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"Like real movies but with ugly people."
Abed's take on this art form, Community, "Introduction to Film"

A film or series that revolves around non-news reporting of Non-Fiction subjects. While there are earlier examples, technical limitations prevented the genre from forming until the 20th century. The term itself was coined by reviewer John "The Moviegoer" Grierson in 1926.

Many documentaries are known to break several Omnipresent Tropes which exist in other genres due to nature of the documentaries.

Works of fiction or comedy sometimes use a style that imitates or parodies the Documentary, they can be found at: Documentary Episode, Faux Documentary, Faux-To Guide, and Mockumentary.

The Mondo is an interesting type of Exploitation Film that can be a hybrid of the serious types (the original Mondo Cane) or be totally fake (Faces of Death).

Compare and contrast News Broadcast. For a list of documentary features that have won or been nominated for Oscars, see Academy Award for Best Documentary Feature.

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Alternative Title(s): Documentaries