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A style in anime and manga of drawing eyes where they droop or sag at the corners. Typically, a Moe character will have those definitive, sympathy-magnet Puppy-Dog Eyes. It generally represents a kind, quiet, sad, fragile or otherwise soft person. In the Boys' Love Genre, it's a common (although not guaranteed) indicator of who's the Uke. Only really notable if there are more than a handful of characters that are drawn without them. Tareme are more prevalent in female and child characters because they appear soft and innocent, therefore feminine.

This does not mean that Tareme Eyes are Always Lawful Good Eyes. In Real Life, eyes visually take a downward droop when someone is looking down on you, and looking calm in a tense situation is an affirmatively badass, and/or insane trait.

Note that the "me" in "tareme" actually means "eyes" in Japanese. We simply wish to be clearer, even if it comes off as redundant.


Its opposite is Tsurime Eyes.

If a character normally has Tareme and switches to Tsurime it might signal a change in temperament, personality, or a Beware the Nice Ones moment.


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    Anime and Manga 

    Fan Works 

    Puppet Shows 
  • The Muppets:
    • Rowlf the Dog. He's kind, quiet, calm, soft, easygoing and has moments when he cries in a handkerchief.
    • Also Kermit the Frog.

    Video Games 
  • Many young characters in the Dept. Heaven series have eyes drawn like this, although it's restricted to the very young knights in Knights in the Nightmare (and Pisce).
  • The title character of Um Jammer Lammy.
  • The Touhou has Satori Komeiji, whose eyes are extremely droopy; enough to look at least half-closed. In the games, this actually serves to give her more of a bored look than a cute one (Her illustration in the Grimoire of Marisa plays it for cute, though).
  • Crowe Brust from Super Robot Wars Z2.
  • Vert, CPU of Leanbox has these to mesh well with her mild-mannered personality, though it's also been said the reason her eyes are like that are due to countless hours on end spent on video games. Compa, 5pb, Rom, and Ram also have these kind of eyes.
  • Most of the girls in Duel Savior Destiny sport these kind of eyes with the obvious exception of Lily.
  • Tales of Xillia: Musee has these, which go well with her cutsey and whimsical personality. Not that this makes her any less dangerous. Leia has these eyes as well, despite her hot-bloodness and masculine behavior.
  • Cheerful Child Lip of Panel de Pon.
  • Undertale:
    • Sans the skeleton has eyesockets like this., signifying his (usually) passive and inoffensive nature.
    • Toriel, Asgore, and Asriel also have them, and are among the kindest characters in the game.
  • The Squid Sisters from Splatoon are an Idol Singer duo that host a popular news show. The one with tareme eyes is Marie, who is very sarcastic (especially in the North American translations) and is a Jerk with a Heart of Gold. The more peppy Callie has Tsurime Eyes.
  • In Ape Escape, monkeys with light blue pants (the shy, nervous ones) have these eyes.
  • Fire Emblem: Three Houses: Hilda and Sylvain have these, showcasing their more laid-back personalities, especially next to Lysithea and Felix respectively, who have Tsurime Eyes.

    Visual Novels 
  • Umineko: When They Cry: Eva Ushiromiya's tarime eyes are apparent in most of her expressions, moreso in the original graphics than the updated PS3 versions, yet she displays the associated personality traits mildly if ever at all, and her smirking and glaring expressions give her an instantly formidable presence. More oddly her witch alter-ego, who should be identical to her at a younger age, has a markedly tsurime cant to her eyes.
  • Yumina The Ethereal: Maino, Jinbu Academy's resident Cute Bookworm, has these.
  • Higurashi: When They Cry:
    • Rena, Hanyuu, Rika, and Satoshi have tareme eyes. They're all very sweet and nice, though Rena is prone to the Hate Plague that makes people paranoid and violent while Satoshi has been missing for a while after he killed his abusive aunt.
    • Miyo has the adult (i.e. smaller) variety, which gives her a somewhat spaced out expression. Hence the name "Droopy-tan." Miyo is the villain, though she used to be sweeter as a child until being put into an Orphanage of Fear and eventually becoming a Well-Intentioned Extremist when she grew up.

    Web Comics 

    Western Animation 

  • Christopher Hart shows us how not to do this with his character Ariel.[1]

    Real Life 
  • 2016 Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz has these.
  • The black circles around the Panda's eyes make it look like it has these eyes.
  • Albert Einstein had eyes like these.
  • Child actress Mckenna Grace is another example.

Alternative Title(s): Droopy Eyes, Downward Angled Eyes, Tareme


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