only existing copy of a beta for Final Fantasy II. People were quick to point out that since that game is, basically, a piece of gaming history and the only one of its kind, said seller can charge whatever he wants, and, unlike the Mother games, this is the only copy of a game that exists. Soon enough, AOS actually disabled that rating to said video because people were disagreeing with him. News flash! You do not disable rating because people start disagreeing with you! That is one of the most cowardly acts you can do! But it gets worse... When yours truly pointed out said act and how it petty it was, it resulted in me being blocked from commenting on his channel. Seriously. Well, good to know how much of a butthurt little cry baby you are, AOS.
    • fairygirl567: That's incredibly hypocritical because in another one of his videos he attacked Fine Bros for deleting any negative comments after the whole React World debacle and encouraged people to keep unsubbing them, yet he clearly shows he can't take critism himself and blocks people. Say what you want about Fine Bros, but I'm pretty sure they didn't block people who critized them. No seriously, why didn't he just issue a follow-up video apologizing for hastily judging the seller and after thinking it over, he understands why the guy might sell something that is a rare gaming item. That is butthurt to the extreme and it's sad seeing it come from someone like him.
  • fluffything: I like raocow. I find his videos, for the most part, to be very amusing to watch. But, and I may be in the minority here, I find the whole "Raocow dies a lot and gets angry" segment of The Second Reality Project (the 48th part of the LP to be specific) to be a DMOS. Maybe it's just me, but, I don't like seeing "Frustrated and angry Raocow". To me, it's just not funny or entertaining. Sure, it may work for other Let's Players. But, Raocow's appeal is that he says hilariously nonsensical things while playing video games. Not that he gets angry while playing a very difficult part of a rom hack.
  • Some New Guy: While the Two Best Friends Play The Walking Dead LP was overall pretty good (giving us such gems like the Shame Car), I have to take issue with their treatment of Kenny, specifically how their hate for him ends up being due to Larry's death. Look, I'll be the first to admit that there are many reasons not to like Kenny, but Larry was the epitome of Asshole Victim and was clearly already dead anyway, so seeing this as the main reason for them hating Kenny just came off as silly to me.
    • Calamity 2007: Their Friday Night Fisticuffs episode of Arcana Heart 3: Love MAX!!! left a bad taste in my mouth. Yes, having a fighting game full of Moe girls which sometimes are played for Fanservice can be an Audience-Alienating Premise, but as the briefly said in the beginning of the video: the game has many unique mechanics that other fighting games don't. Do they explore those? Hell no! Instead we get 30 minutes of "Ugh these are creepy pedo characters, I'm going to go to jail for playing this!" It gets old really fast and really doesn't help convince others that this game has more to it. Not only was the video shorter than other Fisticuffs videos, they were eager to end it as soon as possible. If your going to bother putting something as a Friday Night Fisticuffs video, where good quality fighting games are played. Enjoy it and talk about it as such. Not doing a single joke for half an hour. Leave that for the Saturday Morning Scrublords videos where we know that you are just going to talk shit all video.
    • Fluffything: For me, it was their crossover LP in which they play the Dinotopia video game with the Game Grumps. Now, the video starts out fine with them joking about how the premise of the game is so wildly different from the books' message (IE: The game uses combat in what's supposed to be a peaceful utopia) and whatnot. I was actually enjoying how well Mat's, Woolie's, Arin's, and Dan's senses of humor worked with one another. But, oh boy, did the DMOS come crashing in to ruin it. And, what was that moment? Once again, Mat has to bring up the whole "Feathered Dinosaurs VS Non-Feathered Dinosaurs" debate once again. It's nothing short of aggravating. The whole thing is just the same whiny complaint he had back in the "Jurassic Park Week" videos. In other words, "Feathered dinosaurs are lame and science is wrong for making them lame!". Yes, because a guy who plays video games has the final word on how science should work. I was so annoyed by the whole thing that I couldn't even sit through the rest of the video. Look, if Mat doesn't like that dinosaurs are feathered, fine. That's his opinion. What's not fine is constantly whining about it and acting like science is to blame for something that is a fact. Look, Mat. Dinosaurs had feathers. It's a fact. It's something that cannot be changed despite whether or not someone finds it "cool".
    • Balrog Kick: I was really enjoying their first time playing Super Mario RPG ... that was until after they got the Lazy Shell. They then spent the rest of the playthrough mocking the games difficulty and bragging about how easy it was now. Look, I'm not gonna blame them for using one of the best items in the game. But considering how rough they were doing earlier on, especially when they nearly had to reset the game halfway through because they didn't know where the run button was, it seemed really hypocritical.
  • Lady Stardust: I'm gonna have to go with the "prison rape" joke in Jeremy Jahns' review of Breaking Dawn Part 2. First off saying that "It will be over faster if you lie there and take it" is very insensitive. 2nd, comparing a film experience to something as degrading and life-destroying as rape is incredibly facepalm-worthy and makes you sound like a jerk trying to sound edgy. As bad as the Twilight films are they are not comparable to such a horrific act. I never watched this man's reviews but hearing about this, he has lost a potential fan.
  • Darkton: So I was watching the third episode of My Little Pony: Camaraderie Is Supernatural. It was a parody of Call of the Cutie, and was going pretty fine before, then Applejack said "You can't just go around harassing the customers? Who do you think we are, Capcom?" I stopped watching the video immediately after that. Wasn't the premise built on the Elements of Parody? Which one of them was the "Element of Attack Humor", exactly? That's why I call this one of the lowest of the low in terms of humor.
  • Jetpack Percy: For me, it was AniMat's Top Ten Best and Worst Animated Films of 2013. The video was decent at best (Epic, the 3rd Best Film on his list, was one of my worst for 2013), up until he got up to the part where it cost him a subscriber, when he gets to Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2, the worst movie in 2013 on the list. Now I don't mind if you don't like the film, but what killed any chance of me watching any more of his videos in the future was when he said that if anyone actually liked this film, then they would need to reconsider their life. Okay, as stated, if you don't like a film, that's okay, but you said in the review of the film itself that you wouldn't try to change anyone's opinion of the film, so why force them to change here? Hypocrite much? Honestly, that one line alone cost you your subscriber, and potentially more of them because of that. By the way, try telling that to people who actually liked the film, and see how many friends/subscribers you get.
  • InTheGallbladder: I used to love RedLetterMedia, especially Plinkett Reviews. However, one bit was just plain awful—Early in his review of Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, he mentions he masturbates to Mary Kate and Ashley cassettes, which is followed by a needlessly graphic simulation of such. I stopped watching at that point, and haven't watched Mr. Plinkett since.
    • Indy Revolution: For me, it was in Plinkett's response to the comments on his Rogue One review. Some moron trashes The Force Awakens in hilariously broken English. What you'd expect is a clever/funny response. What you get? Plinkett simply shows a screencap of TFA's box office returns. Did...he forget about his Titanic (1997) review? You know, the one where he says that the film can be the second-highest grossing film of all time and still be crap, and spends a large section of the video explaining that the two are usually intertwined, and that crap tends to make the most money? And then you have the gall to dismiss all criticisms of a separate movie out of hand by essentially saying, "It made money, so it's good." 'Especially since Rogue One made a shit ton of money too, and you were all too happy to insult it and people who liked it. Fuck off.
  • countotaku: I used to enjoy Gigguk's The Anime Zone reviews until he made his Fate/Zero Anime Review, where 3/4 into his review, he brings up several negative points about the show based solely on his opinions which I find incredibly stupid most of the time, thus, making it his biggest DMOS. First, he mentions that the first episode is nothing except 40 minutes of exposition when in fact, it serves mostly as character introduction with only 30 percent of exposition. Second, he laments the fact that Fate/Zero is a prequel to the 2005 Fate/Stay Night anime adaptation, which is the equivalent of saying Christopher Nolan's Batman Begins is the prequel to Joel Schumacher's Batman & Robin, thus having to set up a Downer Ending that leads to Fate/Stay Night or as he calls it "a retarded half-brother". I find his reasoning completely wrong because the downer ending was foreshadowed pretty early in the show itself and not anti-climatic as he believes it is; also, his disrespect for Fate/Stay Night is solely based on seeing the anime adaptation, which makes this a good example of passing judgment on works he hasn't seen. Third, I know this is one his random jokes but his "NO HOMO" comment comes across as really incredibly lame and just plain unfunny. While I'm aware that he gave a reasonably high score to the series, nothing can hide the fact that the review had plenty of DMOS.
  • Midna: The Annotated Series was, and admittedly still is, one of my favorite YouTube past times (I'm an annotator myself), but some things are kind of hard to forgive; at some point during their simultaneous riffs of Sonic Underground and The Super Mario Bros Super Show!, they brought in someone - or maybe multiple people - who can best be described as the epitome of the Revenge Troll, constantly wishing death, suicide, and all manner of nasty things on the writers. A bit uncomfortable to read (treating them like absolute scum that "doesn't deserve sentience" because they wrote a shitty episode of a kiddie cartoon show?), but nothing that overtly offended my sensibilities. Until one of them said that the writers should be "doing the Jailhouse Rock" during an episode of TSMBSS. Granted, it fit with the whole Elvis theme of that episode's live action segment, but either A. they picked an Elvis song title that worked with their desires to see the writers in prison without considering the implications, or B. they just made a tasteless Prison Rape joke, and either way it left a bad taste in my mouth. I still go to, annotate on, and enjoy their channel, but I don't really watch or annotate either of the above series anymore.
    • Man Called True: In the annotated version of the MLP Canadian live show, one of the annotators doesn't even make jokes - they just bash bronies every time they comment. Whoever let that guy onto the staff should be ashamed.
  • Animeking 1108: While I enjoy Beyond The Black Rims by MarzGurl, Episode 5 was a waste of potential when they got to the part about the Kingdom Hearts HD Remix Collection. They talked about the collection itself for about 30 seconds before going on a 20 minute rant everyone and their mothers has heard about Kingdom Hearts III not being made yet. I can pretty much watch the entire segment by going on a forum. They completely ignore the fact that it will contain the Final Mix, which fans have been waiting eleven years for. They even admit that they don't care how much the side games will clear any potential plot holes out. I expected better from you, Kaylyn.
  • taylorkerekes: I enjoy watching The Cartoon Hero, as lot of his videos are rather interesting and informative, but his absolute worst moment in my book deals with his Top 20 Most Hated Characters video, particularly Lucy Van Pelt's entry. Now while I can be perfectly understand this character being on anybody's list of characters they despise, even though she is one of my favorite Peanuts characters, the Hero really goes over the line when he gets to at least two comeuppances that Lucy has received over the years, from Charlie Brown turning invisible on her so he can kick the football (which to me is up for a moral debate) to Peter Griffin beating her up, the latter of which the Hero declares in a rather devious-sounding tone: "That is so satisfying!" Hold on a goddamn second—You actually enjoyed that? You actually think that even children should receive such harsh punishments from grown adults?!! I don't care if it's just a cartoon! Seeing Lucy getting beat up by a grown man, no matter how bitchy others say she is, is just as bad as seeing Judge William Adams mercilessly beat his daughter with a belt!
    • fluffything: For me, the DMOS was the beginning of his review of Equestria Girls. Why? Two reasons. First off, he calls people who complained about Alicorn Twilight (and Hasbro's marketing practices in general) "Insane Bronies". That's just immature. Even if he doesn't agree with their opinions, that doesn't give them the right to call them insane. The second reason is even worse. When he explains that the movie got a limited theatrical release, he explains that many Bronies chose to instead watch pirated online downloads of the movie. He then makes the claim that said Bronies did so because they didn't want to be viewed as pedophiles for wanting to see a movie geared towards children ... What? Are you kidding me? That's just ridiculous. There are so many other and far more legitimate reasons why someone would be unable to see the movie in theaters. Maybe the movie wasn't playing near where they lived, maybe they couldn't see it due to scheduling conflicts, or maybe they were simply broke at the time and couldn't afford going to the movies. But, no, instead, The Cartoon Hero decides to make a Mistaken for Pedophile joke. Again, that's just immature.
    • shonengirl: The above two don't really bother me that much, since I know where he's coming from, and at worse find them just somewhat tasteless. However, his review of Pokémon Origins was just poorly made. Highlights include mistaking the year the first Pokemon games were released as 1995 (it's actually 1996, and to make this worse this was shown in a clip in the video itself) and mistaking 2015 as its 20th anniversary (so this wasn't a script error either), questioning why Team Rocket needs scientists and wild Pokemon to create and test the Master Ball, and apparently not knowing who Red, one of the most well-known and well-loved characters in the fandom, to the point of being a Memetic Badass, is. The worst and most cringeworthy part, however, has to be him seeing Origins being Truer to the Text of the original games as a flaw, and that it takes away the "charm" of the anime. Um... That's the point, bro. It's supposed to be a more faithful adaptation. Stop thinking about the main anime, that has almost nothing to do with Origins, an adaptation of game canon, and the two should be kept as far, far away from eachother as possible. Anyone who is familiar with the Pokemon fandom will tell you that mixing up the games and anime is a major Berserk Button for many fans of the games, and it highly annoys me as well. You know why many fans of the games hate the anime? One of the reasons is that it deviates from the games so much like some obscure spinoff manga that never saw light outside of Japan, despite it being the face of the franchise to the general public. I don't hate the anime necessarily, but he's essentially saying it should have copied the style of the anime because... Togo berries and a vague "charm". Question, wouldn't that make Origins pointless? Also, people should just play the games to experience the story? I'm sorry... What... Excuse me, WHAT?! Um, ok, then I guess every adaptation ever has no reason to exist! The Harry Potter movies? Pointless! Comic book movies? Pointless! The Lord of the Rings film series? Pointless! *facepalm* As if Origins doesn't have charm on its own; I know I'm not the only one who finds the artstyle of the movie/miniseries extremely charming. Hero, you obviously haven't been involved with the games in a long time, or at least are one of those extremely casual fans that still thinks the anime is the Word of God. I didn't feel anywhere near the same passion that, say, Linkara has when he talks about Pokemon. I like your reviews usually, but get gud, please.
  • Kenyastarflight: The Bad Webcomics Wiki — a wiki devoted to reviewing bad webcomics — has long been biased against furry and Animesque/manga-esque webcomics, though they'll usually find other flaws to dissect in said webcomics besides the furry/anime-ish aspect. The point where it became a Dethroning Moment was in their Reactions section, where someone wrote a rebuttal to the creator's reaction to their review of Chronicles of Loth. Here the respondent flat-out stated, and I quote (emphasis theirs) "It is furry, and it is anime, and it is therefore terrible." Since when was not liking something justification for claiming it's terrible? The people behind the BBW may not be fond of anime or the furry fandom, but claiming that anything furry/anime is terrible just because they don't like it is idiotic. Their anti-furry and anti-anime bias was pretty obvious before, but hearing them flat-out proclaim it was the true DMOS.
  • Xavior The Savior: While BrainScratch Commentaries is a great LP group, there is a moment in their videos that I despise, and it involves The Scrappy herself, Amanda. In Part 11 of their Pokemon Leaf Green playthrough, Johnny cancels his Charmeleon's evolution into a Charizard just to see how the others would react. This is listed on their Funny Moments page and would be one for me, except it is immediately ruined by Amanda repeatedly shouting "WHY?!" in an increasingly shrill voice despite the fact that Johnny just told them why he did it. It's so unfunny and annoying, it sucks the funny out of what would otherwise be one of Johnny's most glorious moments.
  • Sam Max: Are DeviantArt text based examples allowed? If so, I'd like to nominate this abomination of a complaint. Basically, it's him complaining about the Mega Man comics from Archie, and doing a terrible job at it. Now, I can accept opinions different from mine... as long as they are at least factually correct. He complains about it being similar to Archie's Sonic. There are similarities in there, true, but the differences outweigh the similarities, but one can see the similarities, so it's not the worst. However, he seems to think that the Original Characters in the comic steal focus away from the game characters. Now, it's true that there are stories that have focus on the Original Characters, but the game characters get a lot of focus as well. In fact, the stories with the game characters as the main focus outweigh the stories that focus on the Original Characters. Plus, he claims blatant disregard for the source material. If he bothered to read the comic like he claimed to have, he'd find that the comic is, for the most part, actually pretty faithful to the games. Sure, not 100% so, but still. Not to mention that he seems to think anyone who likes the comics are idiots. I never heard of this fellow before this, but let's just say that he lost a potential watcher.
    • RAZ: I'm a bit more familiar with this artist due to some webcomics he's made in the past, and he just so happened to recently put up a "poll" regarding Disney's upcoming film Frozen and I say "poll" because the options are more or less an excuse for him to complain about 1, how the film "looks like utter shit" and 2, that anyone who does want to see it should be punched in the face. Look, I understand that not everything is going to look appeasing to everyone, but in his mouthing off on how horrible it'll be this guy comes off as nothing but a whiny little obnoxious Manchild. Count me in for someone who's definitely not going to be watching this jerk.
    • Knightofbalance: This and it's two sequels. It's sadistic, cruel, demonizes one character and defiles the other. The only thing it has going for it is that it's well made but that's because it's a comission, meaning the author paid someone to do this.
  • Dokemon Studios: Now, I enjoy Sonic Shorts, and there's always at least one or two shorts that would make me laugh a lot even in the weaker episodes. But the last short in Volume 3 just left a bad taste in my mouth, specifically the ending where after Froggy leaves Big the Cat, Big hangs himself with his own fishing rod! Disregarding the fact that the string or that tree branch would break, due to Big's weight, it's actually more horrifying than the Tails doll shorts! Seriously, I know people don't like Big, and neither do I, but that ending was just unnecessary, and mean spirited, and can just be easily cut out.
  • Psycho Gecko: Mr. Deity and the Magic Hat was a major DMoS for me. I enjoyed the main portion, but Mr. Deity has what he calls a "Begging Segment" after the main video where he normally asks for money or for people to subscribe. This time around, he commented on recent allegations that his close friend Michael Shermer had taken advantage of women without their consent, which included mention of him constantly refilling a woman's wine glass and making it difficult for her to realize just how much she's drunk. If he'd just said that the man was his friend and he didn't personally believe the charges and all that, it would have been fine. Instead, he claims that it's all a woman's fault if she gets drunk and that anonymous claims of rape are the equivalent to Joseph Smith's ridiculous story about the golden plates. This is a guy who'll fully support looking into rape claims about the Roman Catholic Church by people protecting their anonymity from an important, rich, international church, but the moment someone accuses his buddy of it, suddenly those are completely unbelievable. Oh, and while he's at it, he wants you to please subscribe and/or send money, so all this rape stuff is a good way for him to make money while we're at it. I was already iffy about him because of how he'd made fun of efforts to combat sexism that lead to a woman receiving rape threats, but this was just too much.
  • Model Omega: ProJared's Nuzlocke Challenge is definitely full of drama, but in his Pokemon Y Blind Nuzlocke he seemed to literally fall asleep at the wheel while battling Grant's Tyrunt. He literally let Chinlo the Quilladin die while fighting, even after he saw that his speed was lowered to the point that the Tyrunt was outspeeding him, even after he had 22 Hp left, even after outright stating that Weplus the Cubone could beat the Tyrunt no problem. But kept Chinlo in regardless and surprise! He died!! And the worst part was that he didn't seem to care at all, the sombre music that typically accompanies deaths was gone, and he has never mentioned Chinlo since. Which leads me and many others to wonder if he did that just for drama.
  • Samuel: I am never a fan of Creepypasta in my honest opinion. It either never appeals to me or certain stories are Nightmare Retardant. The only fiction I actually did find enjoyable is Marble Hornets due to its realism. However, and I might get some flak for this, the one pasta that really rubbed me the wrong way is Jeff the Killer, which I find his image quite amusing. Anyway, I'd like to go ahead and add a certain moment. Young Jeff is now horribly disfigured, but he thinks that his "new image" fits his personality. When acting strange, his mother asks the doctor if he is crazy. The doctor says that it's only natural for patients to act that way as a result of painkillers. Excuse me? Baking powder? A patient acts very morbid, and yet the doctor suggests that's okay. For the sake of safety, when a patient like Jeff acts as such, leave him in the hospital! That is one of the worst moments I have ever read.
    • Burger Lord: On the topic of Creepypasta and Bland Name the Butcher, since the rules are "entire thing can't be a dethroning moment" (considering the pasta totally deserves it) my dethroning moment was after Liu got arrested (which was done very unrealistically, mind you, And That's Terrible), Jeff's mom still forces Jeff to go to a childs birthday party. Even though, you know, a member of their family had been incarcerated for a crime he didn't commit. You'd think they'd decide to cancel to try and cope with the fact that their son and Jeff's brother had been arrested. But no, childrens birthdays are extremely important.
  • fluffything: I can sometimes look past unpopular opinions on things so long as said opinions have valid arguments to back them up and the person making said opinion doesn't sound like a whiny pompous child. Confused Matthew failed at both miserably during what I consider to be the DMOS of his web series. That, of course, being his "Mel Brooks sucks" rant in his The Producers review. The problem isn't that he doesn't like Mel Brooks (That's his opinion). The problem is his reasoning why he doesn't like Mel Brooks. Basically, it's a several minute-long tirade about how it's all "fart and dick jokes" and how all it's "exactly like a Seltzer and Friedberg film". Um, no, no it's not. Yes, Mr. Brooks' jokes are low-brow, but he put effort into them rather than just making pointless references or having someone shout "You get the sexual humor now!?". Not to mention Confused Matthew rambling about how the only reason why Blazing Saddles and Young Frankenstein were so good was because they were the brainchild of other people (IE: Gene Wilder and Richard Pryor) rather than Brooks. It was so mean spirited that I pretty much stopped watching the video after that. Matthew, if you're going to criticize someone's comedic talents (or lack therof), why not criticize how they tell the joke, how well they can make a humorous observation, the timing, how well the actors can carry a joke, and every other thing that matters in making a comedy film rather than unfairly compare a critically acclaimed comedic director to the guys who made Disaster Movie. Not to mention the major Critical Research Failure when he states that the remake (which is the version he's reviewing) is a bastardization of the original film. Hey, Matthew? You know who directed the original version of the film? Mel Brooks!
    • pegabrother: My DMOS would be the very beginning of his re-review of "The Lion King", which is essentially just a painful "parody" of "I Can't Wait To Be King", then stops after the first few verses and directly says he's not finishing it, cause "It's f***ing terrible". Um, question. Why did you even bother spoofing this song in the first place? I mean, there's Complaining About Shows You Don't Watch, and then there's... Whatever the f*** that was. This, along with several cases of Manipulative Editing, and Main/Demonization convinced me that this guy has no business being a film critic.
  • hydrix: I was and am still a fan of the Jimquisition, but there is one moment in the episode "you're playing the game wrong" that I do not like. For the most part the episode is pretty good actually. He spends talking about the fact that it is really stupid of a game creator to force you play the game like how he feels like it and it is pretty nice for the most part... until he starts countering the potential argument that the creators might have that is: "I put 4 or 5 years into this game. It's my baby.". To which he replied: "But like the mother of a down syndrome kid only you are finding it beautiful and you can't expect everyone else to applaud and clap because it can't put its fingers out of its asshole.". It's a massive Critical Research Failure to say the least, fortunately Jim has since distanced himself from his early videos like that one.
    • Dr Zulu 2010: Jim Sterling is, in my opinion, a very hit and miss guy. When he hits, he makes some of the best, entertaining and eridite videos on video games ever. But when he misses, he embarassed himself to the whole world to see. One of the reasons to his worst videoes or reviews are due to his impulsiveness. And if we have talk about impusiveness, his "Screw Steam" video is the epitome of impulsive rants. Yes, I agree that competition can bring the best of any companies. Except that, thanks to poor timing nonetheless, Epic Games' launcher and store has been in the middle of a series of controversies. Not only that, but Epic's idea of making PC games exclusives to their platform, when Steam has a monopoly for so long, would create long term problems. Say whatever you want about Origin, U Play or Battle.Net, but, at least, they sell their own games. Epic only got Fortnite and Valve has stopped making video games since the start of the decade when they found out that publishing games on their platform would be more profitable at long term. Also, that "Steam Cleaner" thing is the most embarassing thing I saw an indie game journalist do.
  • Bengson 26: Being a (formerly) free-to-play Team Fortress 2 player, there's this part of an already terrible list on why the game sucks. Here, the author proceeds to tell F2Ps to go play on a modded server and (the following is quoted exactly as written) "leave to good servers up and running for the people who doesn't wear gibuses or mercenary badge". Maybe it's just me, but I fucking hate people who stereotype F2Ps as always being equipped with said items. Also, are you assuming that all F2Ps are unskilled? I've seen many free-to-plays do very well against other players. Also, as a side note, the author isn't that fond of criticism.
  • Bengson 26: I'm stepping into unknown territory for this. Ranter undertakerfreak1127 is a little cranky recently. Fellow ranter PMRants (aka Phil Mason) has posted a video criticising Professional Wrestling. UTF, being a huge-ass wrestling fan, responded back at Phil: "Eh. Typical "wrestling sucks" video. You watch maybe two minutes of pro wrestling a week, if that, and you make the determination that the theatrics are poor. Just because some guys are worse on the mic than others doesn't mean the theatrics suck as a whole." Maybe it's just me, but this sounds less like a respectable ranter and more of a whiny wrestling fanboy. What's worse (from what I can tell), he removed some replies calling out for this. To quote myself replying to him: "Typical UTF. You know, for a person with a channel that has a large amount of bashing of wrestling (the irony), video games, music and society as a whole, he can't take what he dishes out."
    • TomPhanto: For me, it's a small part of his Worst People of 2014 video where he talks about some really horrible people and why he feels they belong on the list. He then gets to Justin Bieber and instead of talking about him, it's just an eight second clip where he sings "Baby" as a joke and looks at the camera in surprise. He doesn't even explain why he thinks he should be on the list. My issue is that I don't consider UTF to be someone who makes overused jokes, but it just disappoints anyone hoping to see why he felt Bieber was a bad influence for the year. I never liked Justin Bieber, but to me, it just felt like an excuse to poke fun at him for a cheap laugh, which at this point is so overdone it's unfunny. I just consider it a time waster and I know UTF is better than that.
  • Heavy Metal Snail: I never was a big fan of Anthony Fantano's The Needle Drop videos but what really caused my opinion of him to completely sour was his "Anthony Fantano Is a Regular Guy" video. The video begins with him reading an email from someone who insults him saying that he doesn't take his opinion seriously because he's "just a regular guy." What follows is straight up ego stroking where Fantano rattles off how his "opinion is respected by musicians and critics" and rattling off so much impressive statistics in the most arrogant manner possible. While some may call it him defending himself, the fact that he made a five minute video responding to hate mail (something that every online reviewer ever has probably had to deal with) and decided to "defend himself" in such a self congratulatory makes him come across as incredibly vain. Even worse is, later in the video, he passive aggressively rails on the person who sent him the mail, and by extension anybody else who doesn't take his opinion seriously, sarcastically referring to him as a "unique little snowflake who can see everything that my fans don't see" essentially condescendingly talking down anybody who dislikes his reviews. Considering that I don't take him all that seriously as a reviewer, I found this video to be one of the worst videos posted by any reviewer simply for the sheer amount of blatant ego stroking passing as a defense.
  • Co Cage: I would like to present Review Tech USA’s response to If You're Over 30 And You Still Love Nintendo, You're Weird. Basically, the "controversy" is about a YouTube user named Yoshiller at E3, whom was interviewed by a news crew. The big deal was that he wore a Yoshi hat while interviewed, and other gamers grew a big fuss that he was invoking a bad stereotype. The problem is Rich goes on this rant about projecting stereotypes and being exclusive is wrong, while going on to call Yoshiller man-child and singled him out based on exaggerated rumors and speculations. Okay Rich, screw you on this, because you don’t know dick about the guy. I saw the guy’s E3 videos, and he looked and acted fine; perfectly composed. He was just doing his thing and showing support for a company he likes. He never acted like a jerk or an immature brat. So let me get this straight: gamers can’t wear or show any support to a video game/video game company they love publicly, but it’s okay for people who like TV shows or movies to do the same. Congratulations dumb-ass, you now just became the thing you hated and jumped on the bandwagon like most news sites. Also, Yoshiller responded in the comments section of the video, and makes a comment not meaning to offend anyone and says that he [[Yoshiller]] still supports his own actions, and rightfully calls out on Rich and others for being ousted. What’s worse is that Rich never responds back nor apologizes about his big research failure (which he usually does when wrong or mistaken). I never agreed with everything Rich said, but I at least respected him, and gave his views food for thought. After an incident like this, I can say he lost a subscriber.
  • Maths Angelic Version: You might know that I don't think too highly of Tangled, so it might not surprise you that I'm not thrilled about What Culture's article "10 Reasons Frozen Is Definitely NOT Disney’s Best Animated Movie This Decade", which should've had the more honest title "10 Reasons I Think Tangled Kicks Frozen's Ass".
    Actually, most of the reasons aren't bad and the author has some good points even though I disagree with them. However, reason #2, "Elsa Is Kind Of A B*TCH" just stinks. It uses Blatant Lies and deliberately misleading half-truths to make Elsa look bad. Well, either that or we have a case of Critical Research Failure. The author claims that Elsa "was so wrapped up in her own problem she didn’t even notice she was damning an entire kingdom", even though it's obvious from watching the movie that Elsa at that point has no reason to believe her powers can have such devastating effects. He claims that Elsa doesn't even bother to try to thaw the kingdom, but fails to take into account that she has no idea how to do it and that returning to Arendelle would probably just make everything worse. He claims that Elsa shuts Anna out because she doesn't give a damn about her, when the film clearly shows that Elsa cares for Anna and is forced to shut her out to keep her from getting hurt. He also makes it sound like Elsa intentionally freezes Anna's heart, even though Elsa doesn't (it happened while she was not thinking straight) and is clearly horrified when she sees what has happened.
    He also complains about Elsa creating Marshmallow to throw Anna and Kristoff out in the snow "where it's very likely they could freeze to death", but Elsa thinks letting them stay in the castle is dangerous. If Anna and Kristoff are to reach a safe place in time, they had better hurry. Anna refuses to leave, so Elsa needs to pressure her. Seriously, what else could Elsa have done? Let Anna stay in the ice castle until she dies? Escort Anna and Kristoff to Arendelle and have her powers cause even more problems? Maybe Elsa could have made them leave in some other way, but she was in distress and not thinking clearly. We should keep in mind that Elsa's decisions are suboptimal, but they're understandable because the trauma she's been through influenced them. The author is basically bashing Elsa for daring to be affected by her troubled past, as opposed to his beloved Rapunzel, who behaves like a sheltered kid who fears the unknown, and not the child abuse victim she's supposed to be. Rapunzel does make some idiotic decisions too note , but they 1: can't be explained by Gothel's abusenote  and 2: are usually portrayed positively.note  Elsa's bad decisions are portrayed as bad. See my DMoS entry for Tangled for the worst example of Rapunzel's stupidity.
    Seriously, Pete Thornton? You've already used one reason to gush about Rapunzel and complain about Anna. We get it. You think Tangled has better main characters. You don't need to lie and daemonize Elsa.
  • Why Not Now: While I enjoy SF Debris's reviews and all the good points he brings up, there was still one instance that stuck with me for a very long time which almost threatened to destroy the show for me; when he says in his "Angel One" review how he was asked once if working with women made him feel uncomfortable and he said nothing because he thought it was stupid. That right there reveals his mindset and made me very uncomfortable; that it's almost like he can't grasp the fact that women are an oppressed group in the United States. But it doesn't end there when he goes on to say how he burst out at them, which he rather insensitively and smugly affirms they appreciated, which actually made me feel a little dirty inside because it's as though he was saying he was fully justified in being cruel to an actually oppressed group since it's treating them "equally" and that they don't have a legitimate reason to feel that way with all the sexism and anti-woman policies present in the United States today. And from all he's said over the years, it turns out I'm not the only one to come to this (hopefully mistaken) conclusion as he has had to repeatedly protest over and over again that he doesn't have a problem with women, which I really hope is true, but given his track record so far, it's very hard to believe especially because he's even admitted he's a shallow and insensitive asshole. At least he's gotten better with time and has nowhere near come even close to approaching that level of offensiveness since then.
    • Vexer: For me it's his stupid, obnoxious and incredibly childish hate-boner for Rob Liefeld, I know people have reasons not to like him, but this dumbass just goes way too far (suggesting one of his comics killed somebody? LOL yeah right!) in his incessant, whiny bitching about him. His pathetic speech in "The Rise and Fall of the Comics Empire part 3" being his absolute worst, saying he's not sorry for attacking Liefeld and ignoring the many legitimate reasons he had for leaving Marvel and most pathetic of all, saying he would "lose credibility" with comics fans for being "too nice" to Liefeld, which is a complete load of bullshit, comic fans aren't going to riot over something like that. Way to stereotype your own audience, dumbfuck!
  • InTheGallbladder: I gave up on The Hardcore Kid completely moments into his review of Where the Dead Go to Die. He made too many factual errors in too short a span of time. He says the whole thing was mocapped with a Kinect, even though that only applies to The Masks That The Monsters Wear, the final short in the anthology. He brings up the director's work as a speedcore musician as an example of his film work, even though the two aren't directly related. Then finally, he decries the quality of the beats and lyrics in the OST, citing Passenger of Shit's song "Wanking Shit For Life" as an example. The song is not part of the soundtrack, nor is any other speedcore song. Furthermore, Passenger Of Shit never contributed any music to the anthology--all he did was send the director voice recordings. Also, the OST is entirely instrumental.note  Even if The Hardcore Kid didn't somehow draw the conclusion that Passenger Of Shit helped score the film just because his name was in the credits, the point stands that the song isn't credited to him, implying that he mistook Passenger Of Shit's work with the director's, even though all they have in common is a genre. This was severely unprofessional at best. At worst, it's a solid argument against his career as an online reviewer.
  • FromtheWordsofBR: The only reason why I've read the Watchdog blog from the Parents Television Council is to see what hilarious overreaction of the day they have. I hate them, but they've never particularly ticked me off... until they "reviewed" iZombie. I could already point out several things wrong with this (such as them claiming that it tries to "lure in" audiences with "faux-Veronica Mars/Buffy the Vampire Slayer-style dialogue"... when the people behind iZombie are the same ones behind Veronica Mars), but the thing that really ticked me off the most was a passage that says "Genre fans claim to watch programs like The Walking Dead and iZombie for the dramatic plots, the quality of the characterization and dialogue, even the humor. Assuming they’re telling the truth and aren’t just turned on by gore..." That's right, they're essentially calling anybody who dare enjoys The Walking Dead and iZombie people with fetishes for gore. And yet, generalizing people who like those shows is less sickening than Liv eating ramen-brains? Saying things like that only makes you look far more immature than the shows you protest. Also, I know that they've "counteracted" this "claim" several times before, but this demonstrates that they don't know how to use a remote control—just turn the show off if you don't like it, instead of trying to shut it down for people who actually enjoy it for legitimate reasons. If you don't want your kid to watch it, don't let them watch it—it's the parent's job and responsibility to monitor what their kids watch, not what the media or the television says.
    • Mister Toodleoo: For the record, I am not going to waste my time looking at the above article again, so let me just tell you things that I remember about it. That article demonstrates an unnecessarily extreme intolerance for iZombie, by claiming that it desensitizes kids to "sickening concepts", acting like kids wouldn't be able to distinguish fiction from reality and claiming that the show will teach kids things like "Cannibalism gives you superpowers!" But the worst thing about the article, and without a doubt one of the worst things I have seen on their website, is a fan-hating comment that is even worse than the one mentioned by the above Troper: the article says that a society that finds this kind of stuff entertaining doesn't deserve to be called civilized! Unlike what the writer of the article seems to think, for most people, being desensitized to stuff like this is not a sign of turning into a psychopath. In fact, it can be a good thing if it can lead you to laugh at your own fears (you know, giggling at the ghosties!) while still having good moral values in life. And that's the story of that!
  • TSF: Before season 4 of My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic, I used to enjoy Digibrony's (or Digibro) content relating to the show. His reviews and analysis were, for the most part, fair. He thinks the episode "Magical Mystery Cure" is good,to the point where he calls it his favorite episode of the entire series— he thinks Double Rainboom is a fantastic piece of fan work. Both opinions of which I respectively disagree. I don't think that episode was that good nor "Double Rainboom", but I could see why he likes those episodes. Now, there's a reason why I said "before season 4". And that's because after his review on the first episode of that season "Princess Twilight Sparkle", he took a big nosedive in terms of fairness and quality. Much like Brony Curious (or... pfft, Tommy Oliver), who is another member of the brony analysis community who I'm disappointed with, Digi became more pessimistic towards the episodes he reviewed, focusing more on critique rather than enjoyment. It's okay to critique something,yes, but you have to decide whether you enjoy it or not so you won't end up like a Caustic Critic. One example of his downhill descent is in his semi-collaboration with Tommy Oliver's "Equestria Games" review, where one of their major criticisms,if not the major, is that it focused more on Spike instead of the actual Equestria Games. And admittedly, while I consider Tommy to be not as bad as Digi, I expected better from him. Wouldn't it be okay to just say whether or not you actually enjoy Spike's conflict instead of complaining that the episode didn't focus on the games? But... the video that made me done with him was his "Twilight's Kingdom" review, where he bashed the song "You'll Play Your Part" because it didn't have any purpose (which, by the way, it had a clear point) and called it the worst song of the entire show. And he also bashed the new design of Twilight's home, the castle, calling it visually unpleasing, empty, and a poor replacement for Twilight's "iconic" treehouse... saying this without giving it a decent chance. I believe this is one of the main reasons why he stopped watching the show. There are other reasons why I hated that review, but those two stand out for me. Now I like anime, but the reason why I won't watch his current anime reviews and analysis (which ironically, are better) is because I can't watch them without scoffing and feeling underwhelmed after that review. He believes the show is going downhill after season 4, I believe the contrary, dear Digibro. In fact, I believe you made it down the hill. Unsubscribed!
  • Bengson 26: I really like Some Call Me Johnny's reviews. They manage to be informative and entertaining at the same time. However, the DMOS comes in during his Pokémon Gold and Silver review, although it comes from his guest reviewer, Ryan. When questioning some of the evolution methods, Ryan takes a potshot at Pokémon Diamond and Pearl for using trade evolutions. This wouldn't be a problem except that trade evolutions existed since the beginning of the series! To rub salt on the wound, this is said when the Porygon line is shown on-screen which got its first trade evolution in the very generation they're reviewing. Do I even need to say Critical Research Failure?
  • fluffything: Normally, I like Markiplier. He seems like a pretty cool and nice guy most of the time. Which makes the following DMOS all the worse. For me, his worst moment was during his charity LP in May in which he played Yoshi's Island with Wade and Stone-Faced Tyler. During the playthrough, they answered questions from fans. One of which was "What is your favorite Pokemon?" and Mark stating he didn't like Pokemon. Now, him not being a fan of the series isn't the problem. He's entitled to his opinion. The DMOS part is that he acted like a total douche about it. For one thing, he snarked that all Pokemon games are essentially the same. Not only is this innacurate, since Pokemon games do have some degree of variety to them (Many games have features only exclusive to that particular version), but it's also hypocritical. Many games follow some sort of formula in terms of gameplay, meaning one could argue that the various sequels spin-offs and fan-games of Five Nights At Freddy's Mark has played are essentially "the same game". Second, he took the whole "If you could choose between ending world hunger and making Pokemon real, which starter would you choose?" meme seriously. He does realize that's a joke, right? Apparently not, since he then remarks about how horrible the world would be if Pokemon actually existed. Because, ya know, pointing out the horrible aspects of a childhood fantasy is soooo mature. But, the worst example of his douchiness is how he acts like Pokemon fans are idiots for getting excited for any upcoming games (Again, tying into the whole "it's the same" hypocritical argument mentioned beforehand). It's hypocritical since Mark has gushed over various games in the past as well. The whole thing just comes off as immature, rude, and utterly hypocritical. Again, if Mark doesn't like the Pokemon games, fine. However, he could've handled answering that fan's question in a nicer manner than being a total dick about it.
    • alienhunter: I used to love watching Markiplier, never missing a video that he uploaded. But ever since I watched his video on Bendy and the Ink Machine, I can't help but feel like he really is overreacting to everything, trying way too hard to be funny and pretending to be scared by everything, even if just a shadow. So whenever he gets around to finishing Five Nights At Candys 3, I don't know if I'll ever watch another video of his again without feeling like it's tainted.
    • Meta Master 54610: Markiplier is not a channel I really went out of my way to watch, but after his 'THIS SUBREDDIT HATES DOGS' video, I can safely say I will never touch one of his videos. First off, I can safely say that I am not very fond of dogs. I can't stand the smell, the noises they make irritate me, and I just can't get behind how clingy they are. Being the only person in my family who does not like dogs and living with three extremely spoiled dogs, the Dogfree subreddit is a nice safe haven for me... At least until Markiplier made this pointless video where he cherry picks the posts to make the subreddit look bad and draws unwanted attention towards it. Predictably, his fanbase attacked and brigaded the subreddit, leaving the mods to spend literal hours doing damage control to fix this mess. Sure,Mark made a very half- assed order for his fans not to attack the subreddit, but I refuse to believe that he didn't see this coming when he references the sub by name towards his millions of fans. Whether he meant to or not, though, the fact is that he is directly responsible for a small subreddit being absolutely bombarded with hateful comments from angry dog nutters.
  • fluffything: I enjoy watching LPs on PBG Gaming on YouTube. Not all of them are gems, but they're still enjoyable. That is, until "Part 32" of his Nuzlocke Challenge for Pokémon Alpha Sapphire. Good lord, what a train wreck. For one thing, he spends several minutes of the video consistently pointing out how he needs to level up his Pokemon to fight Kyogre (Which, I might add, he constantly mispronounces as "Kee-Oh-Gray" instead of "Kai-Oh-Gur") only to jump cut to his Pokemon already leveled up. I know it's boring to watch people level grind in video games. But, then, why make such a big deal about having to level up if there's just going to be a jump cut anyway? All it does is waste the viewer's time.
  • Potato Patato: Feminist Frequency has really crossed a line for me here. We all know how much she dislikes violent games such as Fallout 4 and Doom 4, and that she probably won't be playing them. Great, I don't agree with her opinions, but more power to her for at least being open and honest about it. Then you get to her comments on Fallout Shelter, a cartoony spin off game built around (literally) making a vault and filling it with happy and successful dwellers.
    The violence is toned down and the game is much more lighthearted, yet she still has a complaint. Specifically, she dislikes the way pregnant women are treated, saying that they act hysterical and do things like run away from danger and refuse to use weapons like the other dwellers. Um, Anita? You do realize that you can't kill babies or children in this series right? The pregnant women aren't being hysterical, they are showing common sense by avoiding situations where their unborn child would be in danger. What exactly do you expect here, pregnant woman joining in against raider attacks and firing high powered guns in their condition?
    While the game does encourage increasing the vault population through pregnancy, it never forces all of the women to be pregnant at once and fully allows women to take on the same roles as men, be it fighting and exploring the wasteland or working on maintaining the vault. Fallout is one of the least discriminatory games on the market and it's become clear that Anita is just looking for things to complain about to cause controversy. When Fallout Shelter toned down the violence of the main series she just found something else to complain about. Not liking the games is certainly a fair opinion, but taking the time to actively get offended by mechanics that have been in the series for years now is just attention whoring. Get a life Anita.
    • hydrix: I have watched the first episode of "Tropes vs. Woman in video games" titled as "The Damsel in Distress" and as someone who, in all honesty, only has bare-bones knowledge about video games (I own a SNES, so yeah) I find the video to be insulting as all hell. So she first mentions the development of Star Fox Adventures, which was first released as an adventure game with a female fox-like protagonist, but later on changed to fit the main character of Star Fox as a protagonist, with her as a damsel in distress. That ignores that in general most video games (or at least those that are not shovelware) take a year to make. I might as well use a moral where I say that developers should keep women in a closet during development because the developer of the C64 port of parasol stars saw how his own game was destroyed by his own wife (courtesy of Guru Larry). Then later she talks about the use of it in games such as Super Mario Bros. and The Legend of Zelda series and how it is sexist, outright ignoring that it is more used as a bare-bones plot device rather than anything else. It is insulting to me that those people playing back in the NES days who were playing The Legend of Zelda and widely exploring its world, characters and developments or those playing Super Mario Bros., where they were on a wild adventure with tons of challenges, all get lumped in as sexist morons who were only playing it for the woman/girl at the end. It makes me wonder how the men and women that got the excitement from those series feel about this. In all honesty though, sexism in video games is a thing that needs to be addressed, but what Anita did there was a regurgitation of what already was known back in 1988 with Final Fantasy II, where at one point it is like if you have saved the princess only to get in bed with her to find out that he was doing it with a Lamia Queen, triggering a boss battle where you and all the characters that have been with you up to that point fight against it. It is thus very useless and a waste of time and resources.
  • Insert Clever Name Here: As much as I enjoy Caddicarus the ending to his Bratz review was just terrible. Basically, he goes to his girlfriend's house in rage and shoots one of her children!! There was no buildup, it came off as ridiculously unfunny and gruesome, and it made Caddy look like a complete psychopathic monster. And if that wasn't enough, he forcefully makes the other two daughters bury the game up and they act as if nothing happened! There's Crossing the Line Twice, and then there's just crossing the line once.
    • Alienhunter: Then he shoots his girlfriend's daughter again in his review of Spongebob Square Pants Super Sponge, just to show how horrible the death sound was in the game. It was just so dark and unfunny. Both of these examples not only ruined the whole reviews, but I can't watch Caddicarus without worrying whenever the kids show up in his videos.
  • Frnmmma 25: I disliked TheOnion 's video about North Korea, "Onion Explains: The Totalitarian State Of North Korea". It was actually funny and witty... until all of a sudden it says that the U.S. is just like North Korea. "Where life there is exactly the same as life here." Come on, we're fucked up in a lot of ways, but we don't have concentration camps! Most of our economy doesn't come from prison slave labour, and we don't have a society where the social power is even more strict than the royal/regular power level from hundreds of years ago in Korea. Where almost all of the population is starving to death, and even haircuts are regulated by the police. Where even implying something can land you, your entire family, and the next two generations in prison camps. Even comparing it to the dictatorship that is China is out of line. REFUGEES from North Korea call China a paradise. "Whether it is men with guns keeping you in line, or corporations keeping you pacified with hamburgers and i pads". So you do you not like the police, or just want them to not have guns? It's one thing if it's guns, because at least it means that they are only implying that people with guns can hurt you, never mind that they have guns because a lot of people have guns in order to protect themselves, but if they're implying that we are just as oppressed because we have police, then you have another fucking problem. EVERY fucking country has police, and even in anarchic hellholes there are people who try to police the gangs. Who are you to tell me that we are oppressed because of this? If we're as fucked up as North Korea for having police (does North Korea even have a single non government buisness?) then you might as well call France a shit hellhole as well. Or even Canada. What? They have police. And they also have guns! Even if it's just mocking cynics who call any country better than America just because they don't notice those problems, it seems too spiteful, hateful, and arrogant for it to seem like it, much less get any enjoyment out of it. My brother told me about this, and said that he expected something better, that it wasn't even funny, and that they really are straying from what they were established to be. I agree with him.
  • Falconwing: Red vs. Blue Season 13, episode 20. Three whole seasons of buildup. Twenty episodes of speculation, and they end with... a cliffhanger. Maybe for a lesser web series, this would be passable, but I expected better from Rooster Teeth. This ending felt like they literally spit in my face.
    • Indy Revolution" I already had problems with Season 15. But the clincher, and the moment this series finally became bad fanfiction to me? Of all the Crack Pairings. Of all the fucking Crack Pairings. Wash and Carolina. WASH AND FUCKING CAROLINA? No one watches Rv B for goddamn romance, and of all the characters in the show to pair up, you choose the ones with the well-established and highly praised Brother Sister Dynamic. Nope. Not watching this show anymore. Bye.
  • Insert Clever Name Here: ABrandonToThePast's 50 Things Wrong With The Pokemon Anime list is definitely one for me not only because of just how much nitpicking and Critical Research Failure there are, but also forgetting that the anime is intended for kids way below his age. But the worst moment has to be number 37, in that the characters wear the same clothes everyday. Not only is that just plain wrong (The main girls have worn a ton of different outfits), but it's probably the laziest choice for a list that I've ever seen in my life, period. Seriously, Brandon? You're going to complain about how they don't change clothes? May I remind you that neither does every fictional cartoon character that's ever existed, and that you're just showing that you ran out of things to bitch about while you were working on this. He says that the anime has been getting worse over years. That's fine, but when you deliberately try and use faulty reasons that are typical upon most anime and cartoons, then congratulations, you've just lost yourself a loyal fan of yours who will not be watching your videos ever again.
  • Mudapa: I've never heard about this guy named Stone Fox Media but, this one video gave me the easiest DMOS to write. In this video, he discusses the news regarding the Nintendo NX. Fair enough. But, he later switched on to say "The Wii U is Dead!", despite Nintendo still releasing games on it. But, The DMOS comes when he says the people who like the Wii U belong in a "Mental Institution." First, I love the Wii U, and choices for game consoles people like doesn't mean you should hate them. And Second, it's insulting to people in a mental hospital and fans of Nintendo in general. As soon as he said that, i kindly left the video to never see it again.Great video.
  • Bengson 26: TheGamerTronShow's "Top Ten Video Games I Dislike But Everyone else Likes" list is easily one of the worst lists I've ever seen (in fact, most of GamerTron's videos are pretty bad to begin with). However, since I can't put the entire list as a DMOS, the worst part has to be his #1 pick: Nintendo as a whole. Why? Because they make games exclusive to their consoles. Oh, boo hoo. A company that's still making consoles is making games to boost sales of their consoles. Microsoft and Sony surely hasn't made any games exclusive to their consoles. Also, the comparison to Capcom and Sega doesn't work since Capcom merely focuses on software other than hardware and Sega has stopped making consoles since 2001! Fuck this list.
  • EnigmaLobo: While MangaMinx is one of the more beloved female Lets Players, her Until Dawn playthrough is rather uncomfortable to watch due to her vitriol against Ashley, having to tried to get her killed twice in a row during the Ashley vs. Josh and Ashley vs. Chris choice, and thus her fury towards Ashley for refusing to open the door to allow Chris in because of remembering that Chris attempt to sacrifice Ashley earlier to save himself, thus allowing the Wendigo to kill Chris, and calls her a psychopath. This is after spending her playthrough being unsympathetic to Ashley's plight, and trying to get her killed twice with no remorse, telling her to "shut the fuck up" when she begs for her life as she tries to shoot her. That wouldn't be a problem on its own, but her response to those who call her out on her hypocrisy? She's not only amused by their comments, but she also states that there is something wrong with you for not agreeing with her comments about calling Ashley a psychopath. It's one thing to ignore your own hypocrisy for the sake of humour, it's another thing to insult your fanbase for simply pointing it out in the first place and assuming that their idiots for not agreeing with you.
    • Veranas: I've enjoyed watching Mangaminx ever since she started doing Amnesia videos back in the day. But her Undertale playthrough, and more specifically her vitriolic reactions to fans, was the last straw for me. It's one thing to have a different opinion on a popular game, but playing it in a certain way solely to piss off fans is highly immature, as is trying to fan the flames in the comments section. She tweeted having lost around 5500 subscribers since her playthrough, and I'm sad to count myself among them.
  • Br3ndan 5: While I enjoy most of Dorkly's videos, Mario vs the Pokemon world was just horrible. The video started off with some potential. After all, it's Mario in the Pokemon world! There's no way something horrifyingly gruesome could happen, right? Unfortunately, the video started to go downhill when Mario enters a Pokemon battle with a youngster. So Mario throws a Pokeball and a Squirtle pops out. Then he stomps on the Squirtle and kicks the shell at the kid. Then after a time skip, it shows Mario wearing a tandooki suit he got from murdering a Pokemon! Yes, because painting Mario as a sociopath is SO original, and has never been done before! I quit watching by that point. If there's nothing funny in the video and it's just gruesome and mean spirited, why even watch it?
    • Peridonyx: And Who's Faster: Superman or The Flash? suffers from similar mean-spiritedness: Superman suddenly becomes a Jerk Sue who cheats to win, ruins The Flash's life, and then invokes Karma Houdini via media-manipulation. Why? As Disproportionate Retribution against The Flash for his Strawman Has a Point rebuttal that his "faster than the speed of light" sounds more impressive than Superman's "faster than a speeding bullet."
    • Pgj1997: Super Mario Undertale was a giant mess in my opinion. It's exactly what you think it is; Mario ends up in the Underworld, and thinks the mechanics of the Mario games work here. Surprise, they don't. It's basically what you'd expect from Dorkly at this point. One scene in particular really gets on my nerves. We see Mario and Sans in front of Papyrus' dead body, with Mario thinking he'd build himself back together like a Dry Bones, and Sans having distraught look on his face. Now, this would be funny if it weren't for one big glaring issue. They spend almost 30 seconds on this gag, all leading up to no punchline. And this is one-third of the entire video. It's not funny, and Mario's obliviousness certainly doesn't make things better. Also, this is a nitpick, but it's Critical Research Failure at its finest. Mario killed Papyrus like I mentioned, and earlier in the video was able to kill Flowey... and yet he somehow got the Pacifist Ending. And these guys call themselves real gamers. So apparently, this video was made to celebrate Undertale's one year anniversary since its initial Steam release. HA HA HA— No.
  • batmany: On YouTube, there's a three-part animated "series" (in the loosest sense of the word possible) titled "Freddy's Lament" by Skylegend Animation. As one probably guessed already, it's a series of FNAF fan animations. Actually, that's not an accurate description as I found out to my utter disappointment. The videos have almost nothing to do with FNAF save for characters making what can best be described as cameo appearances. Many of them have no reason to appear other than to pander to the fanbase. And, to make matters worse, much of their appearances don't make any sense. A good example is that Springtrap makes a cameo in one video even though the whole thing is supposed to take place around 1987 (the year FNAF 2 takes place). And, while the animation is stunning (with admittedly very-creepy imagery), it does nothing to excuse the nearly incoherent plot. What is the plot of the videos? Well, from what little I could decipher out of the True Art Is Incomprehensible mess, it's the origin story of The Puppet. And, oh, boy, does it get to painful levels of pretentiousness. This videos' take on The Puppet's origin? Some random unpopular pre-teen girl is tricked into going to a party at Freddy Fazbear's, is teased because she has a crush on some guy, runs away crying, and is murdered... I guess? The plot never reveals exactly how this results in The Puppet's birth (so to speak). Either way, it's so blatant and utterly forced that it pretty much smears its proverbial feces over the subtlety of Scott Cawthon's work. Had this been some generic horror cartoon, I may've forgiven it for it's incoherent and pretentious plot. However, the fact that Skylegend Animation had the gall to drag FNAF into something this poorly done (Again, save for the animation and creepiness), causes it to go from simply forgettable to plain awful.
  • Trialman: As much as I enjoy the Pokemon Alpha Sapphire Extreme Randomizer Nuzlocke by TyranitarTube, I cannot defend his dismissive nature over the death of Enel the Galvantula when fighting ???'s Giratina in episode 34. At first, it begins the usual Really Dead Montage, but not even 5 seconds in, he cuts it off by showing a YouTube comment saying "Fuck Enel!" It comes off as incredibly mean-spirited, just to give one problem, but it's even worse considering how long he deliberated over who to take with him, meaning that all that time making the decision now felt pointless. It's even worse, considering that this is the Elite Four, as in he can't just pull out another one of the Pokemon he caught, which means that this death should have a bigger impact, especially as it was the first Elite Four death, but no, apparently, this death is just a cheap joke. This whole thing gave me doubts about believing in the Peeko.
  • TheLemsterPju: I am by no means a recurring watcher of RebelTaxi's videos, but one of his videos I have seen had a moment which screamed unnecessary. When he covered The Modifyers in his "Top 10 Failed Animated Pilots" video, you know what one of the first things he does? Adding a scene from Zonesama's hentai video of the main character (Agent Xero) getting tentacle raped by the villain. It is quite obvious that he has a huge fascination for the parody animator, but it served no purpose to the video at all, other than an apparent promotion for Zone, and at the same time makes him come across as a bit of creep. This did not go without Self-Deprecation in later videos.
    • Mighty Mewtron: I have issues with the Running Gag of Pan wanting to screw animated goth girls, but in general I can overlook it because it's usually brief Self-Deprecation and I enjoy his analysis skill and energetic comedy. It becomes harder to stand when he does it towards underage girls, though. The worst example of this is in "Top 10 Worst Redesigns", when he talks about being attractive to Sailor Moon, but learns she's 14 years old. Then he learns the age of consent in Japan is 14, so he jokes about going to Japan, complete with a clip from Teen Titans: Trouble in Tokyo. I know he does this type of comedy a lot, but this is super uncomfortable, especially when the age of consent doesn't mean adults can have sex with 14 year olds (it means they can have sex with other people their age) and Japanese girls face a lot of sexual assault at the hands of tourists due to this kind of thinking. Pan lampshading how he's fucked up for thinking like that doesn't make it much better either.
  • Calamity 2007: I never thought I would not want to watch anything that Vinesauce creator Joel would put out, but him deciding to go through with a No Mercy run in Undertale might be the first time I have to not watch one of his playthroughs. He is clearly distressed throughout the whole playthrough, having grown so attached to the characters, but going through with it to appease his Fanbase. While it is respectable that Joel is a man of his word, it's hard to feel much respect for him caving into the demands of the Vocal Minority of his fanbase, and souring his experience with the game as a whole.
    • The Poppy Bros Sr: Admittedly, i liked that playthrough, if only because i could relate to Joel and his plight of killing everyone he's grown to love. With that said, there is one moment in his Windows 8 Destruction stream that struck a bad chord with me where he's prank calling PC Optimizer Pro. While he and the operator were arguing, he uttered out this line: "I sexually identify as an attack helicopter, and you will check your privilege, cis scum!" While it didn't sour the whole video, it was rather poor taste, especially since it spawned a meme between people who genuinely think that's what transgender folk are.
    • DiscoGlacier: In a rare example of this trope being outside the creator's control, Vinny's "Chinese GameBoy Bootlegs" video was frustrating and painful, and not for the expected reasons: there were tons of duplicates - both from past videos and even within the same video - that classified themselves as "new games" based on title changes and asset swaps. The new content that was featured was boring to watch, simply being subpar platformers, RPGs; etc. rather than line-crossing trainwrecks bootleg games are known to be. The fact that these games stole assets from the hottest licenses of The '90s and the early part of the Turn of the Millennium made them age that much worse, and it seems like Vinny didn't pick up on this correlation. The only good thing to come of this episode was that it introduced the somewhat fascinating Shi Kong Xing Shou... which Vinny wasn't even able to play past the title screen. By the end, it seemed like Vinny was genuinely annoyed by the games he was obligated to showcase, and even hoped that they wouldn't work on startup; the sentiment was all too relatable. Joel's comment accurately sums up this video for both Vinny and the audience:
      I'm sorry you suffered these, but at least we've all suffered together.
  • xxbiasonxxx: Arcade Sushi's 10 Game Franchises That Should've Stayed 2D. Now, I understand that Bubsy, Mega Man X7, Bomberman Act:Zero, Earthworm Jim 3D, and several of the Sonic the Hedgehog games were pretty bad, but really, why did they put in Neo Contra, a game that was actually surprisingly decent, into a list that consisted of bad Polygon Ceiling games, when they should have put the real bad Contra games, Legacy of War and Contra Adventure, onto the list? To top it all off, they say that Neo Contra did major damage to the Contra franchise!
  • Brony Ofthe Octaves: Personally, I used to enjoy MLP-Movie reviewer Hunter Reviews (or as his channel is called HeadHunter Productions now) because he played off this review show as a part of the MLP Universe, criticizing bad movies. However, he eventually began to do a series that didn't catch my attention, but it did garner form mix opinion called "It Sucked But I Still Played It", which is Exactly What It Says on the Tin. All was fine... until he pulled a complete 180 and did a video entitled: "Five Nights at Freddy's: It Sucked But I Still Played It". At first, I figured it'd be a video of him just criticizing the difficulty and just not finding it fun, similar to Hype Backlash. What was it instead? A complete Bias Steamroller criticizing the game for being popular, with Hunter giving basically a huge "FUCK YOU!" to the fanbase, Markiplier, Jacksepticeye, and even Scott Cawthon! It completely felt like a big middle finger to not just fans of the game, but to Mark's Fans, Jack's fans, and even those who respect Scott. It didn't help the comment section was filled with a slew of people attacking each other on whether or not Hunter was in the right. It's even considered Hunter's most polarizing video, and quite honestly made some fans feel he developed a huge Small Name, Big Ego type of thing.
  • Reddy Wizard: About The New had a weak but acceptable first episode which correctly presented the main characters. One of letting it go, they made it into a double pilot where absolutely nothing happened. The second part introduced two new my favorite characters without personality, a Bill Cipher expy and the worst Benny Hill parody you can gasp!
  • jmac9345: Before I get any flack for this, let me get out that I love JonTron. He’s one of the greatest and funniest YouTube critics of all time. And although I don’t think he’s had a bad episode per say, he isn’t free from bad moments. For example, I loved both of his Food Games videos as a great, long awaited return to form after StarCade (which was awesome and hilarious in it’s own right) especially with gems like the live horse in his apartment and Grimbo, but there was one aspect of Part 1 that annoyed me. With the Yoshinoya, Global Gladiators, McDonald’s Treasure Land Adventure, and Donald Magical World (especially the former and latter) segments, he barely touched on the games, gameplay wise. Granted, Jon does tend to focus more on comedy rather than actual reviewing, but I feel that he could’ve went a bit more in depth with the games instead of just briefly skimming over them, making a joke, and moving on. It didn’t taint the video for me, I just wish there was a bit more depth to it.
  • Assassin-sensei: Demolition D+/DouchebagChocolat produces high-quality/hilarious content 95% of the time I would recommend to any anime fan. However, his rant on lolicon is highly flawed in that he praises High School D×D's depiction of various breast sizes while having an anti-lolicon attitude (in the same video). DxD is a series which legally could be considered lolicon, and is even banned in New Zealand. This makes his argument highly hypocritical and brings up a requirement to know how he defines "lolicon".
  • GF 93: Don't get me wrong, I think One Minute Melee is a very good series for the most part, but my personal DMOS has to go to "Zero vs. Meta Knight". It was a great idea for a fight for various reasons (The two not only both being sword-wielding mentors and friendly rivals to the main heroes of their respective franchises, but also being very popular and badass characters in their own right), so it'd be a great episode for either this series or a Death Battle, right? Sadly not. It was a massive disappointment in several respects, and just overall reeked of wasted potential. The fight itself was very pedestrian for the series' usual fast-paced and exciting standards, with neither favorite character (Especially Meta Knight, who is limited to only if not for his basic swordplay to use his Super Smash Bros. moves or abilities despite using the same voice and appearance from there) really being able to do anything much considering their usual amount of powers and abilities that could have come into play, and the animation was nothing spectacular. Dishonorable mention however, has to go to the ending, for the sheer amount of Critical Research Failure and Out of Character-ness abound from both characters. Zero uses the Rekkoha to summon lightning, Meta Knight Screams Like a Little Girl (Despite him normally being The Stoic and never reacting to anything in such a way in his own series) and lets his guard down, allowing Zero to inflict a No-Holds-Barred Beatdown which ends with him stabbing Meta Knight through the face with his superheated Z-Saber, before slashing upward to bisect him vertically, with blood splattering across the ground from each the two halves. Not only is it needlessly graphic and brutal for a series whose fights don't normally end in death, but it goes completely against Zero's established character, who outright refuses show!Not to kill sentient living beings. With that in mind, he could have easily knocked Meta Knight's sword out of his hand and then sliced his mask off from there, which would have been a nice Call-Back to how he's defeated in the Kirby series. The worst part however, had to be Zero's Bond One-Liner afterward, quipping "Just like a training program" to the camera with a big smile and a "^_^" expression on his face as if he didn't just commit brutal murder, before just warping away without so much as a second thought about what he'd done. Again, the canon Zero would never do that. Thankfully, they did redeem themselves later on with the next episode (Bowser vs. Doctor Eggman), but even now, it just leaves a bitter taste with the disrespect shown to both characters. In closing- there's "No Research", and then there's just being inexcusably ignorant. At least with Hercule Satan vs. Dan Hibiki being redone as a Death Battle, there could hopefully be the possibility of it happening with this match as well to properly do the two characters justice.
  • JEFFWONTLEAVE: I never had much interest in the Reaction & Review series. Mostly because I usually don’t like either reactions or “I Just Got Done Watching!”-like reviews, but also because I knew the creator, Emer Prevost, for having produced a great amount of rants beforehand that came across as a Jerkass giving very poorly constructed arguments which have not aged very well at all. That being said, unlike most of his Hatedom I didn’t think much about his work beyond that and just decided to let the people who like his content enjoy it. That was changed, however, when he decided to leave a super serious comment on a parody video by gurigorloX satirizing the commentary community, more specifically youngbloodfantasy91. The comment mention was a preachy piece of misinformed trash like rants, but the real point that made it more mind numbingly irritating than those was when he said that Commentaries are not fair use. First off, yes they are. It is part of the Criticism aspect of Fair use. Tons of videos can be technically qualified as commentaries like let's plays, reaction’s and review’s. Second, if this was all true, then why is he friends with people like Clay Claymore and Bluemagus who are known for doing commentaries and having associations (albeit minor) with the community and/or people from it? side. And lastly, you know those type of videos I mentioned in my first point? They are what make up his entire channel and his main show. If this is just as much a violation of the guidelines as he says it is, what’s his excuse?
  • Lord_Chespin: Now, let me make this clear: I do not hate Creepypastas. I admit that, since literally anybody can write them, there are tons of poorly-written ones out there, but there are some decent ones. However, Clockwork: Your Time is Up has burned me bad, and made me wary of Creepypastas in general. It's ostensibly about the origin story of what could kindly be called a female Jeff the Killer ripoff, and the circumstances that led to her becoming a serial killer. Let's forget the fact that the story uses Abusive Parents and incestuous child rape from her brother for nothing more than shock value and making her rampage justifiable. Let's forget the fact that everything goes wrong for our protagonist in an effort to drive her off the deep end, from the aforementioned abuse to bullying. Let's forget the shoehorned-in time imagery. Let's forget the how the parents only take her to a therapist after she sews a smile into her face, and how the therapist runs off as soon as Natalie, the protagonist, starts to show signs of insanity. Let's forget the author's Critical Research Failure about how insane asylums work, especially the lack of a term of any kind of medication (the author has a doctor use the term "mental drugs" to describe the anti-psychotics!). Let's forget the fact that the author's first name is the same as Natalie's, implying an Author Avatar. No, the real Dethroning Moment of Suck is when, empowered by the doctors sticking needles into her, Natalie decides to murder her entire family (including her mother, who did nothing wrong and even tried to stop her abusive dad!). The murders are going to be spoilered for Squick, as they seem like something out of an Itchy and Scratchy cartoon, but here they are: for her mother, Natalie slams her head into a coat hanger, causing her to become paralyzed, then cuts open her chest and rips out her still-beating heart until she bleeds to death. The worst part is, this is the nicest death. For her father, the gives him a No-Holds-Barred Beatdown, then squashes him with a bedpost steamroller-style, causing him to vomit up all his organs. Finally, for her brother, she pins him to the wall with her knives, stabs his eye out with a butter knife, rips off his toes and fingers, and force-feeds him one of his own fingers until he chokes to death. All of this is written in painstaking detail. This is presumably apparently we're supposed to be their karmic comeuppance, but it just reeks of Disproportionate Retribution- yes, even for the incestuous child rapist brother. When you begin to pity the incestuous child rapist, it should be as a sign that the author's done something horribly, horribly wrong. To the sorrow of pretty much nobody, the story seems to have been deleted from Wattpad, but the evil will never truly go away.
  • Dr Zulu 2010: Now, Rerez is a youtuber that I like with his Positives/Negatives videos. However, his video on Star Fox Adventures makes me want to stop watching it before he even got to the first negative. Why? Because at the beginning, he says that he didn't like the game. Now, it's not that he didn't like the game who upsets me (I agree with JonTron on many terms) but because it goes against his own rules he has establised. The purpose of a Negatives video was to find the flaws on a good game that everybody agrees was liked. What's the point when it's considered the worst Star Fox game by most of the community? Sure, he mentions that reviewers like IGN liked it, but there's a thing like critical dissonance (remember the DMC Reboot?). I'm sorry, Rerez, but try to see what people has to see about a game before you do one less of those videoes. Or, at least, try to make a positive video to counter it.
  • cricri3007: Now, I really like Bob Lennon (a French Youtuber), but there is one of his let's play I just can't watch without wanting to punch him in the face. It's his Dying Light one. Yes, zombies games are extremley common and Dying Light doesn't really go for something too original. Yes, he had already pointed the Plot Holes and clichés more of pretty much every game he's played. But in this one he almost never stop mocking the game for it's Cliché Storm. And, as bad as his frequent mocking of the game is, even worse is his Running Gag about Neck Snaping people. It's introduced after Kyle has to kill Rahim after he turned into a zombie and from on it never stop. And the fact that he plays Kyle (an extremly Nice Guy) as a "bad guy from Fist of the North Star" just adds to it. Not to mention that he doesn't seem to pay attention to the story that much.
  • nickpomar825: I really liked a fair amount of KipkKay's videos, even when he started making his videos based around who was sponsoring him. However in his earbud life hack video, the end has him talking about how "sad" he was over the death of David Bowie whilst telling his viewers about how he was listening to a David Bowie biography bought from Audible. Now, I myself was never the biggest fan of David Bowie, but KipKay using his death to promote the people sponsoring his videos seemed downright scummy.
  • Kablammin 45: With all the April Fools Day jokes among games and game companies, there were bound to be a few stinkers. Case in point, this blog relating to Disney Infinity which stated that the highly requested Gravity Falls was getting a Play Set and figures for the game. Obviously it wasn't, and it would have been a very good prank had the poster not snuck an underhanded potshot at the Gravity Falls fanbase by claiming that Darkwing Duck was the only "real" candidate for inclusion in Infinity. Don't get me wrong, I want Darkwing in as much as I want the Pine Twins, but, ugh. If he had just stopped there, the joke would have been pretty funny, but the fact that the poster went out of his way to laugh at the fanbase for believing the prank was real and rubbing his own choice in their faces was just needlessly rude. I almost want the Gravity Falls Play Set and figures to become a reality just to see this guy's name be mud. Almost...
  • Skapokon: Not many tropers will know this as this is a Spanish show, but Rareza Jugable (Playable Rarity) was my favourite YouTube Show for a long time and it inspired me to create my own videos. However, the show had gone through a Seasonal Rot so big that not even The Fairly OddParents! can be compared to after his "Review" of The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker. Though, that's not my DMOS, his theory video "Super Mario Who" is. Basically, he tries to compare Super Mario Bros. with Dr. Who, even though the comparisons between the two are minor references that have nothing to do with what the theory is about (these being how the castles in SMB 3 are smaller than Mario... on the minimap and a pointless comparison between the angel statues and the Boos). The theory instead focuses on trying to force the old "X is in Coma and everything is a dream" to the Mario universe, but only to certain games, which are the Spin Offs, Super Mario Bros. 2 and Super Mario Land, for some reason, and explains how everyone except for basically the Mario Brothers, Peach, Bowser and the generic minions are just interpretations of Mario's Mind. Daisy represents how Mario misses Pauline, Pauline represents exactly the same, Wario represents Mario's Evil Side and Baby Mario represents his innocence. Not only he's saying that half of the Mario universe is just a dream for no reason, not only he calls series like Wario Land and Yoshi's Island "Filler", not only he forgets entirely about Donkey Kong Country and Super Mario 64 DS (a "canon" game where Wario is playable), but for some reason he also managed to make us think that the dumb cartoons and the Live-Action movie are part of the real deal even if they were made without Miyamoto or anyone from Nintendo, really. Basically, this theory was the just an overall lame Take That! to the Mario games he doesn't like, another way to shoo-in his obsession over Dr. Who and the final nail in Rareza Jugable's coffin.
  • Izzy 1: To be honest, GradeAUnderA's video "THE YOUTUBERS COMPLAINING ABOUT DRAMA RANT (Exposing Matthew Santoro)" rubbed me the wrong way, specifically the part where he insulted Let's Play/Markiplier. Now, before you make assumptions, I don't follow Markiplier or watch his stuff, but the fact that Grade was insulting him based on his appearance (having dyed red hair) and for calling himself "Markimoo" (which I heard is something his fans call him) rather than what he actually had to say was disappointing. And when he addressed this in his followup video saying that nobody is immune to criticism, I had 2 problems with that: 1. He was completely missing the point of why people were mad at him, for the most part, thinking that people were mad because Markiplier dyed his hair, initially pink for charity and later red out of respect for a dead friend, and saying he shouldn't be immune to criticism as a result, especially since Mark apparently caused more drama with his video. While I'm not sure if that's true, I think I can say that a lot of people, myself included, were more miffed about the way you attacked him for petty reasons, rather than that. 2. He makes a huge point about saying that everyone should be open to criticism, yet on Reddit, he tried to delete a thread criticizing him for getting "annoyed" by it. Honestly, I was starting to like this guy's content, but these events turned me off from his videos.
    • Troper/((shonengirl)): Hoo boy, his Pokémon video... It's hard to point out one moment in particular, but it's basically a series of "jokes" (I think) that have already been beaten up to death, revived, HM 01'd into tiny pieces, beat up again, horn drilled, and incinerated. And I seriously couldn't tell if it was all supposed to be a bunch of jokes or not due to many of the "jokes" (mainly "hurdy durr Pokeymanz is animal abuse!") being things said with complete seriousness before, and it comes off a lot like some cringy "scrub" ranting about something he knows nothing about, or at least has never played since gen I. The blatant Critical Research Failure all over the place was just painful to sit through, so much so I had to skip through tiny segments of it. This was especially jarring since he pulled up the gen I manual, something only hardcore fans usually do, and actually knew that Red is 11... But yet calls Red "Ash", something that no Pokemon fan over 12 would ever do, and he should be relieved that he wasn't swarmed by rabid Red fans by some miracle. If those were jokes, they weren't funny. It doesn't help that the description made me put my hopes up. The only things that were good or new were the bit about him actually getting Red and Blue's ages right, and the mocking of the deviation of game text from what's said in the manual. Everything else is just so cliche and overdone, and I expect more from him. Not to mention it feels like he's trying to jump on the hype train of second wave Pokemania because he can, and free cash. Get gud, Grade, get gud.
  • Riley1s Cool- I love RWBY. Oh, I'm sorry, what was that? Penny and Roman? Okay, Penny's dead? That's screwed up. She was adorable, and the show just killed her for no real reason. Pyrrha's traumatized? Okay, that I can deal with. Wait. What was that? What? Roman got a Pet the Dog moment? Oh, how... wait, and then he goes an Roaring Rampage of Revenge due to Neo's Disney Villain Death? Aweso— and then he dies at the end of his epic speech? Well, at least he probably got a Dying Moment of Awesome? No? Eaten Alive by a griffin? A low-level Grimm? Despite just beating the lead? Unrealisti— and then said griffin is immediately pwn'd by an entirely unarmed Ruby, despite him having just beaten her half to death? She just... regenerates? Well, we Never Found the Body. Wait, what's that in the podcast? He's Killed Off for Real? Even though he only took two hits? And henceforth has a nigh-full aura? Well, I can't respond to that. The show's trying to be Darker and Edgier, and missing it. Wait. I can respond. What the fuck?!
    • Some New Guy: To say that Pyrrha's death has split the fanbase would be a massive understatement, and I am firmly on the side that absolutely despises it. The entire second half of season 3 really turned me off due to how dark and hopeless it all was, but this was just the clincher that the RWBY I fell in love with was dead. Pyrrha was an amazing character who had so much potential and was just started to get some much needed backstory and development, but nope! Killed off in one of the most graphic and needlessly cruel ways I have ever seen. and the clincher? It didn't have to happen. The revelation of Cinder's betrayal and her role in Penny's death would have been more than enough to trigger Ruby's silver eyes, but instead she, and the fans, just had to get that final kick in the gut. In the end, Pyrrha was nothing more than a prop for Ruby and Jaune's development, and that is absolutely sickening. Easily the single most sickening and insulting instance of Stuffed into the Fridge I have ever had the misfortune of witnessing. And no, the fact that Monty himself planned it from the start does not make it any better. If anything, it makes it worse.
    • Psyga 315: As someone who wasn't miffed by the finale as others, my dethroning moment of suck has to be when, the final battle of Volume 5 ends up being an Anti-Climax. For a show about girls kicking ass, there's a surprising lack of one of the most pivotal moments in RWBY: Team RWBY's first fight back together.
    • Meta Master 54610: Unpopular opinion here, but I don't like RWBY. At all. All I can really say about it in a positive light is that it got me interested in getting into anime. But there was once a time where I was a fan of the show... But even during that time, there was one character I never liked: Yang Xiao Long. Why? Simple: The Yellow trailer, where Protagonist Centered Morality is at full display. Essentially, Yang struts on into a nightclub she isn't supposed to be in due to being seventeen, harasses the owner, and then trashes the place and beats the hell out of the staff. Why? Because they didn't tell her where mommy was. Now I am aware that Junior is supposed to be a shady crook and all, but that's not why Yang did all this. She did it because he wasn't doing what she wanted. This just tells me that even if Junior had been an upstanding citizen, Yang still would have attacked. It doesn't matter who owned the place, what Yang did was nothing short of a crime, which she gets away with without so much as a slap on the wrist. They were trying to make Yang look badass. Instead they made her look like a tempermental brat.
  • multibrawlr: Kaneda's Pinball Podcast. For those unfamiliar, Kaneda — aka Chris Kooluris — was a user of both the Killer List of Videogames (KLOV) and Pinside pinball forums. He was (in)famously the subject of several news articles — such as this one — documenting how he turned his New York apartment into an arcade and subsequently lost his fiancée. On the forums, Kaneda became immensely notorious for constantly instigating conflict, sending threatening private messages and creating duplicate accounts to counter moderation. His podcast in general is frankly nauseating to listen to, on account of Kaneda's rambling and ego stroking. However, a few of said episodes are especially tasteless and worthy of mention: Kaneda dedicated an entire episode to labelling another Pinside user as a hypocrite for — despite selling his America's Most Haunted at a premium price — complaining about high resale game prices. In another episode, he denied any wrongdoing upon being banned from Pinside, despite the fact that his online acrimony is still up for display in several threads. But perhaps the most dethroning example of them all is that Kaneda liked to make his grudge/somewhat disturbing obsession with pinball artist Aurich Lawson known in several episodes, to the point of flat-out harassment. It's really no surprise that many online communities have banned Kaneda and wish to distance themselves from him altogether.
  • cricri3007: Screen Junkies 's "PLZ explain Warcraft". To keep a long entry short, I knew this was going to be bad when the female guest said that she only played World of Warcraft but then it got worse when they didn't explain anything about the setting. "Blackrock Spir is a raid"? Just that? Nothing on the demons corrupting the orcs? Nothing on where Fel magic comes from? I didn't touch anything Warcraft related in years and I could have done a better job at explaining Warcraft than those two guests.
  • Pug Buddies: I had been dissatisfied with Pottermore and its lack of specificity for some time, the article on Remus Lupin's parents and backstory being the only thing I really liked. However, the article on Draco Malfoy was the true Dethroner for me. Let me get something straight first: I realize that Draco is a deeply flawed character; I don't believe he was a Jerk with a Heart of Gold all along; and I think he looks terrible in leather pants. But for the last two books, I identified with him. His experiences in HBP and DH—his nervous breakdown, his hesitation and hedging, the inner conflict he exhibited—echoed my own, growing up in (and later leaving) an abusive fundamentalist household. From the way he behaved in those books, I thought he was a kindred spirit, one who was losing his faith in the cruel god he was raised to serve, knowing he's without allies on either his side or the other side. He was fighting what he thought was his destiny, and it was killing him. That Rowling decided to send him out with a whimper instead of a bang was annoying, but there was always fanfic. And then I read her Pottermore article on him. Turns out, all of that inner conflict that made me identify so strongly with him? Didn't exist. He was always a Jerk with a Heart of Jerk, and those two years of horror BARELY improved his demeanor. Leaving aside how infuriating this Flanderization was, it brings up some pretty Unfortunate Implications for readers like me. "Oh, yeah, that pain and guilt you're feeling over the choices you've been told all your life were right? That's just your inconveniently awakened conscience, asshole! Think you're becoming a better person? HA! You'll never be a hero! You have nothing to offer society! The best thing you can do for the future is stay out of its way. Maybe your kid will be decent, if you play your cards right, but none of that hell you went through can transform you into a hero. You'll always be a villain." I haven't been to Pottermore since, and I don't plan on reading or watching Harry Potter And The Cursed Child, either. If Rowling thinks that little of readers who identify with Draco, then I see no need to support her latest efforts.
  • multibrawlr: Maximilian "Max" Christiansen has created some of my favorite Internet shows: Yo Videogames, Assist Me, and The Online Warrior. His entertaining personality — along with his hilarious tutorials — have brought me into the fighting game community (even though I'm not a good player by any means). However, his Dethroning Moment of Suck for me has to do with his involvement with a certain crowdfunded fighting game: Beast's Fury. The game was essentially a Skullgirls wannabe which eventually got cancelled following years of inexperience, online acrimony, and poor budgeting note . Max was offered to have his dog Benny included in the game as a guest character, which was clearly an act of desperation from the developers to entice more people into donating money. However, Max gave them the benefit of the doubt and produced two videos promoting the game, but little did he know of the developer's true incompetence. Where I get upset is that Max didn't do a "follow-up" video addressing the game's failure and has since gone quiet on the subject altogether. I expected him to apologize to his fans and everyone else who donated to the project after watching his videos promoting it, and who were now out of money and unlikely of getting any refunds. I could see that he's perhaps distancing himself from this out of spite of his reputation, but I do believe that he owes some apology to the people that he convinced to fund what eventually became a bad project. And I'm still waiting...
    • CoCage: Max's buddy, Simmons isn't perfect either; a guy known for being a know-it-all and opinionated. In their Super Nintendo stream on twitch (the one with the Power Ranges SNES fighting game), Simmons goes on rant about how people who enjoy Kill la Kill forces themselves to like it. What's worse he take's Miyazaki's "Anime was a mistake..." quote out of context and uses this as his argument on why the show was bad including low budget animation but high quality fight scenes, and not a good story. The only problem is that this is hypocrisy to its highest degree as many (old) anime that Simmons and his pals enjoy suffer from this. While I prefer most old-school anime similar to them, I won't go out of my way to insult people for liking a decent show. What's funny is all the problems he criticizes for Kill La Kill, the same thing happens in Attack on Titan; an anime he enjoys. AoT has all the same problems: cut budget on animation except fight scenes, and a story with interesting premise, but horrible execution. The only difference is Kill La Kill at least had a planned beginning, middle, and end with characters that actually develop, while Attack on Titan suffers the same problems from other long running anime. I call it Dragonball Z, Bleach, or One Piece syndrome. Simmons if you don't like certain shows or games, that's fine and dandy, but don't act like your opinion is an undisputed fact. This is why I don't watch his solo streams or take most things he's says with a grain of salt.
  • hydrix: How to recognize a Great/Bad anime in just one episode (by digitbro) is something I watch in general to give myself an idea how you can animate a great opening for something that will last very long and a decent chunk of it is well-made/well-explained... until part 2 when he talks about Lucky Star. Now, the beginning of part 2 already was more of "defending openings I like other people don't" instead of "how a great opening to an anime is structured", but it at least did talk about how these openings still manage to still make a good impression upon first-time viewing, which makes it disappointing for me when he talks more about how the opening of Lucky Star was controversial and how he can relate to this opening, outright ignoring that not everyone feels the same way he does. The next episode is indeed much better, but that part gives you about the same degree of satisfaction as hearing someone that says that he is going to talk about great paintings only to stop in front of one masturbating while watching it. If the anime community is so toxic that users actively and permanently engage in such behavior it goddamn sucks.
  • Lolface 123: GameChap was one of the best YouTube channels I had set my eyes upon. I enjoyed their videos thoroughly, their Ye Olde Butcherede Englishe and funny antics managing to make me crack a smile through even a hard day. However, that all changed when the clickbait began rolling in. At first I thought it was nothing and that it was simply nothing more than a phase, if you could call it that. But it kept persisting, over and over and over. And then when I found out about their activities as head moderator on their own forums, up to and including banning people for no reason whatsoever and both disrespecting and downgrading them, for what seemed to me purely in the name of ego, I was livid. For I had a small-time hobby in literature on the side, but despite that I made people welcome, appreciated, respected, regardless of who they were. And then I see the direct inverse of what is happening. All in the sake of some vicious egotist who doesn't even give off the pretension that he cares about it afterwards, even when the consequences could mean the end for his channel. I quickly withdrew my contribution of the subscriber count in disgust. I still visit his profile occasionally, hoping that he decides to once again engage in malicious stupidity so that someone with more sway over YouTube clips his wings for good.
  • Berrenta: As much as I like SlimKirby's work, his playthrough of The Legend of Zelda is becoming a low point. It's helpful that he knows about secrets and which item is where, but he never touched on how a lot of items can be utilized (for example, candles to light dark rooms) though that's a nitpick. There's a kicker: Normally he is quite knowledgeable about the games he is playing, but in this one, he remarks that Peahats are completely invincible. Seriously? Had he known that Peahats can be defeated if they're not moving, this could have been better.
  • Riley1s Cool: Ye gads, Smosh. I can tell you their "Smash Rap" video firmly turned me off of their content. First off, Megaman is a Creator's Pet to the highest degree, being the main character. From the start I could tell it wasn't gonna go well, but it got worse as it went on. Effectively, Rock and and Samus start Battle Rapping. No problem, right? Except Megaman strictly uses misogynistic insults, and his verse amounts to calling one of the most famous Action Girl characters in gaming a whore. "You only got in the game because you give the best Down-B, players only pick you to stare at your tits, etcetera." (And yes, these are actual lines.) Then she has an awesome comeback, telling him off, and he tells her it isn't a beauty pageant and he beats her anyways. Then they bring Villager in, and he ends up being Nightmare Fuel at the expense of Animal Crossing. And then after Megaman blasts him away, who should show up but Mario himself! Except Mario's such a dick that it ends up where you can't care about either, even when Megaman delivers yet another Curb-Stomp Battle. I get that rap battles are mean, but derailing characters for them is not a good purpose, and being sexist to Samus is never okay.
  • Kira Doom: The Aura Guardian's "Pokémon With Odd Gender Ratios". As someone who hates gender stereotypes, I should have known this was going to be bad, but I was still curious. And it wasn't just as bad as i expected; it was worse. Pointing out that feminine-looking Pokemon can actually be male (or masculine-looking Pokemon can be female) isn't bad on it's own, he keeps saying that it's weird how some Pokemon don't conform to a certain appearance, almost as if it's a bad thing. He also keeps forgetting that while some Pokemon can invoke Dude Looks Like a Lady or Lady Looks Like a Dude, in most cases, Pokemon who aren't the gender they appear to be are usually still the minority. This makes it seem like the Aura Guardian doesn't want any Pokemon to look like one gender and be another, which adds even more Unfortunate Implications. It doesn't help that he states these ratios and/or shows them onscreen. But what offended me the most was a sketch in the video: the video's guest star doesn't believe that one of the mentioned Pokemon has an "odd" gender ratio, then turns and talks to a plush toy of a Spritzee. He assumes the Spritzee is a female, but then "she" speaks in a deep, manly voice, and the guy is shocked. This whole thing makes it seem like defying gender norms is bad, and as a proud feminist who doesn't believe that gender norms should exist, it left a sour, bitter taste.
  • Pgj 1997: I don't watch ChannelFrederator's 107 Facts series. For one, the videos are way too long for me to get through in one sitting, and it's a given that they cheaply pad out the lists by giving each individual fact it's own entry, as opposed to grouping facts together like any other list would do, on a regular basis. Though, out of curiosity, I watched the episode on Miraculous Ladybug, being a fan of the show. Simply put, this video doesn't give a good first impression. To start off, the person they picked for this list has a very dull, clearly uninterested voice. Not only does this not do a good job of keeping the viewer engaged, which you need for a video that's almost half an hour long, but there's plenty of other Frederator Studios members that could have done the job better, including people that did previous lists in the series. To pour salt on the wound, the voice is accompanied by bad audio quality, significantly lowering the video's presentation. Did I mention this channel is a YouTube partner? The list itself isn't any better though. Most of the list consists of nothing but facts that most of the fans already know about at this point, or bottom-of-the-barrel entries like Shout Outs and animation errors, which are petty at best. A few stand out entries on the list are as follows. Fact number 9 is... a list of anime that Toei Animation worked on previously. Okay, ignoring the fact that Toei has a small part in the production of this show, how is this relevant to the topic at hand? The only show they list that's even remotely similar to Miraculous Ladybug is Sailor Moon, as if that wasn't obvious enough. Just because a company worked on more than one show doesn't mean it warrants a spot on the list, especially a big name company like Toei. Fact number 12 is the fact that the show uses Transformation Sequences. Which is a given, considering the show's genre. Also, they call them "lengthy", even though they only last about 15 seconds in the actual show. Fact number 50 is, and I quote "In the Toei PV, the Louve gets blown up, and the Arch De Triomph is cut in half by a pillar of light. I mean, what's a superhero hero story without a city being completely demolished?" How is this a fact that warrants its own entry? This isn't interesting in the slightest, and people who already watched the PV already know this. And fact number 107 is... the fact that season 2 and 3 are confirmed. Really anticlimactic, isn't it? You can tell they were really scrapped for ideas, and just threw this together anyway. All of this could've easily been avoided if they just waited for more episodes to come out, thus creating more material to work with, instead of piggybacking off the show's surprise success just for a quick cash grab.
  • chucknormie: While I think LeafyIsHere is a youtuber who is mediocre at best, what with his unfunny humor, selectively chosen game footage to make him appear as godlike at video games as possible, and bad editing, "THE KEEMSTAR RANT" is when his channel jumped the shark for me. The entire video is just one giant mess of hypocrisy. None of the criticisms leveled at Keem are original; they've been used by other channels before, and several of the criticisms Leafy says could also easily apply to himself. Not only that, but Leafy used to actually be friends with Keem, but never brings it up! The entire video was just Calvin activating his hero complex in the most obnoxious way possible, and I'm sure I'm not the only one who cheered when iDubbbzTV absolutely roasted him in his "Content Cop" series for many of the reasons I've brought up here.
    • Awesomekid42: His response to said iDubbbzTV video was quite possibly the most embarrassing reaction to criticism I've ever seen from a youtuber. Disregarding how he acts as if the original video is meant to be an "exposed video" (because clearly if somebody expresses not liking your content it means that they're trying to expose you) the majority of Leafy's video is filled with moments that are just painful to sit through, such as pretending that the chin joke was meant to be a serious point against him, acting as if needlessly long transitions being a small thing somehow means the issue doesn't exists (along with thinking that AIDS and ADHD are the same thing but I digress) acting as if criticizing him for not being funny is a worthless criticism by essentially saying "The Weather Channel isn't funny so it's shit" despite Calvin putting a focus on comedy in his videos so being unfunny would actually hurt the quality of the video, and trying to derail Idubzzz's points by taking shots at other videos made by Idubzzz (some several years prior to the original video) that doesn't affect the original criticisms in the slightest. A terrible video filled with points that added nothing of substance that only exists because he couldn't handle being criticized.
  • kensu: Snopes is a pretty good example of how credulous web users used to be in the '90s and 2000s. Whatever Snopes had to say on any urban myth was gospel; no argument. These days, however, they've mostly been replaced by Wikipedia and various blogs which allow user interaction and fact-checking. The scales fell from my eyes over two myths and the way that the moderators of Snopes handled them. The first is the famous case of The Dating Game, where a housewife gave a ribald response to the question: "what is the strangest place you've ever had sex". Snopes started out saying this was fake, but imagine our surprise when a video of it emerged. Snopes continued to claim the legend was fake, because some (but not all) accounts of the legends involved a black couple, and the couple in the video was white. Basically Snopes was claiming that the legend wasn't true, there just happened to have been another incident that perfectly matched the legend, but wasn't actually the incident that was being referred to. Snopes eventually very reluctantly changed the status of this myth to true. The second case was that of The Wooden Bomb. The original page said this myth was false, citing no references. This was followed with a long paternalistic lecture about how the legend couldn't be true, which makes it pretty clear that they never bothered to research it. It then came out that the legend was true, and it took a very long time for Snopes to acknowledge that. In the interim Snopes went to rather insane lengths to ensure that their site can't be archived, so it's impossible for anyone to see the history of their positions on various myths. Bad form, indeed!
  • I Am Not Beast: I used to enjoy Lockstin's theories. I used to think he blew Game Theory out of the water. And then he started doing Pokémon Sun and Moon theories. The first one was... passable, but the ones that followed just kept getting more and more ridiculous, and relied more and more heavily on Bat Deduction. The point where I quit was when he claimed that Type: Null was created by Team Skull, who is a street gang. How would a street gang be able to create a mutant monster? They aren't scientists, they're just simple thugs! They just do things like block roads and steal shit! I could see them trying to capture Solgaleo or Lunala, but genetic experimentation? Lockstin, I know you're trying to play a crazy conspiracy theorist in these videos, but don't you think you're getting a little too into character? Hopefully he'll go back to making good theory videos, in the meantime I'll just wait for Sun and Moon to come out and disprove his ridiculous claims.
  • Dr Zulu 2010: I like Cinematic Excrement and its reviews. But there is somethng about his Fantastic Four (2015); mainly when he talks about the rather controversial Race Lift of Johnny Storm from white to black, he says that those who said that are Trump supporters. I hate Trump myself but that's not the point, the point is he generalised people into one group of people even if some of them has legitimate critisism about this change; like how he is black, yet Sue is white, how it goes against 60 years of continuity or if they wanted to have a black Fantastic Four member, why not Reed, Ben or, hell, why not both the Storm siblings. But nope! You don't like the black Johnny Storm, y'all Trump supporters. I'm not against political jokes but, like all jokes, they have to be well written and well executed, not used to soapbox your thoughts on the matter. Let's hope you're gonna take this to a minimum, Smeghead.
  • JEFFWONTLEAVE: I personally think that commentary videos get a bad rep nowadays. They have drastically improved from what they were back in 2011 with much more insight and humor. One prime example of this is Rion "Rhino" Mills, considered by many to be the best one out there. Which makes his DMOS, Response to Mr Enter even more painful. The video itself could have been better if it was worked into a main commentary on his channel or People who did the B.O.P commentary on Mr.Enter's troll video did the response, but instead it's just a lazy response that come's across as filler for a Massive Multiplayer Crossover channel. But the main issue I had with this video that turned it From Bad to Worse was the last 3 minutes where he tries to come across as The Last DJ who is trying to help save the poor misinformed fans of this horrible person who made a video he hated on youtube instead turned the entire response to a very mean-spirited, arrogant and completely uncalled for rant about Mr.enter. For someone who is well known for being very well reasonable and yet still blunt and to the point, this seemed completely out of character for him and added nothing of value to the commentary. As a person who hated that troll video as much as, if not more so then him, I was completely furious with this video and was considering just giving up on the commentary community all over again, but I decided to give him one more shot and he did win me back. But I'm still not forgiving him for that train wreck any time soon.
  • Phantom Dusclops 92: I just discovered Clay Claymore and his commentary on The Mysterious Mr. Enter's videos, enjoying his commentary on how much Enter overreacts to stuff... until I got to "MysteriousMrEnter GO (the fuck away)!", his commentary on Enter's "The Return of Slade" review. As usual, he goes to notice that Enter overreacts, makes unfunny jokes and stuff... until he goes out of border saying that all the shows Enter said he likes in the review (Gravity Falls, Steven Universe, Star vs. the Forces of Evil and My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic) are overrated crap, basically saying that if you like any of these shows, you're an overreacting manchild. I find that offensive.
    • Sugarp1e1: Another commentator by the name of Doodletones has commentated on videos against Mr. Enter before (defending him despite not liking him anymore) and the way she sums up those videos can be applied here; "Mr. Enter is wrong because he's Mr. Enter". Seriously, it feels like this guy is only bad-mouthing these shows because Mr. Enter likes them and nothing else. Sure, he tries to argue, but his aruguments boil down to "I don't like these shows, therefore they're overrated bullshit". And that's ignoring the hypocrisy. He gets on Enter's case for being immature, yet he judges Steven Universe solely on the worst of its fanbase alone. I'm not even a big fan of Mr. Enter (who is, at best, a Guilty Pleasure of mine), and this still bothered me.
  • Sugarp1e 1: The Warcraft entry of GameSpot's Worst Reviewed Movies of 2016 rubbed me the wrong way. For the majority of the list, the narrator of this video spent a decent amount of time for each entry explaining why each movie is bad. Nine Lives isn't funny, The Do-Over is yet another braindead Adam Sandler comedy, Zoolander 2 is just a rehash of the original, etc. But for the Warcraft entry, they decide to just show a single clip of what they expected from the movie and compare it to multiple clips from the actual movie, with Flat "What" reactions thrown in-between, to make the classic "This is what we wanted, but this is what we got. Therefore it sucks" argument. While the argument itself isn't bad, the execution was just... lazy and weak. I know that they were trying to invoke the "It speaks for itself" argument and that if the person watching this video was a Wo W fan who agreed with Game Spot's opinion of the movie, it most likely would. But what about all the people who never played the game or watched the movie? If they're anything like me, they'd probably be confused as to why they think the movie is bad. What exactly were they trying to say? That the movie was boring? That it was silly? That it didn't feel the games it was adapted from? I'm just guessing here. Call me stupid, but I don't get it. I'm not saying they should've sat down and spelled it out to us, just that they could've explained why the movie is bad instead of just lazily pasting some clips together with little to no review. Also, in the Zoolander 2 entry, they state that even Justin Bieber's death scene couldn't save this movie. If the joke ended there, it'd okay. But instead they decide to shoehorn a clip of the infamous scene from CSI where Justin is shot dead, despite the fact that CSI has nothing to do with the topic of the list at hand. In other words, they used Zoolander 2 as an excuse to pander to Justin Bieber's haters and make a "Justin Bieber must die" joke. That, to me, is the equivalent of making an "MC Hammer is broke" joke: an old joke that just isn't funny anymore.
  • Asue: hotdiggedydemon's review of The Powerpuff Girls 2016 reboot was a massive disappointment. Now, I do admit to like hdd's stuff (through I don't really like his gross jokes). But this was... Ugh. First of all, this review came waaaaaaay after the initial reaction towards the show (in December of 2016, while the show premiered on April 4, eight months earlier), a.k.a it's old news. I wouldn't usually have a problem with someone reviewing something that was reviewed to death, as long as they bring something new to the table. But he didn't. None of his points were any original or felt fresh whatsoever (from ranting about the reboot toning down the violence, which isn't the cartoon's fault but rather because of the Moral Guardians who complained about the original show's violence, to talking about the main characters not getting their old voice actresses back to the twerking bit). Second, his smug tone during the video made him look like he was trying way too hard to be like "I know better than you, Powerpuff Girls 2016 team" (especially when he actually challenges them to watch this video, which reeks of pretentiousness) and made me cringe. And third, he was reading too much into the supposed "anti-feminism" stuff (which was made up just to make the show look like a sexist piece of crap while not even trying to be funny in the process). And this is coming from someone who thought the reboot was "meh". (Also, what was up with that random Take That! towards Star Wars at the end? That was pointless and not even remotely connected to the review at all.)
  • Captain Tedium: One of the many things on the Internet I am addicted to are cartoon conspiracy theories, mainly because they're fun to read or hear about even when they're clearly a load of bunk. The worst video consisting of a list of cartoon conspiracy theories I've ever watched, however, would be adamsmasher's four-part Top 100 Cartoon Conspiracy Theories video. There were a lot of flaws, but the absolute worst thing about this four-part video was that several entries weren't even cartoon conspiracy theories at all and instead consisted of adamsmasher complaining about modern cartoons being inferior to older ones. It's true that everyone's entitled to their opinion, but adamsmasher wasn't helping his case when he insisted that people who liked today's cartoons were immature twelve-year-olds, and complaining about modern shows really has nothing to do with cartoon conspiracy theories at all. Whether he couldn't find 100 interesting cartoon conspiracy theories or just felt like bashing people who liked what he didn't like, there really was no reason for him to kvetch about modern cartoons being terrible and it was especially appalling that he'd have the gall to make a hasty generalization of everyone who doesn't share his opinion.
  • Sugarp1e1: The 7th entry of The Metal Blade 5's Top 10 Worst Video Game Reviews I've Seen list. In the beginning of the video, he claims that he has no problem with people liking something he doesn't and that he was only going to focus on the reviews themselves. Yet when he gets to his 7th entry, he starts going on this long rant about how Shadow of Memories is an objectively bad game and how everyone who gave it a positive review is wrong. This entry felt more like a review on the game than a review on the reviews it got. And the hypocrisy gets worse at the end of the video when he tells the narrator of the #1 review on the list that he should respect people's opinions on the game. I don't know about you, but telling people their objectively wrong for liking something you don't isn't respecting their opinion. Also, his yelling literally gave me a headache.
  • shoboni: I love SomeOrdinaryGamers but Mutahar dropped the ball when he did a video about an alleged Youtube Pedophile Ring months after another Youtuber named Reignbot that also deals with disturbing online content thoroughly debunked it as fear-mongering and explained how it's actually harmful to spread such hysteria.
  • Mr Media Guy 2: Normally, I usually have a lot of fun reading the scary stories on r/nosleep. But this story, Wrong Way Charlie, is probably the worst thing ever posted there. The story is about a four year-old boy who befriends a kitten, becoming very close to the animal. One day, he runs through the hall and ends up stepping on the kitten and horribly injuring him. Then the boy's horrified mother euthanizes the kitten by smashing his skull with a hammer, right in front of both the two children and the mother cat! All of this is done in graphic detail, with disturbing descriptions of both the kitten meowing in agony and his brains and skull splattering all over the hallway. The story wasn't scary at all, just nauseating and gross. And it didn't even come with a content warning, unfortunate for a cat-lover like myself. I wonder if this story is the reason nosleep has a new rule about how awful content alone doesn't make a story scary.
  • Im Spidey 2: I'm not that much of a fan of TechRax. While I do like some of his videos, I always found his commentary a bit annoying. I unsubscribed to him today however, upon seeing Pyrocynical trash his latest video, Casting Cockroaches + iPhone 7 Plus in Molten Aluminum!. Nausea Fuel aside, Tara (Tech himself) seems completely ignorant to the cockroachesnote ' suffering (which, by the way, you can hear their squeaking as they burn), even snickering a few times at them. I always found Tech to be a bit stupid, but this made him hit, as Pyro said, "a new low". And at the end, he outright just says that they're "asleep" at the end. As one just clings to life in the corner of the tray. Yeah, you know what? Fuck you, Tara. You just lost a sub, and hopefully thousands more will follow after watching this twisted excuse of "entertainment" and waste of innocent life.
  • Big Jimbo: I have a lot of fun at Drawception, but I have a small bone to pick at one drawing. I don't remember what game it was, but that game made me laugh. Then someone talked about his panel in the game being proof that Mario is evil and my laughs came to a screeching end right there. It was just the old "evil Mario" thing, which is honestly like beating a dead horse.
  • Bismuth 83: Charriii5's Everything Wrong With videos for various games, while not as good as those produced by Dartigan, are still enjoyable to me. However, his response to the line "She's a woman, she doesn't know up from down" in his Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves video, was DEFINITELY a DMOS for me. Really? "Oh shit, incoming feminazis, abort video"? Not only are you kinda-sorta aligning yourself with Gamergate, a highly divisive movement, right there, you can't even bring yourself to say "That's SEXIST?!" WHAT?! Even more galling, as he has no problem with calling something racist!
  • Big Jimbo: I'm surprised I didn't mention this, as it has infuriated me a lot: The My Talking Tom shorts as a whole can be compared to Teen Titans Go!note  in terms of Comedic Sociopathy, but one video managed to cross the line even for the series: Episode 12, where it starts fine with Angela visiting Tom (even though the Angela redesign bugged me a bit). But it all goes down when Angela starts changing Tom's house to fit her preference. Tom gets fed up and goes to find her. Then he chews her out for doing that, and it's easy to see why (this Jerkass of an Angela was vandalizing his own house), so what does she do: Apologize to him or turn the house back to normal? None: she just turns Tom's console into a bouquet of flowers. Tom is rightfully pissed at this point, and starts throwing a tantrum, and honestly, after everything Angela's done to him, it's hard to blame him. Unfortunately, this insane fit is actually supposed to make Angela look like the one who was wronged, so she makes Tom wear a dress (which is not only mean-spirited, but pointless too, since Angela dresses up like a tomboy in these videos). The episode closes with Tom ready to cry, while Angela gets off scot-free, with a shot of her turning the "My Talking Tom" logo into the "My Talking Angela" logo just to drive the point home. You know that saying that The Mysterious Mr. Enter used to refer to: "What I'm doing is wrong, I know it's wrong, but I'm gonna do it anyway"? Well, that applies here: Angela is driving Tom crazy on purpose, and she's actually happy to see him suffer. Why is turning the Series Mascot into a high-class Designated Monkey so prevalent (certain Mickey Mouse (2013) episodes are my main example)? And the Character Derailment Angela underwent also happened in the other "My Talking Tom" episode, and even other games like Talking Tom Jetski (Angela pushes Tom just because to get on the jetski if you select her, while Tom just gets on it). So, what is Outfit7 trying to teach us? It's OK to bully others? Even The Peanuts Movie turned the characters into nicer children after several cases of bullying put the action in the poor taste category. Thank goodness the game "Talking Tom Gold Run" finally rescued her from the Scrappy heap, or she would Never Live It Down again and I'd continue to ask myself "Why does Tom still love Angela after all that she's done?"
  • Doctor Sleep: Ash vs Red Pokémon Battle by Gumbino. A concept that had plenty of potential to be both funny and faithful squandered in favour of making Ash look like the sorest loser on the planet. By far the lowest point had to be when Ash started stomping his feet and demanding that he be allowed to murder one of Red's Pokemon out of some inane sense of fairness.
  • Asue: I seriously love Le Joueur du Grenier (The Attic Gamer), a French web show that is like if you mixed AVGN with The Nostalgia Critic (he reviews both video games and TV shows/movies) while downplaying the Toilet Humor and shouting, respectively, of both shows. Sadly, however, when it comes to review anything Sonic-related in both his "2D to 3D" and second video game-related adaptations episodes, he's pretty bad. Now, it's not a case of He Panned It, Now He Sucks!, as I'm fully aware of the franchise's faults (like the corny voice acting and, well, Sonic '06. 'Nuff said.) and am okay with people not liking it... As long as their criticisms of it are anything credible and fair. In both episodes, when it comes to talk about the series, he shows an awfully obvious and painful Bias Steamroller (as well as a Author Filibuster in the latter-mentionned episode) towards it and pan all the games who are not Sonic The Hedgehog 1, mainly because of Sonic's "shitty friends" (1. He's also including Tails and Knuckles, meaning that he only likes Sonic and Dr. Egg- Robotnik, and 2. No one uses that expression anymore, or at least, in a serious manner), the fact that Sonic talks and the fact that the series' main gameplay has changed since 1991. And, yeah, that's it. That's his reasoning of why he doesn't like the series anymore (and before someone says to me that only his JDG persona thinks like this, he went on in another video to say much of the same things as himself). Sorry, but you have to be kidding me if those petty grips are credible reasons to dislike an entire franchise. (Also, Akira Toriyama didn't invent the concept of a rival who's also an Anti-Hero with Vegeta, JDG. Calling Shadow a Vegeta rip-off was really low.)
  • Phobosong: Voice of Reason's "Balanced Perspective" of the first Equestria Girls with Toonkritic Y2k and Past Analysis is a mess, and shows every overused and flimsy argument against the movie, and quite frankly, the problems that plague the MLP analysis community (mind you, this is coming from someone who wasn't even that big of a fan of the first one, and knew it had plenty of flaws). Even if you don't like Equestria Girls, it's clear he has a massive Bias Streamroller against it, especially when he mentions how high the movie would be on his "Top Ten Worst MLP Episodes" if it were an episode. One particularly bad part is when, upon hearing that the movie didn't have that much fanservice, throws in a bunch of references to the show such as Pinkie's party cannon line and a powered up Rainbow taking Scootaloo for a ride in the party as a sort of "take that". While one could argue that there was some fanservice (the Derpy in the credits is a good example), it's really presumptuous to assume that every single one of those references is just "pandering". Believe it or not, VoR, sometimes, writers just want to make little references to past things done by themselves or by other writers on this show they've been working on. But no, just assume that that party cannon line was made just to appease bronies, and not a fun, ironic joke McCarthy was making that referenced an older episode of hers. Just assume that scene of Rainbow flying with Scootaloo is fanservice, and not just a little nod to how Rainbow and Scootaloo had just gotten a nice friendship in the show. Just assume everything's about you and other bronies. There's other flaws, like scoffing at the idea that Sunset's defeat was a nice tribute to Nightmare Moon's defeat, saying it was just a rehash. This completely ignores the thematic reasons for this similarity: both Sunset and NM had feelings of anger and resentment, turned to magic, and were suddenly taken over by something powerful and evil, only to be freed from their monstrous torment by the Elements of Harmony. Of course they'd be similar. But, like many reviewers, he seemed to completely miss that Sunset was shocked by her transformation, or rather, he couldn't be bothered to notice that, and what that said about her character. For something called a "Balanced Perspective", VoR's biased, obnoxious review takes up the spotlight, he has absolutely no intention on being balanced or fair himself, and it really hurts the review to an infuriating degree.
  • IHateMyselfAndWantToDie: A somewhat minor one, but Rocked's video "Regretting the Past: Chocolate Starfish and the Hot Dog Flavored Water" really rubbed me the wrong way. So, a bit of context, the guy who runs the channel is an "old-school metalhead" who loves and worships the likes of Metallica, but hates bands like Limp Bizkit, Creed, Nickelback and really just any band with a large hate-base. He has this horrible tendency to bring up these bands just to insult them. And believe me, this isn't a problem relating to differing opinions, not at all. It's how often he does it, it's like, we get it. You don't like these bands. But anyway, back to today's focus, his review of Limp Bizkit's Chocolate Starfish. I do think that he made several valid criticisms, and I applaud him for giving credit where it's due. However, it's when he brings up the lyrical reference to Nine Inch Nails in Hot Dog, saying something along the lines of "if you're going to reference another band, at least make it a good one". This came out of nowhere, and is even more jarring when you consider he didn't even mention the references to Guns N' Roses and The Who in My Generation. It's a video about Limp Bizkit, if you're going to mention it, just do so and move on. If anything, get mad at Fred Durst for stealing lyrics. Add in other little problems like the always-hilarious gags of "it was so bad it knocked me out" and "minute of laughing from other people", hypocritically complaining about all the angst on the album and, as always, bringing up other bands that have nothing to do with the video, just to put them down, and you can see my issue.
    • Davy Alexandre: I'm replacing my complaint about his review of "Chocolate Starfish" in favor of his reviews for Nickelback's "All the Right Reasons" and Buckcherry's "15", because of the nature of those albums' very questionable lyrics, he claims that both albums tell the stories of what he calls "The Denny's Stalker". It gets to the point that in the ATRR video, he completely disregards the topic of the track "Side of a Bullet" (a song about an alternate universe where the protagonist of the song prepares to get revenge on the person who killed Dimebag Darrell) in favor of claiming that "The Denny's Stalker" has a gun and is going to kill everyone. Words cannot express how disrespectful that is: to completely gloss over something like that just so he can do his nonsensical bullcrap.
  • Tropers/legorunnerkid: The "My Open Letter to SiIvaGunner" video by Edgo while not an awful video I did have one problem with it. He is mad that Si Iva is taking jabs at Mike Matei and that is apparently mean. I don't get this. For one, I doubt the people behind SiIvaGunner are that vicious at people. Sure, Mike is somewhat ashamed I guess but it isn't like SiIva is telling Mike to go kill himself or something like that. He also doesn't mention Loud Nigra and Misha which were both mocked a few times. He later made a comment about it but it is still jarring. Also he compared SiIva to Leafy. I've seen where he was coming from and the video itself wasn't awful but it just felt like he didn't know how SiIvaGunner works.
  • Togie: Prior to the early post-release days of Pokémon X and Y, I really liked TamashiiHiroka. I found her Top 10s and her Pokémon beta/alpha videos interesting and entertaining. However, she began to gradually degrade in quality. Probably the first video that I found to be below par was her worst Legendary Pokémon, where she tried to look at what she felt were the worst Legendaries competitively. The problem is, she compared many lesser legendaries to cover ones, which are banned from almost every standard format anyway. The most erroneous example was Jirachi, who made it on the list due to the infamous Paraflinch strategy getting nerfed, despite the fact that Jirachi doesn't need said strategy to be effective. The final nail in the coffin was when she began incorporating politics, namely feminism, to her videos. Even to this day, I don't think Tamashii has recovered at all, and her stats are reflecting this. She used to get at least 300-500 thousand views on her videos, often breaking into the millions. However, many of her recent videos struggle to break even 100 thousand views.
    • Troper/Sakubara: For me that would be her Top 10 Favorite Anime (or to be more accurate the final nail in the coffin due to my general dislike of her Opinion Myopia). Now the entries themselves are fine (in fact I like some of them as well) ,but when she was talking about Cardcaptor Sakura she unfavourably contrasted it with Puella Magi Madoka Magica and flat out said she didn't like the show. Now don't get me wrong I'm completely I completely understand that Madoka Magica is not for everyone including fans of more traditional Magical Girl shows...THE PROBLEM is that thumbnail is from the show image which to any normal viewer would imply that it would be on the list! Madoka fans like me would click on it expecting her to talk about the show in a positive way only to be surprised that learn that she actually hates the show. That would be like Josh Scrocher putting Ōkami in the thumbnail for his Top 10 Games list even though it's notoriously the game he hates ,but everyone else loves.
  • Dr Zulu 2010: I like What Culture Wrestling's content, but the they handle Jinder Mahal's title victory at Backlash makes them act like the same Smarks they were making fun of (especially Plumpy) but that's for another time. Instead I put the video on "Why Jinder Mahal will fails as a WWE Champion''. Not because of the video itself; I agree with most of Simon's case especially when it comes to not jumping the gun at calling him "the worst champion in the WWE" when his title reign just began but instead it's the title which is misleading and clickbaity. The biggest problem is that while Simon took a moment to truly say why Jinder's push might be risky as a business decision, he spends the rest of the video defending him and saying that with the correct way to be booked, he can bring a breath of fresh air to the promotion and mentioned how people already go on social media to condemn his push before it even started. This feels disjointed since, if more than anything, Simon wanted to play the devil's advocate (what the Why series serves for) but has to do something like this because his opinion is on the minority and he didn't want to upset the majority. I hope Jinder proves them wrong (though, being WWE, I also expect the worst) so What Culture can look themselves into a mirror and see how bad they have handled the situation in hindsight.
  • Big Jimbo: Do votes in TheTopTens count? If yes, I'd like to nominate a vote in the "Worst Simpsons Episodes" article, specifically one for "The Boys of Bummer". Now, it wasn't a DMOS because they hate the episode (which I found mediocre at worst), the series or a character. It was a vote where someone straight-up said, word for word, this statement: "It Would've Be Entertaining If It Was Lisa Who Became Hated". What the hell, dude? First off, it makes it seem like just because Lisa is The Scrappy of the series, she deserved to not only be bullied, but encouraged to commit suicide (Before you ask, no, the action of most citizens of Springfield did not annoy me, because at least they realized their mistake. Second, if you put Lisa instead of Bart, it would still be unpleasant and uncomfortable, not better or worse. Third, there's a really obvious Double Standard. Bart is thought by many to be the Unintentionally Sympathetic sibling, so he doesn't deserve this. Lisa is thought to be the Unintentionally Unsympathetic sibling, so she deserves this. It gives out this message: "If someone you hate is given extremely bad treatment, don't show sympathy for them. They are the show's most hated character, and therefore deserving of it." Not to mention this episode is one of Lisa's most sympathetic roles in the show! At least Media Man was rightfully bashed for it, realized his mistake, apologized for it and rewrote it when he did the same, unlike this guy.
  • Insert Clever Name Here: Top 5 Unknowns has jumped the shark with this list of statues caught moving on camera. You know it's terrible when much of the footage is so small you can't even see the statues moving, but the worst part of the video was at number 4; the guy literally just showed clips of people in Jesus costumes. Seriously, Top 5 Unknowns? Were you even trying when you made this list?
  • Starshock: The article "Everything I Love Is Problematic" from the Mary Sue is not a bad article. The main message is that while it's okay to enjoy works of fiction that contain Values Dissonance or Unfortunate Implications, it's also good to criticize the shortcomings of those works and of their creators. That's a good message. That's not what I object to. What I object to is this sentence, and more importantly, the philosophical belief it implies "Bill Cosby, H. P. Lovecraft, and Marion Zimmer Bradley were not good people." Why is Lovecraft problematic? He was racist and his racism had an aggravating tendency of bleeding over into his writing. Fair enough. Why are Cosby and Bradley problematic? Because they are accused of rape and child abuse, respectively. It seems like it should be impossible for Lovecraft's repugnant and ridiculous racism to be the "jaywalking" in an Arson, Murder, and Jaywalking scenario, yet this article manages to pull it off. Holding racist beliefs is wrong, and I really hope I don't need to tell you that. But I also hope that I don't need to tell you that holding racist beliefs, awful as those beliefs are, is not morally equivalent to rape or child abuse. Yet by lumping together Cosby, Lovecraft, and Zimmer under the same catagory of "not good people", this article implies just that. The article never goes on to clarify its point, leaving us with the unchallenged assumption that all moral failings are equal. That's a philosophical belief that is, dare I say it, problematic.
  • Brickmaster4496: No Bullshit's "Dr. Phil Does Demons, Possession & Supernatural" video. It started out standard and okay, but about midway through, he breaks into a rant about how he thinks religion as a whole is just fake bullshit made to control people, and rarely ever helps anyone. (1 out of 10 times in his own words.) I know he's an atheist, which is fine, but his tone and the way he worded the rant just seemed so... bitter, even by his standards. But what really got me is how he claims that he "knows" for certain that he's right and that religion is completely fake, which just came off as vain and kind of egotistical. Say what you will about religion and how much you believe in it, but to insist that he's totally correct and so strongly "knows" it's all "made up" makes him no better than a lot of the close-minded religious extremists who say the same sort of things. Criticism of religion is nothing new, especially for No Bullshit, but that rant just left an extremely bad taste young adult]]) in my mouth. He did acknowledge a few positives of religion afterword, but for me, it was too little too late.
  • Indy Revolution: Youtuber H Bomberguy is undeniably intelligent, undeniably clever, and undeniably funny. He's also an arrogant prick. In "Pewdiepie is a Nazi", where he parodies Felix and his handling of the "anti-semitism" debacle, he pretends to be him for half of the video. At one point, he looks at the camera and says, "I'd like to say thank you to all the Youtubers who came out of the woodwork to defend me for money." Cue a bunch of thumbnails appearing onscreen of YouTubers defending him. Really? You can't simply assume people were defending him for moral reasons? You're so up your own ass that you assume everyone on the other side of a debate has an ulterior motive? He was essentially proven wrong when H 3 H 3, who's video was included in the thumbnails shown, would later attack Pewdie for dropping the N bomb on stream, which would result in a large portion of Ethan's fanbase turning on him. But yeah, he was defending him for money, sure.
  • Light Tiger Grand Prix: In my opinion, Yo Mama has long since run its course, but it's still harmless and I can see people still getting laughs out of it. Then they made one out of Club Penguin. What's the joke here? Your mama is so stupid, she thought Club Penguin was about literally clubbing penguins. What. The. Fudgeripple. This joke is just needlessly cruel, because they don't have the penguins get clubbed in a slapstick cartoon way like a casual viewer would expect from the channel. Instead, we get a bunch of bloodstained penguins having been killed by one of those barbed wire covered baseball bats you see poachers use to kill seals. And while I do enjoy things like Robot Chicken, they at least put wit into their deconstructions. The joke here is just "ha ha, we graphically mutilated your childhood!" But even taking that out of it, this is just another example of Yo Mama using popular games to stay relevant. And it wasn't even timed well - this joke came a month after the closure of the game! Overall, this is just a mean-spirited stinker of a joke and I hope they don't do this again.
    • Doctorpig: I totally agree with you. It blows my mind that a series goes from swearing and sex jokes to pandering to young children. If there was one joke I would have to say is my least favourite is their joke about Ricegum. What was this joke that warranted hours of work to make? "Yo mama's so ugly, Ricegum wouldn't make a disstrack on her". Are you kidding me? What human sat down and thought that this joke was good? I just can't understand it in the slightest. Why is Ricegum afraid of making disstrack a on ugly people? I bet he would have a field day writing scripts and calling people like iDubbbzTV and Jake Paul out on their appearance. At least the Club Penguin joke actually made sense. This, on the other hand, makes me feel sick to my stomach.
  • brightentayle: I did enjoy a plenty of Top Hats And Champagne offerings, in which he takes videos from little-known, entitled and mindless console fanboys and criticizes their logic, or lack thereof. While his content is way more over-the-top than the rest of "Four Horsemen of PC Gaming" (a group which, apart from THaC, consists of BulletBarry, Rags and Fringy), he still provided fair points in defense of video games as a whole - at least, up until his thirty minute rant about Jim Sterling himself, in which everyone's favourite PC elitist takes these points and, either out of sheer misunderstanding or bigotry, flips them around. To be specific, his victim was a Cuphead-centered episode of Commentocracy - a show in which Jim plays Duke Amiel d'Hardcore, a pretentious 18th century aristocrat, quoting various gaming elitists on how other people should "git gud" at video games. Not even an actual episode of Jimquisition. Just a silly video taking piss off silly things. Basically, THaC's rather hamfisted interpretation of Commentocracy is that Jim is now hands down the advocate for mass casualization of video games, now that he thinks these perfectly normal quotes are bad, a statement which could perfectly backfire on THaC himself, seeing how in most of his videos, he basically plays a posh, PC-obsessed cartoon villain to such a degree it's becoming hard to realize where Top Hats's honest opinion ends and wacky characterization begins. To reiterate, Jim's opinion on difficulties in video games is restated time and time again, and is more obvious if you watch his videos on the Dark Souls series: Jim can perfectly understand why games can be this easy or this difficult, and he really doesn't mind if the low or high skill floor in certain titles is justified. None of that has been brought to the drunken mind of Top Hats and Champagne, who decided to make an entire episode not in a dedicated video editor - but in a dedicated streaming program, cracking a couple of jokes about his decreased production values which, as far as improv goes, are completely pointless. As cringeworthy as you might find Jim reciting scrublords while in whiteface, Top Hats's attempts at humor, as well as understanding sarcasm, are just as bad, if not worse. Oh, oh, oh, and the comment section, too.
  • PutYaGunsOn: I used to watch this YouTube user called Faded Holy Soldier AKA Mr. Advice circa 2007-2008. He was a nice guy with a cynical side, and he agreed with a lot of things that my angry, bullied 13-year-old self would've been on board with. He loved anime and fighting games, he hated 2007-era rap music, and he made videos speaking out against bullying, school issues, and stupid middle school and high school kids. He made cool trips to Japan where he would be friendly to random people on the street. He used to speak highly of women, even praising characters like Chun-Li for making room for badass female characters in video games. Sure, his videos were highly profanity-laced, cynical, and had some controversial un-PC humor, but most if not all of them had good messages and good intentions. I came back to him around 2011, and hoooo boy was I in for a rude awakening. His new videos have now taken a misogynistic, racist direction. Around the time, he made videos calling out a controversial Singaporean YouTube user named Aaron Tan. Of course, he starts one video playing Chun-Li's theme song while doing Chop Sockey moves with Funny Bruce Lee Noises. The rest of the video is littered with bad Asian Speekee Engrish impersonations, disgusting Yellow Fever comments about Singaporean women, and at the end of the video he resorted to referring to Aaron Tan as "Aaron Ching Tang Chong Chang Chong Chingchongchingchongchingchong Lolololololol General Tso Chinese Food Chingchongchingchongchingchong Choioioioing Hot Sauce" or something along those lines (not even exaggerating that). His videos about women circa that era seem to imply that he is bitter towards most women now. He refers to his former nice self as a "mangina" and encourages men to treat women as little more than holes to put their dicks in, while being particularly hateful towards single moms. Needless to say, I lost respect for him since then, but I wish him the best, because I have seen him do better.
  • Pgj1997: While I think EmperorLemon's Meme Theory on Behind the Meme was well-constructed, one thing that gets to me is how he views "normies". Basically, if you like anything from mainstream media, you're a normie, and shouldn't be taken seriously. This vague definition is what bothers me. Not only is this downright childish to base a person off of what they like and don't like, but it just comes off as condescending. Might I remind everyone, this guy is well known for making YouTube Poops of Pixar movies, and even created an entire tetralogy based on Finding Nemo, which is also mainstream media. I've seen many people on the internet who act like this, but this ranks near the top. Flat out implying "You like X, and it's mainstream, therefore, you're a normie, and I hate you" just makes him come off as a giant asshole who thinks you can label people based on their interests. News flash, you can't.
  • heartauthor: Normally, I find Double Toasted a fun watch on YouTube; however, if there's one commentator on there I can't stand, it's Danielle. She's made a lot of dumb comments on various videos, but the worst was when Korey was talking about the controversy about Kesha being trapped in a contract with a manager whom she claims abused her. In response to this, Danielle suggested that people who are in this position should befriend their rapist. Yeah, I'm sure plenty of abuse victims would be completely on board with that idea. Apparently Danielle is now making an effort to watch what she says on-camera, but it's too late for me; I can't bear to watch any videos with her in it because of the asinine comments she's made.
  • Trialman: I used to enjoy the Randomizer Nuzlockes done by MrShawnTRods, until he did one with Ultra Sun. Specifically, it was on episode 6 or 8, I can't be bothered checking, where he had a shiny Froakie. He eventually got the Froakie to evolve, and due to the randomizer, it became a Chatot. His immediate reaction was to release it, making it dead. His reasoning being that Chatot is weak. Firstly, I really disliked this, as it defies the message that the Pokemon series itself has, about not judging just on strength. Secondly, it defies part of the appeal of a Nuzlocke in the first place, being that you need to take what you get, no matter how strong or weak it is. And thirdly, it was the culmination of my big problem with the whole playthrough up to that point, that he was being far too negative. He constantly claimed he would try to be positive, while yelling at the game for completely trivial reasons, and this moment was what fully cemented his extreme negativity. Well, since he had that release knee-jerk reaction, I decided my knee-jerk reaction will be a dislike, and a click on the "unsubscribe" button.
  • ScarletNebula Okay so i usually liked Infamous Sphere's Infamous Queer video series, they're usually pretty alright. Not so much her review of The Grand Budapest Hotel however, now she discovered she doesn't actually like the movie anymore, fair enough, but throughout the video i feel like it's just completely morose and depressing for no real reason. Like i can see why reviewers make video funny, cause otherwise the video is miserable and that's what this review was, miserable. You're reviewing a quirky Wes Anderson movie! Lighten up! Needless to say i stopped watching her videos cause it's not worth it if it's just gonna make me depressed.
  • HaileySawyer101 This Dethroning Moment of Suck comes from JHall's Pokemon Sun Playthrough comic series. Since this series doesn't have its own section, I figured it would be appropriate to post this in the "OTHER" folder. Get up and grab a snack because I have quite a bit to say. Now I'll be honest. I actually do like this series and I look forward to reading new episodes every Thursday. It addresses various issues with Sun and Moon, such as the long wait to get your starter at the beginning of the game due to excessive dialogue as seen in episodes three,four, and five, and at times, pokes fun at them, such as in episode 32. I also like some of Jhall's Pokemon, with my favorite being Mr. Snuggles, especially when he evolves into a talking Incinaroar that's a calm intelligent 'mon who can turn into a raging wrestler at a moment's notice. Hell, at times, it can even get a little emotional, as seen in episode 77. Despite my love for the series, I'll admit that at times it can fall flat on its face in big and small ways. I think one of the most prominent examples of this for me is inepisode 83. So in this episode, Jhall is visiting the Vast Poni Canyon and his Charjabug named Chompers is evolving because of the magnetic field in the area. When it evolves into Vikavolt, it's revealed by the Rotom Dex that Chompers' physical defense lowers when it evolves and Jhall says, "Right. Of course. Did God make this region as a prank or something?" Now what's wrong with this episode you may ask? Well let's take this one step at a time. So the plot of the episode is just one joke about how Charjabug's defense is lower when it evolves and because of this, its evolved form Vikavolt faints when it gets hit by a tiny rock and when Jhall finds out about the lowered defense thing he gets angry and rants about it for a bit. And that's it. That's all you get from that episode. There is a bit at the beginning of episode 84 where Jhall tells Chompers not to get hit and Chompers gets hit but it still isn't all that much. Now I wouldn't have much of a problem with this but the joke feels rather lackluster, as it doesn't seem fleshed out enough to have any sort of real punch. Now here are some interesting facts about Charjabug and Vikavolt. While it's true that Vikavolt's physical defense is lower than Charjabug's, it isn't anything to be too worried about. According to Bulbapedia, Charjabug's physical defense is 95 while Vikavolt's is only 90. So right here we're only looking at a five point difference, which really isn't all that drastic if you ask me. Also, at level 49, Charjabug is able to learn Iron Defense, which boosts physical defense by two whole stages, making the whole "lowered physical defense upon evolution" thing a non-issue. So why I'm I bringing up this information? Well because I feel like Jhall could've used some of it to make the Charjabug/Vikavolt joke work better. In the series, Jhall's Charjabug is capable of being a beast in battle, as seen in episode 47. For the Pokemon who require being in an area with a magnetic field, such as Vast Poni Canyon, to evolve like Charjabug for example, they need to level up in that area first to trigger the evolution. So here's what I had in mind. At the beginning of the episode, we see a battle where Chompers uses Acrobatics or one of its other moves like Spark or Crunch to take out a wild or trainer owned Pokemon in one hit. Now while the levels of Jhall's Pokemon aren't mentioned in most of the series, I'll assume that Chompers is at level 48 due to the fact that Jhall is at Vast Poni Canyon, which you visit towards the end of Sun and Moon before you face the Elite Four. After Chompers wins, Jhall's Rotom Dex informs him that Chompers grew to level 49 and that it can learn Iron Defense, which boosts physical defense by two whole stages. The Rotom Dex asks Jhall if he'd like to replace one of Chomper's moves to allow it to learn Iron Defense. Jhall then arrogantly rejects the offer. The Rotom Dex says, "Are you sure? Its physical defense is going to be lowered by five points when it evolves. It also keeps its weakness to Rock type moves as well." Once again, Jhall rejects the offer and says that Chompers is perfect the way he is. When Chompers evolves, Jhall is very excited to the point where he's bouncing off of the walls of the panel or panels and says, "Yeah! No one can beat him now!" Then, Chompers is suddenly hit by a rock and gets taken down easily. Then, Jhall gets angry and says, "Did God make this region as a prank or something?" to which the Rotom Dex calmly replies, "No. You're just an idiot." Jhall's anger then intensifies to the point where he tries to hurt the Rotom Dex. Also, it could just be me but I feel like Jhall only looked at the base stats for Charjabug and Vikavolt and just made the episode without doing any additional research. As a result, the joke also feels rather rushed and lazy. It's a shame too because I know this series is capable of being really damn funny and putting more time and effort into its jokes.
  • Captain Tedium: I usually like blameitonjorge's videos, but the video "6 Surprisingly Dark Adaptations of Kid-Friendly Media" had one entry that rubbed me the wrong way. Said entry was the one for Bomberman Act:Zero. I understand that the game is one of the most reviled Darker and Edgier reboots ever, and I can't really say that I am interested in it, but what I take issue with is how the entry made the hasty generalization that all Darker and Edgier reinventions of kids' media are crap and gave more emphasis on Act Zero being a shitty reboot than on how significantly darker it was than the original Bomberman, when the whole point of the countdown was to list adaptations of media aimed at children that were unexpectedly darker than the original work, not to kvetch about dark adaptations that are considered inferior to the source material. Heck, it's clear that blameitonjorge didn't check for consistency, as the entries were narrated by different people and the same list had the 2017 revival of Samurai Jack that aired on [adult swim], which actually acknowledged that it was well-received in addition to explaining how it was darker than the original Cartoon Network run. The video hasn't made me give up on checking out blameitonjorge's videos, but I really hope that next time he makes sure that the videos' entries aren't narrated by people who miss the point of the video.
  • Keyblade333: I used to really enjoy Dragon Ball youtuber AnimeAjay due to his breakdowns of various episodes within the franchises in terms of animation, and the production behind them. However what ultimately made me cross into disliking him was his reaction to Dragon Ball Super episode 71's English dub, where he absolutely lost his shit on twitter about Hit saying: "Time to make the Doughnuts". While YMMV on the Super dub, the sheer levels of anger he displayed towards the dub and community for disagreeing with him was enough to make me unsub and unfollow on twitter, especially when he became a Hypocrite and called people out for being toxic, but was being toxic himself to people who disagreed with him. His negative attitude also caused his blind fans to actually target the voice actors in involved as well. Even though many other youtubers in the community called him out on his behavior, he refused to apologize, even attacking other content creators over it.
  • Red Berry Blue Cherry: I like Inanimate Insanity. One of my favorite characters is Baseball. In fact, he would be my number 1 favorite character if not for his behavior in "Alternate Reality Show". I understand Baseball and Nickel were best friends and all, but Nickel is an absolute jerk, and yet Baseball just acts like an Emo Teen and keeps giving Suitcase rather mean looks because she voted him off even though she had a perfectly understandable reason to! Not to mention Baseball can see Nickel again once/if he himself is out of the show! Not to mention Baseball knew Nickel was a jerk, yet stays by his side. And apparently we're supposed to see Baseball as a Woobie. I'm sorry if I'm overreacting, and I'm sorry, AnimationEpic, but Baseball seems less of a woobie and more of a Yandere Psychopathic Manchild (assuming he's a young adult) in my eyes.
  • CJ Croen 1393: Turkey Tom is already fairly controversial, but his video on The Mysterious Mr. Enter's IndieGogo campaign really qualifies for one simple reason: He briefly accuses Mr. Enter of being a pedophile. Oh I'm sorry, did I say "briefly"? I meant "repeatedly" and "at least five or six times", to the point that after a while, it doesn't even sound like a joke anymore, it sounds like Turkey Tom actually believes that Mr. Enter is a pedophile. What's his evidence? That he wanted to make a cartoon about children and has written "atrocious books" (that TT admitted to not actually reading) told from the perspective of children. As Mr. Enter himself ends up pointing out in a response video he made, by that logic everyone who has ever made a children's cartoon should be considered a pedophile. I get that he's a ranting commentator and that sometimes, that job involves some insults, but this is just taking things way too far.
    • Mister Toodleoo: I remember another unnecessary insult made by Turkey Tom, and he even acknowledged that it was unnecessary! In his video where he reads some user comments from his "The Problems with Anime" video, he at one point responds to a user who made an immature comment that said something like "F*** you, anime is awesome." But when Turkey Tom points out that said user has a profile picture from My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic, he says something like "Real mature! Really shows how much of a stupid baby you are! But I don't know you, so I can't make that assumption." If Turkey Tom knew that he shouldn't make assumptions like that, why did he insult that other user in that way in the first place? So basically, this moment can be summed up by Mr. Enter's catchphrase: "What I'm doing is wrong, I know it's wrong, but I'm gonna do it anyway!"
  • Lamprey Kurage: So, about gillythekid; he isn't bad, but I wouldn't call him good. But one part of his The Legend of Zelda Flash Games video stuck out to me, and not in a good way. Near the end, he talks about how he learned that some of the games he played in past Flash Games were made using Scratch, which is a program for schools that teaches kids how to make flash games. Since it's for kids, it does have limited features, which is one of his prime complaints for it. I could tolerate that...but then at the very end he started insulting a fanmade Zelda game made on Scratch (with admittedly below average controls, but still). Not only does he not understand that the features are limited so Scratch is easily accessible to kids, he's essentially badmouthing a child who could've potentially wanted to be good at programming and damaging their self-esteem by insulting it and not giving them any constructive criticism.
  • Battle Master: I've enjoyed reading Not Always Right for years, but recently there was a story about a woman at a pet grooming service having a freakout over being charged $3 more than she was expecting. We're suddenly told that the OP later found out that the woman killed her dogs and was arrested with no warning. Many readers were understandably upset about this and said that especially given that Not Always Right is typically a family-friendly humor site, a trigger warning would have been appropriate. Two days later, a story was published with a title that mocked trigger warnings. Not cool at all.
  • Duke Nukem4ever: Ruby Rose VS Ragna the Bloodedge Death Battle Exhibition is a true mess from start to end (what was with Ruby using almost every signature move of hers and thus winning the fight and Ragna dying for not using any special attacks of his?) But no, the main problem is the episode starting with a teaser for the future RWBY episodes. After seeing this advertisement I immediately knew who would win this battle. And I was completely right, because Screwattack and Rooster Teeth care so much about their franchise that they are willing to let its characters completely obliterate their enemies in Death Battle, One Minute Melee and Death Battle Exhibition.
    • Savage Samurai: I agree but for slightly different reasons. The main problem is that it's a gigantic advertisement for RWBY. If you're watching the YouTube release, there is even an ad for RWBY Volume 6. However, anyone who's read the description notes that it's a battle between two scythe wielders. Ragna uses his scythe two times and it isn't even apparent that he's used it. I had to actually pause the video several times to even realise he'd used it. Now I don't care that it was biased; to an extent every DBX is biased because the victor is usually determined by the animator anyway. I don't care that it was an ad by Rooster Teeth. OK that's a lie, I do care but it doesn't mean much in the long run so I can forgive it. I mean if you have the means to promote it, then by all means promote it. However, the thing that gets me is that there was a much better person they could've used to fight Ragna, promote the show and and actually make the fight more interesting and make sense; Qrow Branwen. His Semblance is inflicting bad luck so an argument could be made that he actually could beat Ragna. They're both Cosmic Playthings and use weapons that are primarily swords but can shapeshift into scythes if the wielder wants. For all intents and purposes the description essentially lies and the match would've been much more interesting had Ruby been replaced by her uncle.
  • chucknormie: I didn't like the You Tube Rewind 2018 for many reasons, but I can at least tolerate or understand why they did those things. The most popular YouTubers like PewDiePie, Shane Dawson, iDubbbzTV, Fousey Tube, Rice Gum, Tana Mongeau, and everyone ever associated with Team 10 being left out and replaced with a cast of no-names (excluding Casey Neistat and Lilly Singh)? Defensible. The wooden acting and cringey dialogue? Defensible. "Old media" celebrities like Will Smith hogging the spotlight? Defensible. What I couldn't defend, however, was the moment in the middle of the video when the YouTubers take a break from recapping viral trends of 2018 to pat themselves on the back for "having the bravery" to talk about controversial topics like mental illness or LGBT issues. The problem is that YouTube is notorious for demonetizing videos that discuss those topics and many more deemed "controversial" because they don't consider it to be advertiser friendly, which makes this line completely hypocritical and insulting to every creator who's actually tried to have a frank discussion on these topics and ended up being unable to earn money from their videos because of it. This particular segment made me realize there's a steep gap in how YouTube executives believe the site to be and how it actually is.
  • Dr Zulu 2010: If you want to talk about a controversial topic like politics on Youtube, it's doable as long as you know what you're talking about. However, JelloApocalypse's video just called Vote (he removed it though) seems to be seen as an attempt to sensibilize young people to vote ends as a not too subtile anti-Trump/anti-Republican tract filled to the brim with Critical Research Failure, half-truths and one-sided arguments that even someone like me, who is just as anti-Trump as many people would be in Canada, wouldn't defend. For example, the synagogue shooting was a tragedy, sure, but A, it could happen in other administration and that would still be the same and B, the shooter in question hated Trump for supporting Israel and having a jewish son-in-law. His topic about illigal immigration is also egregious since border patrol has always being a thing, was more prevalent during the Obama administration and the reason why the kids have been seperated from their parent was for Child Trafficking awareness. Also, real subtile to have the good persons being blue and on the left (associated with democrats) while the bad people who beat someone are red and on the right (associated with republicans).
  • Big Jimbo: I think DisneyFanGR, a Greek YouTube channel whose owner is a fan of the Disney Animated Canon and other animated films, has really good content, especially when it comes to their Greek voice actor videos. And here comes "Disneyοκαταστάσεις", which is pretty much clips from animated films being used to illustrate various situations you often get into, and most of them are actually very witty, but not one. It says something along the lines of "when the deliveryman comes with the wrong order"... and the clip is a clip from "One of Us" from The Lion King II: Simba's Pride. Yes, I'm not joking. First of all, it comes off as "giving the wrong thing is grounds for being exiled", which I doubt is the intention, but still... second, that scene actually caused me insecurity (I couldn't grasp the plot so well, or was reading the comic backward, so it made me think everybody was mad at Kovu for no reason. The illustration showing Timon and Pumbaa among the mob didn't help) that everyone I knew and was in a good relationship with would turn against me when I was younger, and even now it still persists, though to a lesser extent. Third, you just can't trivialize such a horrifying/heartbreaking scene.
  • Izzy Uneasy: So, here I am, wanderin' on Fanbyte, havin' the time of my life. I got alarmed when they separated characters into tiers(i hate tiers), but then I saw that they called Yoshi a tax evader... and my heart dropped down my gut. Enough said.
  • Metalhead 14: I love Scare Theater to death, but his "Desmond Is Amazing" video could have been handled a lot better, and hundreds of his other fans think so too. I get that he had good intentions, but the way he words everything is just awful and makes him seem incredibly dismissive of everything. He seemed way too easy on everyone involved; I'm not sure if he rushed this one out or was afraid of being politically incorrect, but he's usually better than this and this video didn't make him look very good. Desmond's situation is a very serious matter, and Scare didn't handle it properly. Thankfully, he's gotten back on his feet since, but that video really does deserve all the outrage it's gotten.
  • Thefreepup: I'll admit, while I still admire fellow deviantartist Cartuneslover 16 for her creative use of cartoon crossovers and her ability to replicate any cartoon's style, there was one moment in particular that has soured my view on her. It was when she uploaded a picture honoring her late mom's birthday. The picture did a good job at creating such a heartwarming moment, up until I read the part of the description where she mentioned that the reason she added Uncle Grandpa to the pic was because it renewed her faith in Cartoon Network while trash talking Teen Titans Go! While I can understand and respect her dislike for the show (even if I find it okay overall), I do not like how she chose to bring it up in a deviation that is meant to be a touching commemoration for someone who's passed away. It just makes her come across as petty, which she most certainly isn't. This, combined with how I feel that she is getting too brash towards things she dislikes, has given me a reason to no longer be a fan of her work. I'm sorry, Cartuneslover 16, but consider this goodbye for now.

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