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Bridget Hoffman (born March 5, 1957 in Los Angeles, California) is an American voice actress based in Los Angeles, known for her work in anime and video games since at least the late-90's. She has a smooth, mature-sounding voice that lands her pretty squarely in the role of a Yamato Nadeshiko and/or Proper Lady. Vocally, she's an Anglophone dead-ringer for Kikuko Inoue – and has dubbed over Ms Inoue no fewer than four separate times – although Ms Hoffman isn't known to (jokingly) lie about her age.

Despite all that, though, her most well-known role is probably none other than The Stoic Action Girl KOS-MOS of Xenosaga fame.

A native Michigander, she's a Sam Raimi regular and, notably, is the woman in the iconic poster for The Evil Dead.

She often performs background voices in big Hollywood films, animated or not. Next time you watch a big-budget animated movie (like Disney's stuff), check the "ADR Group" section deep in the credits roll; chances are her name will be there. She also occasionally pops up in small television roles.


As a member of the Screen Actors Guild, she is known to have used several aliases over the years for non-union work. Such as - 

She is married to actor Rif Hutton.

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