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"Terminus and its companion Foundation at the other end of the Galaxy are the seeds of the Renaissance and the future founders of the Second Galactic Empire."
Hari Seldon, "The Encyclopedists"

Isaac Asimov's Science Fiction Epic Narrative about the decline and fall of one galaxy-spanning empire, and the rise of the next one. It's loosely based on Edward Gibbon's The Decline And Fall Of The Roman Empire IN SPACE. Originally a series of short fiction tales, Dr Asimov also developed Novel-length continuations. Both he and his estate have authorized other creators to expand the series with additional stories and to adapt this work into other mediums.

Because of Dr Asimov's tendency towards Beige Prose and focus on social conflicts instead of action conflicts, adapting these works into a visual medium has proven difficult. A live-action adaptation had been in the works (by one company or another) for over ten years before finally coming to the silver screen (or whatever precious metal streaming services are) in 2021.

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Alternative Title(s): Foundation Series