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Advertising / Chick-fil-A Cows

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— The cows' slogan.

American fast food restaurant chain Chick-fil-A, which promotes consumption of their chicken sandwiches (predominantly fried chicken patties on buns), uses cows as their primary mascots in advertising after they discontinued their old mascot Doodles the chicken.

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  • Aliens Steal Cattle: The cows once sent a fake broadcast saying aliens will destroy the world if you don't switch from eating beef to eating chicken.
  • Anthropomorphic Zig-Zag: The cows are incredibly intelligent and well-organized in protesting against beef consumption and encouraging humans switch to eating chicken, though they can't talk and they're not clever enough to win any spelling bees. Usually the humor applied to cows is what the Internet does to cats.
  • Arch-Enemy: They usually wage war on a clown-themed burger restaurant called Circus Burger.
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  • Berserk Button: When they see humans eating burgers.
  • Hypocrite: The cows themselves. They say that eating beef is wrong and immoral but outright encourage eating chicken flesh, pressuring humans to switch to eating chickens most likely as a means of saving their own skins (errr, hides).
  • Impossibly Delicious Food: Chicken sandwiches, according to the cows.
  • Let's Meet the Meat: Humans who get caught eating cheeseburgers will end up being targeted with hate signs by the cows.
  • Reality Ensues: Chicken meat is far cheaper than beef, and white meat has less saturated fats than red meat does. So the cows do make a good point in terms of your health.
  • Visual Pun: They discourage "Cow tipping" as a means of ensuring customers that they shouldn't feel compelled to give tips (bonus money as gratitude) to Chick-fil-A.
  • The Voiceless: The cows never talk, but communicate to humans with signs (albeit poorly spelled words).
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  • Waving Signs Around: The cows' way of communication to humans.
  • Xtreme Kool Letterz: The cows misspell even the simplest words.

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