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Tabletop role-playing gamers are also fond of creating their own memes, because that's just how they roll.

Please add entries in the following format:
  • The name of the tabletop game (if it belongs in the "Other" folder).
    • The meme. [[labelnote:Explanation]]The explanation behind the meme, if necessary.[[/labelnote]] Explanation 
    • Further mutations and successor memes, if any.

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  • Is the Exaltation of the Dragons, or from the Dragons? Explanation 
    • WRONG!!!!
  • Chejop Kejak looks a bit like Sean Connery.
  • The Gods are World of Warcraft addicts. Explanation 
  • The city of Gem is always doomed. ALWAYS. Explanation 
  • There is no such thing as the White Veil Society. It does not exist. It is not an absolutely awesome club, with the most fascinating of members, and unlimited sources of the most sweet, delicious, euphoric tea and ice cream that they use to control the Scarlet Empire. Because that would be incredibly stupid. Nope.
  • It's a daiklave MADE OF CATS!!!! Explanation 
  • Lyta X Peleps Deled, OTP. Explanation 
  • In Soviet Autochthonia, Exalted serve you!! Explanation 
  • Magma Kraken. It's the answer to everything. Explanation 
  • Keychain of Creation: "Dodge Charms. DODGE CHARMS."
  • Heroin-pissing dinosaurs. Explanation 
  • What the Christ are you talking about?! Explanation 
  • The Lunar ate 54 cakes. She ate 54 cakes. That's as many as six nines. And That's Terrible. Explanation 
  • Chicanery-No. Explanation 
  • Meerkat Steals the Spotlight Prana. Explanation 
  • Sidereal'd (/Getimian'd/Night'd/etc.) Explanation 
  • Malfean Stealth. Explanation 
  • Avoidance Kata! Explanation 

    Warhammer Fantasy 
  • Remove X, replace with Skinks. Explanation 
    • Remove Skinks, replace with Skinks
  • DOOMWHEELS! Explanation 
  • Malekith: ageless, undisputed witch-king of Naggaroth. Supreme commander over the Dark Elven hordes. Still lives with his mom. Explanation 
    • Similarly, Malekith will never live down the accounts of him and his mother committing incest together in much earlier editions.
  • Death Metal Vikings. Explanation 
  • Beardy. Explanation 
  • HULKING OUT! Explanation 
  • Sigmar is the patron deity of shouting and hammers. Explanation 
  • Settra does not serve! Settra rules! Explanation 

  • "You sank my Battleship!" Explanation 
  • Call of Cthulhu:
    • SAN check. Explanation 
    • All the dice.
      • No, not all your dice. All the dice.
    • Cthulhu: 1d6 investigators per round Explanation 
      • Get some Cubans
    • Old Man Henderson, the man who "won" Call of Cthulhu Explanation 
  • Rifts: Giga-Damage - set everything right.
  • Things Mr. Welch Is No Longer Allowed to Do in an RPG
    • And the related "Things Runs-Like-Hell is no longer allowed to do in the Garou Nation"
  • Rocks Fall, Everyone Dies. Explanation 
  • Dogs in the Vineyard: "Go go Power Rangers, you Mighty Mormon Power Rangeeeeers!"
  • Paranoia
    • Trust The Computer. The Computer Is Your Friend.
    • Questioning the Computer is treason. Treason is punishable by death.
    • Only a Communist Mutant Traitor would question the Computer.
    • You do not have clearance for this article, citizen. Please report immediately for termination.
    • Please report immediately for termination. Failure to report for termination is grounds for termination.
  • New Settlers of Catan players will quickly become acquainted with "Wood for Sheep".
  • Busen Memo. Explanation 
  • The standard response to meeting anybody or anything in an RPG? Kill them and take their stuff!
    • Roll for Anal Circumference. Explanation 
      • Negative Anal Circumference. Explanation 
    • REALISTIC! Explanation 
      • BELL CURVE!! Explanation 
    • It's Cloaca Time! Explanation 
    • RANDY GAY OGRES! Explanation 
    • The most historically accurate game ever! Explanation 
    • "Experience an accumulation of gas in their rectum." Explanation 
  • "-4STR" Explanation 
    • Nowadays, anytime someone posts this, they're attempting to get people to post pictures of female bodybuilders, amazons, etc.
  • Trenchcoat and katana.Explanation 
  • The famed Lesbian Stripper Ninja. For an explanation on that one, see here.
  • Which is also badwrongfun.
  • brings us Snake Gandhi and Killfuck Soulshitter.
  • The most common Famous Last Words of an RPG are "We're going in there."
    • Followed by "We're not going in there."
  • The GURPS 4th edition dildo gun.
  • Unknown Armies: COSMIC BUMFIGHTS Explanation 
  • It's a common joke that Dark Heresy and Maid RPG are perfectly compatible with each other.
  • Screw it, ninjas attack!
  • "It [always] works in the movies." (Famous Last Words)
  • Stepping barefoot on a d4. Worse than stepping barefoot on Lego. And it makes you take 1d4 damage.
  • BattleTech:
    • Problem, Capellan? Explanation 
    • Lyran scouting party Explanation 
    • TRUCK STRONG! Explanation 
  • Murder HobosExplanation 
  • Aberrant: Divis Mal has arms?! Explanation 
  • Demon: The Descent: Demon: the [X] Explanation 
  • Robo Rally: "BE THE SALMON!", when a player attempts to move in the opposite direction to a conveyor belt.
    • Do NOT taunt the Maelstrom! Explanation 
    • Wil E. Coyote Award Explanation 
  • Monopoly:
    • Go to jail, go directly to jail, do not pass Go, do not collect $200. Explanation 
    • Also from Monopoly, "get out of jail free" card. Explanation 
  • Clue: "It was [person], in the [place], with a [object]." Explanation 
  • Chuubo's Marvelous Wish-Granting Engine: There's no such thing as Russia. Explanation 
  • Diplomacy: Destroying friendships since 1959! Explanation 
  • Traveller: Dying during character creation.Explanation 
  • Legend of the Five Rings: Googly eyes on everything. Explanation 
  • Chess:
    • Anish Giri drawing.Explanation 
    • Bongcloud Attack / 2. Ke2Explanation 
    • Outstanding MoveExplanation 
    • Resign when you're lostExplanation 
  • "100 mm, not 4 inches!"Explanation 
  • Elbows/Buttocks of DeathExplanation 

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