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Nightmare Fuel / JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Phantom Blood

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Warning: Spoilers Off applies to this page. Proceed at your own risk.
Some way to start the series, huh...?
"Dio, you villain! What sort of monster have you become?!"
Jonathan Joestar, speaking for all of us.

A long time ago, before the self-awareness that defined an entire generation, Phantom Blood had plenty of bloody terrors to be found in Victorian London.

  • How does the story start? With a woman being sacrificed alive! Her blood is used to turn a guy wearing the Aztec Mask into a vampire, who proceeds to kill one of his followers and absorb his blood.
  • The way vampires in this series suck blood — while the normal neck-biting method works, more often than not they'll just dig their hand into someone's neck, causing all of their veins to bulge hideously as they're drained to a husk. At one point, Dio grabs Jonathan's carotid artery between his fingers and plays with it like a squeaky toy.
  • Really, Dio in general. Where to begin?:
    • It's generally agreed that Dio's first truly despicable action was trapping Jonathan's beloved pet dog, Danny, in the incinerator with his jaw wired shut so the groundskeeper wouldn't notice until it was too late, as revenge for his totally-deserved beating after he stole Erina's first kiss. A Big Friendly Dog dying such a horrible death is awful enough as it is, as is the mere fact that Dio is willing to go that far for petty revenge, but it's even worse in the manga, as we get the gruesome sight of the wire melting and his body blackening as it's engulfed in flames.
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    • After Dio becomes a vampire, he gets so much worse. He does continue his dog-kicking streak throughout the rest of the storyline, but the most horrible thing that he does would have to be the scene in which he turns that woman into a zombie and calmly watches her eat her own baby. The woman Dio has brought before him is begging him to take her, but spare the baby. He gives her his word that he will not even touch it. Shortly afterward, the zombie mom does as is said above. He kept his word, but it once more proves what a monster he was.
    • His taste in pets, which involves putting cats' heads on birds, so he'll Kick the Dog if one manages to be too vulgar. Later, he put a man's head on a dog's body to amuse himself.
    • The way in which Dio manages to deal with what happens to him at the end of Phantom Blood is quite shriek-invoking. Long story short, he decapitates Jonathan and places his then-severed head onto the headless body.
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  • Jack the Ripper's introduction. The carriage in which Jonathan, Zeppeli, and Speedwagon are riding suddenly stops in the middle of a tunnel. The group goes to see what's wrong, and find that their coach driver has been turned into a knife block while the horses have been decapitated. As they wonder who or what could have done something like this, Zeppeli senses something strange about the dead horses: turns out Jack was hiding inside one horse's corpse, and he emerges from its neck stump, covered in blood!
  • During the fight with Tarkus, he decides to grab two hapless townsfolk, and crushes them to paste with his bare hands, before drinking the body juices that came out. We even get to see one of the victims have the skin on his face tear off near the end of it.

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