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The meme that took ZA WARUDO by storm.
DIO: Oh? You're approaching me? Instead of running away, you're coming right to me?
Jotaro: I can't meme the shit out of you without getting closer.
DIO: Oh ho! Then come as close as you like.

Also known, called, and referred to as "Jojokes".

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  • The meme. [[labelnote:Explanation]]The explanation behind the meme.[[/labelnote]] Explanation 

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     In General 
  • <—To Be Continued— - -/Roundabout Explanation 
  • Don't skip parts. Explanation 
  • Part [x] [character], Part [x] [character]. Explanation 
  • This song now belongs to the JoJo fandom. Explanation 
    • This comment section is property of PASSIONE/gay mafia. Explanation 
    • JoJo incoming. Explanation 
  • Only JoJo can make [x] epic. Explanation 
  • Whenever an argument about who would beat whom in a fight comes up, the answer is always Giorno. Along with The Flash, he's perhaps the person most commonly brought up in power level debates. Explanation 
    • At least until Eyes of Heaven, where he met Heaven Ascension DIO.
    • Alternatively, Poco Loco will always win thanks to Hey Ya! Explanation 
  • Jokes about Hirohiko Araki being way younger-looking than he really is; the man's in his sixties and still looks 20. Enter quips about him being a Hamon user or a vampire.
  • I Win. Explanation 
  • The series' distinctive drawing style has become a meme.
    • Similarly, if someone randomly throws around the Japanese "dramatic tension" Unsound Effects ゴゴゴゴゴ (GO GO GO GO GO) and ドドドドド (DO DO DO DO DO), it's guaranteed to be a JoJo reference. Thanks to the anime, photoshopping said unsound effects into pictures has also taken off. Thanks to subtitles for the anime, which actually bothered translating the Unsound Effects, "MENACING" has become its own meme.
  • "Out of Function/Retire(再起不能/リタイア)"note 
  • Araki's habit of drawing the characters in very weird poses, such as Diavolo's final pose (when he's running from the little girl), Giorno's "gang-star" pose, and Anasui's model-esque pose, has also spawned some memes.
  • Joseph's penchant for provocative clothing and poses even by the manga's usual standards (especially in promos) has led to more than a few stripper jokes. It's since spiraled into prostitution jokes in the same vein as the edits from K-On!.
  • "Giant bara deer": A term for the musclebound men in the first parts of JoJo that arose after this animated .gif of Jonathan appeared on /a/ with the filename "giant_bara_deer_caught_in_headlights.gif".
  • You are a worthless child, Jonathan. Explanation 
  • Anything Joseph says with Gratuitous English, the fans shall never forget.
  • This must be the work of an enemy Stand!Explanation 
  • Expect 「people」 who talk about Jojo to at least write a 「sentence」 with words closed by 「Japanese quotation marks」 and formatted in bold. Occasionally used to determine if someone has a 「Stand」.
  • Araki hates dogs. Explanation 
  • Araki loves donuts. Explanation 
  • The series is well known for being Reference Overdosed, especially when it comes to shout outs to classic rock, so fans sometimes like to add even more classic rock references into their fanwork. For example:
    • Episode 1 of the Abridged version of Phantom Blood accompanies a sad Speedwagon scene with a song by his namesake.
    • Dio is often swapped out with his namesake.
    You thought it was Ozzy Osbourne, but it was I, Ronnie James Dio!
  • Abbacchio+Rohan+F.F=Egg Explanation 
  • "Read the manga." Explanation 
  • When the 1997 oneshot American comic Diesel, a hilariously blatant ripoff of the N'Doul fight from Stardust Crusaders (complete with powers literally called Stands), was discovered by the Internet, it was naturally subject to immediate memetic status and derision.
  • "Is this a JoJo reference?" Explanation 
    • (Thing) (Tenuous link to JJBA) What a (adjective) Jojoke!Explanation 
  • Crossing over different western cartoons (usually Looney Tunes, of all series) with JJBA has been a meme for a while, such as making characters doing weird poses and/or dressed up weirdly into stands and naming them after certain songs. For example, there's been fanart of Daffy Duck and Tom Cat dressed in zoot suits and made to look like Jojo characters on 4chan and it began to explode from that point. Reached its apex when, in the official 40th anniversary Garfield book, a fan art of Garfield dressed as Jotaro and Jon as Star Platinum appeared.
  • "What is Jojo's Bizarre Adventure?" "Yes." Explanation 
  • Araki forgot. Explanation 
  • Due to Dub Name Change while Writing Around Trademarks for Stand names, it's not uncommon to see fans bring up a Stand's original name, and for subsequent fans to jokingly come up with increasingly ridiculous names derived from all forms of synonyms, such as turning "Black Sabbath" into "Dark Saturday", "Sex Pistols" into "Intercourse Ammunition" or "Killer Queen, Bites the Dust" into "Murderous Monarch, Masticates the Minerals".
  • Thanks to the excessive amount of Friendly Fandoms, many fans also see the series as a main staple of being a shared universe to all of the Anime existed.
  • The first teaser for The Rise of Skywalker revealed a new cute droid called D-0, pronounced identically to "Dio." The reaction was exactly what you would expect.
  • John Wick is the new JoJo. Explanation 
  • For some strange reason, King Ghidorah from Godzilla: King of the Monsters (2019) has somehow become memetically associated with DIO, whether it be because of his gold color scheme, his vampiric, life-draining abilities, or his threatening poses during the battles against Godzilla. It's even become somewhat popular for gijinka fanart of Ghidorah to be based upon DIO.
  • The announcement that Apple would be selling a pro monitor stand for $999 was widely mocked by the Jojo fandom, with many joking if the stand would grant them a Stand, or joking about how "some stand users are born with a Stand, some got it from the Arrow, and some bought it for $999".
  • Jojo Rabbit's Bizarre Adventure Explanation 
  • Jojo's Daddy Issues Adventure Explanation 
  • Honda Dio and Honda GiornoExplanation 
  • YAKAMASHI!!! You're so damn annoying! Explanation 

     Phantom Blood
"You expected the first meme to come from JoJo, but it was I, Dio!"
  • Every time a strange or ridiculous event takes place in the later parts, fans often say that "This all happened because a carriage crashed in 1880 England".
  • Fans have widely parodied the fact that Dio and Jonathan, even at twelve years old, already have the voices of grown men.
    • Another much ridiculed point is how hideous-looking Dio's father Dario is, bringing fans to wonder just how such an ugly dude could have such a devilishly good-looking son.
  • "Even Speedwagon is afraid!"Explanation 
    • It's fun to make variations of his name: Speedbump, Rapidtrolley, Fastkart, Velocityvehicle, Co-Producer Speed Weed, REO... who is nervous, impressed, timid, astounded...
    • "Speedwagon withdraws coolly."
    • Speedwagon also has the Fan Nickname Moewagon, due to his devotion and support of Jonathan.
    • Speedwagon is also labeled as "best girl" or "Waifu/Wife" material.
  • Zeppeli punching a frog has become widely memed as being one of the series' first truly absurd moments, as well as kickstarting a long chain of apparent animal cruelty seemingly always involving dogs and frogs.
  • "You thought this would be [X], but it was I, Dio!" (alternatively for the one after comma: "Kono Dio da!") Explanation 
    Dub Dio: You thought your first kiss would be JoJo, but it was I, Dio!
  • Jonathan feeding Danny a grape was widely mocked by the fandom, saying that Jonathan was a terrible pet owner and that Dio "was just cremating Danny."
  • Many fans found it difficult to sympathize with Jonathan's father after he pretty much played favorites with Dio, with many joking that "he pretty much had it coming" when he adopted a kid who burns dogs alive.
  • "Bastard... How many lives have you sucked to heal those wounds?"
  • "NANI WO SURUNDA!? YURUSAN!!!" Explanation 
    • "DIOOOOOOOOO!!!"Explanation 
    • The scene where a frustrated Jonathan repeatedly screams "Dio! DIO DIO DIO!" and rolls down a hill has been humorously cited by fans as "the entirety of JJBA in a nutshell."
  • "Dio did nothing wrong!" Explanation 
  • "I Reject My Humanity" also known as "I'm Throwing Away My Humanity"
  • Goodbye, JoJo! Explanation 
  • I can even lift this (heavy) rock! Explanation 
  • You fell for it, fool! Thunder Cross Split Attack!Explanation 

     Battle Tendency
  • Your next line will be: "[X]" ! Explanation 
    • [X]! ... Uh!? Explanation 
  • The Joestar Family Secret Technique! Explanation 
    • NIGERUNDAYO, SMOKEYExplanation 
  • Tequila JosephExplanation 
  • The fandom has taken to calling the Pillar Men "the Aztec gods of fitness".
  • Eventually, Kars stopped thinking.Explanation (Spoiler!) 
  • "SHIIIZAAAAAAAA!!!"/"CAEEEEESAAAAAR!" Explanation (spoilers) 
    • Large objects falling on peopleExplanation 
  • Awaken, my masters!Explanation 
  • The infamous anatomy description that appears for Kars when he becomes the Ultimate Being. Partly because it's reminiscent of many a bad DeviantArt Marty Stu, but especially for one stand-out entry pointing out that for Kars, "Sex: USELESS".
  • Esidisi crying: both his face and the sound he makes when crying in the Japanese dub ("HEEEEEEEEEY!") have become rather popular.
    • Also has drawn comparisons to Okuyasu, with the "What's with all these tears?" moment that became equally memetic.
  • SpeeeeeeeeeduwaGONNN.note 
  • SEKAI ICHI!!/世界一ィィィーーーッ!! note 
  • "A stripper Aztec vampire god turns his hand into a squirrel to fight a cyborg Nazi officer."Explanation 
  • Ahh! Sto-sama is dead!/あーん!スト様が死んだ! Explanation with mild spoilers for Battle Tendency 
  • Fans have noted a fair number of coincidental similarities between Part 2 and Zoolander. The main character's lack of common sense in many areas, the rivalry between Joseph/Derek and the new blonde ripple user/model that comes on to the scene, the large emphasis on posing, the odd fact that some scenes just look familiar, and the fact that both characters had their friends killed by Wamuu/Wham.
  • "What did you say? Depending on your answer, I may have to kick your ass!"Explanation 
  • I lost it in a Kars accident.Explanation (ending spoilers) 
    • Other popular car puns include jokes about Joseph sending Cars to space decades before Elon Musk did it, there being flying Cars as early as 1939, and associating Kars with the movie Cars.
  • Smokey becoming a well-known politician in the epilogue also ended up drawing comparisons to Barack Obama.
  • The death of Speedwagon in the ending of part 2 broke many fans' hearts, with many fans further lamenting the fact that he "died single". Some even blame Joseph for constantly getting Speedwagon into a state of terrified panic with his antics, which some blame for his untimely demise (then again, he already was 80 at the time.)
  • Pillar Family / Pillar DadsExplanation 
  • "I didn't expect the Third Reich to show up."Explanation 
  • The Pillar MenExplanation 
  • A widely-memed moment is the shot of Lisa Lisa, Suzie Q and Joseph on a boat to New York, with Joseph sporting a rather...disturbed look on his face. Given that the previous moment has Lisa Lisa telling Joseph that she's his mom, and that Joseph earlier had shown lustful interest in her, fans have joked about him suffering a mental breakdown from the revelation.
    • "And Joseph was never the same after that."Explanation 
    • Also, in a parody of Kars's fate, "Eventually, Joseph stopped thinking."
  • "I'll never forgive the Japanese!" Explanation 
  • "The only crime [Caesar] hadn't committed yet was murder." Explanation 
  • "He's immortal! Unkillable! Unmatched!" Explanation 
  • "Lungs are vital for Hamon-users." Explanation 

     Stardust Crusaders
"Oh? You're approaching me?"
  • ZA WARUDO! Explanation 
    • As a sub-meme, basically any time someone has a time-stop power in media, expect someone to dub them over with Dio's dialogue or insert the appropriate sound effect.
    • Similarly, it often seems the case that when quoting JJBA, the spelling used for Stands must be the romanised katakana spellings, rather than the actual English spellings (e.g. Sutā Purachina instead of Star Platinum).
    • "Some-body once told me, Za Warudo was gonna Road Roll me"Explanation 
    • Bass-boosted fart. Explanation 
  • Because of a comment he made regarding his admiration of Jotaro's mother Holly, it's common on most sites to portray Noriaki Kakyoin as having a sexual preference for mothers.
    • That comment, paired with his infamous "RERO RERO RERO", turned Kakyoin into a memetic MILF-loving god (ironically, part of the video linked to is of Rubber Soul in his poorly done Kakyoin disguise).
    • Given a couple of anime-added lines about the hotness of both Josuke's and Shigechi's mothers, it seems Okuyasu is sharing the MILF loving throne.
    • Caesar's veneration of Lisa Lisa has more or less codified this as a defining trait for many of the Jo-Bros, at least for the anime.
    • Kakyoin reacting to Giorno's mother has also gained an internet presence, as even MILF-lovers have standards.
  • Due to his skills at video games being taken out of proportion, "Gamer Kakyoin" is almost as popular as MILF-loving Kakyoin.
  • Kakyoin waking up sees popular use as a reaction image, mostly for nightmarish situations.
  • Polnareff's Bizarre AdventureExplanation .
  • Kakyoin dies.Explanation 
    • Cherry Donut.Explanation 
  • "It's finally a Friday..." "Yes...finally here..." "Friday..." Explanation 
    • "Saturday..." Explanation 
  • The Kakyoin TreatmentExplanation (spoilers) 
  • The Eggbaby/"Kakyoin, did you lay this egg?" Explanation 
    • Kakyoin, what happened to you? Explanation 
  • Kakyoin's noodle Explanation 
  • Jotaro's occupation as a marine biologist has lead many to imagine that Jotaro has an intense fondness for dolphins. This has led to much fanart and edits of Jotaro with dolphins, or jokes that he's even zoophilic.
    • Which led to some fans, mainly those from Argentina, adopting the nickname "Delfina" (literally female Dolphin) for Jolyne.
    • The Japanese fanbase for Jojo has a similar meme, but for starfish instead.
  • "Hamon gave me little trouble a hundred years ago" - DIO: The man who just spent most of the last hundred years recovering from the last time he fought a Hamon user. Explanation 
  • "No one can just deflect the Emerald Splash!"Explanation 
    • "Emerald Splash? More like 'belongs in the trash!'" Explanation 
  • "Beautiful Brown Babe with Big Boobs gets sandwiched between a flaming black guy and a one armed man"Explanation 
  • DIO's "Oh? You're approaching me?" and Jotaro's "I can't beat the shit out of you without getting closer" quotes have become a meme of its own, mostly with edits blacking out some of the letters in the subtitle to make random and hilarious phrases. Some famous ones include:
  • The Approach Explanation 
  • Gamer DIO/DIO walk Explanation 
  • One meme pokes fun at the scene where a wounded DIO crawls to a manhole and opens it only to find Jotaro inside. Many edits replace Jotaro with some other meme video.
  • Kakyoin Explains ItExplanation 
  • Hol Horse respects women.Explanation 
  • F-MEGA Explanation 
  • "That left arm is not a right arm."Explanation 
  • Jotaro Plays ________Explanation 
  • Avdol found a spoon menacing. Explanation 
  • "So it's the same kind of Stand as Star Platinum." Explanation 
  • Joker KakyoinExplanation 
  • Egypt doesn't exist Explanation 
  • You truly are the lowest scum in history. Explanation 
  • The Greatest Ass Pull in anime history. Explanation (spoilers) 
  • I have seen enough. I am satisfied. Explanation 
  • "The sidewalk is wide enough. Go." Explanation 
  • Polnareffland! Explanation 
  • Jotaro is definitely possessed by an evil spirit Explanation 

     Stone Ocean 
  • "Where the hell were Josuke and Giorno?"Explanation 
    • In Giorno's case, many fans have joked about him getting to meet Pucci, his "dad's boyfriend".
    • "My brothers are a sloth, a cow and a dick-haired Ninja Turtle?"Explanation 
    • And as for Josuke, the fanon loves playing with the idea of a younger Jolyne getting to meet her Grand-Uncle Josuke and his friends while visiting Morioh. The ending to Eyes of Heaven having Jotaro bring a young Jolyne with him to Morioh during Part 4 particularly made this popular.
    • Fans also love the idea of Josuke and Giorno teaming up with Jolyne for the finale, though some have pointed out one logical issue with this team up: language barrier.
  • With the trend of male characters being incredibly feminine, some fans joked about Ermes reversing the trend, as she actually is a girl, but is androgynous enough to look more masculine than many of them.
  • The Amazing Jolyne Cujoh.Explanation 
  • Anasui is trans.Explanation 
    • Also due to his mostly-shirtless, net-like attire and long pink hair, it's become commonplace for fans to joke that he took fashion lessons from Diavolo.
  • Starve Platinum.Explanation 
  • Fans keep bashing on Jotaro for apparently being a terrible dad, joking how he was more interested in dolphins than his own child, or how he seemed to love Koichi more than Jolyne.
    • The mystery of Jolyne's mom has also not gone unnoticed, especially considering how much Jotaro dislikes relationships and girls. Some have joked that she is the actual "egg-baby" of Jotaro and Kakyoin, while others have suggested that her mom was actually a dolphin.
  • "Pucci the Gay Black Priest." note 
    • You said Kabutomushi [x] times, asshole.Explanation 
  • Dio's son Ungalo has been widely mocked by the fandom due to his Gonk appearance, which many have compared to Sid the Sloth from Ice Age.
  • The panel of Jolyne carrying a food tray has been widely memed by the fandom, with one Instagram account posting the same picture every day!
  • Foo Fighters being a sentient colony of plankton has drawn jokes comparing her to Plankton, or showing marine biologist Jotaro showing an interest in her.
  • Flaccid Pancake.Explanation 
  • "Look at this, Weather, what a crappy guidebook! None of the characters are on it! I want to see the Disney characters, goddammit! WHERE THE FUCK IS MICKEY?"Explanation 
    • "Fuck's sake! If there's no Mickey, this shit ain't Disney!"Explanation 
  • "Do you believe in gravity?"Explanation 
  • HORSE DONGExplanation 
    • Fans are also praising Made in Heaven's English name, which is..."Maiden Heaven". Given the series infamously messing up the stand names due to Writing Around Trademarks (most notoriously "Deadly Queen" and "Zipper Man"), the fandom collectively breathed a sigh of relief when the westernized name sounded nearly identical to the Japanese one.
  • One of the most widely-mocked stands is Weather Report's stand ability "Heavy Weather", which creates rainbows that produce a frequency to subliminally make people think they are snails and also fool their DNA into thinking they are a snail, which actually does turn them into a snail. The sheer absurdity of this ability has left many fans scratching their heads, with many quipping how it's harder to understand than even King Crimson, or saying "remember when Stand abilities actually made sense?"
  • What's wrong, Pucci? Why do you want to reset the world?Explanation 
  • BITCH I'M A COW, BITCH I'M A COWExplanation 
  • Jolyne is Billie Eilish.Explanation 
  • Cockblocking alligators.Explanation 
  • Gwess is a furry.Explanation 
  • Jolyne is Jotaro's wifeExplanation 

     Steel Ball Run 
  • Many fans have poked fun of Johnny being Jonathan's alternate universe counterpart, as the two couldn't be more different, with Jonathan being a big muscular Englishman with an honorable and gentle demeanor, while Johnny is a small, frail cowboy with a sarcastic streak and violent tendencies.
    • Also, "the Jonathan without a Stand vs. the Jonathan who can't stand".
  • Using "Jesus mummified steel ball Christ!" (and variants) as an epithet. Explanation 
  • Jesus was the original JoJo. Explanation 
  • "Look, I know we need to win this race, but Jesus told me we need to kill the president." Explanation 
  • Pizza Mozzarella Explanation 
  • Dino Brando/DiosaurExplanation 
  • Funny Valentine wants to "Make America Great Again!" note 
  • "Doyjaaan" Explanation 
  • Some fans have joked that Gyro's horse Valkyrie is actually the alt-universe counterpart of Prosciutto, due to them having a similar hairstyle of a row of small buns on the back of their head.
  • Filthy Acts at a Reasonable Price. Explanation 
  • D4C Pain Train! Explanation 
  • All rise for the national anthemnote 
  • "Old Town Road" is a popular joke prediction for the hypothetical anime adaptation's ED.
    • "Ram Ranch" is also associated with Steel Ball Run with varying degrees of irony due to Ho Yay between Johnny and Gyro.

  • FOUR BALLSExplanation 
  • "What a beautiful alternate Duwang! Chew."Explanation 
  • "Gappy makes me happy."Explanation 
  • "Your Stand is like your asshole. You can't go around showing it off to other people."Explanation 
  • "The dick is extremely important." Explanation 
  • "Beetle Tendency." Explanation 
  • "Innocent rock human murdered by evil stand users/crossdressing child." Explanation 
  • The rain sounds like Josuke: Soft & WetExplanation 
  • "I know I sound like a broken record, but..." usually followed by, "89 Years Old!?/Did you know that the Hospital Director is 89 years old?" Explanation 
    • "He's a Rock Human, age wouldn't matter to him." Explanation 
  • Two and a Half KirasExplanation 
  • This universe's Yoshikage Kira also having a stand called Killer Queen which looks identical to the Killer Queen of part 4 had fans joking that the Ghost Hands shattered Killer Queen and relocated it to part 8.
  • Part 8 will be wrapping up soon. Explanation 
  • "Is he a man of the Jacuzzi or a man of the land?" Explanation 
    • "He's a man of the Jacuzzi." Explanation (spoilers) 
  • Araki actually remembered! Explanation 
  • X is the main villain! Explanation 
  • Lambo Tree! Explanation 
  • Did you perhaps… Come here… Intending to ‘Pursue’ me? Explanation 

     Animated Adaptations (OVA, David Productions Anime) 
  • Dio loves 7Up.Explanation 
    • In the Part 4 anime, a billboard shows a logo for Pepsi, and fans tend to associate Yoshikage Kira with Pepsi in the same way Dio is associated with 7Up.
  • "It's an enemy Stand!" Explanation 
  • Calling Wamuu's Holy Sandstorm attack the "Holy Wubstorm", after the Pillar Men's dubstep leitmotif.
  • Shadow Jotaro Explanation 
  • With the TV anime premiere of Stardust Crusaders, it's become popular to swap out Dio's Hermit Purple-generated photo with just about anything else.
  • "You had one job, woman! ONE JOB!" Explanation 
  • Adding an older Caesar to the Stardust Crusaders anime.
  • Nigel Uno has grown up, and now he's even more dangerous. Explanation 
  • "Well, call or fold, D'Arby! What's it gonna be, D'Arby?! What's it gonna F*CKING BE?!Explanation 
  • Part 5 Never.Explanation 
    • Part 6 never.Explanation 
  • Matthew Mercer vs Patrick Seitz Explanation 
  • It's High Noon! Explanation 
  • Miyuki OnoExplanation 
  • An oil tanker for you! Explanation 
  • Fruits Basket: Vento Aureo. Explanation 

     Video Games (Heritage For The Future, All Star Battle, Eyes of Heaven) 
  • Thanks to JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Heritage for the Future, plus a certain Flash video, Dio is one of the most infamous manga villains of all time.
    • It's even crossed over into the real world...
    • ZA WARUDO! Explanation 
    • TOKI WO TOMARE!note 
    • KURAE! note 
    • Soshite, toki wa ugoki dasu. note 
    • WRYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!! Explanation 
    • The original flash video has been preserved on Dagobah, but you can also see it here.
  • Dio loves milkExplanation 
  • NOExplanation 
    • CLACKER VOLLEYExplanation 
    • lol, his ultimate attack is screaming his friend's nameExplanation 
    • Stupid people can believe in anything, so you can believe in yourself!Explanation 
  • Diamond is Not Crazy Explanation 
  • How deep can I hit it? Balls deep! Explanation 
  • FIVE DIOSExplanation 
  • Yare yare, it's high noon. Explanation 
  • "Next you'll say, OMAE WA MOU SHINDEIRU!"Explanation 

Dio: You thought your first meme was JoJo, but it was I, Dio!!


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