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Memes / JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Battle Tendency

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  • Your next line will be: "[X]" ! Explanation 
    • [X]! ... Uh!? Explanation 
  • The Joestar Family Secret Technique! Explanation 
    • NIGERUNDAYO, SMOKEY!Explanation 
      • NIGERUNDAYO!Explanation 
  • Black Lives Matter is a JoJo reference.Explanation 
  • Joseph's Hamon mask has been widely memed due to many countries enforcing mandatory mask-wearing during the coronavirus pandemic of 2020, with people joking that "we're all Hamon masters now".
  • Tequila JosephExplanation 
  • The fandom has taken to calling the Pillar Men "the Aztec gods of fitness".
  • Eventually, Kars stopped thinking.Explanation (Spoiler!) 
  • "SHIIIZAAAAAAAA!!!"/"CAEEEEESAAAAAR!" Explanation (spoilers) 
    • Large objects falling on peopleExplanation (spoilers) 
  • Awaken, my masters!Explanation 
    • AY-YAY-YAY-YAY! Explanation  
  • The infamous anatomy description that appears for Kars when he becomes the Ultimate Being. Partly because it's reminiscent of many a bad Marty Stu OCs, but especially for one stand-out entry pointing out that for Kars, "Sex: USELESS".invoked
  • Esidisi crying: both his face and the sound he makes when crying in the Japanese dub ("HEEEEEEEEEY!") have become rather popular.
    • Also has drawn comparisons to Okuyasu, with the "What's with all these tears?" moment that became equally memetic.
  • SpeeeeeeeeeduwaGONNN.note 
  • SEKAI ICHI!!/世界一ィィィーーーッ!! note 
  • "A stripper Aztec vampire god turns his hand into a squirrel to fight a cyborg Nazi officer."Explanation 
  • Ahh! Sto-sama is dead!/あーん!スト様が死んだ! Explanation with mild spoilers for Battle Tendency 
  • Fans have noted a fair number of coincidental similarities between Part 2 and Zoolander. The main character's lack of common sense in many areas, the rivalry between Joseph/Derek and the new blonde ripple user/model that comes on to the scene, the large emphasis on posing, the odd fact that some scenes just look familiar, and the fact that both characters had their friends killed by Wamuu/Wham.
  • "What did you say? Depending on your answer, I may have to kick your ass!"Explanation 
  • I lost it in a Kars accident.Explanation (ending spoilers) 
    • Other popular car puns include jokes about Joseph sending Cars to space decades before Elon Musk did it, there being flying Cars as early as 1939, and associating Kars with the Pixar franchise Cars.
    • As an added bonus, Kars actually did cause a car accident, to do a very un-Araki thing in saving a dog.
  • Smokey becoming a well-known politician in the epilogue also ended up drawing comparisons to Barack Obama.
  • The death of Speedwagon in the ending of part 2 broke many fans' hearts, with many fans further lamenting the fact that he "died single". Some even blame Joseph for constantly getting Speedwagon into a state of terrified panic with his antics, which some blame for his untimely demise (then again, he already was reaching 90 at the time.)
  • "I didn't expect the Third Reich to show up."Explanation 
  • The Pillar MenExplanation 
  • A widely-memed moment is the shot of Lisa Lisa, Suzie Q and Joseph on a boat to New York, with Joseph sporting a rather...disturbed look on his face. Given that the previous moment has Lisa Lisa telling Joseph that she's his mom, and that Joseph earlier had shown lustful interest in her, fans have joked about him suffering a mental breakdown from the revelation.
    • "And Joseph was never the same after that."Explanation (spoilers!) 
    • Also, in a parody of Kars's fate, "Eventually, Joseph stopped thinking."
    • NIIIIIICE! Explanation 
  • "I'll never forgive the Japanese!" Explanation 
  • "The only crime [Caesar] hadn't committed yet was murder." Explanation 
  • "He's immortal! Unkillable! Unmatched!" Explanation (spoilers) 
  • "You had one job, woman! ONE JOB!" Explanation (ending spoilers) 
  • "Lungs are vital for Hamon-users." Explanation 
    • Lisa Lisa smoking cigarettes has been played as Hypocritical Humor because of this meme.
    • "Bees can't use Hamon."Explanation 
  • "mmmmm ynuy josej"Explanation 
  • An excellent response! Explanation (ending spoilers)