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  • Awesome Art: No doubt that this man's animation is high-quality for an independant Internet-original series.
  • Awesome Music: Max's Shout-Out to the Schoolhouse Rock song "Hardware" in his Grinch review. It's a Kick the Dog moment on Max's part, sure, but we find out he can carry a tune.
  • Broken Base: His Bait-and-Switch gimmick. Many of the videos look like they are going to talk about a certain topic, until he "humorously" derails into something else entirely. Many viewers find this more annoying than funny and wish he would focus on the topic.
    • On a related note, the "Burnbot Left Arc". If you scroll down in the comments, some people will think it's genuinely sad and are eager to see more of it, while others aren't as amused for said reasons above.
  • Cargo Ship:
    • Burnbot and the microwave.
    • As of late, you will find a good handful of comments that are at least suspicious of Max liking Burnbot just a little more than a Lovely Assistant.
  • Ensemble Dark Horse: Boy, does the community love Burnbot. Her extreme cuteness, sensitivity, and hidden naughty side won fans over.
  • Heartwarming in Hindsight: Around the time Max posted "The Apu That I Know", in which he argues against the notion that Apu is just a racial stereotype, the controversy surrounding the character had gotten to the point where the Simpsons writers had considered writing Apu out of the show altogether (which Max points out.) Thankfully, sometime after Max's video was uploaded, it turns out that the Simpsons writers had changed their minds and decided that Apu is here to stay.
  • Like You Would Really Do It: The Jokester, an Expy of The Joker who shows up during Max's review of The LEGO Batman Movie, claims to have planted a bomb inside Burnbot and threatens to detonate it if Max doesn't give him his cereal. To no one's surprise, there's no bomb.
  • Moment of Awesome:
    • His rebuttal to The Problem With Apu, defending the character as more than just a racist stereotype. Besides being funny and well-produced, he never resorts to strawmanning Hari’s arguments or anyone else’s experiences, keeping it a nuanced examination of both Apu and the subject of portraying different cultures in fiction.
    • At the end of his Emoji Movie review, Max actually offers an alternative plot for the movie that would've been absolutely AMAZING.
  • Moral Event Horizon: Max crosses it in "TOP 10 REASONS THE GRINCH IS BULLSHIT" by outright saying Burnbot has no soul because she's an old CRT television whose only purpose is to provide visuals and generate insults. This causes her to leave in disgust (despite not having any visible extremities).
  • Take That, Scrappy!
    • Max strangling Goofball a la The Simpsons in the Moana review.
      • Similarly, in "The Apu That I Know", Max strangles Goofball again after Goofball makes a hideously racist joke.
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    • Max stuffing Goofball into a fart jar in The LEGO Batman Movie review.
    • Goofball stranded at night on the middle of a forest road, with Max not picking up his calls because he had destroyed his phone with a hammer while it was ringing in his The Emoji Movie review.

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