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Memes / JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Phantom Blood

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For memes involving other JJBA parts, see here.

  • Every time a strange or ridiculous event takes place in the later parts, fans often say that "This all happened because a carriage crashed in 1880 England".
  • Fans have widely parodied the fact that Dio and Jonathan, even at twelve years old, already have the voices of grown men.
    • Another much ridiculed point is how hideous-looking Dio's father Dario is, bringing fans to wonder just how such an ugly dude could have such a devilishly good-looking son.
  • "Even Speedwagon is afraid!"Explanation 
    • It's fun to make variations of his name: Speedbump, Rapidtrolley, Fastkart, Velocityvehicle, Co-Producer Speed Weed, REO... who is nervous, impressed, timid, astounded...
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    • "Speedwagon withdraws coolly."
    • Speedwagon also has the Fan Nickname Moewagon, due to his devotion and support of Jonathan.
    • Speedwagon is also labeled as "best girl" or "Waifu/Wife" material.
  • Zeppeli punching a frog has become widely memed as being one of the series' first truly absurd moments, as well as kickstarting a long chain of apparent animal cruelty seemingly always involving dogs and frogs.
  • "You thought this would be [X], but it was I, Dio!" (alternatively for the one after comma: "Kono Dio da!") Explanation 
    • Dio's Stardust Crusaders dub VA seemed to be aware enough of this to use it as confirmation to who he was voicing.
    • The English dub even uses that specific phrasing when the original line was closer to "Your first [kiss] wasn't JoJo. It was I, Dio!"
      Dub Dio: You thought your first kiss would be JoJo, but it was I, Dio!
  • Jonathan feeding Danny a grape was widely mocked by the fandom, saying that Jonathan was a terrible pet owner and that Dio "was just cremating Danny."
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  • Many fans found it difficult to sympathize with Jonathan's father after he pretty much played favorites with Dio, with many joking that "he pretty much had it coming" when he adopted a kid who burns dogs alive.
  • "Tell me... To undo your injuries, how many innocent lives did you consume?"
    • "DIOOOOOOOOO!!!"Explanation 
    • The scene where a frustrated Jonathan repeatedly screams "Dio! DIO DIO DIO!" and rolls down a hill has been humorously cited by fans as "the entirety of JJBA in a nutshell."
  • "Dio did nothing wrong!" Explanation 
  • "I Reject My Humanity" also known as "I'm Throwing Away My Humanity". Widely memed in various contexts, ranging from Dio being a furry, to Dio being unable to use CAPTCHA, to jokes about "Reject Modernity, Return to Monke", a meme further helped along by Dio's voice actor also playing the ape-like Beast Titan from Attack on Titan.
  • Goodbye, JoJo! Explanation 
  • I can even lift this (heavy) rock! Explanation 
    • "Can pick up a boulder, with relative ease!" Explanation 
  • You fell for it, fool! Thunder Cross Split Attack!Explanation 
  • An image of Henry Cavill from the Enola Holmes trailer as Sherlock Holmes was widely memed by the fandom, photoshopping Jonathan's colors onto him and Zeppeli's colors onto a man in a top hat next to him. The image has spawned many memes of people suggesting Cavill be cast as Jonathan Joestar should a live-action adaptation of Phantom Blood ever be produced.
  • Erina is the strongest Joestar Explanation