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A Dramatization by BBC Radio broadcast on Radio in 1973, based on Isaac Asimov's Space Opera of the same name. Told in 8 one-hour segments, each episode is edited to change the Third-Person Omniscient narration into pure Dialogue, adding Music and Sound Effects for the immersive qualities.

  • "Part One: The Psychohistorians and the Encyclopedists", airdate 6 May 1973
    The first episode covers the events from "The Psychohistorians" and "The Encyclopedists".
  • "Part Two: The Mayors", airdate 13 May 1973
    The second episode covers the events from "The Mayors".
  • "Part Three: The Merchant Princes", airdate 20 May 1973
    The third episode covers the events from "The Merchant Princes".
  • "Part Four: The General", airdate 27 May 1973
    The fourth episode covers the events from "The General (Foundation)".
  • "Part Five: The Mule", airdate 3 June 1973
    The fifth episode covers "Part One" of "The Mule".
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  • "Part Six: Flight from the Mule", airdate 10 June 1973
    The sixth episode covers "Part Two" of "The Mule".
  • "Part Seven: The Mule Finds", airdate 17 June 1973
    The seventh episode covers the events from "Search by the Mule".
  • "Part Eight: Star's End", airdate 24 June 1973
    The eighth episode covers the events from "Search by the Foundation".

Copies of this radio broadcast are available from Audible, the Internet Archive, iTunes, and YouTube.


The Foundation Trilogy provides examples of: