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  • Follow the Leader: The success of Salt's history of speedrunning videos have inspired many copycats, although there has generally been an attempt to avoid directly stepping on his toes. Some only make history videos about the games they run (such as AverageTreyVG, a Super Mario Sunshine speedrunner, whose work has been directly endorsed by Salt); some only make videos about very popular games which Salt seemingly refuses to cover (most notably The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, covered by Retro among others); and some cover more specific aspects, such as the history of a particular glitch or exploit or reporting new developments or records set and how these were achieved (most notably Karl Jobst, who like Salt is a speedrunner in his own right, holding several GoldenEye (1997) records).
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  • Milestone Celebration: The day after his YouTube channel hit one million subscribers, Salt posted a video retrospective of his journey from there to here which happens to be edited exactly like one of his World Record Progression videos.
  • Missing Episode: A number of older videos have been removed for various reasons, though four of them have since been mirrored by the channel "john doe":
  • Old Shame: In the 1 Million Subscriber special, Summoning Salt admitted he has mixed feelings about his earlier videos. In his view, he didn't do the same amount of research compared to newer videos, those videos contained a number of mistakes, and the production value was lower. But on the other hand, without those videos, Summoning Salt wouldn't have become such an icon in the speedrunning community.
  • What Could Have Been: The 1 Million Subscriber special was originally going to have been an interview with speedrunner Matt Turk, before Salt instead switched to a retrospective on his channels history done in the style of his normal videos.


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