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Jon in his natural habitat.
Well hey there, it's a TV Tropes Article about yer old buddy Jon!

Jon Bois is the head of sports website SB Nation's Creative Labs and the creator of some of the weirdest things you've ever seen on their website.

Though he first made his name as one of the writers on the Progressive Boink websitenote , Bois started his ascent into one of SBNation's most prominent creators with SupperJumpin', an attempt to make the saddest professional sport in the world. He also did some retrospective writing on his previous job working for the Radioshack Company to discuss why it deserved its ultimate fate. He then turned to the world of video games with NBA Y2K and Breaking Madden, where he bent the world of the NBA 2K and Madden NFL games in all sorts of different ways, creating several fan-favorite characters (such as the rotund but sweet Clarence BEEFTANK) and memes throughout.


Then, he made one of his most impressive works of fiction and surrealism to date: The Tim Tebow CFL Chronicles, detailing ex-NFL player Tim Tebow's trek through the Canadian Football League.

He has also made many videos for both SB Nation's and his own YouTube channels, with his most notable series being Pretty Good, a show about stories that are...well...pretty good (even if they have nothing to do with sports), and Chart Party, where he'd make visualizations of odd and sometimes interesting statistics regarding certain athletes or sports.

People here likely know him for his multimedia story 17776, where the world only has ridiculously long games of American Football to think about anymore.

After a brief hiatus, it was revealed Jon was working on a 5 part documentary with Felix Biederman called Fighting in the Age of Loneliness, about the history of MMA.


Most of his work is now placed in his own blog on SB Nation, called A Huge Dog.

Yer Ol' Buddy Jon contains examples of:

  • Anachronic Order: A minor example. Lonnie Smith ends with Lonnie winning 1991 NLCS with the Atlanta Braves and making peace with John Schuerholz, even though 1991 World Series (where Smith made a baserunning error that arguably lost them the Series) were discussed before it.
  • Antiquated Linguistics: BEEFTANK's writing style is a mix of this and childlike misspellings.
  • Attack! Attack! Attack!: How Jon describes "Fun n' Gun" Basketball, which emphasizes scoring, above all else.
  • Author Filibuster: Randall Cunningham seizes the means of production is very clearly in favor labor unions.
  • Bad Boss: Had multiple while he worked at Radioshack, but he blames their issues on the idea that managing a Radioshack will do that to you.
  • Berserk Button: Jon is usually pretty affable, but the reasoning behind why the 1904 Olympics was as bad as it was actually causes him to raise his voice.
    • Watching Lonnie Smith cost Atlanta Braves the World Series had similar effect.
  • Beyond the Impossible: Happens to be a theme for his work, as he likes to look at statistical outliers and ridiculous flights of fancy where the limits of sport are tested.
  • Calvinball: Seems to have a lot of interest in finding ways to create this within previously existing sports video games and through the rules of American Football. Alternatively, he sometimes creates these with the intent of having it be anything but entertaining.
  • The Cameo: Appears in unrelated projects for SBNation, like the Shutdown Fullcast, though he usually brings his affable, bizarre nature with him.
  • Cloud Cuckoolander: His twitter account, and some of his written content. He takes personal delight in odd things.
  • Curbstomp Battle: Pretty Good Ep.10 and Ep.12 are about absolutely hellacious sports-related beatings, but in different ways. 10 is about a personal grudge that was taken out on a football field. 12 is more about how the score was so lopsided and high that it's been set down in the record books as incorrect
  • The Determinator: How he describes real life NFL Quarterback Tom Brady, mostly tongue in cheek. During Breaking Madden on the other hand, he decided to throw him into a scenario where Tom simply couldn't get away with the ball to score...until he somehow did. Three-hundred and fourty five tries later.
  • Downer Ending: The Tim Tebow Chronicles end this way, and during his chart party about the Unending trainwreck that the Cleveland Browns have been since their return to the NFL, he has just one..only one...reason for Cleveland fans to have hope: He's just kidding.
  • Early Installment Weirdness: Early videos had licensed music. There also were some much shorter clips, about single plays or stats, which got phased out later.
  • Interface Screw: Pretty Good Episode 12 is about a Basketball game with an astronomically high score, and is divided into chapters, each opening with a quote from The Iliad. But when he gets to the point where he gets to the scoring error he noticed, the chapter graphic is changed to all-caps ERROR messages in place of the title.
  • Missing Episode: Pretty Good Ep.4, about how Soviet Lieutenant Colonel Stanislav Petrov successfully prevented a nuclear war, was taken out of rotation because of a Jump Scare musical sting he wanted to edit out. It hasn't returned to the Internet since.
  • Painting the Medium: Much of his work likes to mess with this a little bit.
  • It's Personal: Ep. 10 highlights John Heisman's furious rampage over the 1916 Cumberland College football team, complete with a moment of cruel mercy, a score that mirrored the baseball loss that infuriated him in the first place, and the total, complete destruction of the way points were used to describe this game.
  • Professional Gambler: Why do I do this for a living is about professional poker players.
  • Self-Deprecation: Frequently makes jokes at his own expense, like him being fairly insignificant in the grand scheme of things, his profession being useless, and he'll sometimes bring up the fact that he often makes poor decisions and that his resume isn't exactly stellar to try and contest official documents.
  • Series Mascot: For Breaking Madden and NBA Y2K, it was Clarence BEEFTANK, a 400 lb., 5'1 cannonball of a created player.
  • Short Runner: Many of his projects have pretty short runs before he moves onto other things, with his shortest being Card Show with Ryan Nanni. Stuff like Chart Party, on the other hand, rarely runs out of content so he mostly just infrequently makes new episodes.
  • You Cannot Grasp the True Form: Likens the Troy St. - DeVry game in Ep.12 of Pretty Good to the Tower of Babel, where so many points came down from both sides that it began to defy reason.