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Heartwarming / JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Battle Tendency

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Warning: Spoilers Off applies to this page. Proceed at your own risk.
They're absolute dorks, and we love them for it.
Just because Battle Tendency became more Denser and Wackier than the previous part, it doesn't mean that it sacrificed its heart!
  • Joseph's childhood from when he and Speedwagon were hijacked in a plane. When Joseph doesn't co-operate with the robbers, he get smacked in the face with one of their guns. This doesn't end well for them, but according to Speedwagon, Joseph wasn't pissed just because he was hit. It was because they got blood on the sweater that his Grandma Erina gave him.
  • When JoJo and Wamuu part in friendship after the former kills the latter. They may have been enemies, but such was their admiration for each other's cunning and bravery that there was no hatred, only a warm understanding and respect as JoJo gave the ancient warrior his blood to ease the pain of his passing; and Wamuu only dispersed as dust in the wind when he was certain that JoJo took his antidote, dying without regret having met such a great warrior.
    Wamuu: I have no regrets. I am glad I was able to witness your growth as a warrior. Perhaps the reason I lived these thousands of years was so that I could meet you at the end. Farewell to you, warrior JoJo...
  • In a way, Wamuu promising to hold Caesar in his memory. It shows that despite his nature, Wamuu can hold respect for people that aren't him, and can find something worth remembering in them.
    • For context, Wamuu put a poison ring inside Joseph as a way of ensuring the two would fight once Joseph completed a month of Hamon training, as he would have needed to defeat Wamuu and take his lip piercing (which held the antidote). Caesar fought so well that he nearly came out victorious, only for a last-second slip to give Wamuu the advantage. Using his last bit of energy, Caesar managed to rip the ring off Wamuu's lip and create a Hamon bubble from his blood, intending to send it to Joseph. Wamuu could have burst the bubble easily- and he chose not to. He had enough respect for Caesar that he considered the debt fulfilled, allowing Joseph to live in honor of Caesar's bravery and skill.
  • The fact that Kars, a villain, cares for his comrades. When Wamuu attacks him for stepping in his shadow, Kars merely acknowledges this as him acting on instinct and apologizes to Wamuu. Later, Joseph himself noted that he could sense the hatred that Kars had for the former because of killing Esidisi. Then when Wamuu dies, he internally writes off his sense of honor as a flaw that made him weak... and then kills a group of vampires that spoke ill of him.
  • Doubling as an awesome moment: Joseph's very first strike in his battle with Esidisi. Joseph was originally headed to the arena to spar with Loggins, but Esidisi got there first and killed him with a single kick to the lungs. To a Hamon user, this is both an insult and an extremely brutal way to die, so Joseph stealthily ties an oil-soaked thread around Loggins' finger and pulls it taut into Esidisi's wrist.
    Joseph: First blood goes to me, and my instructor!!
    • When Joseph managed to defeat Esidisi, he thanks Loggins for the training.
      Joseph: My instructor, I must thank you for torturing me. Grazie, Loggins.
  • The simple fact that Smokey was immediately accepted by the Joestars as a friend. During a time where African American were looked down upon, Joseph wasn't even mad at Smokey for stealing his wallet, he even saved him from some corrupt cops. Erina was extremely kind to him as well, to her, he is just a nice young man. When he was being racially mocked by a mobster, Erina didn't bat an eye to have Joseph beat the man up, she will not stand having a friend of theirs be mocked. One could say they changed his life for the better, given how he worked through college and was even there at Erina's death bed, paying final respects to the woman who gave him a second chance at life.
  • The "Where Are They Now?" Epilogue, while crossing over with Tearjerker, features some nice moments.
    • Erina died an old woman, surrounded by her friends and family.
    • Smokey Brown worked his way through college, majoring in political science and becoming the first black mayor in Georgia.
    • While Stroheim's death was premature, he died the way he lived: A proud soldier of the German army.
    • Speedwagon managed to do what no other JoBro (that we know of) has done: live a full life. After all the ruckus he endured with both Jonathan *and* Joseph, he dies of a perfectly natural heart attack at the ripe old age of 89.