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Super Sentai Vs Power Rangers, full title Super Sentai vs Power Rangers: The Epic Crossover is a Mega Crossover fic made by Sean Akizuki, a well-known blogger amongst the Sentai circle. It is basically a Massive Multiplayer Crossover of Super Sentai and Power Rangers whereas the Super Sentai, now united to an older version of the Jetman must fight against a united evil forces led by Radiguet and several villains of Super Sentai that has been made to bow at him for some... reason as they try to wreak havoc against past Sentai teams...


This fanfic is quite notorious in a way that the author makes several changes in the continuity to fit what he sees to be 'his better way to execute things'. For instance, Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger in the fic is considered to be an Alternate Universe, having defeated the Zangyack, Gai Yuuki is alive and has some explanation on how he ended up back in the living world (and also having married Ako Hayasaka to boot!), and some 'changes' have been made for the background of Power Rangers Samurai characters due to the author not really liking how Saban takes the show. Also, the author is known to have a deep dislike towards Power Rangers series under Bruce Kalish (SPD, Mystic Force, Operation Overdrive (bolded for a reason), and Jungle Fury) to the point of sometimes making the fic more of a Hate Fic at times. With Loads and Loads of Characters, one can know that this can be a bit troublesome and confusing to read, but still readable, if you can stomach the hate he got...


Can be read here.

The fanfic ends up as quite the Snark Bait, as you can see fellow troper Arcadiarika liveblog it and youtube user Werezilla reading it out loud. Note: They both rip apart the fic with gusto. The liveblog has its own page, Super Sentai vs. Power Rangers: The Liveblog.

Also compare with a similar fic, Super Sentai vs. Super Sentai, which kinda works in a smaller scale.

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