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Fridge / JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Phantom Blood

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  • Why is Hamon as effective as sunlight against vampires and zombies? The purpose of human sacrifices in ancient Mesoamerican civilizations was to spill the victim's blood, which was believed to be a gift from a sun god. Hamon is controlled by the user's breath and blood circulation.
  • Speedwagon is the perfect foil to Dio: both are blond-haired street thugs who were antagonists against Jonathan when they first meet. However, when they were shown kindness by Jonathan, Speedwagon chose to use it to better himself and become an honest, successful person, while Dio chose to see it as a weakness and exploited it against Jonathan. To make the analogy stronger, both end up gaining a form of immortality: Dio through his vampirism and Speedwagon through his legacy and foundation, and while Dio's evil deeds continue to haunt the Joestars many generations later even beyond the grave, Speedwagon's foundation continues to help them in various ways even long after Speedwagon's death.

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