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The Laconic Version.

"There is a virus sweeping the world. It infects opponents of the Bush government, sucks their brains out through their eyes and turns them into gibbering idiots...the disease is called Loose Change."
George Monbiot, a noted opponent of the Bush government

Loose Change is a notorious 2005 Documentary arguing that the US government was behind the 9/11 attacks. While it contains a couple of plausible points (probably due to its scattershot approach), it has been very thoroughly debunked over the years.

Tropes connected with this video:

  • Government Conspiracy: What the video posits.
  • Retcon: The original documentary had been altered considerably since due to criticisms and (mostly justified) accusations of Fridge Logic. Its supporters will insist that it's accurate, but cough and look away when people ask why it even needed new editions in the first place.
  • Voodoo Shark: The whole thing. As some have pointed out, the sheer fact that the film is even known about and its creators are still alive disproves it; if the government was so willing and capable of such a crime, why can't they just shut up a group of no name college losers?


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