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Tear Jerker / JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Phantom Blood

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Warning: Spoilers Off applies to this page. Proceed at your own risk.
"To love and win is the best thing. To love and lose, the next best."
William Makepeace Thackeray (Quoted by narrator)

Phantom Blood was the one that started the journey of the Joestars, filled with laughs, frights, love and thrills... and so many tears.

  • Even if Dio is unforgivably evil person from birth, it's still apparent that he cared deeply enough for his mother that he never forgave Dario when he beat her up, worked her to death, and sold her dress for booze. It's evident from his Manly Tears from his mother's dress- the last keepsake and his anger whenever Dario is brought up, that this love was genuine. It's heavily implied that she kept his sociopathic tendencies in check and had she lived, he wouldn't have turned out as monstrous as he did. It's a tragic aspect of the monstrous DIO that makes him initially relatable until he becomes a vampire.
  • The death of Jonathan's dog, Danny, is particularly crushing because the animal was the closest thing Jonathan had to a friend, and it's even sadder because of how easily it could have been prevented. The dog died only because Dio lost against Jonathan in a fair fight, and he got him killed in the cruelest way possible. note  The first truly saddening moment in the series underscores just how much of a bastard Dio is.
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  • The rugby match that Jonathan and Dio had won. They both act like they've gotten over their rivalry and truly became brothers. Dio of course internally mocks Jonathan. Jonathan can't even imagine that Dio could be anything but the monster he was and still is from their childhood... and he feels horribly guilty for being suspicious despite the fact that he's right to.
  • At the beginning of the Genre Shift, George Joestar protects Jonathan from Dio's dagger, and then dies in his arms. This is after making a speech on how he was sorry he was so hard on him since his youth.
  • Bruford's tragic backstory, as well as his inevitable fate: Both he and Tarkus sacrificed themselves in order to save their master, Queen Mary, but it doesn't end well since Elizabeth, her political rival had already had her killed. With the revelation of their Senseless Sacrifice, it's little wonder why both he and especially Tarkus lost faith in humanity and became easy for Dio to control.
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  • The death of Will Zeppeli. He knew he was inevitably going to die the way he did, so he used it to Jonathan's advantage.
  • The death of Jonathan Joestar: he dies to save Erina, his beloved wife and childhood sweetheart, an infant of a woman killed by a zombie to which he had no connections to, and his unborn child, on his honeymoon no less, taking Dio down to the bottom of the sea with him. Made all the sadder by the smile on his face when he dies, directed at his wife, the readers, and Dio himself.
  • An underlying tragedy of the part is that unlike future main villains, who are strangers that the Joestars have to overcome with no personal connection outside of hate towards them, Dio and Jonathan grew up together with the former being an adopted brother. In spite of Jonathan's attempts to befriend him, their natures makes it impossible for them to truly get along. Even so, Jonathan did have selfless love for him, which on some level, Dio knew as well.