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A documentary on gay Christians, and how being both gay and Christian impacts their lives. For the Bible Tells Me So follows 5 people's stories as they or their communities discover that they're gay, and the effects on their families. In many cases, the families ended up researching homosexuality and learning what they could about it, as well as researching what The Bible says about it. In one sad case, the family did so only after their daughter committed suicide because her parents couldn't accept the fact that she was a lesbian.


Four of the five families have become much more accepting of homosexuality as a result of having to come to terms with their own kids' homosexuality. One of the families remains ambivalent, but still loves their daughter.

There are interviews with the adult children as well as their parents, on their personal experiences raising homosexual children. Some of these parents include former House Majority Leader Dick Gephardt and his wife, Jane, and the parents of Bishop V. Gene Robinson.


This documentary contains examples of:

  • Deep South: Some of these families come from the southern U.S., including one whose house was vandalized when people found out their son was gay.
  • Medium Blending: Most of the film is live-action, but there's an animated segment in the middle.
  • Strawman Political: In the middle of the movie, there is an animated segment that discusses whether sexual orientation is a choice and several other subjects. It features a strawman named Christian, and feels at odds with the rest of the film's more positive view of Christians.