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Film / Fort Massacre

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Fort Massacre is a 1958 Western directed by Joseph M. Newman, starring Joel McCrea, Forrest Tucker and Susan Cabot.

An embittered cavalry sergeant must take over his regiment after their commanding officer is killed during an ambush. Vinson is driven by his hatred of Apaches, who were responsible for the death of his wife and children. He and his remaining men, including Travis and McGurney, try to ride 100 miles to the safety of Fort Crane. Along the way they attack an Indian band, despite being heavily outnumbered. Vinson's vengeance knows no bounds, until Travis is ultimately forced to take a stand and confront him.

Fort Massare contains examples of:

  • Injun Country: Sgt. Vinson has to lead his men through 100 miles of Apache territory to reach the safety of Fort Crane.
  • Sociopathic Soldier: Sgt. Vinson is driven by a fanatical hatred of the Apache, and puts the lives of the men under his command in danger to fulfil his mission of personal vengeance.
  • You Are in Command Now: Vinson has to take command of the regiment after the commanding officer is killed.