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Broken Quest is a 2013 web animation series written by Seanbaby, in collaboration with Polaris. It ran for 13 episodes of about five minutes each.

A group gathered at an inn, consisting of Jonric the 27th (Lv.4 Human Warrior, played by Husky Starcraft), Violet (Lv.22 Succubus Thief, played by Rosanna Pansino) and Aggie (Lv.67 Were-Lizard Mage, played by Dodger Leigh), set out to rescue Jonric's girlfriend, Princess Tulip, from her captor Sid (Lv.12 Human Nimrod, played by Michael Davis) and his henchman Yorks (Lv.34 Goat-Slug Minion; played by Jesse Cox). Misadventures ensue, as the tone is parodic in nature.


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