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Spoilers Off applies to all "Moments" pages, so all spoilers are unmarked!

  • Jonathan Joestar is at first a wimpy punching bag for Dio, but draws upon hidden reserves of badass when his father is poisoned. When he is accosted by thugs in an alley, for example, he stops their knives with his bare hands, impressing one of them so much that he swears lifelong allegiance to JoJo rather than fight him.
    • Before that, there was the cathartic moment where he finally beat Dio so badly that Dio burst into tears, and this is after essentially making his life a living hell, climaxing with Dio stealing a Sacred First Kiss from Erina.
      • Here is that scene animated. Made even more awesome when you realize that Jonathan jumped over an entire water fountain, and the fiery effect may well be his unconscious use of Hamon energy, long before Zeppeli taught him how to harness it.
    • And let's not forget, this is Jonathan's first truly badass moment. As a kid, he was pretty much a total milquetoast, which Dio exploited to walk all over him. Even post-Time Skip, he never really shows much ambition to get back at Dio for his cruelty. But then Dio steals Erina's Sacred First Kiss from him... and that's where we see the beginning of the young man who would become the first of the JoJo line, rushing with all his strength to slam open the doors and letting out a mighty yell of:
    Jonathan: DIOOOOOOOOO!!
    • Jonathan in his teen years establishes himself as a human tank in a rugby game, pushing forward even as the opposing team continued to dog pile him to the point where he had to pass the ball to Dio.
    • Jonathan showing his smarts in finding out that Dio was poisoning his father. He does this by having him swear on Dario Brando’s honor as a gentleman that he didn’t poison Jonathan's father. This is meant to test if Dio had any murderous intention or hatred towards Dario of any kind... Sure enough, Dio’s lie catches in his throat and he snaps, punching him in the face. All it did was royally piss off Jonathan and confirmed his suspicions. Then Dio tries to gouge his eye like in their boxing match from when they were kids. Jonathan obviously wasn't gonna have any of that shit, and hurls Dio down stairs. Until Dio became a vampire, Jonathan's tormentor was no threat to him anymore.
      • Even WITH his vampire powers, Dio doesn't have an easy time of it. At one point Jonathan manages to fight the newly vampirized Dio to a draw without his Ripple powers and while heavily injured and ON FIRE, impaling him with the statue of Venus.
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    • His battle with Jack the Ripper was his coming of age as a Ripple Warrior, vaporizing Britain's most infamous serial killer through a stone wall.
    • In his battle against Bruford, instead of falling for Bruford's underwater gambit, he was able to find an air pocket underwater and fire off a Ripple attack that launched Bruford onto the land.
    • He beat Bruford, a master swordsman who could strangle you with his hair into being a good-hearted knight again, in spite of his zombification.
    • Jonathan using the Heroic Sacrifice of Will Zeppeli in order to easily kill Tarkus, who had dominated the fight because the former couldn't attack metal. Jonathan breaks the chain, and a whole lot of bones, too!
    • He dominates every vampire after Zeppeli's death because he's strong enough to handle anything less than Dio. What once seemed like implacable monsters now seem like pests to him.
    • Jonathan using his last moments to stop Dio's takeover after suffering a fatal wound to the neck, after using his last Ripple to have Dio's assistant cause the boat to go down. Counts as a major Tear Jerker as well since it allowed Dio to get a body after decapitating himself after being beaten by Jonathan.
  • The very nature of the Ripple powers is itself a CMOA. Through special breathing techniques the characters change the flow of energy through their body to match the wavelength of sunlight. Then they use this power to punch vampires to death with fists that literally burn with the glory of the Sun herself.
  • The first opening of the 2012 anime. It's basically telling you "Yeah, all this badassery? This is where it all began."
    • To elaborate, the opening starts out with a quick series of panels complete with speech bubbles from throughout the manga, all showcasing the various JoJos in some of their most iconic poses. It works backwards through Jolyne, Giorno, Josuke, Jotaro, and Joseph, before finally getting to Jonathan and the series' title. All this, about two decades worth of manga, in about four seconds. Throughout the rest of the opening, a heavy focus is kept on maintaining the visual style of a manga, with panels and sound effects featuring prominently throughout. The whole thing ends with a clash between Jonathan and Dio, zooming out to reveal the Stone Mask, the MacGuffin that started it all.
    • Even further, they show all the JoJos, showing them at their most iconic before Jonathan moves, punching the screen with special emphasis on him. The opening then goes on to show an epic clash between him and Dio with the both of them surrounded in Battle Aura, something that is not done for another JoJo. The opening gives Jonathan special emphasis and treatment befitting the first (and possibly greatest) Joestar.
  • Zeppeli sacrificing himself to save Jonathan from Tarkus. He knew it would result in his own death, but he did it anyway.
    • The anime adaptation takes the awesomeness of the moments before Zeppeli's demise Up to Eleven: Speedwagon calls out the baron to kick Tarkus' ass, having been the group's greatest fighter. However Zeppeli doesn't move, instead looking around the room, taking it all in as he remembers his mentor's words, all with the subtle guitar of Roundabout playing in the background. Zeppeli then accepts that this is his demise and proceeds to walk between Tarkus and Jonathan, his words and movement oozing dignity.
  • Poco, a little kid, going into the castle in order to open the door to allow Zeppeli to save Jonathan, despite being terrified of Tarkus at the time.
  • Straizo kills 4 zombies with a chandelier, deeming them unworthy to waste his breath on.
  • Dire, despite being frozen and shattered, manages to spit a Ripple-infused rose in Dio's eye.
  • George Joestar taking the blunt of Dio's knife to save his son
  • Erina washing out her mouth with muddy water after Dio steals her first kiss. It's a surprisingly direct show of disrespect from a woman raised in Victorian times.
  • A Minor character, Poco's Sister, who has no special powers whatsoever, slaps Vampire Dio's face and gets away with it.
  • Dio, while not nearly as cool as he's in Part 3, has his moments:
    • Dominating Jonathan in a boxing match.
    • Killing his bastard of a father for abusing him and for mistreating his mother and insulting her name. This is the closest to a heroic moment Dio ever had.
    • Surviving a vampire attack when he tested the Aztec mask on a beggar, even when he had no powers.
    • Becoming a vampire and later using his influence to make Jack the Ripper as well as two medieval knights into loyal zombies.
    • Using his ice powers in order to reduce heat so the Ripple can't touch him.
    • His audaciousness in using Exact Words when his victims tries to make deals with him, such as promising that in exchange for turning a woman into a zombie Dio and his men wouldn't harm her child. Well, that didn't include the recently zombified mother...
    • Killing Jonathan as a head and later taking his body.
    • Actually, him not being as badass as he would be in Part 3 is up for debate. In Part 3, the main character doesn't have Hamon, which is a weakness so great to Dio that even with a certain borderline Story-Breaker Power in his possession, he's still wary and fights the main hero (for the most part) alone. Here in Part 1, Dio is outnumbered and facing the greatest Hamon users and beats them through sheer cleverness.
  • Bruford and Tarkus getting the heroes in situations where they can't use the Ripple. Not bad for two zombies from a far begone era.


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