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Literature / The Arcology

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Always in its shadow...
The Arcology is a 2016 cyberpunk Detective novel.

Lance Canela, a private detective who's a little too into his job, is just barely getting by in the dystopian city of Kindred. The book follows Lance as he deals with the case of a vanished hacker and his wealthy and beautiful sister, Fiona. When the mystery doesn't conform to his expectations, Lance winds up getting a taste of what the violent world of Hardboiled mysteries is really like. Scarred by the experience, he lays low for several months afterward, until an old woman leaves him with the hope of reuniting with her missing daughter. The investigation leads him into the Arcology, a massive building in the city's center. Failing to live up to promises, the Arcology's lowest floors have become a Wretched Hive of the exploited poor and homeless, while the top quickly became the glamorous, exclusive realm of the rich called Magmell. After reconnecting with Fiona as a bid to gain access to the top, Lance finds himself at a turning point: faced with violence once more, will he fight back? Or can this case be solved without bloodshed?


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