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Summoning Salt is a world-record-holding Punch-Out!! Speedrunner who makes documentary-style videos detailing the history of speedrunning in specific video games, such as Mario Kart Wii, Super Mario 64, or Pokémon Red and Blue.

His videos incorporate a lot of information, dating back to the first known speedrun of the specific game, certain glitches the speedrunners may have used to get ahead, and using video footage of the actual runs when possible. In addition, he has also spoken about other related topics in the same format.


Watch the series here.

Tropes found in these videos:

  • Alliterative Name: Summoning Salt.
  • Deadpan Snarker: Occasionally throws in jokes without changing the tone of his voice. Usually they involve punch lines that are the opposite of the setup. In his Warpless Super Mario Bros. video, he states the runner went crazy upon setting a new record. Cue the clip.....where the runner makes no sound upon setting the record. Another variation is to say a record went untouched for a long time...only to reveal it fell within the week it was set.
  • The Faceless: Unlike many other streamers, Salt does not show his face at all. This means he's never attended GDQ events despite being the world-record holder for Punch-Out!! and his extremely engaging speaking style (the runner-up, zallard, usually represents the community instead).
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  • Shown Their Work: His videos are heavily researched and full of details, even mentioning speedrunners whose runs were lost to the internet, or who went generally unnoticed by the rest of the speedrunning community. On the occasion he gets something wrong, he'll take strives to present the proper information afterward.
  • Speedrun: The topic of every video is the history of speedrunning in video games; additionally, the very first videos on the channel feature Summoning Salt's own Punch-Out!! speedruns. invoked

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