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A documentary series consisting of 17 episodes that was made in 1982. Noted for being the very first time that popular Belgian figure Maurice De Wilde attempts to do a documentary about the collaboration in Belgium during World War II .

The main reason why it is called De Nieuwe Orde is because it does not only want to talk about collaboration, which is an easy way out, but also about the opinions in popular political circles during the war.


This documentary series, together with plenty of other documentary series about the war that he would later make, such as De Verdachten, is considered of importance for the recognition of the spoken history of Flanders and he would later on win numerous awards and an honor doctorate for it.

As of now it is almost fully available (since a part of the beginning of episode 17, the very last episode of the documentary, went missing) on youtube here.


Tropes used:

  • Les Collaborateurs: Its main subject.
  • Conspiracy Theorist: Leon Degrelle.
  • Custom Uniform: The documentary states that those were a Belgian trend during the 1930's. The leader of the Verdinaso, Joris van Sevenen, even demanded that his party wear them because he disliked the disorder of general clothing.
  • Intrepid Reporter: You can quite often see him inside the houses of plenty of figures that have information about the war while he is asking questions of them. One of the most notable moments is in the first episode when he entered the house of Leon Degrelle, a prominent Belgian political figure, to ask him questions.
  • A Nazi by Any Other Name: Some Flemish national movements are shown in the interview that have the same ideology, such as the NSVAP. (Basically the NSDAP, but substitute the part that says "German" with "Flemish".)
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  • The Quisling: Listing all that appear on the show here would practically take an entire page by itself. The only thing one needs to remember is that indeed there were plenty of speeches given in Belgium to surrender immediately if Germany were to invade Belgium.
  • State Sec: The SS is discussed in a couple of episodes.
  • Talking Heads: Pretty much 90% of the whole series is this.

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