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For Cena's wrestling career, see this page.

Jonathan Felix Anthony Cena (born April 23, 1977), credited as John Cena, is an American professional wrestler and actor. He debuted as a wrestler in 1999 and signed with WWE in 2001, leading to a long and prolific career and an all-American public image. For more on that, see his dedicated wrestling page.

Cena had a short-lived rap career in 2005 with his album You Can't See Me. He began his acting career in WWE productions The Marine and 12 Rounds in the 2000s, and mostly appeared As Himself in television guest spots during that decade. Besides the obvious action film roles given to wrestlers-turned-actors, in the 2010s he began to show a penchant for comedy, showing up in works like Sisters (2015), Daddy's Home, and Blockers. He's also done some voice acting as the titular role of Ferdinand. He also hosted the reality TV shows American Grit and Wipeout (the 2021 revival).

In 2020, Cena was cast as the role of Peacemaker for James Gunn's DC Extended Universe film The Suicide Squad, which premiered in 2021. He then led the character's titular Spin-Off series Peacemaker for HBO Max.

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