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High scores = full bellies.

"Wonderful! Better than Mama!"


Cooking Mama is a game series by Majesco on Nintendo's systems in which you are a cook in the titular Mama's kitchen. She teaches you how to prepare a variety of dishes step by step, from preparing the raw meat, chopping vegetables, stirring, baking, frying, you name it. Each step takes the form of a mini-game. Your score for how well you complete each task, with bonus points if you do it before the time runs out. And at the end you see just how lovely your dish came out.

Depending on the system it's on, it makes very good use of the DS's touch screen or Wii Remote controls.

There are several games in this series:

  1. Cooking Mama (DS) — First game in the series. Allowed players to unlock more recipes by combining dishes already created.
  2. Cooking Mama: Cook Off (Wii) — First Wii entry. Introduced Mama's friends from around the world, along with a selection of international dishes.
  3. Cooking Mama 2: Dinner With Friends (DS) — With new recipes came an Iron Chef-style mode where you had to prepare a dish minus instructions and offer it to Mama or one of her friends for tasting.
  4. Cooking Mama: World Kitchen (Wii) — Now with 3D graphics and more of the tried-and-true content from previous games, including 2-player co-op.
  5. Gardening Mama (DS) — Cooking Mama WITH POTTING SOIL!
  6. Cooking Mama 3: Shop & Chop (DS) — More of the same as Dinner with Friends, except with different recipes and a new "shop for food" mode which puts you in the most malevolent grocery store ever.
  7. Crafting Mama (DS) — Cooking Mama WITH CRAFTING!
  8. Babysitting Mama (Wii) — Cooking Mama WITH BABIES! The game also came with a stuffed baby toy peripheral.
  9. Camping Mama: Outdoor Adventures (DS) — Cooking Mama WITH CAMPING!
  10. Cooking Mama 4: Kitchen Magic (3DS) — Cooking Mama IN 3D!
  11. Gardening Mama 2: Forest Friends (3DS) — Cooking Mama WITH POTTING SOIL AND CUTE ANIMALS!
  12. Cooking Mama 5: Bon Appétit! (3DS) — Cooking Mama IN 3D AGAIN!
  13. Cooking Mama: Sweet Shop (3DS) — Cooking Mama FOCUSED ON DESSERTS!

Apart from all that, it appears that Taiwanese arcade games maker Universal Space has obtained the rights to create a Cooking Mama arcade game to market only in the southeastern region of Asia. There is also Cooking Mama: Friends' Café on Facebook, good for pestering your friends and Bribing Your Way to Victory. There are also the app games "Cooking Mama Let's Cook" and "Cooking Mama: Let's Cook Puzzle".


This game provides examples of:

  • Absurdly Youthful Mother: Given the art style, she doesn't look old enough to have two children, especially not possibly preteens.
  • Adorkable: Mama herself, especially in the 3DS games where she is much more expressive.
  • Artistic License: This'll teach you how to cook the same way Guitar Hero or Rock Band will teach you how to play guitar — which is to say it won't. At all. Despite this, one person has tried to cook using the recipes and apparently it is technically possible to cook edible food using the game as a basis.
    • Averted somewhat in "Cooking Mama: Let's Cook", as in the Mama's Theatre section, does contain actual videos of recipes being cooked, provided by the Macaroni YouTube channel.
  • Big Eater: This is Papa's (Mama's husband) main characteristic.
  • Bragging Rights Reward: Cook Off; more gold medals = more fancy cookware to display in your kitchen.


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