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Headscratchers / JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Phantom Blood

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Warning: Spoilers Off applies to this page. Proceed at your own risk.

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    Coffin used by Erina being used by Dio 
  • Erina Joestar is seen using Dio's coffin as a makeshift lifeboat, and presumably used it to shield herself from the explosion of the ship. This distinctive item is shown both at the end of Part 1 and in a flashback during Part 2. How was it that Dio was found a century later in that exact same coffin?
    • It also doesn't make any sense why Dio is waiting inside that coffin for 100 years for no reason. It's locked from the inside so he could just go out anytime he wants and swim to safety during nighttime. I'd find it hard to believe as a vampire he couldn't pull that off. So why stay for 100 years in there for no reason? Makes no sense whatsoever.
    • Oh that is easy, Water Pressure. Remember that the coffin is at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean, even Dio isn't powerful enough to lift the weight of the whole Atlantic Ocean. Also, if he breached the coffin, the force of the water pressure coming through the breach could potentially cut his newly acquired body apart. That would just defeat the purpose of all he went through to get it.
    • This forum thread offers several opinions on the subject. The most plausible Watsonian explanation is that "After another ship came to rescue Erina, the coffin sank, Dionathan jumped in." By the way, in the future, please place new queries at the bottom of the page.
    • Is it really the same coffin? I think the design is different. Maybe Dio just decided to sleep in a coffin after being fished out of the ocean.
    • The "Stardust Crusaders" manga begins with Dio's coffin being lifted from the ocean with him inside it. So either Dio had a spare coffin or the coffin Erina was floating on sank.
    • Don't forget, there were *two* vampires on that ship, so there would of course be two coffins. Unless you think Dio and Wang Chan were planning to cuddle up together after Dio got his body back.
    • Dios coffin had two compartments, one for him and one for Wang Chan. So with a little retconning it could be possible that Dio could have dragged JoJos body into the coffin in the last second.

     Why was Dio able to control power too strong for the human body? 
  • The man Dio tests the Stone Mask on "destroys his own bones and muscles" because the power unlocked within him is too strong to be contained by a human body. However, when Dio dons the Stone Mask, his body isn't damaged when he crushes bricks with his fingers and other superhuman feats. Why is he able to do so?
    • He uses it on an old man, whereas Dio is not only in his prime, he's ripped. The Test doesn't get restored youth and vigor until he starts drinking Dio's blood, so it's possible his bones were simply too fragile to handle the force applied to them, while Dio drinks from 2 people immediately upon transforming.
    • Have you seen his Muscles? He is ripping out of his own clothes already. Also Fate!
    • But Dio has never punched anything so hard: that guy probably used so much force that even his body couldn't take it, or since he only did it seconds after transformation, it takes a little time for the transformation to be complete.
    • Maybe he does... and then heals himself. You know, due to having complete control over every part of his body.
    • Vampirification brings out power proportional to that of whoever it's used on. Dio was an exceptionally strong human (same with Straitzo and Vanilla Ice). The alley thug was weak as a human, so he was comparatively weak as a vampire.

    What is the ripple and what can it do? 
  • Can somebody please explain just what the Ripple is and what it can do? Attempts to do so before have been a bit confusing.
    • Extremely simplified, it's the power of life. It allows for manipulation of organic objects (plants, hair strand, people, etc), and it can transmit through inorganic ones like metal. Ripple users are able to weaken/damage vampires/pillar men/zombies/etc. with it. It is also able to numb pain and even harm normal people in its stronger versions. However, it depends the ripple user's breathing to work.
    • The easiest way to explain it is that just as ripples travel through a liquid in the form of waves, so too does energy travel in the form of waves - waves that can move through all physical matter, including water, air and the Hamon user's body (with viscous liquids being the best conductors). Because the human body's respiratory and circulatory systems already work by creating waves and sending them through the bloodstream (as far as Araki is concerned, that is), Hamon users were able to reverse engineer the wave associated with a very specific type of energy - sunlight - and manifest it in their bodies via a disciplined breathing method which causes energy waves identical to those of the sun to distribute through the bloodstream. These waves can then travel to whatever target the Hamon user intends, with the sunlight energy being an effective form of therapy as well as fighting the undead.
    • The way I see it; Hamon is essentially a weaponized Bio-Electricity. It's conducted by water and metal and is generated from blood and breathing. It's effect as the answer to Vampirism seems to be a side effect of just harnessing the sun for life and energy.

    Why didn't Dio die after being cut in half? 
  • How come Dio Brando didn't die the moment Jonathan sliced him in half with the Ripple sword? That thing went right through his brain, and Ripple and brain destruction are the two main weaknesses of stone mask vampires.
    • He has enough control over his body to shoot pressurized fluid indistinguishable from lasers and freeze other people solid, squishing his brain into one half of his skull so its untouched by the blade would be uncomfortable but entirely doable
    • Sounds good...but Jonathan still cut his scalp, skull, and at least a chunk of his spine with that sword slice. Those injured parts would still be charged with Hamon and conduct towards Dio’s brain. It probably wouldn’t be quite as potent as the torso blow Jonathan dealt later (which forced Dio to purge his head to prevent the Hamon from reaching it)...but it only needs a bit of space (less than a centimeter) before it’s in his brain...
    • Or Dio could have split his own brain and spine in two, mere seconds before the blade connected to let it pass by safely. Dio is known for being a very quick thinker, and his body does heal incredibly fast after all. If he crammed it to either side, there is still the ocular tissue being cut, and infected by the Hamon/Ripple, so splitting it down the center makes more sense, plus the brain and spine are incapable of feeling pain, only registering it. For a vampire with complete control over his body, shutting off his pain receptors would be easy.

     How do the stone masks detect blood? 
  • How do the stone masks work? Not in terms of turning people into vampires, but what kind of mechanism is supposed to be able to detect blood on the mask? Thermal based triggers don't make much sense, primarily because blood is only a few degrees warmer than ambient weather on a hot day, particularly in the area they supposedly originated from (Central/South America), and the Pillar Men sure as hell probably didn't have spectrography, much less on the scale needed for a mask.
    • Blood contains red blood cells, white blood cells, plasma, protein, etc. Take your pick.
    • A popular theory is that the masks are made from pillar-man corpses, as the pillar-men turned to stone-ish in sunlight and consumed blood, much as the blood that activates the mask disappears into it.
    • If that were true, that would be a case of an Ironic Echo, in Dio's case, considering he gets reduced to a disembodied vampiric head with tentacles. While the Stone Masks would be disembodied Pillar Men heads with spikes that protrude out of them.

    Why didn't Zeppeli die after being cut in half? 
  • So, he got torn apart by Tarkus' chain and gave Jonathan his remaining Hamon by using the "Ultimate Deep Pulse Overdrive". That made him old again, and after Jonathan finally defeats Tarkus, he somehow has enough strength to impart his last words? He should have died of blood loss, something that could have been accelerated by his old age!
    • He was just that determined not to die yet. Besides, talking doesn't seem to take time in Jo Jo's Bizarre Adventure unless it is combined with some other action, so he probably didn't last as long in-universe as he did onscreen.