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An unexpected pregnancy is one of the biggest ways to throw both the narrative and a (usually female, but sometimes not — which makes things even more shocking) character's life for a loop. It can occur under many different circumstances, be it the result of a fling, an affair, a long-term relationship, or even supernatural influence.

Often, the pregnancy occurs at quite an inconvenient time. The woman may not be financially or emotionally prepared to raise a child, and may not be on great terms with the father, if he's even still around. She may consider an abortion, but it's not likely she'll go through with it (and if she does, it'll just lead to more drama). If she's unmarried, she'll likely have to throw together a quick wedding on top of rushing to prepare for a new baby. A story involving a Teen Pregnancy will almost always have the pregnancy be unplanned due to the tendency for hormones to take precedence over preparation.

However, the pregnancy can also be treated as a blessing, especially if the woman wanted to become pregnant but thought she was infertile, or if the pregnancy brings her close to her true love. This pregnancy will often occur later in a story, as it's less likely to provide tension. However, there's no telling that the pregnancy will be seen as a blessing once the child is born.

Obviously, this is Truth in Television — in the United States, close to half of all pregnancies are unplanned, though the number has decreased over the years thanks to increased awareness of birth control.

There may be unmarked spoilers below.



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    Anime & Manga 
  • Dead Leaves: Pandy starts getting morning sickness on the train, and doesn't know what's wrong with her. The doctor quickly clears up the situation and loudly boasts it to the train.
    Doctor: "Looks like SOMEONE'S a little bit PREGNANT!"
    Inmates: "HURRAY!!!"
  • Even Though I'm a Former Noble and Single Mother: The titular noblewoman and adventurer Shirley realized she was pregnant shortly after escaping the castle dungeons and started getting nausea in the mornings, then started counting back to her last period. The story then follows how she adapts to mothering her twin daughters.
  • Itazura Na Kiss: Satomi gets knocked up by her boyfriend and after a bit of drama they get married.
  • JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Diavolo was a victim of it; he didn't even know his daughter Trish existed for fifteen years.
  • Downplayed in Okusan. Kyouko is trying very hard for a baby, but doesn't connect her increasing weight gain to the possibility of pregnancy until her mother-in-law suggests it. Naturally, she's elated when the test comes back positive.
  • Ouran High School Host Club: It's implied that Kotoko's pregnancy with Haruhi wasn't planned, as she and Ryouji had a Shotgun Wedding upon finding out.
  • Patlabor 2: The Movie: When Mikiyasu Shinshi goes off to quell the unrest, Tamiko begs him not to go, and reveals that she's carrying his second child.

    Comic Books 
  • Albedo: Erma Felna EDF: Erma finds out after she's starting to have weird dreams and after a medical checkout. Her friend Toki is not amused after she finds out.
  • Alias: In the last issue, Jessica learns she's gotten pregnant from Luke, which definitely wasn't intended and took a while for her to realize at all.
  • Robin (1993): Shortly after Tim and Steph start dating she reveals she's pregnant, to Tim and the readers' shock as they hadn't had sex. Evidently her previous boyfriend, who she'd dumped after realizing he was self centered and immature, had gotten her pregnant and she didn't learn it had happened until months after the fact.

    Comic Strips 
  • Played for laughs in Madam & Eve when Eric introduces his girlfriend Lizeka to his family here.

    Fan Works 
  • An Acceptable Arrangement: Hou Yue and Hongshan are not trying for her to get pregnant by the end of the fic, as they have an heir. However, she still does, and doesn't realize she is until she's five months in.
  • Amazing Fantasy: Mary Jane and Peter didn't discover Mary Jane's pregnancy until after they signed their divorce papers.
  • Zelda has a shocking unexpected pregnancy in the Blood and Spirit section of Bound Destinies Trilogy.
  • Denial in Action: Starscream is completely unaware that he is pregnant until he gives birth.
  • Justified in Danganronpa Reimagined, where in the final trial after much Foreshadowing, Sayaka and Makoto finds out that the former is pregnant with their child. The surprise comes from the fact that their memories of Hope's Peak, including their prior Relationship Upgrade and marriage during the Tragedy, were stolen by Junko before the killing game.
  • Dreaming of Sunshine: Around Chapter 100, Yoshino learns that she's expecting a third child.
  • Empathy: In Honey Lemon's talk with Jill, it's implied that she's not on good terms with her parents and that she was an unwanted pregnancy.
  • In Extended Stay, the Mistress and the Superjail crew find out she's pregnant just when Ultraprison is about to leave. This one is justified since she hasn't been far enough along to exhibit any symptoms.
  • In Freedom's Limits, Madavi's first pregnancy comes as a complete shock and definitely wasn't planned. She doesn't even realise she's pregnant until another woman points out the symptoms. Smador is shocked too, to the point of But You Can't Be Pregnant!, as he thought he'd been careful not to sleep with Madavi when she was in heat. He then realises that humans are physically different from orcs in that regard, which hadn't occurred to him before. To be fair, they're both pretty young and naïve; Madavi's only around fourteen/fifteen and Smador is implied to be around the same age. Madavi doesn't want to abort the pregnancy but she knows her employers probably won't look kindly on her bearing a half-human half-orc child, so she leaves her job and moves in with Smador, who lives in a small cave in the forest. Her life is a lot less comfortable and secure, but she and Smador are determined to make the best of it and be good parents.
  • Halkegenia Online: Morigana tells a physician that her periods are relatively light and she had a contraceptive insert in her body. Cue realization that said contraceptive was in her human body and it has been around two months since she had sex.
  • Naru-Hina Chronicles: Tenten becomes pregnant as a result of her and Neji celebrating the latter's removal of the seal. Both of them only learn about it at some point after they return from the vacation they spent with their friends.
  • The Second Try: Due to her mess of insecurities, Asuka flipped out when she discovered she was pregnant and had tried to hide it from Shinji; she even stopped eating in a misguided attempt to induce a miscarriage. Shinji found out anyways; a rat got into their trash while he was taking it out and he found a positive pregnancy test Asuka tried to hide. To say he was surprised would have been an understatement. Incidentally, Asuka avoids the usual markings of trope as what tipped her off to her condition was missing one of her periods.
  • In the Star Trek (2009) fanfic Safe and Sound we find out early on that Uhura is pregnant with Spock's child. She and the senior officers find out when the computer scans her and informs everyone (the biggest reactions come from Kirk and Scotty, the former spitting his mouthful of water into McCoy's face and the latter falling off his chair). This one is justified in that she was only one month along (before she would have noticed the missed period and before morning sickness came into play) and she and Spock didn't take precautions because of a certain incident which happens to Vulcans every seven years.
  • In the post-series Friends fic "This Charming Life", Monica is surprised to learn that she's pregnant a few months after she, Chandler and the twins move into their new house, with Chandler being the first to put the pieces together (justified as Monica acknowledges that she didn't want to believe she was pregnant and then be told that she wasn't). She eventually gives birth to her and Chandler's son, William Charles Bing ('Charles' naturally coming from his paternal grandfather).
  • Triptych Continuum: As insinuated in Tricks of the Trade Show, Sweetie Belle, Rarity's sister, as Rarity learns from her dad:
    "We weren't..." An even longer pause. "...expecting Sweetie." Very awkwardly, "Took us a while before we got you, and we kind of thought — you were gonna be it. Sweetie was..." Stopped.
    She understood the hesitancy: a father who wasn't comfortable with discussing birth, because it might lead into his child considering the activities between her parents which led to pregnancy. Rarity had an excellent imagination, and thus when matters of self-preservation arose, knew just when she had to shut it down.
  • In Unexpected Surprise, Ladybug and Chat Noir have sex once and she falls pregnant. What makes it particularly twisted is that 1) neither know each other's secret identities, 2) they soon break up due to Ladybug loving another, 3) they both have to give up their Miraculouses a few days later and 4) Adrien moves to USA at the same time. The result is that, after a six year long absence, he returns to discover there is a girl about whom three people know she is the daughter of Ladybug and Chat Noir, but the only one to have figured out she is the daughter of Marinette and Adrien is Gabriel.
  • Us and Them: After getting married, Aeris and Sephiroth had intended to wait before having children, but Aeris misread the instructions on the birth control and wound up getting pregnant anyway.

    Film — Animated 
  • In Shrek the Third, Fiona becomes pregnant and Shrek must prepare for fatherhood. It's implied this wasn't planned on their part as Shrek said he didn't want children when Fiona first mentioned the idea of having a family.

    Film — Live Action 
  • 28 Hotel Rooms: The woman unexpectedly gets pregnant after having sex with the man in one of their trysts, pretending the baby is her husband's afterward.
  • August In The City: It's indicated August married her boyfriend as a result of getting pregnant with their baby unexpectedly.
  • Freshman Year: Both CJ and Marcella are completely shocked that she got pregnant (for him, because he's at first unaware they did it, due to being drunk), from their shower tryst.
  • The titular character of Juno undergoes a Teen Pregnancy after having unprotected sex with Paulie Bleeker on a whim.
  • Love (2015): Marcus got Omi pregnant accidentally when he'd cheated on Electra with her. They end up having a baby boy.
  • Love Is Not Perfect: Elena learns she's unexpectedly pregnant by Marco right after finding out he's been cheating with a man plus she told him she's not ready to be a mother. Needless to say, she's unhappy.
  • Safer at Home: At the beginning, Jen confides in Harper that she is pregnant and that she wants to wait to tell Evan until after the online gathering. Later on, believing Jen to be dead, the other members of the group tell Evan, who becomes even more distraught.
  • Save the Date (2012): Sarah gets unexpectedly pregnant by Jonathan, saying later she was irresponsible, though her sister tells her to not beat herself up over it.
  • Women Is Losers: Celina and her friend Marty both get pregnant unexpectedly by the guys who they sleep with.

  • The Bridge Kingdom Archives: Lara does not know she is pregnant and she cannot believe it, as she and her husband used contranceptive herbs.
  • Brother Cadfael: Richildis was as surprised as the rest of her family to find she'd gotten pregnant again around the same time as her daughter Sibil, resulting in Edwin and Edwy being an uncle and nephew of roughly the same age.
  • The Change Room: Eliza's mother was swamped by debt and had to care for her with her two siblings after their father died. Seeing how hard it was and having to help her as best Eliza could while still just an adolescent had affected her deeply. Eliza realized how important money was as a result, vowing she would have her own business after growing up (and succeeded).
  • Dragonlance: It's eventually revealed that Kitiara unwittingly became pregnant as a result of a one-night stand with Sturm covered in Darkness & Light, resulting in the birth of their son, Steel Brightblade.
  • Fifty Shades of Grey: Played for Drama in Fifty Shades Freed. Ana unexpectedly gets pregnant after forgetting her depo provera shot. She's not too upset about it after getting over the initial shock, though it still causes a fair bit of drama due to Christian not taking it well.
  • Girls Don't Hit: Both of Joss' children weren't planned. Since then, she's tried to avoid having sex with her husband without any protection.
  • Inkmistress: Ina became pregnant by Garen unintentionally. As a result she became engaged to him, as was expected for a girl in her situation.
  • Claire's pregnancy with Bree in Outlander is certainly unexpected. The realization of it shocks Claire, on the eve of Culloden when she attempts to insist staying with Jamie in the 18th century (and dying with him there, as they both know Jamie will die, whether in the battle or by execution). Although Jamie had known for weeks (or months), Claire did not know she was pregnant (or was unwilling to admit it to herself) until Jamie pointed it out to her.
  • Quarters: Annice got unexpectedly pregnant from her tryst with Pjerin. It sets the plot in motion, since she's been forbidden to have children by her brother on pain of death.
  • The Silerian Trilogy: Elelar, who though she was barren, gets unexpectedly pregnant, to her astonishment.
  • In Breaking Dawn, the last book of The Twilight Saga, Bella gets pregnant with her vampire husband's child. The reason that it's an unexpected pregnancy is that A) she gets pregnant the very first time that they ever have sex and B) the series (and the author) up until this point heavily implied that vampires can't have children. In fact, earlier in the series Edward lamented that he couldn't give Bella kids. Besides which, the pregnancy is incredibly dangerous and completely upends Bella's plans for her future. She never even considers an abortion, although more than half of her supernatural family (including her husband and her best friend) try to convince her to terminate the pregnancy.

    Live-Action TV 
  • All in the Family: Gloria was one, as revealed in "Gloria's Shock" when Mike remarks that most pregnancies are the result of the couple forgetting to take a trip to the drugstore, and Archie and Edith exchange knowing glances. All things considered, Gloria takes this news very well, even joking that she was a "surprise package".
  • Avocado Toast: Elle gets pregnant without intending to from casual sex with men during the first season. She soon decides to have an abortion.
  • Breaking Bad: Shortly before the start of the series, Walter and Skyler accidentally conceive their daughter Holly, with Skyler being about six months pregnant by the time of the Pilot Episode. The financial burden of them already having a teenage son with cerebral palsy combined with Walt's diagnosis of terminal lung cancer is ultimately what pushes Walter into the meth business.
  • Burden of Truth: Joanna unexpectedly gets pregnant by Billy in Season 3, and she struggles with whether she's cut out for the responsibility or wants to have a child (mostly due to deep issues from her childhood). However, after much intense soul-searching, Joanna decides to have the baby.
  • Cable Girls: In the middle of season 2, Lidia finds out she is pregnant with Carlos's child.
  • El Chavo del ocho: During an episode, after La Chilindrina provokes Don Ramón by saying he never makes half-baked mistakes, he uses her as a proof as to how he can make a mistake and how it can be half-baked (obviously alluding to her height).
    Don Ramón: It's true, everyone makes mistakes. The problem is when that mistake calls you daddy.
  • Community: Shirley becomes pregnant in Season 2 after a brief (and memory-wiped) fling with Chang.
  • The Confessions of Frannie Langton: Marguerite became unintentionally pregnant from Ouladuh, which leaves her in a terrible position since she's married, while having their baby would reveal her adultery due to being mixed race.
  • Doctor Who: Amy Pond had no idea she was pregnant, even after having done the deed on or after her wedding night. The baby also turns out to have Time Lord DNA.
  • Downton Abbey:
    • At the end of Series 1, Cora Crawley and Robert are both shocked when Cora finds herself pregnant, sixteen years after giving birth to Lady Sybil. However, tragedy strikes when O'Brien, mistakenly thinking she is about to be sacked, maliciously plants a bar of soap on the floor next to Cora's bath-tub, which causes her to slip and miscarry the baby.
    • Following a night of passion with Michael Gregson mid-way through Series 4, Edit discovers she's pregnant. With Michael seemingly vanished into thin air, so traumatised is Edith that she makes an appointment at a Back-Alley Doctor for an illegal termination. However, once at the clinic, she can't bring herself to go through with it.
    • The housemaid Ethel has an affair with Major Bryant that results in Ethel's termination and an unexpected pregnancy. Her illegitimate son is born halfway through Series 2.
  • EastEnders:
    • Charlie was definitely surprised to find he got Ronnie Mitchell pregnant. She turned up at his door, sporting a baby bump. The two look like they may have a potential spark.
    • Denise is horrified to discover she's pregnant. Initally she believes the father to be Fatboy. It's actually Phil Mitchell after a drunken one night stand. Denise later gives the baby up for adoption.
    • Kim arrived back on the Square pregnant much to her sister, Denise's surprise. She later found out she's pregnant again after thinking her sickness was due to food poisoning.
  • Everything Now: Becca gets unintentionally pregnant from Cam and soon decides to have an abortion without saying anything to him at first.
  • Game of Thrones: Halfway through Season 7, it's revealed that Cersei's pregnant with a fifth child, despite the obvious inferal in seasons past that everybody, including Cersei herself, figured she was past her childbearing years.
  • Girls: Hannah finds herself pregnant in the last season after she gets herself checked for a UTI.
  • The Gifted (2017): Lorna's second Freak Out of the pilot episode stems from this when Strucker shows her her medical records, revealing that she's expecting a child, which is a complete shock to her.
  • The Golden Girls: Dorothy became pregnant in high school after sleeping with Stan, leading to a Shotgun Wedding.
  • Hand of God: Tessie gets unexpectedly pregnant by Pernell, a client of hers. She decides to keep the baby. He wasn't aware of this by the end of the series.
  • Hit & Miss: Riley gets unintentionally pregnant from John.
  • Into the Dark: In "Blood Moon", Esme got pregnant unexpectedly when she and Joseph hadn't known each other very long. She wanted to keep the baby however. Joseph was hesitant because of his heritage, clearly worried that their baby would be the same (which he was), but they married anyway.
  • Keep Breathing: Liv definitely didn't intend to get pregnant, and isn't sure whether she's cut out to be a mother after the poor relationship she had with her own. She's also not told the father, Danny, as she fears intimacy and realizes this would draw them closer in spite of her wishes.
  • Law & Order: Special Victims Unit: Kathy and Elliot's youngest was unexpectedly conceived while they were separated and in their forties.
  • Lucifer (2016): Dr. Linda Martin is visibly surprised upon finding out that she is pregnant, because the father is Amenadiel, an angel.
  • Mad Men: At the end of season one, Peggy gives birth, much to her surprise.
  • Madam Secretary: Daisy becomes pregnant towards the end of season three after a casual relationship with a guy from the Budget branch who turned out to be an undercover CIA agent investigating arms trafficking and was Killed to Uphold the Masquerade. She had mentioned wanting to have a baby earlier in the season, but the man she was dating at the time (Dalton's cybersecurity czar) moved away to work in Silicon Valley.
  • Mayfair Witches: Rowan becomes unexpectedly pregnant from Ciprien.
  • Mohawk Girls: Caitlin gets unintentionally pregnant by Butterhead, thus setting off continued drama as at first he reacts badly, she then moves in with him but isn't happy and ultimately decides to have an abortion but has pretty mixed feelings about it.
  • Mr. Robot: Sharon's pregnancy was unplanned, though both she and Scott were happy about it.
  • My Mad Fat Diary:
    • Chloe gets pregnant in Series 1 by her P.E. teacher.
    • In Series 2, Rae's mom Linda becomes pregnant, which she initially mistakes for menopause.
  • Pandora: Jax gets suddenly pregnant and is taken aback as she uses birth control, as does her boyfriend. It turns out to be a mystical pregnancy, so it's really surprising. It's soon learned that Zazie Nichols is responsible for causing this, as she was the one who impregnated Jax with her own clone.
  • Reign: Mary's one night stand with Francis results in pregnancy. She's afraid it'll ruin her family name, but can't bring herself to get an abortion, and she takes a long time before she reveals her pregnancy to her friends. Her family does disown her for it.
  • The Rookie (2018): Angela's pregnancy by Wesley was unplanned, with her at first keeping it secret due to fearing this might stop her becoming detective.
  • Schitt's Creek: Jocelyn believes she's going through menopause, but is really pregnant with her second child.
  • Scrubs: Jordan only belatedly realizes that she's gotten pregnant for a second time. She and Dr. Cox really weren't expecting it, as he'd gotten a vasectomy (which "didn't take".)
  • Special Ops: Lioness: Kate didn't know she was pregnant until it was discovered while she had blood work done for something else in the hospital. Her mother Joe then tells her that Kate's conception was itself unplanned as well.
  • Superstore: Double subverted with Amy's second pregnancy. She originally has a pregnancy scare, but her test comes up negative. Then in a later episode, she learns that those tests were recalled for false negatives, and she is pregnant. Worse yet, it's her ex-husband's baby, from a brief fling they had before splitting for good.
  • Y: The Last Man (2021): Christine abruptly finds out she's pregnant after the pandemic with heavy bleeding she mistakes for a miscarriage. It's even more impactful than usual as this may be one of the few pregnancies since all cis men's deaths in it-especially if she's having a boy.

  • Set up and then ultimately averted in "Two Pink Lines" by Eric Church. The narrator is anxious over whether or not his girl is pregnant; when she turns out not to be, she ends up leaving.
  • "The Day That She Left Tulsa (In a Chevy)" by Wade Hayes. The narrator's lover reveals that she's pregnant with another man's child and ends up running away in shame before he can get a chance to even confront her about it (and the third verse reveals that he would have been okay with it).

    Tabletop Games 
  • Demons in Exalted have sex, and they reproduce. But in the normal order of things, those two things aren't connected. Most aren't even aware that having sex with a human can result in a half-demon. Male demons who make this discovery often don't care very much, but imagine the shock of a female demon who discovers what pregnancy is, and that her amusing romp with that human has caused her to have one!

  • If/Then: Elizabeth becomes pregnant in both the Liz and Beth timelines. In the Liz timeline, she becomes pregnant after sleeping with her boyfriend Josh, and she goes on to marry him and keep the baby, as well as have another one down the line. In the Beth timeline, she has a One-Night-Stand Pregnancy after impulsively sleeping with her best friend Lucas, but in this case she gets an abortion.

    Video Games 
  • Disgaea 2: Cursed Memories: The youngest of Axel's five siblings is called "Axident," implying he was an accident.
  • Jimmy and the Pulsating Mass: Rainbow Park reveals that Helga never meant to have Buck. It might explain some of his angst.
  • Lorelai: It's made pretty clear that Bethany was an accident. Lorelai outright states that John would never have stayed if Miranda hadn't gotten pregnant. There's also the following (possible) dialogue between Lorelai and her mom.

    Visual Novels 
  • In Melody, depending on player choice, the title character can fall pregnant by the end of the story, preventing her from going on tour and kneecapping her musical career.

  • Demonseed Redux: At the beginning of the series, Dee insists Chico, as a human, is unable to get her, an angel, pregnant. Him being unwittingly turned into a demon by Rhoda makes just that happen.
  • Ennui GO!: A rare non-sexual example. In "Mood Swings", Max asks why Darcy is pregnant instead of Tanya as the three previously planned back in "Options"; Tanya explains that, when carrying the "applicator", Izzy tripped and went inside Darcy instead.
  • In Head Trip, Kat came to the realisation that she was pregnant after recounting how she had been feeling while walking her dog. She assumed that she was coming down with an illness, based on her recent bouts of tiredness, stomach cramps, and moodiness. The revelation hit her when she likened it to PMSing without having had a period as of late.
  • In Kevin & Kell, this supertrope befell both Lindesfarne Dewclaw (with Turvy) and Leona Mangle (with Savanna). But while Lindesfarne falls under But We Used a Condom! (in her case, due to a condom failure), Leona's pregnancy via husband Carl with Savanna appears to be a simple case of Babies Ever After, as they indulged in a lockdown-extended honeymoon, and there's no evidence they were trying not to have a baby.
  • The titular version of Scootaloo in Motherly Scootaloo got pregnant after her first time when she was only thirteen, as she didn't know much about sex and pregnancy beforehand.

    Web Video 
  • Dragon Ball Z Abridged: When Goku agreed to give Chi-Chi another baby in exchange for being allowed to train Gohan, he didn't quite understand how he would be doing so. After being forced to have non-stop sex with her for about an entire week, he's shocked to learn that she became impregnated as a result.
    Baby Trunks: (coos adorably)
    Bulma: ...I'm well aware.
  • Hatchetfield: As proud as Linda is of being a mother, she's also pretty quick to cop to the fact that none of her children were actually wanted or planned and she doesn't actually seem to love them very much except as status symbols. (And it turns out that two of them were especially unplanned because they're not Gerald's.)
  • Kruggsmash: The easy assumption about the size of Bunion's gut is that they are simply a Big Eater, but in fact the hermaphroditic snail person is pregnant, and gives birth to a clutch of eggs after the first round.

    Western Animation 
  • The Amazing World of Gumball: It's implied in the montage in "The Choices" that Richard and Nicole conceived Gumball accidentally, as they learn of the news at a doctor's office and hug each other lovingly, then get an Oh, Crap! look in their eyes. They get married after learning of that fact.
  • BoJack Horseman:
    • BoJack was the result of a One-Night-Stand Pregnancy between the socialite heiress Beatrice and the street smart bad boy Butterscotch, which threw a wrench in the plans for Beatrice to marry another heir and merge their fathers' businesses. Beatrice and Butterscotch idealize their marriage at first, but it quickly turns sour and they resent and abuse BoJack as a result.
    • The cliffhanger of "Love And/Or Marriage" has Diane learn that she's pregnant with Mr. Peanutbutter's offspring. The next episode is about the issues surrounding her abortion.
    • Princess Carolyn is pregnant at the beginning of "See Mr. Peanutbutter Run," but has a miscarriage. She doesn't tell her boyfriend Ralph because she felt embarrassed to get pregnant on accident. They decide to start trying for a baby on purpose instead.
    • A later episode, "The Amelia Earhart Story," reveals that Princess Carolyn had an accidental pregnancy at age eighteen while working as a maid for a wealthy family and sleeping with their son. However, she had a miscarriage, which meant she couldn't join the wealthy family, much to her mother's displeasure.
  • F is for Family: None of the Murphy's children were intentional pregnancies. In the Season 2 finale, Frank and Sue conceive a fourth child due to Smokey Greenwood having poked holes in random condoms, and the next two seasons follow Sue's pregnancy.
  • An episode of Futurama has Kif being pregnant. The reason? He touched Leela without his gloves on after his girlfriend Amy induced romantic feelings in him, which according to his Bizarre Alien Biology means Leela impregnated him.
    Kif: No glove, no love.
  • In King of the Hill, Didi becoming pregnant with G.H. after a broken condom was a shock due to the age of his parents (she was 40 and he was in his 70s or 80s), and and put a strain on Cotton's already limited pension. It was also upsetting to Hank and Peggy, who were trying unsuccessfully to get pregnant. Hank felt inadequate due to his elderly father being more fertile than he was. It didn't help that Cotton wore several condoms at a time, which actually makes them more likely to break.
    Cotton: I didn't plan on bustin' through my weenie shield and having this little fella! (beat) And I can't deny him anything!
  • In The Powerpuff Girls, the trio meet a new neighbor named Robin. When they introduce her to Professor Utonium and say he made them by accident (via Chemical X), she assures him that it's nothing to worry about... as she innocently says she was an "accident, too". The professor's surprised response hints that she was an unplanned pregnancy.
  • Bart Simpson was this for a young, unmarried Homer and Marge, resulting in their Shotgun Wedding. Maggie was unplanned as well, and though her parents welcomed their third child, it created some complications for Homer, who had just taken a lower-paying job he preferred and had to return to his dead-end job at the power plant to make ends meet.
  • South Park: In "Nobody Got Cereal?" Marvin Marsh rather grossly explains to his grandson Stan that Stan's dad Randy was an unplanned pregnancy.
    I didn't think I'd have grandkids. I didn't even want children. That's why I always came on Gram Gram's tits. But then, one night, I'm having sex with your grandma, and she sticks her finger in my ass. She had sometimes licked my ass before, but this was the first time she used her finger, and I came inside her like that. I pulled out and your grandma was like "Did you just come in me?", and I was like "Well, you stuck your finger in my ass." And that's basically why you're here, Billy.