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Lara Raith: You must be Warden Ramirez.
Harry Dresden: (internal monologue) This is the part where I got nervous. Ramirez loved women. Ramirez never shut up about women. Well, he never shut up about anything in general, but he'd go on and on about various conquests and feats of sexual athleticism and—
Lara: A virgin? Really, Harry, I'm not sure what to say. Is he a present?

Any character who is expected to be sexually experienced, but turns out to be a virgin.

Due to a long-standing Double Standard, men are the most common examples of this trope. In fiction, men past puberty are often expected to have had sex. However, this is not a male-only trope; females (especially older ones) can surprise other characters in this way as well.

See also Virgin-Shaming, when a character is then derided for being a virgin, and Technical Virgin, when someone claims to be a virgin because they haven't had sex under particular conditions. Contrast Of Course I'm Not a Virgin.


In-Universe Examples Only, please!

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    Anime & Manga 
  • Mobile Suit Gundam 00: Setsuna F. Seiei. He starts as a Chaste Hero who can't even understand why a girl would get scared when he gets in her room at night and then rejects another girl when she steals his first kiss, then becomes a Celibate Hero who thinks of the same first girl more as a sisterly/motherly figure and says it out loud. All around, however, he simply doesn't seem to be interested.
    • A recurring gag is that Van, Celibate Hero that he is, usually tries to keep women from getting too close by telling them "I'm a virgin". As he appears to not have had any interest in women before meeting his (soon-to-be-late) bride, he's probably telling the truth.
    • Further explored with Michael; after he has sex with Fasalina, the narrator intones, "While no one was looking, a boy became a man"... but the narrator continues to call Michael "boy" afterwards, while he refers to Van as "man" throughout. One sex act doth not a man make.
  • Trigun:
    • Vash. He has a Badass Longcoat, Cool Shades, not one but two badass nicknames ("the Stampede, the Humanoid Typhoon"), a 60 billion-double-dollar bounty on his head, and a very large gun. About the only thing he doesn't have going for him is a giant robot. Vash is offered sex by two women following his saving the town by defeating the Nebraskas and allowing them to claim the reward. He acts drunk, and like he's passed out and they leave disappointed, while we are treated to a shot of an open-eyed and completely sober Vash looking regretful but determined.
    • Several manga Omakes might suggest that Nicholas D. Wolfwood is only active with his grotesque blow-up doll - which makes some sense since he's actually in his late teens, much younger than in the anime, has been busy surviving with debilitating traumas and a spectacular lack of social skills and is more than awkward with women (including Millie). The anime suggests he has more experience and acts as a foil to Vash's obvious frustration. He gets killed off right after having off-screen sex with Millie, anyway.
    • Legato, though he gets explicitly noticed for his good looks, is much too obsessive a follower of Knives and his plans to have had any intimate encounters. Mostly he meets people and they die. Of course, in the manga, he appears to have been the kept catamite of someone very ugly before Knives destroyed the whole town except for him. If his psychic powers had just awakened a little earlier... This tends to put people off sex.
  • Code Geass:
    • Despite a surprisingly attractive Unwanted Harem all making advances toward Lelouch in one form or another, he remains a virgin for the entire series. Word of God even states that Lelouch was too busy with his Magnificent Bastardry to have time for women.
    • Subverted in R2 when a depressed and Heroic BSODing Lelouch orders Kallen to "comfort him". She slaps him instead, because she couldn't refuse anything to Zero, but doesn't want to be a sex toy for the pathetic thing Lelouch was at this point.
  • Baccano!: About half the cast, though not for lack of trying by some. Justifications range from crippling anxiety (yes, he's still badass) to wait for a certain girl to massive social ineptitude.
  • In Narita's other series, Durarara!!, Ikebukuro's resident God of Destruction in a Bartender Suit, Shizuo Heiwajima is not only a virgin but hasn't even so much as kissed a girl thanks to his Super Strength and rage disorder getting in the way. By the time of the series proper, he's simply resigned himself to the fact that no one could possibly love him.
  • Sun-Ken Rock: The protagonist Ken leads a very powerful (but small) mafia through sheer force of personality, and has beaten up nearly every male in the series. Ken, even with many (beautiful) women literally throwing themselves at him, maintains his virginity as part of his devotion to Yumin, even though they have yet to do anything either.
  • High School D×D: Issei Hyodou. Although he really wants to lose his virginity, somehow he can't. It's then revealed that the reason why he can't just lose his virginity to his harem (who are totally willing) is because of trauma when he was killed by Raynare all the way back when the plot starts.
  • During a discussion in Kaguya-sama: Love is War about the percentage of high school students who have had their first time, it's revealed that Shirogane is a "monster virgin" despite being a Chick Magnet. He never tells anyone for fear of Virgin-Shaming.
  • Fairy Tail: Late in the manga, an enemy uses an attack that doubles as a Virginity Flag. Easily the most surprising of the now confirmed virgins is the shameless alcoholic Cana Alberona.
  • Overlord (2012) When Albedo, Aura, and Shalltear go on a girls-day-out, Albedo summons her steed, a bicorn, but it doesn't let her ride it. So Shalltear looks the creature up in her encyclopedia, and it turns out, it's the opposite of a unicorn, and as such prefers promiscuous women. The implication that Albedo is a virgin shocks both her and Aura because Albedo is a succubus. However this is a result of her originally being a video game NPC, and before she became real in the new world, Ainz (thinking that the game is about to shut-down) was messing with her settings as a final joke, making her fall madly in love with him. Her original settings said she was actually a Horny Devil.
  • Ran, the protagonist of Super GALS proudly declares herself as "pure" when a guy asks for her "price" since a ko-gal is typically known for being promiscuous.
  • In Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex the memetic virus that produced the Individual Eleven terrorists had a requirement that the victims be virgins, specifically they never had sex before becoming cyborgs. The writer, Gouda was one himself.
  • Sanjouno Haruhime in Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? was disowned by her family and sold as a prostitute, and part of the reason she didn't think she was worthy of being saved was because she thought she had been Defiled Forever. As it turns out, she would always get so nervous when she got a customer, she'd end up fainting and foaming from the mouth, so she hasn't lost her virginity at all.
  • Rascal Does Not Dream of Bunny Girl Senpai:
    • A Jerk Jock trying to ask out Tomoe catches her in what looks like foreplay with Sakuta, and starts spreading rumors branding her as a slut who's screwing Sakuta like a rabbit. Sakuta confronts the Jerk Jock, humiliates him by fighting dirty, then defuses the rumor by announcing to the jock and anybody within earshot that not only are he and Tomoe not sleeping together, he's a virgin. Tomoe is a virgin as well, and never had a boyfriend.
    • Mai qualifies as well. Despite her popularity, her teasing attitude targets only her loved one, Sakuta, and she never had a boyfriend before him, neither has she kissed anyone.
  • Peter Grill and the Philosopher's Time: Antonio Spartokos challenges Peter Grill to a duel for Lisa Alpacas's hand. As they prepare to fight, Antonio declares that he loves Lisa so much that he'll only ever sleep with her once he's proven himself worthy. Everyone is surprised that such a handsome and buff man is a virgin.

    Comic Books 
  • Sin City: It is implied that Marv — the big, tough, near-invincible badass — was having "the night of his life" with Goldie, and lost his virginity to her. Marv specifically says that not even any of the city's numerous prostitutes would come near him due to his enormous stature, tough looks, and violent reputation, the implication being that certainly no non-prostitute would come within a mile of him.
  • Hawkman: Katar Hol in the Hawkworld continuity. When two women want to show their gratitude for saving their lives, he admits that he's a virgin and wants his first time to be special. That just makes them more interested in him.
  • Played with in the "Shout at The Devil" storyline of Hack/Slash. Hulking and deformed slasher-slayer Vlad has unsurprisingly never "made the sex" with a woman, but can't rescue his partner-in-slayage Cassie until he does. The villain has a mind-control spell that only works on virgins. Hilarity ensues.
  • Tales Of The Dragon Guard takes this and runs with it. Only virgin girls are immune to The Corruption. Virgin boys, grown men, and non-virgin girls still get mutated.
  • Judge Dredd: Hinted at since the beginning and confirmed in recent years, Judges (of both sexes) are trained from the outset to be celibate. The "Wally Squad", i.e. the undercover division, are allowed to get it on but only when "in character" and even then they're not supposed to enjoy it. The penalty for infraction is usually dismissal; if they haven't yet infracted they are expected to resign. Many dismissed in this way, for example GalenDeMarco, become private investigators.

    Fan Works 
  • Hetalia: Axis Powers fanfic Gankona, Unnachgiebig, Unità: Let's just say Italy had not expected Germany and Japan to be virgins as well.
    Said nations spontaneously combusted. "O-Of course not!" Japan stammered. "In fact, I've always thought you are very handsome too!"
    "Y-Yeah! What he said!" Germany stuttered. He became redder than his own blood in an instant. "And to tell you the truth, you aren't the only one who's still a virgin."
    Italy was confused. "What are you saying?" He cocked his head to the side. "Are you saying you're a virgin too?" The blond abruptly imploding was more than enough to answer his question. The perplexed then turned, facing his other companion. "Giappone, are you a virgin too?"
    "H-Hai I-Italia-k-kun!" Tomatoes from all over were envious of him at that moment. "I-In fact, I've never actually been in a relationship before!"
    Brown eyes widened in shock. "No way!"
    "S-Same here." Come on, where're the explosions of guts?!
  • "To Absent Friends": In a flashback, the other women on USS Bajor's senior staff are surprised to learn that their Vulcan member T'Var is a virgin despite having been through pon farrnote  at least once (she was able to deal with it by meditation and her parents had decided against arranging a match for her). Birail Riyannis drunkenly resolves to get T'Var laid, but according to Eleya, they instead ordered another round of drinks and Biri passed out.
  • Tamers Forever Series: The adult Takeru Takaishi. Despite being one of the biggest badasses in the series, he is specifically stated to be a virgin and while this does cause a brief awkward moment, it's not seen as important. In fact it actually ends up being part of his appeal with Rumiko calling men like him a "dying breed".
  • Fill the Moon plays with this. Xaldin is twenty-nine and has never had sex (up to chapter 50, anyway). He is still as canonically badass as he is in the game, but the others occasionally tease him for it.
  • While not directly called to attention, this is implied to be ironically subverted in Fallout: Equestria. Calamity lived alone in a shack for years, acting as the lone defender of New Appleloosa but never actually living there. He remarks that, because none of the mares back in the Enclave shared his ideals, he saw no reason to pursue them romantically. Yet he loves meat, fixes things, and nopony would deny that he's a grade-A badass at the start of the story and only becomes more so throughout! All things considered, chapter 32 with Velvet Remedy may very well be his first time. Calamity, never very good with words, nonetheless assures both Velvet and Little pip that it wasn't just out of convenience and he intends to take the relationship seriously.
  • In Iron Fist: The Movie, it is revealed that since Danny lived in K'un L'un from the time he was a boy until adulthood, he had never had a girlfriend with the implication that he did not have certain other experiences, either. He is still capable of kicking ass.
  • In Blue Paste Harry serves as the May Queen in a Beltane ritual and, due to having been a virgin, ends up bonded to Snape, who was portraying the May King.
    Snape: You said when it happened to Miss Cunningham that you would take precautions!
    Dumbledore: Well, we did. Only... We didn't think boys would be in any danger in that matter.
  • Tai Lung of A Different Lesson, due to his age, his badassery, and the overall extreme masculinity he tends to try and project. It is actually justified quite well in-story (all his years spent training at the Jade Palace were focused only on learning kung fu so as to obtain the Dragon Scroll, so personal matters like that would be the last thing on his mind, and hardly something Shifu would encourage either; then he was locked up in solitary confinement for twenty years). But that doesn't stop Monkey and Mantis from being shocked (as the latter puts it, "A big, tough, manly cat like you must've been quite the hit with the ladies in your day. Bet you had 'em lining up for you whenever you came down from the palace") or making fun of him for it.
  • In Code Geass: The Prepared Rebellion, Lelouch is quite surprised to learn that the 700-year-old CC is still a virgin.
  • Principal Celestia Hunts the Undead:
    • Inverted with Sci-Twi. She's kidnapped for a Human Sacrifice, and then it's mentioned that it's intended as a Virgin Sacrifice. She cackles and says "Hey, jackass! I'm not a virgin!" This distracts him long enough for Luna to shoot him.
    • Considering the amount of Virgin Power the world runs on, virgins are the most common kidnapping victims (and many monsters can tell, unlike the idiot who kidnapped Sci-Twi). This leads to many surprises, such as bitter Old Maid Miss Harshwhinny.
    • In the sequel, no one is surprised that Applejack is a virgin. Everyone is very surprised that Adagio, the thousand year-old hedonist, is also a virgin.
  • qi deviation can get fucked (or, lesbians make everything better) has Luo Binghe using Sex Magic on his hated teacher with the assurance Shen Qingqiu will live through it, because he's known as a shameless letch assiduously going to the brothel. Only for Shen Qingqiu to almost die, something that only happens when the victim is a virgin — to Luo Binghe's utter sideration and bafflement.


    Films — Live-Action 
  • In Hot Shots!, Ramada takes Topper home with her.
    Topper: So... I assume you've been with a man before.
    Ramada: I'm a virgin. I'm just not very good at it.
    Topper: Ooookay.
  • In the 1987 movie version of Dragnet:
    • Connie Swail is a virgin (we know because she's a virgin sacrifice) and it's implied Friday is too:
      Pep Streebeck: Oh Joe, you never had these feelings before, have you?
      Joe Friday: Almost. I had a kitten once.
      Pep Streebeck: Yeah, it's going to be a little different. Connie is not going to be sleeping in a box, or meowing all night, or clawing up your drapes. Or maybe she will. I mean, you're both kind of starting from scratch with this.
    • Joe, in his overly formal way, always refers to her as "the virgin Connie Swail". But inverted at the end of the film:
      Streebeck: Hey, partner. I tried to call you up till midnight. I thought the Christian Science reading rooms closed at ten.
      Friday: Not that it's any of your business, Mr. National Enquirer, but I had the pleasure of spending a quiet evening in the company of Connie Swail.
      Streebeck: Wait a minute! Connie Swail? Don't you mean the virgin Connie Swail?!
      Friday: >:) (Cue music: DUM, de DUM dum...)
  • The Wicker Man (1973): The hero's religiously inspired chastity is a major part of the plot. Of course, seeing as this gets him a Virgin Sacrifice at the end of the film, this could go either way. The 2006 remake entirely omits the hero's religion and chastity. Apparently Neil La Bute couldn't believe Nicolas Cage as a virgin.
  • The 40-Year-Old Virgin is all about the hero's attempts to lose his virginity. In a minor inversion, however, his male friends — who have all had sex and are eagerly egging him on — are in many ways much bigger losers than he is, and are certainly far more infantile and immature about sex compared to the affable and handsome hero. One critic pointed that even his "unmanly" preference for bike riding rather than using a car or a motorcycle works to the hero's favor since it helps keep him in great shape and attractive to women.
  • Born on the Fourth of July: The protagonist (played by Tom Cruise) is a wrestling star in high school who loses his final match, much to the disappointment of his parents, goes off to Vietnam to prove his manhood, and gets his legs blown off. He then loses his high school sweetheart, who he had been saving himself for (who remains his friend and gets him involved in the anti-war movement). In a fit of despair, he moves to a whorehouse in Mexico frequented by boozy, PTSD'd Vietnam War paraplegics and attempts to lose his virginity (more or less) to an attractive girl there. He doesn't enjoy it much.
  • Weekend At Bernies II. One of the characters will die from a poison unless a voodoo potion with "the blood of a virgin" is made as an antidote. The poisoned character laments that he's going to die, but his friend gets up and begrudgingly holds out his finger, saying "Just take the blood, Doc". The potion is made from his blood and works, leading the now cured character in the final scene to razz his buddy by saying "thanks for keeping yourself a virgin for me."
  • The Matrix: We don't know anything about Neo's supposed love life, but it doesn't matter because he was actually in the Matrix and his body was lying in a tube the whole time. When he gets freed, he only kisses Trinity (at least in the first movie). This may have to do with the "Neo is the Messiah" interpretation.
  • Played with in The Monster Squad, where the elderly mentor-figure insists that only a virgin can recite the spell that'll banish the monsters. When the big sister admits she doesn't qualify, she asks why the mentor can't do it and is told by the Squad boys that he's not qualified either. Irate, she questions whether the boys had actually asked him. They wind up having a five-year-old girl recite the words.
  • The Terminator: Badass future soldier Kyle Reese is a virgin. While he loses his virginity in the course of the film, it's also pretty clear that if Sarah hadn't initiated it, nothing would have happened.
  • Captain America in Captain America: The First Avenger. He's quite intimidated by women, even after taking the Super Soldier Serum which made ladies throw themselves at him, and is noted by Bucky to not have much luck with them. Peggy Carter may as well have been the closest he's ever had to a real first girlfriend. Same in Captain America: The Winter Soldier where the Black Widow asks if their Fake-Out Make-Out was Cap's first kiss since 1945. He denies it ("I'm 95, I'm not dead."), but also claims that it's not something you need to practice, which leaves it somewhat ambiguous. He goes on to say that it's hard for him to find someone with shared life experience.
  • Minami in Gozu, who — though well-provided — is still a virgin. Particularly embarrassing for him as he is a member of the Yakuza.
  • In the second Police Academy film, Tackleberry blurts it right out that he's a virgin, which immediately silences the room and makes him feel rather embarrassed.
  • American Beauty: Angela, despite being on the cheerleading team and acting the part of a worldly woman, reveals to Lester that she's a virgin right as they're about to have sex; this causes Lester to break off the sex.
  • Stroker Ace: Pembrook, although this is mostly to Stroker's amazement. Stroker simply can't wrap his head around the concept of the virgin; Lugs is constantly having to remind him that the word "virgin" exists!
  • The Breakfast Club: Claire reveals that she never did it, even though she is known to pretend like she has. Allison may fit this trope better, as she's a basket case and claims to have done it with a lot of people including multiple times with her psychologist. In reality, she's never done it either. OTOH Brian's expected to be a virgin.
  • In The Magdalene Sisters, Bernadette is assumed to really get around because she's seen flirting with boys in the schoolyard - and gets sent to the titular laundries because of it. But she confesses to the Sister Superior that she's still a virgin. Nonetheless, she is kept there because the nuns feel her beauty may tempt the boys too much. Bernadette is notably the only one of the protagonists who is still a virgin.
  • Stealing Beauty: One of the two reasons Lucy travels to Tuscany is to lose her virginity with Nicolo Donati, whom she fell in love with on a previous visit and believes sent her an unsigned love letter. He turns out to be a womanizer and a bit of a jerkass, and she ends up with his brother Osvaldo, who reveals to her afterwards that it was his first time, too.
  • The Disney coming-of-age film Tex (based on the novel by S.E. Hinton) deconstructs this. Tex is asking his older brother Mace for advice about girls, and Mace reveals he's never gone all the way, and neither has their friend Bobby. (In a humanizing moment, Mace asks Tex not to tell anyone.) Mace tells Tex not to believe everything he hears in the locker room; most of it is just talk. Tex is surprised to hear this, thinking that Mace, a basketball star, has had plenty of opportunities. But Mace has seen another friend of theirs get his girlfriend pregnant, seriously screwing up both their lives, and he doesn't want to have the same fate.
  • Christine: The woman at a therapy group Christine attends and partners with looks visibly surprised after she reveals that she's a virgin at age 29. Christine's clearly unhappy with it herself.
  • Hocus Pocus: Oddly enough, most people act like Max (at 16) is odd for being a virgin, and tease him about it ceaselessly.
  • The Dreamers: Isabelle turns out to be one before having sex with Matthew, surprising him.
  • The reveal of the French movie Lila Says is that the female protagonist was a virgin while pretending the whole movie to be extremely sexually active.
  • Gemini Man. When 51 year-old Henry Brogan is first confronted by his younger clone Clay Junior, Dani's natural assumption is that he's a long-long son, but Henry curtly dismisses the idea. At first it seems that this is because Henry is Married to the Job and so has avoided long-term relationships, but he later accurately guesses that Junior is a virgin despite being in his twenties, because he considers himself a freak and is worried that others will see it, implying that Henry has avoided relationships also for this reason.

  • Receiver of Many:
    • While Persephone herself is an obvious given to being a virgin with Demeter's watchful eye, she is rather surprised to learn that her husband Hades is a virgin as well.
    • In fact, there's several times that Hades displays obvious Above the Influence tendencies, most notably when he turns down Persephone's advances on him after being exposed to the water of the River Lethe (and therefore forgetting that she was angry about the abduction) and decides instead to restore her memory; much earlier in the timeline, he rejects his friend Leuce's sexual advances on the account that he's being loyal to Persephone, who he's only betrothed to. Prior to marrying Persephone, Hades was Celibate Hero at it's finest.
    • While having difficulty with settling in to her new home in the Underworld, Hades mentions to Persephone that it took eons for him to get used to living in the Underworld, mostly due to his loneliness. Persephone then responds to this by pointing out that the male Olympians often have "companions", leading Hades to point out that he's not an Olympian and that he was aware that he'd someday marry Persephone. Persephone then mentions the Titanomachy, believing that Hades must have had a 'companion' during the war. Hades responds to this by placing his hands on her shoulders, smiling awkwardly and shaking his head, Persephone suddenly recalls how he'd reacted when they had sexual intercourse in the chariot in Erebus and realises to her own shock, that up until that moment, Hades had been a virgin.
      Persephone: This is all very beautiful… but it’s not the same as the sky and fields of the living world. I worry that it will take aeons for me to fall in love with the Underworld, just as it did for you.
      Hades: I’m fairly certain loneliness prolonged it for me, I’d like to think I could help relieve that for you.
      Persephone: You couldn’t have been completely alone this whole time. I mean, the men of Olympus all have… companions…
      Hades: I’m not an Olympian. And I knew I would have you beside me one day.
      Persephone: What about during the war?
      Aidon brought his hands up to her shoulders and a vulnerable smile lit up his eyes. He shook his head slowly. Persephone’s lips parted and she blinked in startled revelation, her body shuddering, pushing her closer to his.
      Persephone: So that means… when you and I were in Erebus…
      Hades: Yes.
  • Dancing Aztecs: Felicity Tower, much to her chagrin, was raised to be too focused and can't quite get relaxed enough to encourage anyone to go that far with her until the end.
  • In The Dresden Files book White Night, the young and talented Carlos Ramirez, who behaves like a self-styled Casanova, is identified as a virgin by sex vampire Lara Raith, who seems to think it positively adorable. Harry spends the entire climactic fight scene teasing him about it. Also true of the Raiths' youngest sister (biologically a teenager), whom Harry theorizes during the denouement could kill her succubus and become human by having her first time within a loving relationship.
  • Mary Stewart's trilogy about the life of Merlin; the feared and powerful enchanter is a virgin until he hands over his powers, and his virginity, to his successor. In fact, the one time he tries to have sex with a woman, he fails. He states that he had to choose between his powers and sexual prowess.
  • Tad Williams' Memory, Sorrow and Thorn: The hero, Simon, manages to get all the way to the Last Minute Hookup with Rebellious Princess Miriamele without losing his virginity, although it was a close call. Miriamele, on the other hand, did sleep with someone else (albeit not entirely willingly), causing a great deal of angst before the two make up.
  • Forest Kingdom: In book 1 (Blue Moon Rising), Prince Rupert, who rides forth to battle a dragon, is able to do so on a unicorn, having been forced to live chastely so he won't father a child who might one day contest his older brother's throne. The princess he brings back with him, conversely, can't ride the unicorn.
  • In Darkly Dreaming Dexter, the titular Serial-Killer Killer has avoided sex until that point, mostly because he finds the very idea of intercourse to be undignified. Only when his girlfriend presses the issue does he lose his virginity, and even then, his sociopathic mindset initially goes through with it merely to preserve his facade as a regular guy.
  • Parodied in one of Esther Friesner's Majyk By Accident books: the groom has to produce a certificate guaranteeing "knowledge of the carnal arts" before he can get married. The bride has to provide evidence of her Incorruptible Pure Pureness. You can guess what The Reveal is.
  • The Sleeping Beauty: Prince Siegfried. However, given that the Tradition is trying to force him into a Ring Cycle retelling, you can't blame the guy for steering clear.
    Prince Siegfried: ...every single female I met was my aunt! My aunt, Leopold! Even at twelve, I knew better than that!
  • Trull Sengar in the Malazan Book of the Fallen. When he is introduced into the story he's already fought in two wars, been recognized as a great warrior in his tribe, has been among the very few who have had the courage to oppose said wars, and is generally considered awesome by a lot of people. He also nonchalantly admits to never having had sex.
  • In Mr Warrens Profession, Lindsey Althorp is a virgin, much to his lover Aubrey's shock. His virginity vanishes soon after the reveal.
  • The Wise Man's Fear: Exploited by Kvothe to escape the Fae demigoddess Felurian, who has a reputation for taking lovers by force and driving them insane with desire. When he calls her lovemaking "adequate" and claims it's because he has nothing to compare it to, she's so put off that she agrees to release him, if only so he can sleep around a bit and appreciate just how much better she is.
  • Eloisa James' Regency Romance novel Your Wicked Ways has the estranged Earl Rees Godwin and Countess Helene Godwin trying to repair their marriage, which went bad pretty much from the get-go after they eloped to Gretna Green ten years ago and their consummation didn't turn out well. Rees had blamed it on "frigidity" on her part, but he finally confesses to her during the book that he didn't have a damn clue what he was doing at the time because he was a virgin, too. (This is a departure from the stock tropes of the genre where the man is sexually experienced and the woman is a virgin.)
  • In the romance novel Whisper To Me Of Love, the hero is shocked to realize that the heroine is a virgin. Nothing about her personality really suggests otherwise, he just simply took it for granted that she wasn't.
  • In the Discworld novel Lords and Ladies, Ridcully is gobsmacked to see Granny Weatherwax — his long-ago childhood sweetheart, now an elderly and formidable witch — bridle a unicorn.
  • Summer Sisters by Judy Blume. Caitlin tells Vix that she lost her virginity to a ski instructor while on vacation and has a sexual relationship with Von, involving oral sex at least. When Caitlin goes to tell Bru that Vix has gone back to New Mexico following the sudden death of her brother, Bru has sex with Caitlin and is surprised to learn that he's her first at least in terms of PIV sex.

    Live-Action TV 
  • The O.C.:
    Summer: When we had sex the other night... you weren't the only virgin in the room.
    Seth: [horrified] You mean there was someone else, watching us?
    Summer: Me, jackass! I'm a virgin!
    Summer: Or, I was.
  • In the Firefly episode "Objects in Space", River walks in on Jayne and Shepherd Book having a Seinfeldian Conversation wherein Book has just disclosed his virginity to Jayne, much to Jayne's surprise. Book's religious order apparently has a celibacy requirement, though it's strongly implied (and eventually confirmed in the Expanded Universe) that he had a career in black ops before that.
  • Lois & Clark: Superman is revealed to be a virgin. He had some legitimate concerns (see the essay that named the trope Man of Steel, Woman of Kleenex. The resident Ethical Slut Cat starts hitting on him from the very first episode. Apparently, the producers decided that she was too risque and removed the character. Meanwhile, Lois and Clark end up together and, supposedly, subvert this trope. By the end of the show, they are revealed to be trying for a baby.
  • Babylon 5: Marcus Cole was a self-professed virgin and quite comfortable that way because he felt he hadn't met the right woman. He did eventually meet her but died before they could consummate. Ivanova is shown lamenting that later, and Stephen is surprised by the revelation.
  • Played to amusing effect in Fighting Spiders. The three main characters are out in the nighttime, in a cemetery no less, and the legend of the 'orang minyak' is brought up: a man covered in oil who goes around (ahem) disturbing virgins. The youngest says that since they are boys they won't be disturbed, but the one who best knows his English points out that virgins can apply to boys too...
  • The Buffy the Vampire Slayer episode "Teacher's Pet": A shape-shifting praying mantis only preys on virgin boys, and captures Xander and another boy who we had previously seen boasting about his sexual exploits. Neither he, nor Xander, is pleased when they learn that they were chosen for their virginity, and the guy threatens to sue if they tell anyone. Xander spent two and a half seasons proving his Badass Normal credentials while hanging onto his virginity (his relationship with Cordelia was unconsummated). When he helps out Faith in season 3, she thanks him (and burns off extra aggression) by seducing him. Xander has sex, but it's not the most remarkable or manly thing he does even that night, making it a bit of a subversion of this trope. The trope is completely Played Straight when it comes to Liam/Angel, Giles, Spike, and Oz, though.
  • Glee: The series portrays high school students' sex lives very accurately—or at least, more accurately than most shows. Kurt and Artie (unpopular) are both virgins at their introductions, as are Finn and Blaine (popular). Over the course of three seasons all four of them lose their virginity, as do most of the virginal female characters. Special mention goes to Kurt, who explicitly states on two separate occasions that either he isn't ready for sex (to the point of literally sticking his fingers in his ears and going "la la la" in order to avoid talking about it), or that he wants his first time to be meaningful. On a smaller scale, however, played straight in "The Power of Madonna", when Finn is the only one who sleeps with his intended (in his case, Santana) during the "Like a Virgin" number (Emma and Rachel do not). It becomes Sex as Rite-of-Passage, and he "doesn't feel any different." In fact, he later heavily regrets it because it didn't mean anything and it wasn't with Rachel, the girl he loves.
  • M*A*S*H:
    • The innocent version of Radar. While he worries about it a fair bit, anytime he does, someone (usually Hawkeye) will tell him that a girl he wants to bring home to his mother is worth waiting for. In the episode "Springtime", when Klinger gets married, after a date with a nurse, Radar walks into the room where the ceremony is held, all crumbled up saying "I think I've just been slaked". Radar's character was changed to be more innocent as the show went on; there was mention of him losing his virginity, but later on in the show, he was still a virgin. In the later show After MASH he gets married and there's mention of him being a virgin on his wedding night.
  • In the slasher movie-themed episode of Boy Meets World, Genre Savvy Shawn points out that only virgins survive slasher movies. Eric and Jack proudly accept they're going to die (Cory turns to Topanga and remarks "Thanks for saving me" and Shawn admits he'll "get as badly hurt as you can without dying"). Eric and Shawn then realize that Feeny had just been killed, so they start dancing in his memory.
  • When the Harbinger Demon starts seeking out virgins in Charmed (2018), Macy matter-of-factly offers her blood as bait, surprising her sisters.
  • In The Amazing Race 4, Millie and Chuck had dated for 12 years but said they never consummated. This was apparently notable enough that where most teams are labeled "Dating", "Married", "Best Friends" or the like, the show labeled these two "The Virgins".
  • Deputy Enos Strate on The Dukes of Hazzard was identified as "the oldest virgin in Hazzard County". In one of the later episodes, Enos told Daisy he was saving himself for marriage.
  • The Golden Girls: In one flashback episode, Blanche recalled a New Year's Eve she had spent with a man who had just left the priesthood and was in fact a virgin. Blanche was completely ecstatic at the thought of having sex with a virgin because it would bring out "the artist" in her since she was about to work with what was essentially a blank slate.
  • Step by Step: Everyone assumes Cody not to be a virgin because he's old enough and, while a bit of a Cloudcuckoolander, not portrayed as a loser in any way. He is, however, a virgin, sees nothing wrong with being a virgin and is never ashamed to admit it on the few occasions when the subject comes up.
  • In the Doctor Who episodes "The Impossible Planet" and "The Satan Pit", Toby (the only human to be possessed by the Beast) is specifically identified as "the virgin" when the possessed Ood list the human crew's fears and secrets. Was his possession meant to be a Virgin Sacrifice? He does end up falling into a black hole.
  • Masters of Sex: Ethan Haas sleeps with Vivian Scully thinking they're just having casual sex (her idea), and is terrified to realize he just deflowered his boss' daughter.
  • The Magicians (2016):
    • Quentin is a socially awkward nerd with some flavor of serious mental disorder, but inverted when Margo jokingly drags him out of his bed in the middle of the night for a Virgin Sacrifice.
      Quentin: [annoyed] I'm not a virgin.
      Margo: Well. The world's just full of surprises.
    • Alice is at least as awkward as Quentin but turns out to not be a virgin either. It later turns out that her parents are hedonists who throw wild orgies on a regular basis. She lost her virginity during one of those, but not at the actual party.
  • The Monty Python's Flying Circus sketch "Nudge Nudge" has Eric Idle's character make an increasingly contorted string of Heh Heh, You Said "X" jokes regarding the Squire's wife before finally asking if the Squire has slept with a woman. When he annoyedly answers in the affirmative:
    Idle: What's it like?
  • At the start of Iron Fist (2017), 26 years old Danny Rand is a virgin since his training in K'un-Lun required a chastity vow. He later breaks the vow with Colleen Wing.
  • Audrey Horne played by the attractive Sherilyn Fenn in Twin Peaks, is very flirtatious with Dale Cooper and at one point infiltrates a brothel as a working girl. It's a bit of a surprise near the end of the series when she confesses to her love interest Jack Wheeler that she's still a virgin. They end up having sex in his private jet.
  • One Life to Live's Blair confesses to Max that she's a virgin just before they consummate their relationship, sharply contrasting the personality she's displayed since coming to town.
  • General Hospital's Keesha tells boyfriend Jason she's a virgin just before they make love. He isn't surprised, but she certainly is when he admits he is too (though viewers already knew this), clearly having assumed otherwise.
  • ER:
    • In an episode that had several characters sitting around discussing when they lost their virginity, everyone is shocked but touched when resident hunk Luka admits to having waited until his wedding night, explaining that it was very important to his girlfriend that they not make love before they were married.
    • However, a similar confession from Mark Greene — "We met in high school...I've always been faithful..." — results in Doug laughing at him.
    • Morris pursues a pretty intern, only to be stopped dead in his tracks when she tells him she's a virgin and intends to remain that way until she's married. A rare female example, given her presumed mid-20s age. They eventually consummate their relationship anyway.
  • L.A. Law The womanizing Arnie Becker actually shudders when a pretty neophyte attorney he's interested in tells him the same thing. While the series ends with the possibility of them pursuing a relationship, they never sleep together before then.
  • Friends. Monica is floored when boyfriend Richard admits she's only the second woman he's ever been with, explaining that he and his wife were high-school sweethearts and that he was faithful during their twenty-something years together.
  • A Different World. After several dates, Lena is trying to seduce Dorian when he informs her that not only is he a virgin, he intends to stay that way until his wedding night. She flips out but eventually realizes it might be nice to date someone who isn't always pawing at her.
  • Living Single. Max is preparing to bed her latest boyfriend and is stunned when he informs her, "You're the perfect woman to take my virginity!"
  • The Bold and the Beautiful. Taylor and James are trapped together after an earthquake. Fearing that they were not going to make it, the 30-something James revealed to Taylor that he was a virgin—and begged Taylor not to let him die that way. She complied.
  • Beverly Hills, 90210. During an argument between former lovers Kelly and Steve, Kelly was stunned when he informed her that she had been his first lover, contrasting either what he'd told her or his personality.
  • Life Goes On. Becca prepares for a romantic evening with boyfriend Tyler...and he confesses, "I've never done this before." She's shocked, as she and apparently everyone in their school had assumed that he and his previous girlfriend were having sex, especially given their Jerk Jock/Alpha Bitch personalities.
  • Perfect Strangers. Larry teases Balki about his upcoming hot date. But when he notices Balki's nervousness, he suddenly realizes, "You're as pure as the driven snow, aren't you? Instead of answering, Balki defensively asks, "Aren't you?" Larry abruptly ends the conversation. Neither gives a straight answer, but their mutual uneasiness hints at it strongly.
  • In the Game of Thrones episode "Cripples, Bastards, and Broken Things", Jon Snow and Sam Tarly get to talking about girls. Sam, as fat as he is, couldn't attract any, but assumes the Tall, Dark, and Handsome Jon had them lining up. Jon tells him that he came close once with a prostitute but couldn't bring himself to consummate on the off chance he left her with a bastard child like himself.
  • Subtly in 8 Simple Rules where the vampy sister Bridget is still a virgin at eighteen, and her younger more bookish sister Kerry loses hers. It's surprising because Bridget had been implied to be Really Gets Around (though she only flirted with boys). After The Reveal, Bridget occasionally taunts Kerry with "at least I'm still a virgin."
  • Shadowhunters: Magnus Bane, being a minimum hundreds-of-years-old pansexual warlock, is well aware he has considerably more experience than Alec Lightwood but is still surprised when they go on their first date in "Iron Sisters" that, never mind sex, Alec has never even been in a serious relationship before. Justified in that Alec grew up relatively cloistered in Idris and the Institute, and is gay in a fairly heteronormative culture.
  • The Young and the Restless: Kyle is thrown for a loop when his gorgeous, charming girlfriend Lola reveals she's a virgin. Kyle is a bit weird about it for a few days (mainly because the idea of being Lola's first causes him to feel some pressure) until Mariah bluntly tells him he's being a jackass.
    Mariah: [Faux-concerned gasp] You don't think it could be a personal choice, do you?!
  • The Bisexual: Leila, on the rebound after breaking up with her partner, goes home with the male coat-check clerk at the lesbian bar she and her friends hang out at and admits to him when she has trouble opening the condom that she's never done this before. At his surprised response, she clarifies that she isn't a virgin, she's just only ever had sex with women.
  • Watchmen (2019): Veidt, who's at least in his sixties (Jeremy Irons is seventy-one) reveals he has never been with a woman as it's distracting from his work. This may be the source of the rumor he was gay in the comics since he never married or had relationships with women that we see there. On the other hand, his statement doesn't exclude having sex with men, though presumably that would be distracting as well.
  • The Outpost: Garret expresses surprise when Janzo says he's never been with a woman (though given his social awkwardness, it isn't too odd).

    Video Games 
  • Luka in Monster Girl Quest is a Technical Virgin until the end of the second game, not counting non-canon game overs. The game also features a female example: Alice, as the Monster Lord in a world where the monster girls rape human males on a regular basis (long story, blame the human goddess), was assumed to be very emphatically not a virgin. Turns out, she was.
  • Implied with John R. Blade, the hyper-macho protagonist of SiN. In the game's ending, he is distracted by Elexis Sinclair, and becomes nervous, even stuttering, as she spreads her legs and moves her hand down between them. She says something to the effect of "I'll bet you've never seen anything... like THIS!". She then proceeds to press the Big Red Teleporting Button, gets split into four on an atomic level, is put into four separate rockets, and escapes to who knows where.
  • Of all people, Doom Guy (Doom) fits this trope, according to Word of God. Of course, he's got... other things on his mind. It probably doesn't help that the one human female seen in the series was the Big Bad of the game she appeared in and that Doom Guy has been through so much crap that he likely just doesn't care about things like that anymore. Being a Berserker-packin' man & a half, he also averts the hell out of the old "A Man Is Not A Virgin" cliche by default.
  • Dragon Age:
    • Alistair in Dragon Age: Origins is a virgin, as a result of growing up in the Chantry and then being recruited directly from there into the Grey Wardens, which is treated as a minor revelation during his Romance Sidequest. The female Player Character can, of course, rectify this, and Wynne and Zevran playfully give Alistair The Talk partway through the arc, much to his embarrassment.
    • Fenris in Dragon Age II also admits to being probably a virgin (before Hawke or Isabela), as he has no memory of his life before receiving the lyrium markings, and knows he hasn't done it since. While Word of God later confirmed that his former-master sexually abused him, Fenris doesn't seem to count that.
    • It might not be a surprise to the player, but also in Dragon Age II, Isabela is honestly shocked to learn that Bethany is a virgin. She immediately tells Hawke to get the girl a night at the local brothel, on her.
  • In Ben Jordan: Paranormal Investigator, the witch coven reveals that they chose Ben because they needed to sacrifice a virgin. When Ben denies it, the coven leader says that they "can tell these things". He later spends the night with his girlfriend, but the story doesn't make a big deal out of it.
  • Psychonauts: Sasha Nein. Despite being an international psychic secret agent superhero, he is almost certainly a virgin. Seeing a mental picture of his mother having sex from his father's perspective probably gave him a few intimacy issues. Of course, he sometimes acts Camp Straight ("So... tacky... can't... look... directly... at... it...") but still. Some memories belonging to Milla (another agent who works with Sasha a lot,) suggest that there is some level of romantic/sexual tension between them; however, since these are her memories, it is equally possible that this is just wishful thinking on her part.
  • Final Fantasy II: The infamous scene where Firion is seduced by a lamia queen masquerading as the rebel princess practically cements it, given Firion's hilarious reactions during. Even more interestingly, fandom has embraced this (unusual, considering what most fans are most interested in), Firion's Fan Nickname in Japanese is, quite literally, "virgin." note 
  • In Final Fantasy VII, a deleted scene had a female prostitute ask Cloud if "this is his first time", to which he can only answer "Yeah" or "I don't remember" (which triggers the flash that indicates he's recalling one of Zack's memories). This rather implied Cloud is a virgin (and Zack wasn't). Doesn't count as an aversion, though, because the scene was deleted, and also because Cloud's status as a man pretending to be a "real man" as an affectation is a key point of his character.
  • An early puzzle in McPixel is a volcano demanding a virgin sacrifice. You have twenty seconds to decide between a Dumb Blonde or a cow. The answer is to Take a Third Option and have McPixel throw himself into the volcano.
  • HuniePop: there's exactly one virgin among the girls, and it probably isn't who you think she is. It's Audrey, the resident bad girl and "megabitch".
  • Trillion: God of Destruction has Ashmedia, the overlord of lust. Despite being a constant tease and getting the other overlords to do perverted things, she actually gets very flustered when given a taste of her own medicine and admits that she's a virgin.
  • In Tales of Symphonia the characters come across a unicorn and need to get its horn. When told only a "pure maiden" can approach the unicorn, the adults of the party immediately assumes that Sheena, with her Absolute Cleavage outfit, would be "unqualified." She gets offended and is allowed to approach, and the unicorn allows it. This is opposed to party member Raine who refuses to approach under the rationale "I'm an adult".

    Web Comics 
  • In Pandect, Noah is told his true love will be a male "mature lizard Ace who is also a virgin." Since Aces are animals with human souls and bodies, a virgin Ace has never had sex as an animal or a human, and a mature Ace is at least 100 years old, it genuinely shocks Noah when he finally meets one.
  • Inverted in Misfile, where the originally male protagonist was not only a virgin but hadn't even had a girlfriend, only to discover post-misfile that she had already surrendered her virginity to his best friend and mentor, permanently ruining that relationship.
  • Touched upon in The Adventures of Dr. McNinja where Gordito asks the Doctor after the motorcycle Sparkle Lord was a Unicorn and apparently Unicorns only approach virgins.
  • Ivan from Oglaf manages to be a Technical Virgin despite frequently "having sex done to me" (unwillingly).
  • In El Goonish Shive, Diane's assertion of her virginity first surprises those who hear her. Then, unexpectedly, it cascades into several boys within earshot coming clean about their virginity to the surprise of their friends.

    Web Original 
  • Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog: Billy/Dr. Horrible — it's not mentioned whether he's a virgin or not, but he ruminates uncomfortably on Penny and Captain Hammer's relationship. "They're probably going to ...French kiss...or something." This could be virginity or simple deep denial. (The wide-eyed, Beavis-like reaction he has to accidentally picking up one of Penny's underthings in his prequel comic might suggest the former is most likely, though.)

    Western Animation 
  • The Simpsons: Played with. Skinner's contention that he hasn't been having sex with Bart's teacher Krabappel because he actually hasn't had sex with anyone is considered undeniable. The citizens of Springfield think that no one would pretend to be a 44-year-old virgin if they weren't. (Skinner probably deserves some kind of award for his chutzpah, because he's brazenly lying.) To top off the potential irony, when someone thinks to ask whether this means Krabappel is a virgin too, she just snorts "Hah!" Also the Comic Book Guy was a virgin until his forties when he slept with Agnes Skinner.
  • Zapp Brannigan from Futurama was a virgin until he slept with Leela. Before that, he was the Casanova Wannabe.
  • Season Two's premiere of Archer had ISIS guarding a German dignitary's 15-year-old daughter who is very forward about wanting to have sex with Archer, who's having none of it. He eventually figures out that she's using this trope as a way to get attention.
  • The first James Bond parody of American Dad! has Stan (in James's place) tell Francine (in the Bond girl's place) that he's been saving himself for marriage when she tries to seduce him. He even proposes so that they can go through with it. She's so moved by this, she actually accepts his proposal. As a Brick Joke, The Stinger has her shocked to find out he was totally serious when they go to consumate.


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