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Funny / JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Phantom Blood

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Spoilers Off applies to all "Moments" pages, so all spoilers are unmarked!
Just because Phantom Blood is the most serious part out of all the others, that doesn't mean it didn't make you laugh at least once. Of course, the series is titled JoJo's Bizarre Adventure. The "bizarre" part had to start somewhere...
  • Speedwagon's reaction to Jonathan and Erina sharing a tender moment. "Speedwagon withdraws coolly." Or, as one fansub of the 2012 anime put it, Speedwagon serenely skedaddles.
  • There's something funny about how when Speedwagon appears in the Joestar manor he lights a match, speaks, then puts it out all in a second.
  • A bit of Gallows Humor, but Ogre Street is so tough cats literally prey on young dogs. What must the dogs be like in this street?
  • When Jack the Ripper ambushes the heroes in a tunnel, Zeppeli acts cool and calmly predicts that the zombie will likely try to block the way out to trap his prey. Jack promptly throws the heroes' coach into the ceiling, making the tunnel collapse. Cue a Didn't See That Coming line from an embarrassed Zeppeli as everyone runs away to avoid the debris.
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  • Speedwagon begs Zeppeli to teach him Hamon as well. Zeppeli finally capitulates and hits Speedwagon in the torso with a pinkie just like he did with Jonathan...only Speedwagon merely doubles over in pain, causing Zeppeli to wonder if he hit the wrong spot in frustration.
  • While chasing Poco, Zeppeli and JoJo give chase by running on water. Speedwagon attempts to give chase too... only to sink into the water, disappointed.
  • One hilarious but often forgotten moment is immediately after Zeppeli and Jonathan first clash with Dio. Zeppeli's arm has been frozen, and he's in serious danger of dying if his hand doesn't get heated up quickly, and how is this solved? Why, by Speedwagon pulling up his shirt and revealing a six-pack of abs, burning with his (literally) Hot-Blooded determination. This is never brought up again.
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  • This line from the dub of the 2012 anime:
    Speedwagon: I can read people like a book, and these two [Tarukus and Bluford] are full of stories Speedwagon don't wanna hear, thank you kindly!
  • Jonathan rescuing Poco's sister from a zombie; he makes an entrance after dropping an anvil on its head. Seriously.
  • Upon Zeppeli healing Jonathan's arm, Jonathan loudly exclaims his disbelief, stating that he can "even pick up this rock!", holding up a large rock about the size of his head, as Erina reacts in similar wonder... despite the fact that they are standing in the middle of a dirt road and there are no rocks that size anywhere around, implying that Jonathan just happened to be carrying a giant stone around while severely crippled. Nobody reacts to the event apart from the aforementioned wonder, the rock disappears within the next few frames, and it is never brought up again.
  • Dio being launched by the first guy he turned into a vampire looks hilarious.
  • At one point during Dio and Jonathan's climatic battle, Dio's been cut in half from head to waist. Of course, Dio being Dio, this does nothing to stop him and doesn't seem to even bother him. That is, until he is bantering with Jonathan while pulling himself together (quite literally, at that) and he puts one side of his face slightly lower than the other side. For a while (long enough to go from creepy to hilarious) he keeps talking like nothing is wrong, then stops mid-gloating to put everything back into place and then goes back to his rant like nothing happened. The fact that you can still see the line from where he was split for a while doesn't help to make the situation less ridiculous.
  • This clip is a two-fer. Speedwagon being loud and then getting stepped on is always amusing because it's Speedwagon, but the real joke is Dio somehow managing to wryyy quietly.
  • When Jonathan and Erina are on the ship for their honeymoon, Erina suddenly calls out to Jonathan. He turns, and bonks his head on the cabin doorway. As Jonathan rubs his face in pain, Erina sheepishly says: "I was going to tell you to watch your head."