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Young@Heart is a 2007 documentary about a choir of senior citizens who perform contemporary pop and rock music.

The titular Young@Heart chorus from New England is a gathering of 22 elderly people with an average age of 80. In preparation for a community concert, the group spends two months learning new material from the likes of James Brown, Sonic Youth and Coldplay. At first, the task is daunting for them and a nuisance for their director. But when two of their members die in a short period of time, they become more determined to succeed, and their concert makes an impact on their community.

Tropes seen:

  • Cool Old Guy: The choir themselves are both this and Cool Old Lady because they perform contemporary pop and rock music and have good senses of humor.
  • Died During Production: invoked Sets off the film's many Tear Jerker moments, perhaps most notably the Un-Duet described under that trope.
  • How We Got Here: The film starts with an old woman covering The Clash's Should I Stay Or Should I Go during the concert, and then goes on to detail the moments leading up to the concert with several other performances during it in-between.
  • Oscar Bait: Big time. For various reasons it couldn't win the Oscar or Emmy, but it did win its main target (the Palm D'or) and a slew of other prizes at film festivals, only occasionally losing to Man on Wire.
  • True Companions: The choir sticks together even when they lose a few of their own.
  • Un-Duet: Two guys are planned to duet on the song "Fix You", but one of them dies, so it has to be done as a solo with the remaining member.