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Film / Ultraman Cosmos 2: The Blue Planet

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Ultraman Cosmos 2: The Blue Planet is a 2002 tokusatsu film produced by Tsuburaya, the second theatrical film featuring Ultraman Cosmos after Ultraman Cosmos: The First Contact and part of the Ultra Series.

A year after the defeat of the Chaos Header, Haruno Musashi is now an astronaut. On a routine mission to Planet Juran, Musashi discovers the planet has been destroyed, all life on it wiped out, before he was suddenly attacked by a giant insectoid kaiju. After a quick rendezvous with Ultraman Cosmos, Musashi returned to Earth, where a gathering with friends for a wedding is suddenly interrupted by an invasion from the same kaiju species which attacked him in outer space earlier. The discovery of an underwater population of alien beings, and an impending threat to humanity's existence, will have Musashi bonding with Ultraman Cosmos once more to save this beautiful blue planet

Tropes regarding characters from the movie are already documented on the series' regular character pages.

Ultraman Cosmos 2: The Blue Planet provides examples of the following tropes:

  • Behemoth Battle: Sure enough there’s plenty of these! Besides Ultraman Cosmos and Ultraman Justice duking out against the Scorpiss, there’s also the Reijas, kaijus on the side of good who helps in the battle.
  • Big Damn Heroes: The eventual arrival of Ultraman Cosmos and Ultraman Justice in the climax, turning the tide of battle.
  • Blue Is Calm: The peaceful Alien Gyasshis all wear blue clothing, while their pets, the peaceful Reijas, are clad in blue scales.
  • Darker and Edgier: The first Ultraman Cosmos movie revolves around Musashi's childhood and follows the misadventures of a bunch of kids while dealing with a corrupt human military leader. The sequel on the other hand deals with Scorpiss, a monstrous threat of apocalyptic proportions, sees Planet Juran which Musashi visited in the series completely massacred, and a finale with even higher stakes than before.
  • Deadly Dodging: At one point in the finale, with Shau and Jin (in the form of Reijas) fighting a numerically superior swarm of Scorpis, Shau manage to trick a Scorpis to fire its energy blast at him, which he dodges aside causing the blast to hit and destroy two other Scorpis.
  • Deflector Shields: Thanks to Jin, the Earth Defense Forces are able to activate the planetary shields around Earth, effectively repelling the incoming Scorpis horde. Until Sandross orders half of the Scorpiss swarm to charge headfirst into a concentrated area of the shield and blow themselves up, effectively weakening the shield until there’s an opening for the other half of the swarm to penetrate
  • Fantastic Racism: Jin had a prejudice against humans and Earthlings in general, although he does warm up towards humans after the finale.
  • Foul First Drink: One of the peaceful Gyashi aliens, Shau, upon seeing a bottle of champagne for the first time, decide to take a swig. But being a centuries-old alien living under the sea, she's absolutely unused to the taste to the point of reacting with a Spit Take.
  • Foreshadowing: In the Action Prologue, we saw Planet Juran completely devoid of all life, having been wiped out by some horrifying alien entity. Which turns out to be Sandros and the Scorpis horde, and are on their way to Earth to destroy another planet.
  • Ghost Planet: Planet Juran’s fate. Musashi arrives on the planet in the opening scene hoping to revisit it (having been there once in the TV series), and he evidently does NOT expect to find it in this state!
  • Good Colors, Evil Colors: The Reija, which are on the side of good, are blue-tinged kaijus, much like Ultraman Cosmos or the usually blue-clad Alien Gyashis; the Scorpis on the other hand are rusty-brown, while Big Bad Sandros have a dark-coloured shell with piercing red eyes.
  • Good Wings, Evil Wings: Related to above, while the Reijas and Scorpis are both Giant Flyer kaijus, the gentle and benevolent Reija have wings based on angelfish and manta rays, while the violent and destructive Scorpis have wings resembling a hybrid between insects and bats.
  • Green Aesop: The entire movie, right down to its title, is a reminder of the fragility of nature and the beauty of environment. Especially evident when the Big Bad, Sandros, reveals its smoke-spewing ability, which corrodes its surroundings turning entire areas into giant wastelands.
  • Hawaiian-Shirted Tourist: When the first Scorpis arrives on Earth and began rampaging across the waterfront, several people could be seen fleeing from the scene, including two tourists in Hawaiian shirts – one who stops briefly to take a picture of the monster with his camera.
  • Henshin Hero: Musashi, when he finally, finally manages to reawaken the power of Ultraman Cosmos in him at the Darkest Hour
  • Heroic Sacrifice: Jin pushes Shau aside as a Scorpis comes at her at full speed, and was gored brutally by the Scorpis’ talons. Subverted that in the last few seconds of the film, Jin turns out to have survived, and lives past the credits.
  • Imagine Spot: As the first Scorpis and a Reija started duking out on the waterfront, Musashi imagines what would happen if he still had Ultraman Cosmos’ powers in him – he would kick the Scorpis’ ass and save the day, as usual, but it quickly turns out to be just a vision.
  • Inertia Is a Cruel Mistress: A fast-moving Scorpis learns the definition of this trope when it charges towards Ultraman Cosmos… only to receive the Ultra’s Megaton Punch at full force. Boom.
  • It Can Think: While the Scorpis are mindless, destructive minions, their master, Sandros is a whole different matter, capable of formulating strategies such as ordering Scorpis to suicide-bomb a fixed spot on the planetary shield until there is an opening wide enough to penetrate, attacking military installations and communication systems first, and capable of thinking out of the box during battles. Like spewing a massive atmosphere-enveloping smoke cloud that blocks out the sun to give it an advantage over the Ultras.
  • Kaiju: We have the friendly and benevolent Reijas who protect the seas, its Evil Counterpart, the insect-like Scorpis and the Big Bad Sandros.
  • Killed Offscreen: Parastan, the Sphinx-like protector of Planet Juran, which have a multiple-episode story arc in the TV series, turns out to have died right at the beginning of the film, killed by the Scorpis invasion.
  • Land, Sea, Sky: Land = Humans, Sea = Shau, Jin, and the aquatic-based Alien Gyashi, Sky = The Scorpis horde.
  • Mass "Oh, Crap!": The Earth Defense Force, the United Nations, military, civilians, Alien Gyashis, basically EVERYONE, when the Scorpis breaks through the planetary shield and starts making their way into the city.
  • Mellow Mantas: There's a race of benevolent, friendly manta ray-based kaiju named Reija which are the allies of the Alien Gyasshis. The Reija usually serve as steeds to their masters and assists Ultraman Cosmos and humanity in the film's final battle against the Horde of Alien Locusts known as the Scorpiss.
  • Mundane Made Awesome: Shau quickly finds out how fun it is to spray champagne by shaking the bottle repeatedly. Cue Jin walking in on her.
  • Nonchalant Dodge: During their one-on-one confrontation, Jin fires an energy blast at Musashi, who dodges by moving his head aside. Subverted that Musashi ends up having a small graze on his cheek, which he promptly ignores while trying to talk down Jin.
  • Not Quite Dead: Jin was assumed to be killed during the battle against the Scorpis horde, but after the climatic final battle he shows up on a nearby beach. Badly wounded, but alive.
  • Not So Extinct: The entire Alien Gyashi population is stated to be entirely wiped out when Sandross invades their home planet. But on Earth, there is Shau, Jin and a small population of Gyashi, which are said to be what’s left of them; in a Troubled Backstory Flashback we see the survivors being pursued through outer space by the Scorpis and having their spaceships blown up one-by-one.
  • Or Was It a Dream?: After passing out from diving, Musashi briefly saw Jin and Shau in what he assumes was a dream sequence, before waking up in a hotel room. He later saw the two of them, confirming that no, its not a dream after all.
  • Our Mermaids Are Different: Shau is certainly a mermaid of sorts, one which can shift voluntarily between mermaid and human form, and can survive on land for prolonged periods of time.
  • Our Wormholes Are Different: An underwater wormhole leads to the Alien Gyashi’s home deep beneath the ocean.
  • Planet Looters: The Scorpis are Horde of Alien Locusts, led by Sandross, who travels from planet-to-planet wiping out entire civilizations.
  • Sinister Stingrays: Inverted with the Reijas, a race of benevolent, friendly manta ray-based kaiju which are the allies of the Alien Gyasshis. The Reija usually serve as steeds to their masters and assists Ultraman Cosmos and humanity in the film's final battle against the Horde of Alien Locusts known as the Scorpiss.
  • Sea Monster: The Reijas, which are benevolent Gentle Giant kaijus who protects the oceans and can bond with Jin and Shau to assist in fending off the Scorpis invasion.
  • Spit Take: Shau, after trying champagne for the first time in her life, immediately spits it out, being unused to the taste of alcohol.
  • Step into the Blinding Fight: As Ultraman Cosmos and Ultraman Justice deals with Sandross, the powerful monster proceeds to exhale massive quantities of acidic black smoke, enough to completely blot out the sun, forcing both Ultras to battle in complete darkness.
  • Underwater City: A portion of the film takes place in the Alien Gyashi’s hideout, which is located deep within the ocean but contains breathable air.